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RTI Application 24th Jan.

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The CPIO, Dated: 24th January 2007

The Honourable Supreme Court of India
Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 001

Subject: Right to Information Application - Seeking replies under section 7

Respected Sir/Madam,

Neither this application on plain paper is grievance nor redressal of my grievances of serious matter in
which victims are new born babies. I would have not written to Honourable Supreme Court if highly
responsible statutory bodies like AIIMS and MCI would have acted in accordance to rules and
regulations with respect to Constitution of India. A fake doctor with fake MBBS but with legal MD
degree of AIIMS practices medicine within framework of constitution of India, in public which affects
life and liberty of human beings.


Prof. Yashpal & Anr. Petitioners


State of Chhattisgarh & Ors. Respondents

Para No.24
Mere conferment of degree is not enough. What is necessary is that the degree should be
recognized. It is for this purpose that the right to confer degree has been given under Section 22 of
UGC Act only to a University established or incorporated by or under a Central Act, Provincial
Act or State Act or an institution deemed to be a University under Section 3 or an institution
specially empowered by an Act of Parliament to confer or grant degrees. Sub-section (3) of this
Section provides that "degree" means any such degree as may, with the previous approval of the
Central Government, be specified in this behalf by the Commission by notification in the Official
Gazette. The value and importance of such degrees which are recognized by Government was
pointed out by a Constitution Bench in Azeez Basha v. Union of India AIR 1968 SC 662.

As in RTI Act 2005, there is provision to collect information from multiple PIO’s. So I expect speedy
response from your side in this serious matter and you may kindly seek replies from AIIMS and
Medical Council of India in this regard.

Since I do not know to whom the postal order is to be made payable, it may please be filled by PIO’s
RTI Application 24th Jan. 2007 Page 2 of 3

What Information I want with reference to above context ?

For AIIMS, New Delhi

1. We had demanded immediate withdrawal of MD degree awarded to a person who is not a

doctor, AIIMS authorities wide letter no. F.5127/88-Acd.I dated 29th December 2006 make
excuse that they do not have any guidelines to take any action. Are there any guidelines
available with Honourable Supreme Court in such matter for Institute of National Importance ?

2. What has AIIMS found after examining our complaint ? What could they discover in enclosed
MBBS degree on plain paper available in their records ?

3. Since when AIIMS has started honouring MBBS degrees of time period 4 years 6 months
awarded before Internship.

For Medical Council of India

4. From Medical Council of India, I want to know how many fake degrees an individual can keep
and still practice medicine and surgery in public within framework of constitution of India ?
Also is there any special act that a person with fake degree manages to practice medicine in
public ?

5. Under which Act, MCI had recognized degrees which are not recognized by UGC ?

6. I wish to know from MCI that under which Special Act their records show MBBS degree of Sri
Venkateswara University awarded in December 1986 when the jurisdiction of Sri Venkateswara
University ceased to exist on 1.11.1986 when A.P. University of Health Sciences came into
effect ? This fact is very much available with enclosed letter of Sri Venkatwswara University
and website of Dr NTR university of Health Sciences.

For Honourable Supreme Court

7. I wish to appear as petitioner in person. Is there any legal cell of Honourable Supreme Court
which can assist me in framing petition acceptable to Honourable Supreme Court. Is it possible
to avail e-filing in absence of any credit card to make e-payments ?

8. Is there any special act or any special power that AIIMS is empowered to accept fake MBBS
degree on plain paper ?

9. Is there any organization who can immediately stop inhuman practice of fake doctor and save
another Nithari in making in licensed manner ?.

10. If anyone with conspiracy of AIIMS manages to get admission in MD without valid MBBS and
somehow manages to pass out, the person becomes immune from any legal action as per
response given by AIIMS authorities ? Is this practice legal ?

11. Who will make guidelines for AIIMS and similar institute of National importance to take legal
action in such cases ? They have powers to award degree without verification but do not have
powers to withdraw higher degree which they have awarded.

12. What is the fees to file criminal petition in Honourable Supreme Court ?
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13. What is the role of Honourable Supreme Court in implementing International laws as defined by
World Medical Association which AIIMS refuses to implement practically ?


Sanjiv Kumar Jain

Enclosure -

1) Postal Order of Rs 10/- toward RTI fee no. 59E 052430 dated 22/01/2007.
2) Reply from AIIMS dated 29th December 2006.
3) MBBS Degree on plain paper as available in records of AIIMS
4) MBBS degree made available after Honourable CIC directed AIIMS to call for authentic
records from the doctor.
5) Medical Council of India Record
6) RTI Application to PIO, UGC dated 4th December 2006.
7) Reply from PIO, UGC dated 15th December 2006 ref. no. F.No.61-12/2006 (SU-II)
8) Reply from The Controller of Examinations, S.V. University, Tirupathi-517 502 (ref. no.
B.IX/MBBS/2006 dated 26.12.2006 with copy to PIO, UGC)