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CUES Subjective: Now, she thinks that she is not capable of doing things for her family because of her disease. Simula ng nagkacancer ako, feeling ko ang hina ko na, masakit yung halos lahat ng parte ng katawan ko lalo na sa may hita, braso, balakang at tiyan. Pumayatngaakon gsobra e Sana matagal pa kami ng magsama ng pamilya ko, ayoko pa mamatay Pansin ko nagiging moody ako simula nung nagkaron ako ng sakit na to, irritable ako siguro dahil masakit yung katawan ko tapos NURSING DIAGNOSIS ANALYSIS Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, apprehension, fear, or worry. Some fears and worries are justified. Problem anxiety interferes with the sufferer's ability to function. Anxiety may occur without a cause, or it may occur based on a real situation but may be out of proportion to what would normally be expected. (http://www.emedicineheal htm#Anxiety Overview) Elder clients are known to be having a fear of the uncertain when it comes to health issues which the client manifested during the nursing intervention. Anxiety was diagnosed from the patient as manifested by decreased appetite and interest to any activity. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Goal: After 8 hours, patient will appear relaxed and the level of anxiety is reduced to manageable level. Objectives: 1) After 2 hours of nursing intervention the client will be able to show less anxious behaviors and verbalize less stressed. > Establish a therapeutic relationship, conveying empathy and unconditional positive regard. > Listeningactively and focus on the patient discussed her personal feelings. > Use appropriate touch with patient permission. > Instructed deep breathing exercise. > Speak in brief statements using simple words. 2) After 2 hours of nursing intervention the client will be able to verbalize what > Encourage client to acknowledge and > To establish trust and showing interest. The client able to show less anxious behaviors and verbalize less stressed INTERVENTIONS RATIONALE EVALUATION

Mild Anxiety
related to situational crisis and threat of death

> To establish rapport

>To demonstrate support.

> For relaxation. > To avoid confusion andeasy to understood. The client able to verbalize what he feels and beaware of it.

> To be aware of what he feels.

madami pang tusok-tusok naginagawa sa akin. the client verbalize Sana hindi ko pa panahon mamatay, gusto ko pa Makita ang mga magiging apo ko. Bakit pa kasi ako nagkaron ng sakit na ito e? . Palagi kong inaalala muna yung mga pangangailanga n ng pamilya ko sa kahit anung bagay as verbalized by the client

he feels and aware of it.

express feelings. > Clarify meaning of feelings/actions by providing feedback and checking meaning with the client. > Acknowledge fear and anxiety and accept client as is. >To avoid confusion andeasy to understood.

> To be able to begin dealing with the problem.

Source: Nurses Pocket Guide Diagnoses, Interventions and Rationales Edition 11 by Doenges, et al.

Objective: Pale looking Bmi: 17.7kg/m2 Poor eye contact Irritability Preoccupation Weakness