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By the Same Author ‘Tus Jexton Boox oF Canine ax Wooscnarr Wooocearr Joo Goss Canerive Dances ano Srontts oF Tix AMERICAN THDUAN Doms, Toxerones aND Rarsiss Rorise Pysatte ano PIONEER SrouTs Campine ano Eovestion ‘Tue Boor ron Jowion Woousssex AAs coauthor with E. D. Mitchell Soctat Ganers on Recreation Active Gaxers ax Contests “Tue Tusony oF Px WOODSMANSHIP ty BERNARD S. MASON drawings by Frederic H. Kock A.S. Bares and Company New York | ‘ Copyright, 1945 and 1954, by A. S. Barnes and Company, Ine Allrghtsceserved, No part of this book may be reproduced jn eny form, either wholly or in part, for any use whatso- ‘ever, including radio ind televialon presentation, without the written permission of the copyright owner with the ‘exception of a review quoting brief passages ia a magazine ‘ornewspaper. Manufactured nthe United StatesofAmericx. Published on the sume day inthe Dominion of Canada ‘by The Copp Clark Company, Ltd, Toronto Libroty of Congress Catalog Card Number: 54-5408 Most ofthe material i tis book previously appeared in “Tne nook on juston woopsnern (A. S. Barnes, 1945) a rey) CONTENTS Mon ofthe Woods res for Yonder Coury Sire Foting Pole Catto You Sie Double-hit ruler Ax ‘ses Ase, Aes Handle with Cae The Hang oft Whose Fault? ale Axes Do Bie Giving i Teth For Speed and Safety ‘he Old Grinding Wheel Chopping High, Low, and inthe Middle How Bigs the Cow's Mouth? Misery Whips Dont Drag Your Fest OL Fashioned Bucksaw Modern Bow aw Ie Teeth Need Brushing Felling with an Ax “Which Directo? Felling with a Saw ithe Tree Leas Freeing Lodged Tee Pushing Them Down “PLM BE-R'~ Beware Watch Out for Kickback Lopping the Branches Bucking Up “The Backes’ Horses Peavey and Cant ook Bees BESBRRS Bese Cording “The Handy Palghook Canying Logs Come-alongs skidding Pike-poles Bitking Sphitsng Logs Wedges and Gluts ‘To Drive Wedges As Thin as @ Rail Horse-high, Bullstrong and Pigetight 54 Beetles Chopping Blocks Spliting Stovewood Getting the Shakes Hew tothe Line With the Aid of an Adz Shaving Horse Crooked Knife Stamp Vise Barking Brushing Getting Down to Roots “Taking the Stamp “More Power to You Wilderness Auto Tracks Catamaran Your Ax s Your Knife Slab Pigs Backwoods Plumbing Water Boy Giving er Snoose in the Roleo Nailing Dowa the Size Logging Lingo gaaga 80 cy Pn 133519 WOODSMANSHIP