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The Sickness, later officially known as Project I71A, was an infectious viral agent created as a bio-weapon against the

greenskins. It failed to have any effect on the greenskins and attacked biological tissue and transformed its victims into undead monstrosities. The disease was originally created by Inquisitor Matinus Ludvic on Adovar-Faustin. Ludvic's initial experiments resulted in failure, and the Inquisitor himself fell victim to his creation. Over one thousand years later, during the period of unrest following the first Amagadon Wars, that Confessor Alvaras Scabrous attempted to recreate Ludvic's disease in the hope that he would be able to succeed where his predecessor had failed. Scabrous likewise failed to create a weapon against the Greenskin, and is the process unleashed the virus upon the unsuspecting students and staff of Adovar-Faustin Church of the Emperor. Before long, all of the Acolytes and Masters on the planet died and were born anew as cannibalistic monstrosities motivated only by the will to eat. Knowledge of the Sickness, as it had been known during the Adovar-Faustin outbreak, survived several millenia and eventually fell into the hands of Inquisitor (the one the players had meet). (need name again) commissioned a scientific team from the Imperial Biological Weapons Division aboard the Emperor's Hand fleet to reengineer the virus and turn it into a weapon that could be used to further the good of mankind. Operating in secrecy, the scientists were able to recreate the disease and prepare it for deployment. However, in that year it was stolen, and Inquisitor (name again) took the unofficial job to retrieve it.

Symptoms, The effects of the Project 171A virus on organic tissue were drastic and overwhelming. The disease worked quickly to destroy a body, but the severity of its symptoms varied greatly, depending on the method of transmission that resulted in infection and the species of the victim. The most direct form of transmission a bite sustained from an infected victimcaused the swiftest bodily reaction. Immediately after the virus entered the subject's system, their skin would adopt a pale gray pallor and begin to perspire profusely. The flesh around the transmission site would begin necrosis within minutes and a gelatinous gray fluid would begin to develop beneath the wound. The victim's vision would quickly become impaired, and their breathing would be labored. Mere minutes after being bitten, the victim began to suffer from all of these symptoms, in addition to a shooting pain in his left arm and violent hallucinations of a skeletal black fist seizing his heart. Others experienced mental symptoms ranging from vividly reproduced emotional memories to visions of a

mouth opening from within their torso. As the virus spread through their body, the bark that served as their skin would turn a dark brown or black and begin to molt. Their branch-limbs would begin to atrophy and clump together, and the victim would begin to emit a musty odor that later intensified into a boggy, diseased stench. As the bark molted, it would expose open sores and reveal the pulpy heartwood within the body, from which sap and other bodily fluids leaked. When a Whipid was infected via bodily fluid contact, the site of transmission suffered from heavy swelling and necrosis. Sores would open and begin to seep blood and thick discharge, and their tusks would turn a sickly yellow shade. All fluid and bite transmission victims, regardless of species, were eventually driven mad by the Sickness's progression into their brain, resulting in a loss of self-awareness and bodily control. This led the infected into fits of homicidal rage before the virus ultimately shut down their body.