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Wednesday, May 5, 2004


4:46 a.m. Good Words with the Family at R17

[Comments to family members while gathering] Song: "Choose the Right" Song: "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words"

Be with all the families that dwell here and that will yet come here, and bring forth your Zion in fulness. Hold not back the blessings from this land, but send forth every gift and blessing needed to establish a people as a stronghold for the redemption of Zion. The enemy is combined against us everywhere, Father, and only you are our Protector. We dedicate ourselves and this day, our thoughts, feelings, desires and actions unto thee to be led by revelation unto perfect obedience with rejoicing. Fill these children with the Spirit of Zion. Fill these ladies with the Spirit of their calling. May they learn of the all-consuming heavenly fire. Now bring forth a people who can earn the knowledge of God and the presence of God in your time. We offer this dedication prayer to renew and enhance and exert the previous dedications, asking you to ratify the same in the heavens. Keep back the evil powers and send forth your blessings in every way to redeem Zion on this land and in these peoples here. We thank you for the food we will eat today and ask your blessings upon it. And as we meet for Good Words and to learn of you and your ways, may your Spirit rest upon us as we are yearning for your message and your truth, where to do better and how to be Zion. We love you, Heavenly Father.. We w~nt to rejoice in you all day long and dwell In the Increase of your Spirit and your heavenly joy. May this prayer be felt by everyone here as you answer this prayer, and send forth your Spirit upon us and to keep back the evil powers. We dedicate the scattered family wherever they are, in Short Creek an on the lands of refuge. Be with all your saints, again dedicating the Kingdom of God upon the earth this day unto thee and thy protection and increase, all the household of faith who can qualify for Zion. Put smiles upon our faces and your light in our eyes, Father, as we feel your smile of approval as we live from rejoicing to rejoicing in you. Bless these children with the testimonies, dreams, and visions, and desires for Zion, and may they love hard work where they think of you and live to please you. Reveal thyself to them through your Spirit, that they will learn to pray at a very young age and come to know you. And bless these dear ladies to be as little children

Okay. We kneel down and pray .... The government wants to come in on us today. We need our faith working as one. They are here to shut us down. So join with me in a rededication prayer.
Prayer o God, the Eternal Father, we come before you as a family in the attitude of a rededication prayer as the enemy is upon us and seeks our destruction in this place, and as you have sent thy servant here to perform a work, we first thank you for our safe travels. We thank you for preserving this land and these families here and preserving your purposes in the redemption of Zion. We thank you for the workers. We thank you for sending every way and means to accomplish this mission. We ask forgiveness for our many sins and weaknesses, where we have been slow. You have humbled this famuy and you have corrected as and we chanx you, Father, that you love us so much to work with us still. We bow before you as one, yearning for Zion to be established in our hearts, in this home, and on this land. And we know that you are Zion and we seek your presence among us and your powers among us and in us.

And as the evil powers are pressing upon us this day, in the authority of the holy Priesthood we rededicate this home and family, these homes and this land of refuge unto thee and thy protecting care this day, and in the name of Jesus Christ we rebuke satan and his powers and command them to stand afar off, and ask you to uphold the same in the heavens, Father, and send forth your heavenly agents and your Spirit wherever the enemy is attacking, and keep the evil powers back. Give this people on this land of refuge time and room and experience to earn the faith of the brother of Jared and establish Zion in our hearts and in our homes.
Record of President Warren Jeffs

Page 57

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

in your hands, being guided by Priesthood and revelation in all things. We offer this rededication prayer by your appointment, sending thy servant to this land. May our holy Prophet, President Rulon Jeffs, bear influence, and the other Prophets and angels you send. May they be among this people. May your heavenly powers be here to keep back the evil powers. Handle these enemies. Soften their hearts that they will work with us, and handle them if necessary, Father. We know this is a test of oneness upon us, and we offer this prayer, yearning for you and for Zion, by the authority of the holy Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. "Help me, Heavenly Father, understand these words. I do believe. Help me learn something new or where to do better." That is what you say when you hear good words. So as I say it, you should say it in your minds. And when you hear good words, you actually repeat the words in your mind to listen, and then it reaches your heart. These words have a lesson about raising children and children behaving. Let us see what the Prophet Uncle Roy says. Then you look at father. When father talks, you look at father and you be quiet and you hold still.
LSJ 4:1631 October 1, 1978 CCA

"Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength, and to love thy neighbor as thyself." See, you know it. So right off, Uncle Roy is talking about Zion. The first two great commandments lived is Zion.
When I see people walking to and fro in the earth, traveling, my mind begins to turn around, and I can't help but think: Do we really know what is meant by loving the Lord? We all say we love Him. The Savior said, "He that saith he loveth me and keepeth not my commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him." I am wondering if that statement is not one of the stumbling blocks of our advancement.

Where we fall short.

* * * * *

Ifwe really love the Lord, we will keep His


We will obey.
When we habitation, go into our neighbor's

Or house,
... we won't want to take out that which we see our neighbor has, because this is one of the traits of the adversary -

The devil.
... to divert the minds of the people from the right way.

I have been greatly interested, as well as sleeping, this afternoon.

Said Uncle Roy.

I have had my eyes shut quite a bit, but I don't think there was very much escaped my mind that was important for us to do. We have been told over and over again the same things that we have heard today. I trust that the Lord will supply me with words again, that I might say something to encourage us to keep on striving. We are not wanting for something to do; for the Lord gave us a big job - most of us. But there are a few things that we must do before we can progress as we should. These two great commandments that the Savior speaks about arise in my mind everyday.

You don't take thmgs that aren't yours. You don't even touch things that aren't yours unless you have permission. Remember that. Clean hands means honest hands. You don't touch things that aren't yours. Even a brother's things in his drawer, you don't open his drawer and take it, or a sister's things, or a sister wife's things. You ask. You don't just take. And in the kitchen, you don't just take things. You ask.
When we are spoken to by someone passing by, we won't take offense by the remark they make to us, but we will quiet down the feeling that arises in us to speak quickly back to them. It might hurt their feelings trying to satisfY the remark that was made. These are only little things, it looks like, but they are also big things.

In Heavenly Father's eyes.

All little children have to be taught, or ought to be taught, not to think about taking
Record of President Warren Jeffs

What are the first two great commandments? To what? [Repeated together with children:]
Wednesday, May 5, 2004 Page 58

that which doesn't belong to themJor here is where the trouble begins. If we are not careful, we teach little children to do things when they are small, and we encourage their bad habits. We think they are cute, so we smile at it, speak about it, and so forth. But when the child grows up, ifit is not curbed, he will continue to do the same thing. It grows on him.

Brother Hammon speak pretty harsh towards us for some children bringing into the yard something that didn't belong to them. But few of us have really taken notice of what Brother Hammon said in that regard.

If a child has anything and you don't know where it came from, take care of it right then.
We have some in our midst who are trying to keep the commandments of God. They are trying to apply to their lives the principle of repentance, overcoming these obstacles that come up in our way.

So when you show approval for a wild act or a naughty thing and just smile and say, "That is cute," you have just taught a child to be disobedient and do evil. So you must realize you are working with grownups, in reality. The little things you do now is what they will be like when they are grown up. So you talk to them normal. You talk simple to their understanding. But I look upon all of you, no matter how old you are, I look upon you as eternal beings, with an eye of eternity. Every counsel, every training, every connection is to set you the example and give you the training unto eternal life, not just temporary feelings. So approach me and the Lord with a prayer, wanting to see as God sees. Realize in working with these children, even at this age, you are affecting their eternity.
The Lord has said that little children are born into the world with enough knowledge of good and evil to know the difference, but we must continue to teach them that way.

As far as repentance is concerned, changing for the better, all repentance is living the first two great commandments. Stop moping around, feeling bad, dwelling on the wrong. Pick yourselves up. Lift yourselves up to the first two great commandments. Just go do better and you will repent.
Once we hurdle a problem, the next one isn't so hard to hurdle.

One repentance encourages you that the Spirit of God is working with you and that you can go forward and do better and better. You have overcome bad habits before. Now be encouraged.
So, it is a continual job to strive to overcome weaknesses and imperfections in our lives as we go down the road.
We have been rough' and re-taught


They have enough of the Spirit of God to be taught. They can understand and feel truth. If children are not taught, then they easily lean the wrong way, being born naturally selfish. So we must convert them away from selfishness by teaching them to love to bless others, to do hard work with rejoicing, always praying to Heavenly Father.
We should teach little children to leave that alone that doesn't belong to them. When the child is playing with a toy

Are you listening?

... and another child comes up and takes it away from him, makes him cry, right then is when you should sit down and teach the little child that he should play with his own toy and not take that which belongs to the other one, or do something to quiet his mind in doing that which is not right. I believe that is one of the big troubles in our community. I heard
Record of President Warren Jeffs Page 59

Gospel of Jesus Christ has been the same throughout the generations of time. Men are born and live to old age, and they are good conscientious Church goers; they go to Church every day, but they don't seem to make much progress in their habits, in their way of living. So we haven't done the things that the Lord has asked us to do. He has asked us to become united. We are all united in going about from one place to another. We all get a good job, and we are united in the fact that we get up in the morning and go to work. Most of us come home at night, do our work and go to bed. We have some that go here and there after their job is over, and you hardly ever see them until the next morning if you are on the road to watch them go to work again. They come in in the wee hours of the night. The Lord says, "Early to bed and early to rise. "

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Go to bed early and get up early. So I woke you up early.

It is what we need. Another time He

The Lord,
... says, "Pray always that my Spirit might continue with you." And He means it; He means just that thing - pray always. Don't give the devil a chance to occupy part ofyour time, your mind. If we have a moment to spare and nothing to do, let us see to it that we don't entertain false and delusive spirits whispering things to us that we hadn't ought to do. Let us find something to do that will elevate our thinking and elevate

the fact that we gather here and fill this room every Sunday, every time that we are called together. If we are called together for a funeral, or a meeting of any kind, that we might be educated for some reason or another, we fill the building. Most of us are young or middle-aged. We have a few that are beginning to get a little older now - past their sixties, but even those that are past sixty, are still striving to get over the little things they did while they were growing up in childhood.

Or lift up,
... our ambitions to do what we already know we should do in order to round out our salvation.

And the elevation prayer, the lifting up prayer, above temptation, above bad feelings, above evil is a prayer of rejoicing in your Heavenly Father, thinking of Him, living to please Him.
We don't have to get down on our knees and ask the Lord what we shall do,

If we just stop and look back enough over our lives and see how much progress we have made in the last forty or fifty years, or whatever it is, as long as we can remember, we ought to be saints. We ought to be able to say to the Lord, "If it be thy will, send us a little rain, " and we would get it; or, "If it be thy will, heal our sick, " and they would be healed immediately. This can be done if we have faith enough.
Another word for faith is "obedience enough".
We have heard some incidents of faith explained to us today. So, let us not let loose of the thread of inspiration that has been given us, and see if we can build upon it. Let us see if a year from now,

All the time. You can't stay on your knees all the time and do your work. You would have sore knees and that means our knees would become our feet. You have feet for feet. You get down on your lHi88S 8888 i8 aWBih~, eat Y8a BR-Y@ te get \iflRfl8 ge do your work with a prayer in your heart.
... but we do need to get down on our knees and ask the Lord to help us to do the things that He has asked us to do. He has asked us to overcome all evil within us. Let us quit thinking bad thoughts about our neighbors, about anyone in our community. If we don't have a good thought to express about someone, let us not express any thoughts.

Now a week is worth a year to us - a week from now: ... we cun be a IOi "1m e enlig}llenea Iii lhe
ways of our Father in Heaven than we are today. We might know what we have to do, but we won't do it. We go against that knowledge that we have, or we would be a better people. We wouldn't have to do over again today what we did yesterday, if we would learn the lesson. If we go to school, and we have a problem given to us, we go home and work it out. We come back and recite the problem. Soon after that, we lose track ofthe problem. In another week, we would have to get the problem and work it out again in order to properly put it before the teacher. I once heard J Reuben Clark, one time ambassador to South America for the United States, speak in Cedar City at commencement exercises of the school. He said that he had spent halfhis life learning, and now hefound that he had to spend the rest of his life un-learning what he didn't need. And that is
Record of President Warren Jeffs

If you even think bad about bad people, you are bad. Even ifthere is wicked people, we still tum to Heavenly Father and we say we forgive those people. Thinking of Heavenly Father is how you come away from all bad thinking.
The Lord is kind to us, and He is willing to shower down His blessings upon us, as soon as we will give Him an opportunity to bless us. One of the things that causes me to think that some among us - or most of us - are trying to do something about our salvation, is
Wednesday, May 5,2004 Page 60

the way with too many of us. We spend part of our life seeking for the pleasures of this world, thinking that after awhile - after we have had a good time - we will settle down and do the things the Lord has asked us to do, and we will prepare ourselves. But we get lazy; our minds get lazy; our thinking gets lazy; our habits get lazy; and we forget to do the things that the Lord has told us to do. "Seekyefirst the Kingdom ofHeaven and its righteousness, and all these other things will be added to it." So,

I see the light in your eyes. Heaven bless you.

Mother Gloria: You will be grateful to know that we have about a thousand or so tomatoes planted. Yesterday we did it, the whole family, and it was just wonderful.
We are going to do lots of canning, because we are going to have people coming this way. We got to have the enemy backed off today. Everybody exert your faith.

[Comments with children, ladies at the table]

Well, everyone, thank you for being Zion. Remind me who married your father. Who of Joseph 1. Barlow's former ladies?

Are we looking at father?

... ifyou young people will start in today seeking out of the best books a knowledge of God and how to become like Him, by the time you get to be sixty years old, you will have the Spirit of God riveted in your mind to a point where nothing can swerve you one way or the other;

Mother Naomie: Clea

Clea? So Clea married Uncle Merril, and David Jeffs' former wife Madeline married Uncle Merril. Who else?

That is how strong our keeping sweet has to be.

... because it will be so great and so pleasant, your work will be more pleasant and happy. Happiness willfollow your trail. This is what we are going to have to do in the next twenty years.

Mother Naomie: Edith.

Edith, former wife of Dan Barlow, and Sarah Draper, former wife of Dan Barlow married Uncle Merril; and Grace, former wife of Nephi Barlow married Merril Jessop. Nearly all the ladies of Joseph 1. Barlow, Dan Barlow, Louis Barlow, and Nephi Barlow are sealed to other men. The Lord has judged those men unworthy and unable to exalt their wives. Richard Allred has received several, aIld Jiiil Allied MId :EchIIUlld Hatlow. 'v'ividiI dIId Dorothy, former wife of Dan Barlow Dorothy .... So there has been a major shift of family names in Short Creek the last two weeks. Richard Allred received Marie Mills, Marion Broadbent. Keep going. There is a bunch of them. Uncle Richard has received ten ladies in a year. Aunt Lucy, Janice Knudson. There is one more you are forgetting, that I have forgotten. Uncle Jim received David's former wife, Susannah, Yvone of Nephi Barlow'S, and Leta, former wife of Uncle Joe, and Ovella Beagley, former wife of James Dockstader. David Steed Sr. received Janet and Lovisa Roundy. Lots has been happening. I have been very busy in hiding. I have to go to faraway places and bring the people to me. Anyway, I think Uncle Merril has over 100 children now, if you count all those ..... Violet went to Steven Harker. He also got Loana Broadbent for time.

Now that twenty years is over, six years ago or so.

Ifwe enter into the seventh period oftime

And we have.
... that the Lord has spoken of, ready to do the will ofGod, we haven't a moment to spare following after the pleasures of this world. Because the pleasures of the world have become corrupted to that point where it is unbelievable. We teach and talk from the stand and ask the people to get rid of their novels and bad literature.

I hope we have none of that here. He then talks more, and we will end there for them to go to breakfast. I will sit with you at the table and talk with you further there. Go sit where you usually sit with the mothers and I will be in. Let me see where you usually sit and how they organize ....

[Comments with children, etc.]

You are looking good.

Mother Gloria: Thank you.

Record of President Warren Jeffs

Page 61

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

[Question about Liz RohbockJ

Liz Rohbock got married to Jerold Williams. Didn't you know that? That was a long time ago. Where have you been? All of Ron's ladies are placed - Mary Ellen to Richard Allred. You knew that.

Response: I didn't.
Well I did. And Susannah to Joseph Jeffs, Ilene to Joseph Steed. You knew that.. ... Uncle Joseph received two, didn't he? One. Who was it? Nephi Barlow's former lady, Martha Mae Hammon. Name some of her children, the older children..... Adriana married Tom Holm. Tom Holm just got two. The former wives of Don Holm went to Tom Holm. The two former wives of Tom Barlow went to LeGrande Barlow. There has been a lot of marriages ..... No, the Lord is. I am His errand boy.

My concern was everybody. I had sent Isaac Jeffs to drive the motor home to R17, and he remained there a few days, waiting my instructions. So Saturday night, I had called Isaac to take Jenny and her two little ones, Shem and Melissa, also take Amber and Jacob back to Barbara at Short Creek, Esther was sent back. Ada was sent back. And Jessica was sent back. In working this out, I called my daughter Lenora, as the Lord had shown me in a dream that she was having moral challenges. I went down the list of every person's name at R17 and asked the Lord what their status was before Him and just those four ladies were named and the children I named -- nine people, four ladies, five children. Who is my fifth? Oh, little Patricia was sent back to be with her mother, Gloria, at Short Creek. So I was awakened to see the Lord is even naming my children in this pruning. I told Isaac to leave as soon as he could. In my call to R17 after they left, the report was there were many tears, much soberness and humbling among the family. Even the young children cried, seeing some of their brothers and sisters were going. I thank the Lord that He reveals what to do to clean up the lands of refuge. I went through the heavenly session through Saturday night. The Lord kept me from the family IN RI. TRey fteeses te Ielisteft te tfte lessoft tne night before. I had Mother Merilyn take charge of Sunday School, sending Mother Naomie out to giver her the message. Testimonies were given, the previous night's recording on the lesson of prayer was replayed. I got ready, got up so I could go forward with the meeting in the afternoon, and at 11 :30 a.m. I called R17, which was 12:30 p.m. their time and gave a strong warning and training, that the Lord allowed me to carry this family thus far, but there is soon a day coming where only those prepared would be used. They were given a training on oneness. That should be in the record. Marriages were revealed through the night. Names of men who would be trained were also revealed, and I was instructed to hold a meeting and then leave right after the meeting and go take care of those marriages. It is marvelous how the Lord is showing me where to go and what to do, who to bless, even naming the times of day I
Record of President Warren Jeffs

[Further comments about marriages}

Within two weeks they got several ladies. I just smiled. I have had seven in one day. Come on. Why would I get married? I am already married ..... Oh yes, Lucille - Dan Barlow's former wife Lucille married Allen Steed. Didn't you know that?

10:15 a.m. Dictation

My last dictation was last Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock p.m. I am now at R17 doing this dictation. I spent the afternoon reading through the transcribed sermons that I needed to have passed out, sermons given at Rl and the places of refuge, to continue that work of having the people reread and study the trainings they are given so they won't forget what they are taught. I read through my mail. I held a night class from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, a strong training on prayer, review for most. I yearned for the young girls to be awakened on how to pray always. After prayer and goodnights I retired to my room as was into the heavenly session. I felt the weight of what the Lord wanted done by that night, midnight of May 1st, both at R23 and R17, and during the heavenly session through the night, the Lord showed me I must give a correction to the men at R23. Correction, that was Friday night.

Wednesday, May 5,2004

Page 62

should go and do things. I thank the Lord for His guidance through His Spirit and through father and those the Lord sends. We held an afternoon meeting, starting ten minutes late because the message didn't get to the other brethren at Rl. There were the three speakers. I had intended on calling on some ofthe ladies to bear testimony, but it was not yet time. They are still not ready for the stronger testimonies. Uncle Wendell talked and Uncle Fred talked, and the meeting has been transcribed already. I read it through yesterday. I talked, intending to talk about the government of God and the redemption of Zion. Instead the Lord, through His Spirit, directed me to talk on the details of the love of God or charity, reading Moroni chapter 7 completely through. That training is in the record. I told the brethren I would be going again among the wicked and desired their prayers. I got ready and I had Seth Jeffs and Ben Johnson, Kendall's son leave Short Creek by noon and they arrived around 5:00 p.m. at Rl, ready to drive me on my next mission. This was the first time Naomie wore the disguise clothes, another event that has greatly weighed on me, but the Lord's Spirit keeps pressing me to make sure that she and I are disguised when we are among the gentiles. Among our people she wears a dress over those geutjle clothes nutjl she gets jn the car I just depend on the Lord to blind the eyes of everyone to not recognize us, and we have been doing some effort of shopping for clothes that will keep us covered. The Lord has warned me to do my part in being careful, as there are people seeking to kill me. We left at 6:30 p.m. Sunday and drove to Flagstaff, Arizona. Before we left Rl, I called all the parties involved in the weddings and the brethren that would drive these people to meet me. I had the Bishop and his two counselors bring certain ladies. I arrived at 10:40 p.m. in Flagstaff, and while I prepared and got my suit on, I sent Ben Johnson and Seth Jeffs to find a different motel and rooms where the weddings could be performed. They finally took me there by midnight. I left Naomie back at the first motel, after dedicating the room and feeling impressed she would be safe.

I had these drivers, namely David Allred, his brothers Seth Allred, Guy Allred, and Robert Allred and also Isaac Jeffs, the Bishop and his two counselors, Nathan Jessop and Lyle Jeffs drive people to Flagstaff and wait in the parking lot until the weddings were done; and then I appointed which driver would return those couples back to Short Creek. It is a four and a half hour drive from Short Creek to Flagstaff. We finally began the ordinances toward 1:00 o'clock, in the fourth floor of the Holiday Inn at Flagstaff, Arizona. There was first married David Richard Allred and he was married to Jim Allred's stepdaughter, Maleta Wayman Allred, the daughter of my sister Marsha. That wedding was interesting. Maleta has had a lot of struggles. She has not been obedient, yet the Lord favored her. The witnesses were Richard Allred Sr., the father of David, and Jim Allred, along with the Bishop, and Benjamin Johnson was a witness on some of these weddings. Then Richard Allred received Janice Smith, the former wife of Joseph I. Barlow. I would send each couple home after the weddings were completed. Guy [Draper] Steed and Martha Alice Emack; then Willard Marion Barlow received Beverly Jo Bistline, the former wife of Joseph Fischer. Then James Rulon Allred received Ovella Fern Beagley, the former wife of James S. Dockstader. Then Stephen Parley Harker receIved Loana SIlvester Broadoent, fOr dme only, the former wife of Louis Barlow for time only. On these ladies that were released from unworthy men, I performed the outward ceremony of a release in the authority of the Priesthood to give the ladies peace of mind. So there were six ladies who were released from unworthy men. I gave them an official release and then a sealing, each one, to their new husband so that none of them would look back and think there was some tie to their former husband. Then Stephen Parley Harker received Violet Jessop, former wife of James S. Dockstader for time and eternity, after I first gave Violet a release. The Bishop was witness, sometimes one counselor, sometimes both. [An accurate list is given on May 3, 2004}. The last sealing was Donald Ward Richter received Abbey Kay Wightman for time and eternity. She is a former wife of Louis Barlow.
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Record of President Warren Jeffs

Page 63

The Bishop and his counselors left by 2:40 a.m. We rearranged the rooms, having to take some chairs out of other rooms. I rent several rooms so that we can put the different people as waiting rooms to come into the room I am staying to perform the marriages. After the marriages were done we left quickly and traveled back to the first motel and I didn't retire until after 4:00 a.m. I experienced the heavenly session until 7:00 a.m. Monday morning the Lord showed me where to go. I was to go back to Page, Arizona, find motel rooms and give the training to three brethren. We finally left by 11 :30 a.m. I had called Isaac in Short Creek to gather up three men, and we arrived close to the same time to Page, Arizona. I had Isaac get them some food at a take out place while we organized. We were blessed to find a good room to meet, with a bedroom on each side so my voice couldn't be heard. From 3:00 o'clock p.m. until 6:00 0' clock p.m. I gave a strong training on the places of refuge and the redemption of Zion to Samuel Stevens Barlow, Rulon Johnson, and Sidney Barlow, former son of Louis Barlow. Rulon Johnson is the son of LaMar Johnson. That training is in the record. They all received the mission call to join in the new Zion's Camp and entered into the covenant of the fulness of the United Order. Afterwards, I met with Sam Barlow from 6:30 p.m. until nearly 8:00 p.m., where he went over many, many questions. The people flood Uncle Sam with appointments and questions on their legal troubles, wondering what to do; yet he wisely is careful to not do anything for anyone without my appointment. Included in his questions were wonderments how to deal with his four brothers the Lord handled -- Dan, Louis, Joe, and Nephi. I strongly explained to him that these men had not repented and that I have not sent Sam Barlow to go comfort those men and to not run ahead of me. Those men still haven't repented and I don't have sympathy for sin. The word of the Lord is the word of the Lord to me and it is not debatable, and he agreed and was grateful. We talked about divorce cases. We talked about the appeals cases -- the Rod Holm case being appealed, the Milton Holm case being appealed.
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

My main message to Uncle Sam was first: I don't want the lawyers to have anything to do with RI7 in Texas, where they will bring a compromise to that mission; and secondly Uncle Sam needs to stop using the lawyers because the expense is so great -- only use them where they are needed so we can use the moneys for the places of refuge. We owe over a hundred thousand dollars right now to lawyers. Isaac took those men back to Short Creek by 8:00 o'clock p.m., and we got ready and left and traveled to Rl, arriving at 12:30 a.m. On the way back to Rl I called Sam Barlow at II :00 p.m. and gave him two messages: First, don't run ahead of me. I have not appointed anyone to take my place, that was the Lord's test to withdraw me from the people and he should not be counseling anyone that I don't send to him or he will be running ahead of me and the Lord. In the meeting, he gave me many long explanations of how the government officials are coming to him and what was said in detail, how at this point, Mark Shurtliff, Ron Barton, the investigator, Paul Graff, the Attorney-General representative in southern Utah, Kirk Smith the sheriff in Washington county, all of them are saying how bad they feel about attacking our people. All of them are apologizing to us for what they have done. And while I traveled back to RI the strong impression came that they are not sorry one mmute, and when the devIl starts apologizing for attacking us he is getting ready to attack us harder; and in connection with the dreams the Lord has been giving me lately, warning me of a greater persecution and shaking than ever before, I was impressed to call Sam Barlow and warn him, and I voiced to Sam Barlow, "Don't believe these government officials. The reality is when the devil starts apologizing for attacking us, he is just maneuvering to attack us harder and we need to be more careful, more fervent in faith, watch more carefully." And he received that message. I also explained to those in the car where these Barlow men and others who have been handled, of the Lord, have not repented, that when a man loses Priesthood, he can't even be classed a halfhearted man. He is actually a master deceiver and a false brother, and if he doesn't repent and then turns bitter, he will be a traitor to Priesthood.
Record of President Warren Jeffs

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I went through the heavenly session through Monday night into Tuesday. I was shown that I should go to R 17, leaving around 11: 00 a.m. in the morning. I got ready. I called Ernest Jessop at R17 and had him send two men with the two cars with Texas plates toward us while we drove toward them. We stopped for two hours in Albuquerque, seeing Naomie needed a greater variety of clothing that covered her, but where she could mix in among the gentiles and not be noticed. The people that drive me keep telling me they notice us because they know who we are. Only the Lord can hide us, but we do our part. As we met Joseph Steed and his son Moroni, who were also in their disguised clothes, with these two new vehicles that David Allred had purchased, we switched vehicles and drove on and got about a half hour beyond that meeting point, and we discovered Seth Jeffs had kept the keys to the car that one of those other men would now drive. So Seth went back. We kept going slowly. I asked the Lord if! should keep going or wait for the lead car. I felt impressed we needed a lead car. So we traveled slowly down to Lubbock, Texas. Seth was catching up and the Lord taught me a lesson. We were barely going over 65 and a policeman pulled us over. I yearned the Lord would preserve us. It was a gentle warning, because the policeman pulled us oyer Qujckly and Jet us ~o Quickly, just giving us a warning and didn't inquire who we were. We couldn't find the vehicle registration and that didn't mean anything to the policeman. We were just blessed. The Lord turned him right away, but taught me a lesson to have lead vehicle. So Seth caught up and I sent him ahead, keeping him a mile ahead as I usually do. We made sure they had radio contact. Many things were just not working out in our travels this time, as far as being prepared, but the Lord made up the difference, for sure. We arrived at R17 by 4:00 a.m. their time, 3:00 a.m. Rl time. I greeted everybody. I have been up and doing all night and now all morning. It is nearly noon 0'clockhereatRI7, 11:000'clocka.m.Rl time. I greeted everybody. I changed out of the gentile clothes into Priesthood attire, as did Naomie also. She has got real good at putting a dress on and off in the back seat of the car.

We started Good Words here at R17 with song, and then I read a part of a sermon of Uncle Roy giving strong training. I had breakfast with the family. Then I had a haircut, as my hair cutter is my wife Annette, staying here at R 17. I have been reading the mail from R17, the ladies reports. There are some ladies here that are truly inspired. The Lord is favoring women and children with dreams of Zion, impressions of what to do. There are people coming up among my family who are learning the Spirit of God. I failed to bring my suit and boots and shoes and ties, and I have sent Ben Johnson to a neighboring town to get me a suit and some boots. We ended up having some shoes here at R17 incase I hold a meeting.
I am just yearning for Zion. The government has been calling David Allred and Ernest Jessop on their phone message system, demanding to come see if we have stopped mixing cement. I have told the brethren to finish the job today and do not stop and to be unavailable to the government officials.

At Good Words with the family I knelt down with them, arm to the square, and rededicated this place as a place of refuge asking the Lord to keep back the evil powers and allow Zion to be built up on this land. Weare now going through the test of oneness. The men must be done with the foundations by today. Ernest Jessop feels like they will meet that time schedule. The children are being trained to love to work hard and pray continually. I pray the Lord to bless us all. End dictation right at five minutes to noon o'clock R17 time at R17.

11:02 a.m. Lunch with the Family at R17

Oh, am I sitting over there? You are all becoming farmers. That is wonderful. Pray them away so people can have the food, and pray the snakes away so they won't get hurt. Let us just think of Heavenly Father and He will protect us. Be real quiet when we are getting ready for prayer, real quiet. Hold still while we say the prayer. Lissa is on cook? Okay. And Velvet? Hello, Mother Gloria. I have been reading a bunch of your letters, too, along with the other people's from other places. Let us exert our faith of oneness that we will be protected. The Lord is allowing the government to come against us to see if we will meet His schedule and if
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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we can exert the oneness for protection. If the government comes against us and the Lord doesn't protect us, then we have to look at ourselves, "Where have we not earned the blessing?" So everyone, be humble, prayerful. I am grateful that you are grateful to see me, but we have a mission to do here. We need the Lord's protection today. The Lord sent me to be here today because this is the day of attack of the enemy. They are demanding to come upon this land and stop us. I have told them the Lord's message is that we are continuing the building. The Lord showed me that if we are one, the government officials couldn't even come on this land, and their presence on this land means we are not one. We need to be close to Heavenly Father. Okay, let us say prayer.
Prayer Our Father who dwells in the heavens, we bow before you as a family, at this meal time in prayer unto thee, thanking you for your blessings today and that we are here.

Hear thou our prayers, as we are determined in thee to continue in this mission. All glory to thee and thy will be done. Thy servant is willing to go through whatever is required to affect the blessings needed at this time, and prays for deliverance, knowing you can hear our prayers. And we seek to exert that gift of oneness in all things, rejoicing in you, loving you, our Heavenly Father, above all. Teach these children about Zion. Send them testimonies and sweet dreams, stories and truths awakening them to yearn for Zion and your own presence. Inspire the family members here of all the families to be one. Deliver us from our pride and self-seeking. We are determined in thee to continue on. We seek your protection today. Leave this people not behind, but bless them with every gift of protection and experiences needed to united. Allow the temple to be built. Allow more people to gather here without the interference of the gentiles. Hear thou this dedication prayer again, Father, knowing you can protect us, and saying, "Thy will be done," with rejoicing. Thank you for the food you have provided. We ask your blessings of purification upon this food, dedicating our all unto thee, Father. May we carry with us the witness that we are doing your will and pleasing you moment by moment, yearning that all things shall honor you and build up your Kingdom. greater training as they are prepared. Make them acquainted with the greater knowledge needed to endure your presence in your time. Deliver us from our fallen nature of selfishness, every whit. Hear thou this dedication prayer and keep back the enemy. Cause their ability to attack us to be stopped. Humble them if needed, and cause them to find no satisfaction or joy in coming against us in this place. We do dedicate ourselves to you, anew, knowing that you can grant this blessing. Hear thou this prayer, Father, we ask, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Now pray that prayer all day, ladies and children. We need the Lord to keep them away. By us going forward we just become open lawbreakers against their unjust laws, because we want to obey to obey the word of God most. So
Record of President Warren Jeffs

We thank you for putting a cloud of protection over us this morning. Now the workers continue their mission at your command and our enemies are upon us, Father. Remember the dedication prayer this morning and the repentance of this family and this people, as you have reproved us and called upon us to come out from under c'"'tldClllilZttiult. FUIgioc tllis people lICIt, FatlIer. Work with them still. And give the laborers a place and time, and the gifts and skills and knowledge, and everything needed to learn how to work as one without the government interference. And if it is your will, will you soften the hearts of these government officials to back away and allow your work to progress. We are willing to go through whatever you require to accomplish this mISSIOn. And if it is greater persecution and hardships, we say, "Thy will be done." But if we have found favor in thy sight, through the constant labor and sacrifice, and the sacrifice you have required of thy servant and this family, we ask you to now intervene. Continue your cloud of protection so the enemy will not be able to see what we are doing until it is complete. Soften their hearts, and if they will not be softened, Father, handle our enemies and keep them away in your way. And we know you can do this.
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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this is the Lord's test. Let us see how quiet the children can be while they eat. Go ahead. Help them, mothers. Be very quiet and think of Heavenly Father. Smile, Monica. Smiles are on the menu. We want Heavenly Father to hear our prayers. Did you finish the deep cleaning? 2:20 p.m. Naomie's Testimony

all of these men would gladly give their lives for this cause." You said, "If we will be one, the Lord will take us through experience but it will be much less than what the people at Short Creek are going through. We must be humble and pray for them. " You said, "It is beautiful to see, it is beautiful. Yes, we will do it." You said, "The outside design of the temple at Manti is what the Lord wants for the temple here, for it to look like that. And on the inside the architecture is to be similar to what was done in the Salt Lake temple, just similar, not exactly, as some of what was done in that temple was not approved of God and that temple was never accepted." You said, "But asfar as the three levels -- for there to be a telestial, terrestrial, and celestial room -- the Lord wants that." You said, "Okay, " then you said, "He is showing me what to do, what to do." Then you repeated it, "He is showing me what to do, what to do. " At 3:15 p.m. you said, "The Lord is pleased with many on this place of refuge, and He will honor our prayers if we will be one. No matter how we feel or what we think we may be going through we must be one." Then you came to at 2:20. It is 2:35 p.m. now, R1 time. Your body has been jerking and jolting.

After lunch you came to your room. I could see, even at the table, that the Lord was doing something with you because you were shining so, so bright. You came in and read afew letters. You were taken into session. I touched your feet and felt the all-consuming fire, the power and majesty of God that you carry with you. I felt the burning peace and witness that the Lord was near and father was here. It is such a sacred privilege to be in your presence at these times, such a privilege. I know the Lord is guiding you. Though it tears at my heartstrings to see you suffer so, I know the Lord is in it and you are willing to do whatever it takes because this mission and work must succeed. You had me go get Lorraine because she wanted to talk to you. I went to get cleaned up. I came back in after I was finished and was just leaning up against the wall. You said to Lorraine, "What is it you wanted to tell me, tell me now, "so I left again. I went up to Afton's room and prayed for you. Then Lorraine came and got me and told me you wanted me nght away.

6:15 p.m. R1 time I last reported to you at 2;30 p.m. You went rlgnt unconscibUS lijlef 1 gOi lhJvugh talking 10 you. At 3:00 0 'clock p.m. you said, "What is As I stepped into your room again I could feel the all-consuming fire. As I saw you, you were happening to me? Something is happening to me. enveloped in it. You had me go tell everyone to be My whole soul feels like everything within me is more quiet, to keep this place more quiet so you being dissolved. Am I being changed?" There has could do your work. You went unconscious at 2:00 been a most peaceful Spirit here. Your body has been jerking and jolting very hard. It is always o 'clock p.m. very painful to watch you go through that, and yet I Right when you went unconscious you said, know the Lord is in it and He knows what He is "The Lord is letting me atone. He is letting me doing with you. At 3:20 p.m. your body started atone that the men will get done." You said, "I am jerking and jolting really hard, trembling. You willing, Father, hold not back. Put it on me. " twisted and turned. Your neck got wrenched quite a bit because of the shaking and trem bling ofyour At 2: 15 p.m. you said, "The devil is trying to stop this work, to thwart us from the goal the Lord body. is having us reach. Ifwe will be one, He will not be I hope I behaved myself. able to enter, but even one person makes it You always do. At 3:30 p.m. you said, "There is so-----." At 2:10 p.m. you said, "The Lord wants this work to continue on no matter what the so much work to be done, so much work to be done, government officials do. He wants it to continue especially in the time frame that the Lord has given on. The Lord helping us we will do it and meet His us. The meeting house is to be completed by June th time schedule. The government doesn't know that 27." You said, "And then my home by the 15 of
Record of President Warren Jeffs Page 67 Wednesday, May 5, 2004

July." You said the First Presidency's home, Uncle Wendell's and Uncle Fred's home needs to be finished by August. I think you have already given a deadline. At 3:40 p.m. your body jolted and jerked and trembled again. You said, "As we break ground for the temple and start digging the foundation to that project, we must be completely united as a people. There is something about to happen, a great shaking. The shaking is going to affect every family, but on these lands ofrefuge we must be one in order for the Lord to protect us." You said, "If we are an obedient people, for the Lord to take us through a test like this, it won't be hard to pass, if we are obedient. Though it will be very severe, the Lord will try the hearts ofall ofthis people, both in Short Creek and on the lands of refuge, by tribulation." You said, the government officials will be kept back, though it may seen like there is nothing that will stop them; but the Lord will stop them ifwe are one and they won't dare to come on these lands. Your body was trembling the whole time you were speaking -- jerking and jolting.

realized you were physically taken. The feeling and power here was so strong at 4: 15 p.m. It got stronger and stronger until 4:40 p.m. to where everything seemed removedfrom this home.

At 4:40 p.m. I again felt that rushing wind, but you didn't return until 5:30 p.m. Again at 5:00 o 'clock p.m. I felt that same feeling, that overpowering surge go through me. At 5:25 p.m. it was like there was such a total peace and calmness, I couldn't hear any noise, nothing from outside. Everything has been very, very quiet, especially through that hour and a half time, just such a hushed feeling. Again I felt that rushing wind just rush through me. I could feel it on my face, I could hear it. As I looked up, you were laying here on the bed in that position you woke up in. Your body started to jerk and jolt and twist. You said, "Thank you, thank you." You said, "I see. It is amazing." You said again, "The temple will look like the Manti temple exactly from the outside, only it will be white, not tan." You said "This temple will shine forth. The rock will be shiny as it is polished. It will be most beautiful to At 3: 50 p.m you said, "The Lord is showing me behold because the glory of the Lord will be there, that some people here are doing it. They are not because of the workmanship of man. And we developing that faith. There must be a stronger will know it is only by the grace of God. We must exertion on everyone's part. It weighs so heavy on be one. We must be one." You repeated it about me, so heavy. We must succeed here. It feels like five times. there is a greater degree of oneness than I have You said, "The Lord has a special training for ever felt here before. " this group ofpeople, a training like they have not received before. Many of them are reaching to be At 4:05 p.m. I was leaning against the wall with my head bowed, praying for you. I suddenly felt led. Many ofare striving to know still how to reach such an overpowering surge, a rush of wind, a that perfection." You said, "It is all through the tingling sensation just rush through me. I looked love of the Father exerted. " At 5:45 p.m. your body jolted and jerked and twisted and trembled. You sighed ever so gently. You said, "Wow, wow. What am I being shown? I have got to stop these men who are still trying to give counsel when they have no authority. The deception is still there. To a degree it has been stopped, but to a degree it is enhanced again. " You said, "The shaking in Short Creek will be so terrible, the driving and plundering, the persecution." You said, "The government hasn't lightened up one minute. They are still seeking my destruction stronger than ever. " You said, The Lord has shown me where Alice Barlow belongs, if she will do it. The Lord must
Record of President Warren Jeffs

up at you. You were just shining with that heavenly white glow. I knelt up. Ifelt so strong the Lord's presence here. Father, I know he is here. As I knelt up, I don't know how to even explain the feeling, but I felt literally like I was lifted up. I couldn't feel the floor. It felt like there was no end to space here, like this room was just huge. I kept feeling that tingling sensation all over me, just rushing through me, the power of the all-consuming fire burning so strong. As I was watching you, you got brighter and brighter until I had to look down because you were so bright. As I looked back, there was such a brightness, I couldn't see you, but Ifelt again that rushing wind on my face and could feel it in my ears. Then I
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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love that woman. He has a very good place for her ifshe will accept it." You said, "That will mean all of Joseph I Barlow's ladies are sealed to other men." You went very quiet and still for about ten minutes. Then you came to at 6:00 0 'clock p.m. It is 6:35 p.m. now, RI time.

9:21 p.m. Special Training on Oneness

Those present: Naomie, Margaret, Becky, Paula, Lorraine

ladies close. If you want to see that you believe in miracles, feel the miracle of your testimony heaven-sent that keeps you here, that keeps you yearning for the presence and approval of God through Priesthood. You live in constant miracles. So believe these other miracles can happen -- of protection, of the knowledge and presence of God in His time. You must become acquainted with the all-consuming heavenly fire. All the blessings of life are just to give us time and room and place to learn the Spirit of God, and thus you are prepared to come to the knowledge of God through Priesthood. In all your personal revelations and your ability to be inspired, remember you still need greater revelation through the Keyholder to come into the presence of God, not just your own personal revelations, but the gift of revelation through the Priesthood over you. So all the revelations from heaven that you may receive, they all have the sign and truth that it will tum you to me in the submission of being directable, as your Priesthood head. Whenever you feel you have impressions, and yet you defy me, following your own will, then you must be careful. Oppose the source of revelation you may be receiving revelation from the wrong source. Often you may receive an impression that such and such will happen. You leave it in the Lord's time and way, not dictating the Priesthood over you. I am here to do the will of my father, to fulfill God's promises to him and to all the Prophets. My heart has been turning to the promises of the Lord to all the Prophets being fulfilled. I care not for the ways of man and governments of the world. I live for the promises and purposes of God to be fulfilled, but I want to be peaceable about it and go the Lord's pace. There is a great wall of opposition up against me. The Lord can make it move back a step each day. You ladies be close so you will have your testimonies protected and thus your lives and your virtue and your covenants protected. Your closeness is an exertion of oneness, a heavenly power of all the attributes of God, physical and spiritual, all through the Spirit of God. Any feeling to withdraw is a feeling not of the Spirit of God. Even to be down on yourself is a revelation of satan you must dismiss quickly. You rejoice in Heavenly Father, that is the love of the Father
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

It is the Spirit of God that comforts, not just

your rubbing. Everybody just hold me gently, just hold gently. Smile and pray, ladies. Receive strength and return it through praying for me and the work of God. Don't be a dead end. Smile and pray. A heavenly joy and oneness is a witness of the Spirit giving heavenly strength, living in the approval of God and Priesthood. Oneness flows. It doesn't just stand still and do nothing. [Recording cuts in] ... has the Spirit of God, a wife without that heavenly power within her is a distress when she touches me. The motive of oneness is to be a strength and comfort. The motive of selfishness that destroys oneness is just to get comfort and stop there. I seek the gifts and blessings of God to build up the Kingdom of God. I receive you as blessings and dedicate you daily and continually to do the Lord's will, His purposes fulfilled in our union in His time and way. In receiving you as a gift and blessing I dedicate you to Him. If you would consider your husband on earth a blessing at all, you show your love for God in connection with that blessing by reaching to be led in oneness, to be a strength. When you stop reaching to be led, you stop being a strength, and then be directable through that power of oneness. Through oneness is the channel open in your heart ready to receive, and you can feel the flow of the all-consuming fire into you through the exertion of oneness to serve -- oneness through service. That is all I live to do. The devil wants us to serve him. Our exertion of humility to serve must be concentrated in God through Priesthood or we will find ourselves serving the devil by not being focused. In this day it is a matter of being focused through the prayer of rejoicing through the exertion of service -- oneness. I have felt all you
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always exercised. It leads you to the perfection of devotion, all through keeping sweet. But ladies, if you are sensitive, you don't just believe these things, you can feel. You can feel the real heavenly power flowing to you through Priesthood. And though I may be far away from you physically, through your living faith and devotion to God through me, your Priesthood head, just like you can feel the flow into you now, you will be able to feel that with a prayer, physical and spiritual, and you will be close and inspired and better prepared to come into presence physically and feel a greater degree of that heavenly power, and thereby do you come to a knowledge of God through Priesthood. Live so you always feel this flow and a greater degree when you are in my presence as a witness that the source is through Priesthood, not just of your own prayer and faith, but there is a very real living connection. I voice to all of you, all you have to do is lose focus now to lose the Spirit of God and fall short. And the focus exerted is the love of Heavenly Father exerted with a prayer of rejoicing for Him and Priesthood. Don't separate me in your thoughts and feelings from God and father. Stay focused to be protected. Lose focus and you will be led astray. That focus is the prayer of rejoicing in Heavenly Father and Priesthood, which is Him, exerted. All truth and knowledge is felt. The burning peace is the Spirit of truth. You have all been yearning for a greater knowledge and understanding. You feel it as I speak and the light dawns upon you through you focusing on God and Priesthood. I invoke the Spirit of God upon you through the grace of God, His power.

is real and it happens everyday. You are being lifted up and protected on this earth through the gifts of the Spirit right now, and that very real physical deliverance of lifting up will only known by those filled with the Holy Ghost, acquainted with the power of lifting up by being lifted up by the gifts of the Spirit in your own nature, binding satan. So the Lord is just having me concentrate on final preparation through the perfection of the love of God, felt by the all-consuming heavenly fire shining brighter in you. Seek that ordinance of having the love of the Father sealed in your mind and heart as a daily increase. If you have received it, you should be exerting that gift as a bond with God through Priesthood to perfect His love in you. I see that light shining in everyone in this family here now, to a degree. You have been humbled by some being sent away. We rejoice in each other more for being here. Our love for God and one another is increasing through this pruning and humbling. I want you here and I want you to succeed. But you must learn that greater degree of the Spirit of God. Feel it and dwell in the increase. It is within your reach through Priesthood. Stay focused, in a prayer of rejoicing in Heavenly Father through what? For Him, for Priesthood, for the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the promises to come into His presence. for the miracle of change through repentance and becoming like Him. Stay close, ladies, through that devotion and the prayer of rejoicing in Heavenly Father and for me your Priesthood head, unto Him, is your gratitude.

If it weren't for the principle and work of the marred servant among the people, this people One lady wrote me a letter, "Why did father would have been destroyed years ago. It is a always talk about the "lifting up", and you, principle to continue the blessings of God upon an Warren, hardly ever do?" My answer is, "That unprepared people. We have been bought with a training is given. The "lifting up" will never be price by every Prophet, and thus the Lord, through known by you if you don't learn the Spirit of God." Him. All the sacrifices and sufferings of God and The Lord is having me concentrate on training the Prophet for us will only benefit us if we now everyone in the greater degree of the Spirit of God, come up to the mark and qualify for Zion. Their of the all-consuming heavenly fire. The love of suffering will condemn us if we don't qualify. God is that all-consuming heavenly fire that lifts I pray the Lord to put a protection around you in you up above temptation first; and any physical my presence so you don't feel what the Lord takes preservation, even a physical lifting up, will be me through, surrounded by --within your reach. I don't dwell on the physical Let go. [Went into a severe suffing.j lifting up as the focus of our preparation, though it
Wednesday, May 5, 2004 Page 70 Record of President Warren Jeffs

10:18 p.m. Training Given to Margaret and Becky

[Told Naomie to read a portion ofa revelation.]
Revelation given to President Warren Jeffs At His Home in Hildale, Utah Friday, June 20,2003

6. And though you must stand alone through these experiences, yet I shall deliver you and preserve thy life, and you shall be lifted up into the cloud, and ascend with me in my glory, and participate in the mighty works of my Kingdom and glory on the earth. 7. Know this, my servant, that I thy Lord and all the holy angels rejoice in your sacrifice thusfar. Hold on thy way, and know that I shall be with you. 8. And though the wicked revile you and persecute you, and the very powers of earth and hell combine against you, know this, my son, in me and through my power shall you gain the victory and gather the pure in heart; and through your faithfulness and my power attending you, I, the Lord, shall give you the victory to accomplish the work I have given you.

6. And though you, my servant, willsuffer at the hands of traitors, yet I shall preserve thy life, and those that hearken to thy counsels and keep my commandments.

Now tum to the atonement, a private revelation.

It is September 17. Let me see it. Read clearly

verses 1 through 8. Be prayerful ladies. You are going to hear something here that you may yet witness, or if you don't you will be a prayerful support and stand in your place. Go ahead.
Revelation Given to President Warren s. Jeffs At His Home in Hildale, Utah Wednesday, September 17, 2003

1. Thus saith the Lord your God, even Jesus Christ, even words of comfort and counsel unto you, my servant Warren. 2. Verily I say unto you that you were called and foreordained before this earth was made to come in these last days and be an instrument in mine hands, to accomplish the work of the redemption ofZion. 3. And as you cannot see all things now, I hold you in the hollow of my hand. And though you suffer for my name's sake, for my people and the redemption of Zion, even in your capacity like unto me, thy Savior - and as the redemption of Zion is a gift of the Father to His people on the earth, and the blessings and power of God are earned through sacrifice - know thou my son, these experiences are of me, and shall be brought about through the suffering of thine own spirit and body, even the suffering of blood atonement like unto me, thy Savior, in thy capacity. 4. For verily, thus saith the Lord, the experiences that you my servant, Warren, are going through are like unto my servant, the Prophet Enoch in his time, in his transfiguration before me; and according to your faith so shall it be. 5. In mine own due time shall the redemption of Zion be accomplished and my people preserved, and this I reveal unto you to prepare you for my will to be accomplished through you, my servant.
Record of President Warren Jeffs

Okay. So the Lord is preparing me for a greater sacrifice and suffering with rejoicing. If ever you are present, I need you to smile and pray and not interfere and be a strength. Even if you are not in my presence, be a strength. Without this among the people, this people would be destroyed with the wicked. Some few of the ladies know of this, to be a strength and perhaps a witness in the Lord's time. You just ask to be what you should be. Don't demand to be part of it unless it is the Lord's will. But it is a living sacrifice. The Lord will preserve me through it. All this is just a training for me. And yet, every revelation and every blessing we seek after requires an atonement through sacrifice. That is why you often don't see me. You have seen a degree of this. You haven't seen all of it. Only the Lord knows what I am going through, the Lord and father, because they have been through it. So as the Lord has me in hand, as I go through greater experiences, you be at peace. I am going to be here, all according to the grace of God. He does it. So you see, the Savior on the cross, it was a Celestial justice He suffered. It wasn't just the wicked people afflicting Him and the wicked devils afflicting Him. It was a Celestial justice administered to Him where He suffered more than man could suffer. For the heavenly powers to be satisfied, a heavenly justice was administered. And that is how the redemption of Zion will be. I need my ladies to be a strength, be one, whoever
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the Lord may have me have present. So He has allowed me to have you five ladies present tonight. Rejoice to be here if you should. Rejoice to not be here if you shouldn't. Let the Lord do His work. If you are one with me and sensitive, you will feel, even a thousand miles away, when I need your prayers and strength of faith as I go through these experiences. So just let it be written in your mind and heart. Let the Lord do His work with me without you demanding to know all the reasons why. Alright ladies?
Response: Yes, sir.

exertion and power of oneness, making you more quiet and prayerful and gentle, increasingly sweet. The Lord allows me to suffer so you don't have to suffer that divine justice. To bring you into His presence, He will allow me to make an atonement for you so you don't have to suffer for it, and I love you with His love. We sure need the Lord to protect us and deliver us, protect this land of refuge; but we have to be one. Nomie, put on that song, that disk offour songs. Let them have something else besides me to think about. Get off the bed now. Stand back. Smile and pray and be a support, gently and peacefully and still.
[Again went th severe suffering.]

Want these witnesses and gifts to be a blessing, not just for your own selfish will fulfilled, oneness through service. The flow of oneness exerted through blessing those over you strengthens you, bonds you together with me closer, and thus the Lord. It is a constant way of life, follow the

Wednesday, May 5,2004

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Record of President Warren Jeffs