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MARISON MONTES ENNEAGRAM TEST QUESTIONNAIRE 1. I like to keep my feelings to myself. 2.

I enjoy by myself more than being with others. 3. I often observe people and situations rather than get involve. 4. I tend to be a loner. 5. I like to analyze and talk about ideas. 6. I try to solve problems by thinking. 7. I dont like being emotional. 8. I tend to be stingy with my time, money and even myself. 9. Others find me to be more silent than other people. 10. I find it hard to ask for help or to ask for what I need. 11. I would rather study and analyze something interesting than party with friends. 12. I find it difficult to express or even talk about my feelings. 13. I need much privacy and space. 14. I need all the facts and information before I can start a project. 15. I often dont trust easily. 16. I have very few needs. 17. Books are my close friends. 18. I see myself as deep thinker. 19. I am more of a logical person than a feeling person. 20. I usually speak in a soft voice. 21. Loyalty to a group is important to me. 22. I like to be very sure about things before I can act.

23. I tend to work with that sense of duty and responsibility. 24. I seem to sense more danger and threat than others do. 25. I often have a lot of doubts with just about anything. 26. It takes a long time for me to decide. 27. I find it difficult to go against what authority says. 28. I like to have a fixed schedule rather that open-ended. 29. I constantly seem to be working against my fears. 30. I often fantasize myself in some kind of a hero role. 31. I often try to look for hidden dangers more than others do. 32. I have many things to be anxious or afraid of. 33. I care deeply for those whom I am committed to. 34. I often seek the advice of others. 35. What authority thinks of me matters a lot to me. 36. I easily sense the contradictions in life. 37. I respect older and wiser people. 38. Others find me to be very shy. 39. I like to know the meaning behind events. 40. I willingly follow the practices and customs of my group. 41. I like other people to see me as happy. 42. There are very few things in life that I cant enjoy. 43. I always look at the bright side of things and never the negative side. 44. I like to tell stories. 45. I like almost everyone I meet.

46. I see myself as a childlike and playful person. 47. Others say that I am the life of the party. 48. I dont like to be sad, not even for a moment. 49. I like to make things nice and beautiful. 50. I tend to be enthusiastic with just about everything. 51. I like to make people happy. 52. I feel uncomfortable listening to problems and problematic people and issues. 53. I tend to see myself as one of the happiest person on earth. 54. I tend to go from one project to the next rather than work on a single project deeply. 55. I like to remember my childhood as happy. 56. I am more of a logical type of person than a feeling person. 57. I can be very impatient. 58. I sometimes smile to hide my true feelings. 59. I usually play the clown or others see me as the clown. 60. I am at times very talkative. 61. I often take care of other people. 62. I am easily moved to tears. 63. I like to be needed by others. 64. I noticed that many people depend on me for help. 65. I like to be of service to other people all the time. 66. I always compliment others. 67. Sometimes, I feel that others are using me or abusing my generosity. 68. I like to be appreciated for the help that I do for others.

69. I display my emotions easily. 70. I am known as a sweet and warm person. 71. I seldom talk about my personal concerns. 72. I have many friends. 73. I like to rescue people when they are caught in trouble or embarrassing situations. 74. I like to feel close to people. 75. I enjoy bringing people together. 76. I often feel that I am inadequate. 77. I feel uncomfortable receiving help from others. 78. I often think about my relationships. 79. I want everyone to like me. 80. I communicate with friends more often than they communicate with me. 81. I usually dress well. 82. I find myself as competitive. 83. I am success oriented. 84. First impression counts. 85. I like to look good before others. 86. I usually have winning smile. 87. I like to work with a team and be a good team member. 88. When I recall my past, I find it easy to remember what I did well, rather than what I did poorly or wrong. 89. I like progress charts, grades and other indicators that will measure how I am doing. 90. I can get so identified with my work or role.

91. Others see me as successful. 92. I am seem as a popular person among groups or friends. 93. I like having specific and attainable goals. 94. I like to run my own show. 95. I view my companys or groups success or failure as my own. 96. I sometimes boast about my success. 97. Awards and titles are important to me. 98. I am quick to act on things. 99. Others say that I am vain. 100. Im envied by other people for much of what I get done. 101. I think of myself as special. 102. I have a sense of nostalgia about my past. 103. I am comfortable dwelling on or thinking about suffering. 104. I have a sense of style. 105. I tend to be most of my life, sad. 106. Others see me as unique specially in my sense of dressing. 107. I am deeply aware of my feelings. 108. I have a lot of drama in my life. 109. I can be overly jealous and clinging specially when in love. 110. I find symbols very meaningful. 111. People dont feel as deeply as I do. 112. The arts and artistic expression is important to me in channeling my emotions. 113. I seldom find myself in the middle of things. I am either very high or very low.

114. Manners and good taste are very important to me. 115. I appreciate the small things in life. 116. I am very sensitive to the feelings of others. 117. I relate better with one person than with a group. 118. I am often very serious. 119. I am most often considered a snob, preferring to be with others of similar interests. 120. I feel different from others and that they cannot really understand me. 121. I am not afraid to confront other people and I do confront them. 122. I usually stand up and fight for what I want. 123. I find it easy to express what I do not like. 124. I am an assertive person.

125. I get bored easily and like to get on moving. 126. I protect people who are under my authority or jurisdiction. 127. I think of myself as a non conformist. 128. I dont like to be told to adjust myself. 129. I always say things the way it really is. 130. I am a hard worker with much of excess energy. 131. I can be very loud, sarcastic and even insulting. 132. I often inspire courage and strength in others. 133. When we wronged, I often think of revenge more than others do. 134. I dont allow people to take advantage of me. 135. I often work for a cause. 136. I dont go for too much self analysis or introspection.

137. I most often push myself to limit, both physically and mentally. 138. I tend to fight for the cause of my family and friends. 139. I am often the initiator or promoter of new things. 140. I usually do not give up easily and I am ready to put up a good fight. 141. I am almost always peaceful and calm. 142. I am an extremely easy going person. 143. I cant remember the last time I had trouble sleeping. 144. I feel that most people are pretty much the same. 145. I dont easily get excited over things. 146. I hate to waste my energy, so, I look for energy saving approaches to things. 147. I dont let things bother me. 148. I dont think of myself as being that important. 149. I have trouble listening and paying attention. 150. I prefer to sit than stand, but lying down is even better. 151. I hate to be in conflicting situations even if I am not directly involved. 152. I enjoy taking life easy. 153. I tend to move slowly when I go from one project to the next. 154. I very seldom worry. 155. I am one of the most relaxed persons I know. 156. I get along well with people. 157. I usually avoid people I do not relate well to. 158. I tend to tire easily. 159. I need to sleep more than the average person.

160. I dont like to upset things. 161. I usually try to avoid getting angry. 162. I find it difficult to accept the faults of others. 163. I believe that I am very imperfect and I always try to correct myself. 164. I believe that there is a lot in life that needs improving. 165. I am a very meticulous worker. 166. I find it hard to express my anger. 167. I believe that things are not good enough the way they are. 168. I like to be in control of the world around me. 169. I always follow the rules. 170. I like order in my life a regular routine, things placed where they should be, cleanliness, etc. . 171. I have a lot of shoulds in my life. 172. I hate to waste time. 173. I am not very emotional. 174. I dress appropriately and neatly. 175. I seem to worry more than other people. 176. I see things in terms of right or wrong, good or bad. 177. I feel that I have to be perfect before other could love me or approve of me. 178. I find it difficult to relax or to simply enjoy myself. 179. I feel that I need to be responsible or accountable for almost anything. 180. I see myself as a crusader, trying to make things right all the time.

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PERSONALITY TYPE 5 6 7 2 3 4 8 9 1

To determine your personality via the enneagram test, follow steps below. 1. 2. Encircle #s that best describe you. See grouping of Questions on attached,; check where (which group of nos.) you have the most encircled numbers. 3. Know your personality type as shown on the right column of the table. This corresponds to the Question group where you have the most encircled #s.