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Have we forgotten???

There was a prediction earlier for the Super Eagle by Pastor E.A Adeboye. Here are his words: The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye has predicted better days ahead for sports in the country. Adeboye who was speaking at the special thanksgiving/prayer service for Nigerian Sports held at the Headquarters of the church on Redemption Way, Ebute Meta,Lagos revelled the good old days when Nigeria was first among equals in the comity of sporting nations but rued her steady decline in the past years. "Once upon a time Nigeria was a leading nation in sports, I remember a time when we use to have world boxing champions from this country, when we have one of the best footballers in the world; in the person of Thunder Balogun. But now, our team which is originally called Super Eagles is now been called Super Chickens by some people. I know if we cry unto God to intervene, things will change for the better and the glory of the country will be restored," he said. Present at the event, which was first of its kind, were former Internationals, Segun Odegbami, Peter Rufai, Gerrad Njoku, Lagos State Football Boss, Taiwo Afinnih alongside former National tennis coach, Babatunde Obisanya amongst others. Tayo Oreweme, the Liaison Officer for the National Sports commission office in Lagos, was also on hand to represent the Sports Minster, Ibrahim Bio, who was originally scheduled to attend the event. Oreweme commended the initiators of the programme while stating that minister was pleased that the church was showing some concern for sporting matters in the country. Also speaking at the event, Odegbami said that given the dire straits Nigerian

sports finds itself, divine intervention was clearly needed noting that the decision by the church to pray for Nigerian sports meant that breakthrough is around the corner. Are we in a better day today?

Here is TB Joshua's Prophecy: The above link is to his video of prophecy on YouTube.

Full Video and Transcript Of TB Joshua Prediction Of Nigeria Vs Guinea Match

The Video was recorded during the service of Sunday, 2nd October, 2011.

I was just sitting down; God was showing me the game between Nigeria and Guinea next week. How they started it, and how they ended it. But what I saw was not favourable. I said (it) was not favourable. If at this time (stage), we are stopped, it would be very bad. So it was not favourable at all.

Anyone who scores first takes the day. But the game was not favourable. I saw it yesterday. Is it Africa Cup of Nations? Is it next Saturday? I saw it yesterday; I watched it.

The situation, the world, not only Nigeria, the whole world is facing is, Where there is no vision,' there is no direction. Even when the vision is given, nobody is ready to follow it. Why should all these things happen to us? For many years now, Nigeria normally goes for a game, not to stop at the beginning. Africa , for that matter. Africa Cup of Nations is a small thing. We should be the one to champion them. Why should we be stopped at this (stage)?

But with God, all things are possible. But it is not something I can do alone. That is the problem I have. I cannot do it alone. If I could do it alone, I am lover of football, I would pray and fast to ask God, but it is not possible for me to do it. W must agree and instructions will be given and you follow the instruction. If you follow the instruction, you will carry the day.

(Congregation clap)

Why are you clapping? Are you the Instructor (that should come for instruction)? I love football so much. That is why, when it is time to play football, I want to know what is happening. I will pray; I want to know. Where people respect and honour God, What can we do?' How do we go about it?' The instruction would be given, Do this, this, this'. You'd get it right.

Rise up (addressing the congregation).

You know your position in Africa. You're a giant of this Africa. This is Africa Cup. We cannot just enter, we are not even starting the whole thing and we stop at the beginning, it would look very shameful. Come out as a giant. Let's honour God. Let's carry God along. Let us play football as if all depends on us and pray as if all depends on God.

Tell you neighbor: Pray, as if all depends on God. Play, as if all depends on you. (demonstrates praying, then playing)

(Congregation laugh)

You people are laughing, so that you will laugh that day. Because I'm seeing, it will be very shameful. But I'm seeing the other side shouting. So, you're a giant. What is the meaning of giant? What I am saying now is what I've seen.

As a man of God, I saw it in a vision. I can not do anything but what can we do? That is it? It is God that showed me; it's a vision. So don't think, This man saw it, why can't he do it?' No. The thing is not like the way you think it is. That, Didn't he see it? Why can't he pray and change it? It is not possible like that. Two of us, must believe to make things happen.

The two of us must what? Believe (congregation respond). To make things what? Happen (congregation respond). To make things happen. We will not be able to do anything on our own without corresponding action.

(when I say) in the name of Jesus, you say what? (congregation reply) Amen That is all!. That is corresponding action.

My , In the name of Jesus' must come from my heart. Your, Amen' must also come from your heart.

In the name of Jesus! (Congregation respond) Amen.

That is corresponding action. If yours comes from the heart, so we need to say, Amen'