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10 1

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

1 1.5mm 2 × 10 3

150 × 10 3 200 × 10 3


50 × 10 3 W

2000 × 2000 = 4 × 10 6 220 × 220 = 48.4 × 10 3

500×10 3 W 5 × 10 3 W

= 23A


48.4×10 3 82



5×10 3 W

0.5Hz 1% 50Hz

1% 200 × 10 3 Hz

100 2 × 10 3 Hz Hz Hz

= 2 × 10 3 Hz



Review B and AJP are similar


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\title{Principle of work of Tariel Kapanadze's device} %Lines break automatically or can be forced with \\ \date{\today} \emph{\center{\textbf{

If we can undersend the motives, we could write a symphony \begin{flushright} \textbf{E. Doga} \end{flushright}


\author{ Originally published in Russian by: Victor Grig - March 2009\\ Tranlated by: Stoytcho Stoev \date{\today}



%\begin{abstract} %Tranlated from Russian by: Stoytcho Stoev\\ %\end{abstract}


\section{Moral aspect} After seeing Tariel Kapanadze's demonstrating movie for free energy extraction, I started to feel sympathy for this person as an devoted inventor as well as a man. We have to give the amount of respect he deservses and put him on same level as Edvin Gray, John Bedini, Habbard, B. Grebennikov and the rest of the free nergy research inventors.\\

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Page 1


\section{The social aspect} It is true, free energy is draging a long all the consquences, for which we currently we are not intersed in. The biggest impact is that this device could replace the electro station or whatever you can think source of energy. Consequently this can wipeout all the revenues from natural resources as energy export and the part of the gross national product connected with all the aspect of extraction and transportation of focil fuels. The life on earth is constantly developing. We have spaceships browsing throughout the Solar System but here on Earth, till this moment, are still mass using fossil tuel as a main source of transportation. It is imperative so that, we the researchers, take masures for our own protection. All the information on the free energy research will have to go finaly to the widely open Internet in order to be preserved in the grass roots of the free nergy movient.

\section{Basic Motives} In my explanation, I will try totaly to exclude the pressence of the watter, as seen in the movie. The principle of work of Kapanadze's device is based on fundamental interdependancy and this is the base for the entire device. It is quite simple but in order tobe explained we will have to build some conseptual framework withoug any predgudice.\\ \includegraphics[scale=0.35]{fig1.png} \\ The above figure gives the patenet of Tariel Kapanadze. It looks quite different from the green box we see on the video, and in addition, it looks like it has been imporved appon. \section{Single sycle resonance in the environment} Let start from the beggining. Parallel LC cerquit.\\ \begin{center}


\end{center} Charge the capacitor. Discharge the capacitor into the induction coil. The induction creates tention in the immediate coild invironment - soft push, push, not sharp impuls.The environment pushes back causing self induction, charing the capacitor, causing consequential resonance in the cercuit. Thus, the cercuit sets up a stable wave creating the resonance frequency.\\ What is the cause of that?\\ It is the consequence of push of the surrounding environment towards one side and charging the cappacitor by abosorbing the energy created by the consequent push from the surounding environment to the opposite side.\\ \emph{One hundred percent one sycle resonance on a bridge, when over it there are marching the roman soldiers. The bridge's serferce pushes back and this is enouph for the bridge to enter in resonance and break.}\\ Lets go back to the LC cerquit.\\ I will change the capacitence in incremental or the decremental direction.What is happaning? \\ Page 2





The existence of the resonance is persistent, only it frequency and amplitude change in consequence of the change to "the energy balance" in the schema.\\ From the point of view of the local environment - everything is staying as it was before. It has, as before, electromangnetic resistance, always trying to equalize the created local gradient from the tension, "elasticity".\\ In the development of this thought, here comes a question. Is there a natural resonance of the environment. In meaning, could we coincidentally, using our electrical schema, find some kind of uknown to us natural resonance and as a consequance lock on it. I am answering NO!.\\ For the entire history of radio electrical science and the investigated electrical schema it would have been impossible not to find and lock on such an electromagnetic resonance.\\ But there is a small openness.\\ This is the volume of the environment, bounded by the sides of the shape of an material object, where the electromagnetic waves can be bounced back. In this volume we can observe so called volume resonance, induced not only by the induction process but also by the flow of the electromagnetic radiation.\\ But this question, relevent to the fondation of "WSG" and we will not go into it.\\

\section{Two sycle resonance in the environment} What I do next.\\

I am removing the capacitence in the schema and on it's place I

connect to the coil sine wave generator, favorably with small

coefficient of nonlinear change, and I am inivestigating the same local environment.\\




Local - because it is created by the law of the decreasing of the

power of electromagnetic induction as a squire of the distance from it source.\\ And thanks god for that, otherwise we would have in constant resonance.\\


In order to have control over the resonance of the local environment,

I put a small induction coil over the first one and connet it to oscilloscope.\\




What is happening?\\ We can see the same resonance environment, just a lot better, because the generator, in the absance of the capacitance, not only is pushing the environment in one direction, but also pulling it in the other.\\ Page 3


I can see the fluctuating environmental process' optimal power.\\

I immediately we think about adding a small consumer using this

energy \\ To do this, I add an incandecent light bulb to the coil and can see that it lights slightly. But at this moment I can see that my generator started to extract from the grid power equal to the power of the incandecent light bulb.\\ At the same time the resonance in the local environment started to drag and I understood that in the environment of the local resonance appeared, according to N. Tesla definition - friction!\\ All my addings created in the cercuit created a simple transformer and my free energy was disrupted and disappeared.\\

With a shame I realize, that the most important thing was disrupted - the resonance of the local environment!!!\\ \textsc{\textcolor{red}{Free energy can be extracted from the resonance environment only under conidtion not to disrupt the resonance !!! Now, how we do that ??!!}}


\section{Evolution of the diea

In this case in our help comes Rithmodinamics of U. Ivanov.\\ Ivanov describes the following develpment.\\ When in the Ukrainian common energy grid, inherited from the former USSR, the frequency in $Hz$ was decreased, it was experienced a

massive disbalance, with power flowing from Russia to Ukrain. I named it Xoxliatsky resonance. \textsc{\textcolor{red}{Exactly this is what is important for us from the entire reachness of Rithmodinamic.}}\\ It is interesting if Kapanadze was aware about this or just encountered this process accidentlly.\\ Also, it is very interesting if Alfred M. Hubbard (Hubbard Generator) has known about this property of energy flow or bumped into it also accidently.\\ \textsc{\textcolor{red}{Here it reveals the answare of our question:\newline how to extract free energy from the resonance of the environment,\newline the environemnt!, and not the electrical


\section{Second mixed resonance of the local environment} This is why, using alanlogy for the local mixed frequency resonance, being extracted from the common bigger,'proper' resonance energy system where exists the hidden free energy, we can restrict ourselves to look for the parameters of the second induction coil and it's resonance, created to extract energy from the already created resonance in the local environment of the first induction coil.\\


\item The volume of energy, exctracted from the second induction must be magnitude or $10^{-1}$ and even more, less then the volume energy, created in the first induction.\\ \item As a consequence of that, the second induction coil's magnetic field has to be a lot smaller then the magnetic field of the first Page 4



induction coil.\\ \item Due to the magnetic field requirement, the physical mesures and the induction capacity in Henry of the second induction coil have to be samller then the first one.\\ \item Extracting power from the second induction coil - it is as a consequence of the difference between the resonance frequency of the first and the second induction coils!!!\\ \end{enumerate}

Could it happen so that the frequency of the second induction coil

abruptly changes in a such a way so to attract the entire eneryg from the local resonance?\\ Of course it can!!!\\ In Kapanadze's patent there is a description about that:\\ \emph{The first regulator of the frequency (7) is stabalizing the created high frequency according with the demand and make order in it,\textsc{without creating any harmfull effect on the exit circuit.}}\\ Aparently, the mentioned above was troubling him and seems not only


It could be sed that extracting energy from the resonance of the environment is creating also resonance, but it frequency is in the realm of $Hz$ and tenth of $Hz$, divergent from the frequency of the resonance, craeted by the first coil.\\ What should be the electrical schema construction and what should be the difference in the frequency to fulfill these conditions - we will define afterwards.\\

\section{Third resonance - the charge resonace} Compleating all the above and adding the incandecent light bulb to the econd coil - everthing comes back as it used to be - we get the same basic simple transformer, and with it a bad feeling, that without the recorded experimental presentation from Tariel Kapanadze, we could have stop our efforts in this direction.\\ \begin{center}



\end{center} But we continue to develope our thougt.\\ Who told us that if we add the incandecent light bulb to the second coil we are not going to change, detioriorate the conditions for the resonance in the environment? Even if the second coild has resonance frequency tuned to the relevent resonance frequency of the first induction coil.\\ It is clear what is causing the problem, it will detioriorate because the second resonance from "smoothly pulsating" transforms to frictional! The same lightbulb that was used before when we hooked in parallel to the ocitsiloscope.\\ Than, how can we do it? How can we remove this friction?\\ Actually, we do not need to remove it!\\ What is electrical current?\\

Page 5

principle_of_work_of_Kapanadze.tex \emph{According the the militarty institute:\\

The proffessor-major is showing the moving of the current through the electrical schema: from the positive outlet of the source of power, ot the incandecent light bulb or another schema, and after that to \color{red}{the ground}, \color{red}{the gournd is a source of energy}


So, what is electrical current? Is it only flow of charged particles, electrons through the electrical circuit?\\ The best definition seems to be given by Horowitz and Hill, the augthors of the best selling book - The Art of Electronics.\\ \emph{\textsc{Electrial current - this is speed of movement of electrical charge at a point!}} So, we have an problem to sovle: light up the incandecent light bulb. How can we do that?\\

\begin{enumerate} \item Apply potential difference from a direct current source, for example an accumulator. \item Apply alternating potenical difference from the power grid. \item But we can do it in a different way to: put the incandecent light bulb in a coil connected to high frequency circuit and the light bulb will light up \textsc{without applying} any potential \textsc{difference!} \end{enumerate}

In the last case, there is no electric curent going to \textsc{the gournd, the potential ground source}!\\ In this case the charges, the electrons, will be boucing at the high frequency and will be breaking the cristal net of the metal.\\ That is good.\\ If we add another incandecent light bulb to the circuit, by taking to cables from the light bulb that is in the inductor and connect them to a second light bulb situated outside of the inductor. The second light bulb will not light but will just warm up.\\ The second light bulb will not lighten, because the power of the bouncing charged particules is not enough to create bouncing in the charged particles in the small volume of the string of the second incandecent bulb.\\ We see again the exact frictional process.\\ But if we connect \textsc{one of the connections to the second incandecent light bulb} to any big iron object, and even better, to a ground, as is doing Mr. Kapanadze in the movie, then the picture changes immediately.\\ We have a big free source of charged particles, this is our Earth.\\ We do not have to push in or push out this limited amount of charged particles, being in the small volfram coil of the ligth bulb. We are creating on the free end, an oppsite potential, reaching hundreds of volts, in the same way as it is being created in the small volfram Page 6

principle_of_work_of_Kapanadze.tex coil situated in the high frequency inductor.\\ The most important thing we were looking for, is to create - when we have unlimited volume of charged particles, coming from a big object - \textbf{resonance of the charged particles!!!}, in the mass of the thick copper wire, \textcolor{blue}{"created"} via the first and the second inductions.\\ There is no electrical current in the common sense of the word!\\ There is only "bouncing" of the charged particles in the mass of the thick copper wire!\\ And the load is attached to the green box, considering these conclusions.\\ \textsc{That is why, "bouncing" of the electrons in the mass of the thick wire, which has it second end absolutly necessery connected to the gound, can be created when only one end of the second induction coil is attached to it via the load!!!}\\ \begin{center}


\end{center} The most important is that, there is no obsticles in case of friction, for appearance of the third resonance - the resonance of the charged particles.\\ With your permission gentelemnt, I repeat one more time: there is no electrical current, as is nown in the common sence, only frictions. This is why the outlet exposed by the green box is high frequency based!\\ The most optimal load in this case is the active load, witch is exactly what is the nature of the load of an incandecent light bulb.\\ This fact creates by itself a toataly new way of dealing with the ractive load in the kind of electrical motors and similar. But the best of the reactive loads is that in this type of circuit we can create an additional resonance, a resonance specific to the load extracted!\\ We are asking ourselfes the next relevant question: how to attach the wide spread alternating current motor working on 50 $Hz$ to this type of electric circuit?\\ To do this, Mr. Kapanadze is using a common amplitude modulator for 50 $Hz$, noted on the patent schema as number 11.\\

\section{So, what do we have?} We looked at tree conditions, tree resonant systems, that need to be in place in order to get free energy.\\ \begin{enumerate} \item High voltage, high frequency resonant environment, created in the first induction coil. \item High frequency resonance in the second induction coil, but this resonance has to be low voltage and have different frequency and power rating from the resnance in the first induction coil.\\ \item Galvanic resonance of the charged particles in the body of Page 7

principle_of_work_of_Kapanadze.tex the thick copper wire, groudend at one end to receive nulimited amount of charged particles in order to counter act the friction process in the galvanic resonance. Because in the developed device everything is influencing eachother and the friction process of the galvanic resonance is affecting the resonance in the first induction coil.\\ \item Specific, and different from the traditional method, way of connecting the work load.\\ \end{enumerate} It is very interesting to tune the ratio in the resonance power in the first and the second coils.\\ \newline Observing that the green box has spark gap about $1-1.5mm$, the voltage should be in the realm of $2\times10^3$Volts.\\ The frequency applied to the spark gap should be around - $150\times10^3 - 200\times10^3$ Hertz.\\ This comes to calculated current: $\frac{5000W}{220V} = 23A$, this is exactly what the ampmeter is showing on the movie.\\ It comes, so that the power in the first circuit is 10x bigger, and it is in the realm of $50\times10^3W$.\\ Is that true? Here we are dealing thie the resonance.\\ Lets make the calculations in a different way.\\ In the first coil $2000\times2000 = 4\times10^6$\\ In the second coil $220\times220 = 48.4\times10^3$\\ The ratio $\frac{4\times10^6}{48.4\times10^3} \approx 82$ or ruffly \textsc{100 times}.\\ It comes to a difference of 2 magnitutes. So this is something.\\ So, in the local resonance environment in the first induction coil there is pulsating $500\times10^3W$ power, and we are extracting the quite small - $5\times10^3W$. This on a principle level can be a noise, so that "military formation (100 solgers) does not feel the missing 1 man", $5\times10^3W$.\\ \newline Now lets look at the frequency.\\ If in the "hohlatski resonance" decrement of the frequency in the energy system was $0.5 Hz$, this is $1\%$ of $50 Hz$.\\ $1\%$ of $200\times10^3Hz = 2\times10^3Hz$\\ It comes, that the frequency of the second coil is $100$ times smaller, so in the realm of $2\times10^3Hz$. It seems that there is a definite dependancy between power and the frequency. But this is for future investigation.\\ It appears that is a lot better, then trying to get the funny resonance in the second induction coil in $Hz$ or even in the tens of $Hz$, as I was thingking before.\\

\section{Conclusion} The basic principles approching of the given problem were developed.\\ There some issues with the curcuit theory but, I explained them earlier, so that it does not obsticalize my point of view.\\ As a conclusion, I show a schema to confirm Kapanadze's explenation, Page 8


that "capacitor (2) is used to extract it usage as aswitch.\\



" and here is vividly shown


So, now please express your thinking Gentelmen!\\ \newline P.S\\ In principle, Gentalmen, here somehow strangely is interconnected the Time dimention, and the time energy transfer, and this is the reason that provoked my investigation of the issue.\\ But this is a topic, for a lot more seriouse conversation.\\ \end{document}

Page 9


10 1

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

Hz Hz

1 1.5mm 2 × 10 3

150 × 10 3 200 × 10 3


50 × 10 3 W

2000 × 2000 = 4 × 10 6 220 × 220 = 48.4 × 10 3

500×10 3 W 5 × 10 3 W

= 23A


48.4×10 3 82



5×10 3 W

0.5Hz 1% 50Hz

1% 200 × 10 3 Hz

100 2 × 10 3 Hz Hz Hz

= 2 × 10 3 Hz

Размышляем по патенту Тариэла Капанадзе.

Патент, как и все прочие, написан более юридическим языком, нежели техническим. По сути, он и есть юридический документ, предназначенный, чтобы портить кровь конкурентам и сдерживать развитие технологии, иной цели у данного вида собственности я не вижу. Можно конечно сказать, что изобретатель должен быть вознагражден, но это вознаграждение часто приходит в такой извращенной форме, что изобретатель умирает в нищете или шагает с 14 этажаКому нужно такое вознаграждение? Но в любом случае, под коркой крючкотворства должна быть закопана суть изобретения, чтобы потом предъявлять права. Покопаемся к сути.

права . Покопаемся к сути . Рисунок 1 представляет схему

Рисунок 1 представляет схему существующего изобретения. Части, связанные с изобретением пронумерованы и объяснены:

1- Выключатель питания

2 - Конденсатор 3- Пункты (как распределитель двигателя) 4- Высокочастотный генератор 5- Первый фильтр

6- Первичная катушка 7- Первый регулятор частоты 8- Второй фильтр 9- Стабилизатор частоты (регулятор) 10- Вторичная катушка 11- Второй регулятор частоты 12- Выход (фаза) (положительный) 12a-Положительный кабель 13- Выход (нейтральный) 13а- Отрицательный кабель 14-Нейтраль (заземление) 15- Начальное электропитание А - Кабель первой цепи В - Кабель второй цепи

НЕЗАВИСИМОЕ УСТРОЙСТВО ЭНЕРГИИ Существующее изобретение - устройство самодостаточное (самопитающееся) и производящее готовую к использованию электрическую энергию, запущенное в работу начальной электрической энергией, полученной от аккумулятора или подобного источника энергии, передавая магнитное поле, произведенное в первой катушке ко второй катушке через стабилизатор частоты, после ритмичной стабилизации магнитного поля возникающего между катушками; преобразовывает независимую энергию - полученную второй катушкой из воздуха - в электрическую энергию.

Тут вроде все понятно, в основномВопросов всего несколько :

1.Как передавать магнитное поле от первой катушки ко второй, через стабилизатор частоты? Стабилизатор частоты это что?

2. Ритмичная стабилизация магнитного поля, это как?

Существующее изобретение получает внешнюю энергию только в первой стартовой фазе. Эта упомянутая энергия может быть легко произведена от маленького аккумулятора или батареи или подобных источников. Спустя 1-2 секунды после того, как устройство запустится, выключатель на входе устройства отключает внешнее электрическое

питание (от аккумулятора или подобного источника энергии), производя электрическую энергию.

Что происходит у нас за эти две секунды?

Очень малая часть этой электрической произведенной энергии используются устройством, чтобы питать себя, и большая её часть высвобождена для использования. Пока устройство не выключено, или какая проблема не произошла внутри, устройство производит энергию постоянно. Нет никакого современного устройства, подобного существующему изобретению, производящему энергию постоянно, и питающего себя.

То есть для работы устройства требуется ЗНАЧИТЕЛЬНО меньше энергии, чем получается на выходе. Следовательно, устройство работает как вентиль, для некоего естественного процесса, существующего и протекающего независимо от самого устройства.

Первая цепь разработана для того, чтобы производить электричество, передавая магнитное поле, произведённое в первой катушке от электрической энергии, полученной от независимого начального электропитания, ко второй катушке. Первая цепь состоит из реле времени, конденсатора, пунктов, высокочастотного генератора, первого фильтра, первой катушки, первого регулятора частоты (эта цепь показана линией на рисунке),

Итак, по утверждению автора, именно эта цепь вырабатывает электричество, передавая магнитное поле первой катушки ко второй. Магнитное поле тутну как бы это сказать помягче? Мне кажется лапша, которую нам наворачивают на уши. Возможно, такая терминология применена, чтобы не выглядеть белой вороной. Дескать, все в рамках общепринятого представления об индукции. Выделим эту цепь отдельно.

И поразмышляем , что Великий Сын Грузинского Народа (

И поразмышляем, что Великий Сын Грузинского Народа (сокращенно ВСГН), нам впаривает.

1. Это переключатель с таймером, имеющий целью отключить внешнее питание при достижении режима самоподдержки. Выполнено это тупо, как задержка по времени, после которой, устройство гарантировано сможет поддерживать себя. Для понимания принципа рояли не играет. Ничего нового.

2. Конденсатор. Ну конденсатор в этой части цепи у нас сам просится буть обозванным как демпферная емкость. Другой роли на данной части схемы я ему отвести не в состоянии, умишком не вышла. Правда, линии соединения, разделенные на две, роняют семя сомнения. Но его мы пока подавим.

3. Пункты. Замечательное название. Никак его не идентифицировать. Но в аннотации к рисунку, автор делает оговорку 3- Пункты (как распределитель двигателя) Грузинский слэнг на турецкий манер. Остается только догадываться, что сокрыто под этим загадочным определением. Первая мысль которая приходит в голову всвязи с определением «как распределитель», это коммутатор. Так как «цилиндров» у нас всего один, то задача этого коммутатора не переключать между, а включать выключать, замыкать размыкать. Например у Грея «на этом месте» стоял мультивибратор. И само название «пункты», наводит на мысль, что это действительно он, и на выходе у него «пунктир». Предположим. Что это так и есть.

4. Высокочастотный генератор. Тут вроде привычный термин и особо париться не приходится. Но однако есть скользкие места. Почему «мультивибратор» показан отдельно? Но если ты обычный человек, а не ВСГН, то по простой тупой прямой логике получается, что этот «пункты» возбуждает ударно некий контур высокой частоты. Вот хоть убивайте, но иного понимания у меня пока нет.

5. Первичный фильтр. Во блин Клинтон. Задачку поставил ВСГН. Что фильтруем? Высокую частоту, которая выработана в высокочастотном генераторе. А от чего?. А может этот ВСГН мозг парит? Что у нас является простейшим элементарным фильтром для ВЧ? Ставим в это место кондер, пока. Ну чтобы не лезть в высшую электронику.

Вооот. И через этот кондер, соответствующего номиналу есссно, это все подается на катушку 6. Смутно прорисовывается схемка. Правда, пока не видно откуда айс. Получилась пока совершенно обычная цепь, у нас таких много. Ну все равно нарисуем ее, чтобы дальше не очень путаться. При этом выключатель с таймером выкинем наффиг, чтобы не болтался под ногами.

, чтобы не болтался под ногами . Вот така вот хренька получилась

Вот така вот хренька получилась пока. Идем дальше.

Смотрим цепь два (или вторичную?)…

А вторая цепь, благодаря сильному магнитному полю, принятому от

первой катушки, создаёт разницу магнитных полей между катушками. Разница магнитного поля возникающего между второй катушкой и первой катушкой, стабилизируется с помощью стабилизатора частоты в пределах этой цепи. Вторая цепь состоит из второго фильтра, стабилизатора частоты, второй катушки, второго регулятора частоты.

, второго регулятора частоты . Ну начнем по циферкам . 8.

Ну начнем по циферкам.

8. Вторичный фильтр. Так как мы взяли на себя смелость заменить первичный фильтр кондюком, почему бы нам стесняться сделать это снова? Сделаем.

9. Стабилизатор частоты (регулятор). Бу-бу-буКонечно, сложно так вот однозначно сказать, что из себя представляет это устройство. Но вот что-то «сосет под ложечкой», что это именно тот разрядник, который на

демонстрации мы наблюдали, как произведение очумелых кривых ручек. Предположим. (это не окончательное мнение, я просто пытаюсь перевести эту блок схему в принципиалку. Ошибки не исключены). Но пока оставим это как разрядник.

10. Катушка вторичная. Тут без вопросов.

11. Второй регулятор частоты. Тут, похоже, разрядником не отмазаться. Но вобщем-то тут еще предстоит выяснять что происходит, чтобы при таких параметрах катушек, мы на выходе получали промышленную частоту. Поэтому это устройство пока подвесим в воздухе со знаком (?).

Стабилизатор разницы магнитного поля с помощью стабилизатора частоты, эта цепь также преобразует энергию, которая двигается независимо в воздух ко второй катушке, стоящей на приёме этой электрической энергии. Эта электрическая энергия, сформированная второй катушкой, регулирует необходимую частоту выхода(220 V - 50 гц или 110 V - 60 гц) с помощью второго регулятора частоты, стоящего на выходе катушки.

Похоже, все же придется вспомнить про вариант предложенный Зимней. Вероятно, что энергия колеблется в первичной и вторичной цепях с разностью по частоте в 50-60 Гц. И для этого служат цепи поддержания частоты. Ибо два маятника (имеются ввиду механические), подвешенные на одной стенке через некоторое время приходят в синхронизм. Значит необходимо искусственно поддерживать расстройку.

Детектированная частота биений гарантирует нам отсутствие влияния выхода на вход. Это положительный момент. Отрицательный в том, что пока не совсем понятно как это обеспечить. Но я полагаю. Что совместными усилиями мы должны утереть нос этому ВСГН.

Попробуем дорисовать принципиалку. За исключением непонятных моментов.

Вот такая фигня пока получилась . Эта произведенная

Вот такая фигня пока получилась.

Эта произведенная электрическая энергия передаётся к заданной нагрузке через выходные выводы. Через выходные кабели устройство питает себя произведенной электрической энергией. Упомянутый процесс заканчивается спустя 1-2 секунды после того, как устройство запустится. После этого выключатель реле времени, стоящий на входе устройства отключает аккумулятор. И устройство производит энергию независимо.

Добрый и оптимистичный финал.

As works [devays] Of [tarielya] To [kapanadze].

To us [motivchik] to catch, and the symphony we will write… [E]. [Dog].

Moral aspect.

After the survey of the film of the demonstration “of the muff” Of [tarielya] [Kapanadze], i became likable and even roads this person as inventor and it is simple as men. To us it is necessary it to worthily estimate and to place this inventor before one row with such values of [alternativshchikov] as Edwin Grey, John [Bedini], Hubbard, [V]. [Grebennikov] and others… Therefore, from now on it: [Tariel], To [kapanadze], Georgian inventor; but not before which measure not “of [gruzyn]” and that other.

Social aspect.

Certainly, this muff pulls above itself whole chain of the problems, which are not absolutely necessary to us. Most important problem this that which “SOMEBODY” can think that this box before the state to replace at the point of power station and other energy sources, including hydrocarbons, thus down today's moment can damage to the exporters of entire this, including [sopostavshchikov] on the transport and the realization. In reality this thus far not so, since all before the life changes gradually: spacecraft furrow the spaces of the universe, and cartage is used on the Earth, until now. Nevertheless, we should take measures for its possible protection, namely entire information on this theme hold before the separate folder, it is better on the disk or to [fleshke] and to be at call in order in “the case of what” - immediate to throw down all this beside the open Internet.

[Motivchik] to catch…

I will try to completely exclude “water”. Before the muff To [kapanadze], i.e., before the principle of the operation of this muff is [tsimis], the raisin, on which this all is built. It relatively simple, but in order beside it “to enter” it is necessary to pass known concepts, but already without solonchak playa.

to pass known concepts, but already without solonchak playa. Is above beyond the supplementary sheet depicted

Is above beyond the supplementary sheet depicted diagram from the patent Of [tarielya] To [kapanadze]. Only it does not a little correspond to green box, since it is its improvement.

Single-cycle resonance of medium.

Let us begin Azov. Parallel circuit the LC.

of medium. Let us begin Azov. Parallel circuit the LC. Charge of capacity. Discharge of capacity

Charge of capacity. Discharge of capacity down the inductance. Strained by the inductance of environment - soft push, push, but not by impact impulse. Recovery of [napryaga] of medium, motion conversely, self-induction, the recharge of capacity, subsequently - resonant circuit. Is established stable fluctuation, resonance frequency. In consequence of which? As a result of the pushing of medium down one side, and the recharge of capacity - as the consequence of the motion of medium conversely.

Hundred per-cent “single-cycle”, “one-sided” the resonance bridge, when on it goes by system the company of soldiers and it strikes its surface, but in this case “does not pull back” this surface upward conversely, but also this it is sufficient so that the bridge would be pulled down.

But let us return to the outline LC. I change capacitance value down that or other side. What will occur?

capacitance value down that or other side. What will occur? The phenomenon of resonance remains, only

The phenomenon of resonance remains, only changes the frequency of resonance and the amplitude of fluctuation because of a change in the energy factor of outline.

But based on the position of medium - all [ostaetsya] against its places, it as before

[elektromagnitouprugaya] and attempts to always " reset to zero” its gradient of [lokala] of [napryaga], elasticity. The question arises on the course of events in me. But there is whether very natural resonance of medium? I.e., can we by our randomly outline fall on some unknown thus far to us the resonance of medium and because of this “rock OHO”?

I answer is not!

Since in entire time of the history of radio communication and any connected for the sake of this question outlines, someone compulsorily “would get in” before it, beside natural [em] resonance. But there is one small reservation. This is the volume of medium, limited as far as the walls of solid body, from which can be reflected [em] the wave. Here can arise the so-called volumetric resonance of medium, excited no longer only inductance, but also by the flow of [em] of emission. But this is the question, which relates down the same platform [VSG] and we it thus far, we do not examine.

Double measure resonance of medium.

That I make further.

I remove the capacity of outline and instead of it connect the generator of sine down the

inductance, it is desirable with small [KNI], (coefficient of nonlinear distortions), and I swing the same [lokal] of medium.

distortions), and I swing the same [lokal] of medium. [Lokal] - because it is formed by

[Lokal] - because it is formed by reduction in the power of [em] of the emission of inductance down the square of distance based on it. And, glory to god, otherwise we here [narezonirovali].

For the monitoring of the resonance of medium I stretch small inductance, inductance- sensor, down the basic inductance and connect down it [ostsil].

down the basic inductance and connect down it [ostsil]. What is observed? Is observed the same

What is observed? Is observed the same resonance of medium, only down much better, since generator, in contrast to the capacity, not only pushes medium “there”, but also it " pulls” it conversely.

I observe the [ofigennuyu] power of the oscillating process of medium. And in me here appears the desire to rock the small bit of this energy, and bit itself - OHO!, and to use it before “underdeveloped spheres of my patriarchal economy”. I connect lamp down this to inductance- sensor and see for this that it not sickly burns. But here I observe, that my generator began “to [dosasyvat]” from the rosette exactly that power, which was equal down the power of lamp. Simultaneously “began to pull itself” the resonance of medium and I understand, that it was introduced beside [lokal] of the resonance of medium, about the well-aimed determination Of [n]. [Tesly], friction clutch! And entire my [kombina] became commonplace, primitive transformer, and my “muff” was destroyed and disappeared. And with melancholy of [osoznaetsya], that was disrupted the main thing is/are this it was disrupted the resonance of medium!!! Muff from the resonance can be rocked only with the condition not for its disturbance!!! As this to make??!!

[Motivchik] floated…

And here here to us down the aid comes [Yu]. Ivanov's [ritmodinamika]. Ivanov describes this moment. When before the pool, which was remained still after union, before [lokale] of the system of the Ukraine was lowered in Hertz's portions commercial frequency, then was registered the powerful draining of energy there. ([Khokhlyatskiy] resonance. Name my). To crests even they were put out down claim beyond this theme. From entire variety Of [ritmodinamiki] for us is important precisely this moment!!! It is interesting: he does know about this our [Kapanadze] or it did leave down this randomly? And it is still interesting: did know about this sixteen-year boy Hubbard or he did also leave down this randomly? Here to us and the answer: as to rock [khalyavku] without disrupting the resonance of medium, medium!, but not outline!

Second displaced resonance of [lokala] of medium.

Therefore, adhering to the analogy “displaced before the frequency resonance -[lokala] of crests”, that rocks from the general large, “correct” resonance of power system concealed [khalyavku], we can be determined before the criteria of the second inductance and that frequency of resonance, created by it in order to rock the bit of energy from the organized resonance of [lokala] of the medium of the first inductance.


The volume of energy, pumped out by the second inductance must be by an order, if not more, it is less than that volume of energy, which is created for the sake of the first inductance.


Because of this, its, second inductance, magnetic field must be less than the magnetic field of the first inductance.


And already as a result of entire this overall sizes and inductance itself before Henry must be less than the first.


The rolled away power by the second inductance - this is the consequence of a difference in the frequencies of the resonance oscillation between the first and second inductance!!!

But can happen so that the frequency of the second inductance sharply it will change it will so that take entire energy of the resonance of [lokala]? And as it [dolbanet]!!!… Can. Therefore before the patent specification [Tarielya] has such lines. The first frequency regulator (7) stabilizes the obtained high frequency in accordance with the need and orders it, causing no harm to parts against the output of chain.

It is obvious that in it to this [dolbalo] and repeatedly… Thus, summing up it is possible to say that the evacuation of energy of the resonance of medium is produced also as far as resonance, but the frequency of it a little, on Hertz, ten Hertz, it is different from the frequency of the general resonance, created for the sake of the first coil. Chart technology methods are such and are such they must be the values of a difference in the frequencies for satisfaction of this condition - let us determine more lately.

Third resonance - resonance of charges.

After satisfying increasingly above-presented conditions and after connecting lamp down the second coil - everything returns down the circles its - we obtain such break the same commonplace trans-, and together with it, that if not the film Of [tarielya], then long ago would throw all efforts for this theme.

then long ago would throw all efforts for this theme. Therefore we think and we move

Therefore we think and we move further. But who did say that, after hanging up lamp down the second inductance, we will not change and will not worsen the resonance condition of medium, created by the first coil? Even if this [katukha], the second, is displaced before the frequency of its resonance relative to the frequency of the resonance of the first inductance. Clear pepper - let us worsen, still as will worsen, because the second resonance from “that sliding” became the same friction clutch! The same lamp on the indicative inductance, switch oned in parallel to the entrance of [ostsila], examined earlier! But here what is to be done? How to remove this [dolbannyy] friction clutch? But here also to be it is in no way necessary, since all this already thought over to us our fascinating participant in the forum - LAZJ! What there is electric current? I recall [voenku] before the institute. Instructor- Major shows in the diagram the passage of current on the chain: from plus of the power source, further lamp or another chain, then housing, the housing of the power source.

Current - this that? Only directed motion of charges, electrons on the chain?…. No, not only! The clearest determination - which is by itself, give Horowitz and Hill, the authors of splendid best-seller - skill of circuit design. Current - this is the speed of the displacement of electric charge at point!

Thus, gentlemen, before us the task: to light the tungsten filament of incandescent lamp. How this we can make?


To apply a potential difference from the steady source of the current let us assume of storage battery.


To include in break, the same rosette.


But it is possible also differently: to place lamp beside the inductor of high-frequency chain and tungsten will be lit without the application to it, the filament, such as or potential!

On the thread current, in the known to us case: … housing, housing of the power source, flow will not be! In this case the charges, the same electrons, will high-frequency “be twitched”, swinging crystal lattice of metal and so on… It is good. But if we to the contact of lamp, which is located before the inductor do solder installations and down it will connect the contact of the second lamp, which is no longer located before the inductor, but outside, then will catch fire its filament or not? It can even be heated, but catch fire - no. Why? Because the efforts “of pulling” of the charges of the first lamp will not be sufficient in order “to pull” the charges of the limited volume of the second thread. The same friction clutch of phenomenon operates. But here if we connect the second contact of the second lamp down what or to volumetric [zhelezyake] (on LAZJ), and better let us ground how this makes [Tariel], then picture sharply will change! Is large [khalyavnyy] volume of charges as our [planetochka] the Earth. We already do not have need for “taking out” and “pressing” that limited volume of charges, which is found only before the volume of the thread of the second lamp, creating against its free end, in this case, [protivopotentsial], which reaches hundred volts, as this occurs on the thread of lamp, which is located before the high-frequency inductor. But most main that, the aim is at the point of what, we can organize, when the unlimited quantity of charges is present, obtained based on the large volumetric body, THE GALVANIC RESONANCE OF CHARGES!!!, before tele- thick copper wire and furthermore of that jerked through through the primary and second inductance! There is no motion of current, in those accepted before our [zashorennykh] concepts -! But are only “pulling” of charges before tele- thick copper wires! And load is connected down this green box taking into account these definitions, but not taking into account “housing, the housing of the power source”.

Therefore, “pulling” of electrons before the tele- heavy-gauge wire, before the required order connected by the second end down a good grounding, can be produced with the connection to it of altogether only one end of the second inductance through the load!!!

But most main that already there are no obstacles in the form of friction clutch

But most main that already there are no obstacles in the form of friction clutch whatever, for organizing already the third resonance - the resonance of charges. Based on your permission, gentlemen, I will repeat again: current itself, in the known to us cases does not flow, but only “it twitches itself”. Therefore the output of green box - this is high- frequency output! The most optimum form of load for this chain - this is resistive load, that by itself they are of incandescent lamps. This fact entails completely new approach to the organizations of the reactive load in the form of electric motors and that other. But the charm of reactive load consists before the fact that before the same chain of connection it is possible to organize additional resonance, resonance, specific to the load of consumption! We will not be distracted, but let us pose to itself the following question: and as to connect the already known and extended everywhere alternating-current motors of commercial frequency before 50 Hz? For this [Kapanadze] provided usual amplitude modulator beside 50 Hertz, designated in the diagram patent by number 11.

So that we do have?

Were examined three conditions, three resonances of the systems, which must be performed in order “[khalyavku] to rock”.

1. High-voltage, high-frequency resonance of medium, organized by the first coil.

2. High-frequency, but outstanding before the frequency and the power from the

resonance of the first coil, the relatively low-voltage resonance of the second coil.

3. The galvanic resonance of charges before the tele- thick copper wire, grounded

by one end for the purpose of obtaining the unlimited quantity of charges for eliminating the phenomenon of the friction clutch of last resonance, since before this device everything is interconnected and this friction clutch, last resonance, it influences the passage of the resonance of primary coil.

4. Specific, different from the traditional method, method of the connection of load.

Is very interesting would be interesting to estimate the relationship of the power of the resonances of the first and second coil.

Taking into account that the fact that the green box has a discharger with the width of clearance beside 11,5 мм, then the voltage of the breakdown of this space lies within the limits of 2000 volts. Frequency of [vozbuda] of this discharger - 150 - 200 kHz. Second coil rocks the current of charges, by effort before 5 kW. This before the recomputation down the current: 5000[Vt]: 220[V] of =23[A], that also showed current tongs on the film. It turns out that the relative transformation ratio of the coils 2000[v]: 220[V] = 10, approximately. It leaves, that allegedly the thickness of the first outline is 10 times more, that is to say, it composes 50[kVt]. So whether this? Indeed we a matter have with the resonance. Give let us visit based on the other side. Power is proportional down the square of stress. Before the first coil 2000 X 2000 = 4 000 000. Before the second coil 220 X 220 = 48 400 Relation 4 000 000: 48 400 = 82, approximately 100 times. Came out already two orders. This already something. I.e., before [lokale] of the resonance of the first coil it varies by 500 kW of power, and we pump out altogether only hundredth - 5[kVt]. Before principle this is actual, against the level “of noise”, so that “force did not note the loss of soldier” beside 5[kVt].

Now before the frequencies. If before “[khokhlyatskom] resonance” the frequency drift of power system composed 0,5 Hertz, then this 1% of 50[Gts]. 1% from 200 000[Gts] this will be 2 kHz.

It turns out that the frequency of the second coil can differ down the hundredth, i.e., in the limits

of 2[kGts].

future. Here this already is considerably better than “to catch” the displacement of the resonance of the second inductance before Hertz or even before ten Hertz, about whom I assumed earlier.

The definite dependence of power and frequencies is examined. But this down the


The basic principles of approaches to this problem were expressed. There are considerations, also, in the circuit design, but I did not intentionally examine them not in order randomly to not impose its point of view. With exception, I lead the visual aid of that assertion To [kapanadze], that “the capacitor (2) serves after pump…” and are here clearly represented “points” as the contacts of transfer relay.

So that, your word, gentlemen! Victor Grieg March 2009. P.S. But before principle, gentlemen, here,

So that, your word, gentlemen!

Victor Grieg

March 2009.

P.S. But before principle, gentlemen, here, however are strangely begun to operate time, and temporary passages of energy, for what I strictly here and got in. But this already the theme of more serious conversation.

We reflect under the patent of Tariela Kapanadze.

The patent, as well as all other, is written by more legal language, rather than technical. As a matter of fact, it also is the legal document intended to put out to competitors and to constrain development of technology, other purpose in the given kind of the property I do not see. Of course we can say, that the inventor should be rewarded, but this reward often comes in such perverted form, that the inventor dies in poverty or walks from14 floors … Who need such a reward?

But in any case, under all this paper work the essence of the invention essence should be so the rights for the invention could be presented. Lets dig into the essence.

the invention could be presented. Lets dig into the essence. Drawing 1 represents the scheme of

Drawing 1 represents the scheme of the existing invention. The parts connected with the invention are numbered and explained:

1- Power switch

2 - The Condenser

3- Points (as the engine distributor)

4- High-frequency generator

5- The First filter

6- Primary coil

7- Frequencies First a regulator

8- Second filter

9- Frequenciy Stabilizer (regulator)

10- Secondary coil

11- Second regulator of frequency

12- Exit (phase) (positive)

12a-positive cable

13- Exit (neutral)

13a - A negative cable

14- Neutral (grounding)

15- Initial power supplies

A- Cable of the first circuit

B- Cable of the second circuit


The existing invention - the device self-sufficient (self-powering) and making the electric energy ready to use, started in work as the initial electric energy received from the accumulator or a similar energy source, transferring (transmitting) a magnetic field made in the first coil to the second coil through the stabilizer of frequency, after rhythmical stabilization of a magnetic field arising between coils; transforms independent energy - received by the second coil from air - to electric energy.

Here looks like everything is clear. There is only few questions:

1. How to transfer (transmit) a magnetic field from the first coil to the second, through the

frequency stabilizer? What is the stabilizer of frequency?

2. Rhythmical stabilization of a magnetic field. How?

The existing invention receives external energy only in the first starting phase. This mentioned energy can be easily made from the small (little) accumulator or the battery or similar sources.

After 1-2 seconds after the device will be started, the switch on a device input(entrance) disconnects(switches-off) the external electric A power (from the accumulator or a similar energy source), making electric energy.

What occurs (happens) for us in these two seconds?

Very small part of this electrical made energy are used by the device to power itself, and its big part is liberated for usage. Until the device is switched off, or some internal problem has not occurred inside, the device makes energy permanently. There is no modern device similar to the existing invention, making energy permanently, and powering itself.

This is because for device operation it is required much less energy, than it turns out on an output(exit). Therefore, the device works as the valve, for the certain natural process existing and proceeding irrespective of the device.

The first circuit is developed to make an electricity, transferring (transmitting) the magnetic field made in the first coil from electrical energy, received from independent initial power supplies, to the second coil.

The first circuit consists of a time relay, the capacitor, points, the high-frequency generator, the first filter, the first coil, the first regulator of frequency (this circuit is shown by a line in a figure(picture)),

So, under the statement of the author, this circuit produces an electricity, transferring (transmitting) a magnetic field of the first coil to the second. The magnetic field here … well, how tell it more softly? It seems to me – bulshit. Probably, such terminology is applied not to stand out of the crowd. Say, all within the limits of the standard representation about an induction. Let’s take a look at this circuit separately.

And let’s look what the Great Son of the Georgian People (in abbreviated - GSGP),

And let’s look what the Great Son of the Georgian People (in abbreviated - GSGP), is trying to tell us.

1. It is the switch with the timer, having for an object to disable external power supply at

reaching the mode of self-powering. It is fulfilled quite straight forward, like the delay after which, the device is guaranteed can to support itself. For understanding of a principle this doesn’t play a bog role. Nothing new.

2. The capacitor. Well the capacitor in this part of a circuit for us asks to be called as

демпферная (limiting??) capacity. Other role for the given part of the circuit I’m not able to find. However, the lines of connection divided in two, drop a doubt seed. But we will suppress it for a while.

3. Points. The remarkable name. No way to identify them. But in the summary to a figure, the

author makes the stipulation 3- Points (as the engine distributor) Georgian slang on Turkish manners. It is necessary to guess only that is hidden under this mysterious definition. The first thought which comes to mind according definition «as the distributor», it is the commutator. As "cylinders" for us there is only one the task of this commutator not to switch between, but to switch on/off, connect or disconnect. For example Grey «in this place» had a multivibrator. And the name "points", suggests that it is real it, and on an output(exit) for it - "dotted line". Let’s assume this is true.


The high-frequency generator. Here like habitual the term and especially it is not necessary

to be soared. But however there are slippery places. Why "multivibrator" is shown separately? But if you the usual person, instead of GSGP on the simple stupid direct logic it turns out that this "Points" raise(excite) a with great dispatch certain outline of high frequency. Here though kill, but other understanding for me while is not present.

5. The primary filter. A problem has put GSGP. What it is filtered? High frequency which is

produced in the high-frequency generator. What for?

And maybe this GSGP fools around? What is for us simplest filter for HF (high frequency)? Let’s place capacitor for a while, just not to climb in to the higher (supreme) electronics(electronics engineering).

Through this condenser, of corresponding to a nominal becomes clear, that everything is put to the coil 6. It is starting to appear the circuit. However, it is not visible from where “aic” (??) comes. So now we have very common circuit, there is quite a lot of them. Well, let’s draw it anyway to avoid future confusions. Thus the switch with the timer we will throw out so it wouldn’t mess things up.

with the timer we will throw out so it wouldn’t mess things up. Well here is

Well here is what we have for now. Let’s go further.

We look a circuit two (or secondary?) …

And the second circuit, thanks to the strong magnetic field accepted from the first coil, creates a difference of magnetic fields between coils. The difference of a magnetic field arising between the second coil and the first coil is stabilized by means of the stabilizer of frequency within this circuit.

The second circuit consists of the second filter, the stabilizer of the frequency, the second coil, the second regulator of frequency.

the stabilizer of the frequency, the second coil, the second regulator of frequency. Well we will

Well we will start from numbers.


The secondary filter. As we have made bold to substitute the primary filter condenser why us

to hesitate to make it again? Let’s to it.

9. The stabilizer frequencies (regulator). Bu-bu-bu … It hard to tell what this device is

represents by itself. But here something «sucks in the pit of the stomach» that it is that discharger, which We observed during demonstration, like creation by these smart hands. Let it be. (It not definitive opinion, I simply try to translate this the block the circuit(scheme) in simple one. There are possible error). But let’s leave it as discharger for a while.

10. The coil secondary. Here without questions.

11. The second regulator of frequency. Here to call it discharger will not be enough. But on

other hand here still it is necessary to clarify what happens, that at such parameters of coils, we on an output(exit) receive industrial frequency. Therefore we will hand this device in air with the sign (?).

The stabilizer of a difference of a magnetic field by means of the frequency stabilizer, this circuit also will transform energy which moves independently to air to the second coil standing(costing) on reception(trick) of this electrical energy. This electrical energy generated by the second coil, regulates necessary frequency of an output(exit) (220 V - 50 Hz or 110 V - 60 Hz) by means of the second regulator of frequency standing(costing) on an output(exit) of the coil.

It seems that nevertheless it is necessary to recollect about a variant offered Zimney. It is probable that energy fluctuates in primary and secondary circuits with a difference on frequency in 50-60 Hz. And this is what frequencies support circuits are for. For two pendulums (mechanical ones) suspended on one wall come after a while to synchronism. Means it is necessary is artificial to support(maintain) mistuning.

The detected beat frequency guarantees to us absence of influence of an output(exit) on an input(entrance). It is the positive moment. Negative that it is not completely clear how to provide it. But I believe that joint efforts we should outdo it GSGP.

Let's try to finish principal circuit except for unclear moments.

Here is what we’ve got. This made electrical energy is transferred(transmitted) to the set load

Here is what we’ve got.

This made electrical energy is transferred(transmitted) to the set load through output outputs. Through output cables the device feeds itself with the made electrical energy. The mentioned process is ended after 1-2 seconds after the device will be started. After that the switch of a time element standing(costing) on an input(entrance) of the device disables the accumulator. And the device makes energy independently.

The kind and optimistic ending.