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: Hukum dan Peraturan Maritim : 13 September 2011/ 08.00 10.00 : Ir. Mukti Wibowo : The Indonesian Maritime Journal

Sektor Maritim Hampir 400 tahun dibawah penjajahan Belanda bangsa maritim kita yang menurut sejarah terbentang dari Polynesia sampai Madagascar, terus menyusut secara strategis dan perdagangan. Pada saat ini kehidupan bangsa kita lebih mengarah ke bukan masyarakat maritim, walaupun kita masih ingat lagu Nenek Moyang Ku Seorang Pelaut. Kalau kita lihat berdasarkan statistik yang ada perbandingan negara kita dengan negara lain yang lebih kecil dilihat dari sudut pandang negara maritim rasanya kita malu. Negara Arab memiliki Minyak yang telah diberikan oleh Allah dan negara kita kalau kita menyadari pemberian tersebut adalah Sektor Maritim, tetapi tanpa alasan yang jelas, kita tidak dapat menunjukkan atau melihat Mutiara yang Terlupakan tersebut walaupun sudah berada didepan kita. Terdapat 5 sektor Maritim
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Hukum dan Peraturan Kelautan

Sub sector Marine Industry Shipyard reputation in Indonesia has been badly damage, significantly through policies made in the past which harmed the industry, because they were made base on wrong land based assumptions. Central government in the past has been more interested in land based infrastructure development rather than sea based. Even though we are the biggest Archipelago State in the world with more than 17.000 islands and almost 2/3 of Indonesia is covered with water. With recent new implementation of the regional autonomy (otda), we will in the near future see more larger industrial developments outside the isle of Java, which in return will increase significantly the demand for sea based infrastructures. However, our shipyards and its supporting industries are not prepared to cope with that increase in demand. This Marine Sector has been damage in the past with all kinds of distortions including one of Indonesias worst corruptions cases and its still going on, undisturbed. Sub sector Shipping Similar to our shipyards industries, the Shipping sector is also in a very bad shape. Policies made in the seventies and mid eighties has destroyed our once mighty shipping sector.

If we look closer and understand the related factors, these policies have been made for no other reason than personal greediness. The outcome of these strange policies have been devastating, to say the least. Until October 2004, still around 90% of our goods to be exported, rely on foreign vessels and 50% of our inter island trade also rely on foreign ships. Indonesias prolonged economic crises will force us to become more dependant on other nations, but we must immediately take control of these Marine Sector, to maneuver our self into safer waters. Sub sector Maritime & Fisheries This Maritime & Fisheries sector, is a classical drama for the nation with no happy ending in sight. Our Archipelago State is most certainty blessed from God. The cold water of the Indian Ocean and the warm water of the Pacific Ocean meeting here in our place, giving us a very fertile sea that in return attract all kinds of marine creatures to come to this region. Other nations such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand to name a few, depend very much for their protein intake from the sea. Most of the protein comes from our territory, very often illegally. We have our hand literally tied on their throat, but because of incompetence and bureaucrats, thinking only of their own personal enrichment, we have no advantage at all and no bargaining position, when it comes to trade agreements with those countries. Sub sector Tourism Our climate is throughout the years warm, calm and relaxing. Our tropical vegetations is exotic and flourishing. We have on of the world most pittoresc tropical landscape and envied other nations of our heritage.

But again, we have not yet learn to appreciated our own environment, fauna and flora. Marine tourism is running under very low fire. As an example, Cruise Liners is criss-crossing the world bringing established and matured tourists to tropical destinations like in the Caribbean sea, but for reasons we already know, they dont come to Indonesia even thought we have, especially in eastern Indonesia, the very best tropical destinations the world has to offer. Marine tourism is a lucrative business for Indonesia, lurking with billions of dollars, once again, waiting to be discovered as one of our Forgotten Pearls. Sub sector Maritime Law It is tiresome to mention, that this particular sub sector Maritime Law appear very much underexposed in our day to day life. Indonesia has recently established with a presidential decree number 161 year 1999, a Maritime Council of Indonesia (DMI, Dewan Maritim Indonesia). It is chaired by the President of Indonesia and DMI member consist of ministers from the cabinet including the military chief of staff and chief of the police. It is so high profiled represented, that we, the Maritime Society, had great expectations towards DMI. But after five years of existence, the result was extremely poor. DMI had become another Paper Tiger and a platform for rhetoric's only. It seems the battle to discover our Forgotten Pearl is still out of reached, but we, the Maritime Society will never give up, even it will take generations to reach our goals.