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First Aid

First Aid Info that needs to be provided when calling first aid
Your telephone number. Location(landmark) Seriousness(how many injured) Age,number,sex of case of casualties) Dont put the phone down until assurance is provided)

First Aid Box

At a accessible place. Clearly labeled. Kept away from sunlight. Check the expiry date. Replace stock. Check the kit after every use.

Weakness Seeing issue,severe head ache.

Occurs after seizure,dont restrict the movement Pillow under the patients head

First Aid

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First Aid Bleeding external :

Scene safe F.A kit. Use pressure If it does not work then add another cloth to apply pressure do not remove the previous cloth and press for the second time.

Nose Bleeding:
Pinch the nose Move the head forward Press harder if no go after 15 min

Tooth loss:
Clean the tooth by dipping in water and then put in milk and take to hospital.

Rinse in clean water and cover with dressing And then put in a water tight envelope and then in another envelope which has ice cubes in it.

Broken bone:
Cover open wound put ice bag Raise the body if it helps.

Cold water 15-20 min Fire:stop,drop and roll. And then apply a blanket

First Aid

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First Aid

Electrical Injuries:
Turn off the main power supply and check for any shock.

Snake bite:
Use gloves,clean with soap and water Do not apply cold/cut/wrap/shock

Basic life Science

Early CPR Early acess Early Difilbrillation Early Advanced Acess

If person is unconscious and unresponsive

Look listen and feel 2 rescue breaths If pulse is present then 12-14 rescue breaths in a minute If pulse absent and breath is absent then start compressions If person is unconscious but the pulse is there then put the person in left lateral position or recovery position check breathing and pulse after 2 min.

Basic steps:
If person is unconscious then tap the shoulder then no response check if breathing Using look, feel and listen if no success then give 2 rescue breaths if still no success give compressions 2:30 and then check if breathing after 2 rescue breaths Still no success give AED>8 yr old childres

First Aid

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First Aid

Power on . Put one pad bellow right collar bone and other below the left chest-and also below pacemaker if present then press analyse and then press the shock button if it says so and then compression. In case of drowning the same above steps need to be followed.

First Aid

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