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On-the-Job Training On the Job Training


Department of Employment Services

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DOES is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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The District of Columbia

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The District of Columbia The District of Columbia

On-the-Job Training Initiative On-the-Job Training Initiative
Everyone Wins With OJT!
Partnering with the Department of Employment Services On-the-Job Training (OJT) initiative is a smart way to find motivated individuals who are eager to return to work and gain new skills. OJT helps organizations stay competitive by reducing the cost of hiring and training workers. The program reimburses employers 50 percent or more of a new hires gross wages during the training period. Employers determine job requirements, design training plans to meet individual business needs and make final hiring decisions. OJT savings and services can give companies the competitive edge. Providing jobs for qualified workers who are unemployed is rewarding for businesses and our local economy. What is the On-the-Job Training Initiative? The On-the-Job Training initiative offers a financial incentive to employers for hiring District residents experiencing long-term unemployment. An agreement is established between participating organizations and the Department of Employment Services that outlines job details and training needs. The OJT participant is hired as a permanent, full-time employee receiving the same rate of pay and benefits as other employees doing similar work. The length of training cannot exceed six months. What are the Benefits to Employers? Employers receive a pool of pre-screened, job ready candidates for the positions identified, resulting in human resource savings. Participating employers are reimbursed 50 percent or more of gross wages paid during the training period. The Department of Employment Services will, at no cost provide up to six months of coaching by a workforce development specialist to ensure retention. How are Applicants Selected? Applicants must be District of Columbia residents. The Department of Employment Services identifies applicants who meet the employers eligibility criteria. Employers conduct interviews and make final hiring decisions. For more information contact the OJT Coordinator at 202-698-5146, or email at

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