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Ancueru Silvia INITIAL TEST Anul scolar 2011-2012 Limba engleza Clasa a VI-a L1 Numele i prenumele elevului: Data susinerii testului: Pentru rezolvarea corect a tuturor cerinelor din Partea I i din Partea a II-a se acord 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acord 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

FIRST PART 1. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. Many or much? There is ______ sugar left in the cupboard. ______ people know these jokes. How ______ milk is there? I ate _______ hamburgers yesterday. There are _______ pictures on the wall. She eats too ______ bread. I can see very ______ flowers in this vase. Today I buy ______ honey for my grandmother. How ______ times do you go to library on a week. Did you read ______ books in holiday?


(10x 1p=10p) 2.Complete each sentence using the correct degree of the adjective given in brackets: a. b. c. d. e. He is a _____________ player than his opponent. (good) This castle is one of the ____________ castles in Romania. (old) We are talking about the __________________ film I have ever seen. (interesting) He is the ________ clown we have ever seen. (funny) The Barbie-doll dressed in pink is ______________ than the one in red.(beautiful) (5x2p=10p)

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb (Present Simple or Present Continuous): a. My mother_______________ (cook) a delicious cake now. b. They ______________(go) to school at the moment. c. Maria_____________(like) chocolate. d. Tom _______________ (live) in England. e. We ________________(play) football now. (5x2p=10p) 4. Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verb: a. Last night I__________ (buy) some eggs to make a pie. b. She _________ (visit) Hawaii last year. c. They _________ (eat) nothing yesterday morning. d.The children ____________ (speak) English at school a month ago. e. The cat __________ (jump) from the tree. (5x2p=10p) 5. Fill in the text with the correct form of the verb to be (is, are, am) or to have (have, has): Dear John, My name _____ George Morgan and I _____ 10. I ____ a pupil and I _____ a lot of books. I ____ tall and thin. I ______ very smart and friendly. I ________ got a big brother, Tom, who ___ 15, and a little sister, Maria, who ____ 8. We ____ students at the same school- School No.7. We live in a small town. Our school ____ big. I like school, especially Geography and my teacher says I ___ good at it. My parents ___ great.My father ____ a doctor and my mother ___ a nurse. My father ___ a tall and good looking man. My mother ____ tall and pretty. Sam and Henry ______ my best friends. Sam ____ short and fat. Henry___ tall and slim. This is all about me. Please write to me and tell me about yourself. Best wishes! George (20x 1p= 20p) SECOND PART 30POINTS_____

6. Write a letter to a friend. Use the letter above (first part- exercise 7) as an example. Use 80100 words.


BAREM 1.a. much; b. many; c. much; d. many; e. many; f. much; g. many; h. much; i. many; j. many. 2. a. better; b. oldest; c. most interesting; d. funniest; e. more beautiful. (10x 1p=10p) (10x 1p=10p)

3.a. is cooking; b. are going; c. likes; d. lives; e. are playing. (10x 1p=10p)

4. a. bought; b. visited; c. ate d. spoke 3

e. jumped.

(10x 1p=10p)

5. is, am, am, have, am, am, have, is, is, are, is, am, are, is, is, is, is, are, is, is. (20x 1p= 20p)