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Group 8 Outline Topic 2: The need to give international brands a local voice

A. Introduction Today barriers to international trade have come down and the Internet has helped small and mid-sized companies compete on the global stage. Consumers and businesses have accessed to the very best products from many different countries because more and more international brands have appeared. So what are the international brands? And why do they need a local voice? B. Development I. Whatre international brands? And what is their aim? A brand is an image, an emotion, a message when people think about a firm or a product. The assessment is based on the country where that brand presence and market their respective. A firm, which has presented many countries and had a reputation over the world, is an international brand. Like other brands, international brands have the biggest goal that is profit, so they want to expand their market. That means their brand and products will be known more. II. Why do international brands need a local voice? 1. Cultural differences: Many years ago, distant and time were the biggest barrier in international business. But now, culture is a factor that causes the biggest concern for any organization when they decided to enter the world market. Today, international traders have to work more in the business which has multicultural environment, face to the real difference in everything from style to communicate. Culture is a part of the external influences that impact the consumer. Culture represents influences that are imposed on the consumer by other individuals. And it is a problematic issue for many marketers since it is inherently nebulous and often difficult to understand. One may violate the cultural norms of another country without being informed of this, and people from different cultures may feel uncomfortable in each others presence without knowing exactly why (for example, two speakers may unconsciously continue to attempt to adjust to reach an incompatible preferred interpersonal distance). So, international brands have to deal with this problem firstly when they penetrate a new market. 2. Psychology:

A products brand has a huge affect to the profit of business. To brand penetrate deeply into the hearts of customers, companies must create a sense of comfort to customers when they use their products. One of the factors, that make the brand a voice, is local customer psychology. Saying: "people buy from people to buy" has shown very clearly and customer psychology has been seen in human action. And the study of consumers will help companies and organizations improve their marketing strategies. Customers always have an insecure psychological for products that they will use. They will think about how do they select products? How do they feel when using those products? And they want have somebody know about product enough to consult them which product they should buy with their need. Their psychology is also influenced by their own environment, such as culture, family, and media. Customers choose products that suit their culture, consistent with our families. Businesses should always survey the market of customers, always listening to customers and pay special attention to the customer's culture, which greatly influences the brand of your business. So your employees have to think like psychiatrists, and just listen to customers desire. When a product complies with the requirements of customers out the brand of the product will be raised and that brand will be spread throughout the market and its spread to other markets. For a business, this is a great way to stand out and differentiate you from competitors, not to mention the increased revenue and bottom line. Customers are very sensitive to products and its service. A brand in customer's voice is a brand stand out and that will help businesses gain more profit.
3. Buying behavior

Brands influence the buying decisions of customers by combining the material value and emotional value / psychology through their suggestive for customers who are living or they want to live like no, a lifestyle, a certain lifestyle?
Or they want to present ourselves as who they are, what level they are in

society, how they feel; even they can be a different from person around. Brand also facilitates opportunities for clients and selected judgments.

Branding success depends primarily on understanding the customer has, is and will be looking for something? A brand to meet consumer expectations in order to prioritize brand reputation, ensure product quality. Customers who buy a product name synonymous with membership in global clubs. Customers are waiting for the leading global brand of social responsibility III. Ways to give international brands a local voice 1. Investigate the market (product, resources) In practical, the business plan should include the market investigation. While you are in the starting stage or in the middle of the development, you have to conduct a market research. Because, market is not stable. It changes over time. You have to follow the target market. First of all, do you know your target market? Are you focusing your business towards that target market? Having the target market identified helps to drive a successful business. This is applicable for all from small business to large scale business owners. More over your target market should focus towards the customers, that the priority goal Once your target market is identified you have to follow the below steps. Collect Market Statistics and Business Information. Find out the sources of Information that helps to know the market and its statistics. Sources are like business articles, financial statements, keyword analyzers, historical data etc. The first step is collecting and understanding the market statistics. Statistics shows the forecast from time to time providing the level of the market fluctuation. Divide Your Target Market Into Chunks. With all the collected business information, now you have the clear idea about your target market. The next step is splitting the market into chunks. It depends on the target market size. The size of market depends on the factors like Number of customers or the traffic level, Financial investment and operational cost, Growth rate of the target market, The level and volume of business competition in that market.

Now Focus Towards the Market Growth And Trends. Your target market is identified, studied and divided into sections based on the market size. Now the next step is the market growth. You have the divisions of market in hand. Take each of them and identify the growth movement so called Trends. Market Trends shows, how the market is moving? Whats going inside the market? What is the demand? Prepare a graphical chart and investigate the real up-down of your market. You could refer that whenever required. Coming to the point, here are the factors that you should consider for the business growth in your target market. How unique your business or the product? How quality you are serving and the level of customer satisfaction? How the brand builds and stands from the competition? How far you are tracking the growth and altering the business plan? 2. Attempt to have a local voice - Firms should approach ethnographic research to understand customer needs. Pioneer understands customer needs and the specific cultural norms of each country. But they often have to make a tradeoff between adapting their products to the unique demands of a country market or gaining benefits of standardization such as cost savings and the maintenance of a consistent global brand image. There are no easy answers here. - A manager lives with their customer representative called the "penetrating research. He uses his knowledge to do research about manners and customs in that local. But this method is time-consuming and low accuracy. - Getting more conservation with customers is an effective method. Firms should conduct programs and customer-oriented campaigns. Through these campaigns, it drags customers to closer to business. - Firms should do market research, that means find out about marketing partners, distributors, and evaluate products of competitors with your products. Then firms can know their competitive advantages. - Firms can use the promotional tools and appropriate communication with the customs and traditions of each locality. Its very important because of culture differences. C. Conclusion Therefore, giving international brands a local voice is necessary. It helps firms orient marketing strategy when penetrating new market to gain their biggest target, profit.