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edu 2010-2012 Catalog Program: Vocational Nursing Degree: Vocational Nursing Certificate

The Vocational Nursing program is a one-year program leading to a certificate in vocational nursing which prepares the graduate to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical/Vocational nurses (NCLEX-PN). The program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30326, Telephone (404) 975-5000, Fax (404) 975-5020. Licensure must be granted by the Board of Nursing for the State of Texas. Admission Criteria: 1. Must fulfill Cisco Colleges requirements for admission, please refer to the college catalog. 2. Official high school transcript or GED scores. 3. Have current immunizations including Hepatitis B vaccine series or show serologic confirmation of immunity to Hepatitis B virus. (Hepatitis B series must be complete before students application will be considered complete). 4. Take the ACCUPLACER (or have taken the THEA). This is the pre-entrance test. Acceptance in the program requires passing the reading, writing, and math portions of the ACCUPLACER (or THEA) or completion of required developmental courses with a B or better. Applicants are selected based on the following criteria: 1. All applicants for admission who meet the minimal criteria for admission will be considered. However, the number of applicants normally exceeds the number of students who can be admitted to each class. 2. Preference for admission is determined by the following factors: Number of appropriate technical/academic courses completed Cumulative GPA of completed technical/academic courses with a minimum grade of C in each course Date of completed application Special situations, successful developmental work 3. Applicants who achieve low scores on ACCUPLACER test will not be automatically rejected, but will be advised of resources which might be utilized to increase their chance

of success in school. Evidence that resources have been utilized will be considered in renewing the application. 4. Applications are accepted at any time. Selection committee meets: October for January class March for May and August classes Core Courses VNSG-1216 Nutrition VNSG-1160 Clinical I VNSG-1405 Health Science RNSG-1108 Dosage Calculation PHRA-1305 Drug Classification VNSG-1304 Found of Nursing VNSG-1423 Bsc Nursing Skill VNSG-1429 Med Sur Nursing VNSG-1260 Clinical/Med/Surgical VNSG-1432 Med Sur Nursing II VNSG-2260 Clin Med Surgical II VNSG-1230 Maternal-Neo Nursing VNSG-2160 Clin Mat Neo Nursing VNSG-1234 Pediatrics VNSG-2161 Clinical Pediatrics VNSG-2431 Adv Nursing Skills VNSG-2261 Clin Adv Nursing Skills

Prerequisite Courses ENGL-1301 Composition I BIOL-2401 Anatomy & Phys I BIOL-2402 Anatomy & Phys II PSYC-2314 Lifespan Grth & Dvlp MATH-1342 Elem Statistics BIOL-2421 Microbiology GOVT-2306 Texas Govt GOVT-2305 Federal Govt HIST-1301 US Hist I HIST-1302 US Hist II CHEM-1405 Intro Chem I ENGL-1302 Composition II

Progressive VN to RN Nursing Program Curriculum RNSG-2402 Concepts of Nursing Practice for Articulating Students RNSG-1260 Clinical RNSG-1229 Integrated Nursing Skills II RNSG-2414 Care of the Client RNSG-2460 Clinical-Integr Care RNSG-2435 Integrated Client Care Management RNSG-2360 Clinical For Client Care Management RNSG-2130 Professional Nursing Review and Licensure Preparation RNSG-1523 Intro to Prof Nurs RNSG-1219 Intgr Nursing Skills RNSG-1161 Clinical-RN Training RNSG-1301 Pharmacology RNSG-2504 Integrated Care of the Client/Common HC Needs RNSG-2160 Clinical for Mental Health Nursing

Electives MDCA-1321 Admin Procedures MDCA-1343 Medical Insurance ITSC-1301 Intro to Computer HITT-1311 Comp in Health Care MDCA-1305 Medical Law and Ethics FMLD-1345 Lifespan Growth and Dev MRMT-1307 Medical Transcription I MDCA-1417 Procedures Clinical Setting MDCA-1452 Med Asst Lab Proc ITSW-1304 Intro to Sprdsht MDCA-2460 Clinical Med. Assisting SRGT-1405 Intro to Surg Tech SRGT-1409 Fund of Periop Con SRGT-1441 Surg Proc I Lab SRGT-1260 Clinical I SRGT1442 Surgical Procedures II SRGT-2260 Clinical II SRGT-1244 Tech Science for ST SRGT-2362 Clinical III SRGT-2130 Professional Readiness