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Name Cost Battle Mvmt.

Limit Special **Space mine triggering:

War Sun¹ 12 3x3 2 2 Sustain, bomb², cap.6 If an enemy fleet ends movement in the same system as a
Dreadnought 5 5 1 5 Sustain, bomb space mine the owner may choose to trigger one space mine.
Carrier 3 9 1 4 Cap. 6 Roll once for every capitol ship. On a 9 or 10 it takes a hit.
Cruiser 2 7 2 7 Space battles:
Destroyer 1 9 2 8 Anti-fighter barrage Before combat: Assault cannons, anti-fighter, mentak, naalu,
Fighter (x 2) 1 9 - ∞ skilled retreat, minister of war, *sabotage run and action cards
Ground Force (x2) 1 8 - ∞ that read “immediately before a space battle”. Defender
**Shock Troops - 5 - 12 p/g
Shield, space cannon
chooses the order, sabotage run happens after anti-fighter
PDS 2 6 - 6
Fighter cap. 3
Space Dock 4 - - 3
**Facility 1 1 - - 8 p/g 1. Announce withdrawals
**Facility 2 1 - - 8 p/g 2. Roll Combat dice (if result ≥ battle 1 hit)
**Space mine 2 - - 12 p/g 3. Remove Casualties
¹ ) requires war sun tech ² ) ignore PDS shield, can bombard without 4. Execute Withdrawals
invasion Repeat till withdrawal or no ships remain. Withdraw: if
enemy has not been destroyed move to a previously activated
A game round has 3 phases or turns: system containing no enemy ships. Both fleets check capacity
1. Strategy and fleet supply before and after combat
2. Action Landings:
3. Status Announce all landings, a unit can only be assigned once.
Resolve hostile landings according to active player wishes.
Friendly landings: landings on planets you control
Strategy phase:
Neutral landings: landings on uncontrolled planets.
Select strategy cards, speaker picks first, clockwise. If a card has bonus
Hostile landings(invasion): see invasion combat.
counters receive one command counter or trade good per bonus counter.
Take planet card exhausted if landing is successful.
3 or 4 players: select 2 cards per player one at a time.
Invasion combat:
Before combat: Units with bombard fire once(dreads only
Action phase: when no PDS present, war sun roll 3 dice) then PDS fire.
Every player executes actions. Order of play is determined by 1. Roll Combat dice
initiative on strategy card, lowest first. Pass is not allowed till 2. Remove casualties
player can no longer take a strategic action. Continue till either side lost all units.
Strategic action: If successful remove all PDS, space docks and control
Turn over strategic card and execute primary, then secondary markers, hand over planet card exhausted to new controller.
by all other players. **Shock Troops replace facilities, Space Docks and facilities,
Transfer Action: *agents only Space Docks and facilities.
1. activate two unactivated systems by placing 1 CC from Production:
command pool and 1 CC from reinforcements. Only Building space docks:
activate system that are adjacent, contain no enemy units 1. planet controlled entire turn
and both have at least 1 unit 2. No space dock on planet.
2. Movement between systems 3. No enemy ships.
3. PDS fire and **Space Mines(once per pds) Place Space dock on planet.
4. Landings (friendly only) Building other units:
5. production in one of the activated systems. Only at space docks, no more units then production
Tactical Action: capacity. Only if the SD was in play at the start of
1. Activate unactivated system (from command pool) the round. Production capacity = planet production
2. Movement into system + 2(for space dock). Spend resources by exhausting
3. PDS fire and **Space Mines planets. Select units, no more then production
4. Space battles capacity allows and spend resources. Ships are
5. Landings placed in space. GF and PDS are placed on same
6. Invasion combat planet as space dock.
7. Production **Building space mines:
Play as an action: Maybe only be build in a system containing at least
Some action cards have play as an action listed. one cruiser and only one per activation.
Pass: **Building Facilities:
Allowed when you can no longer take a Strategic action. After 1. During a tactical activation
having taken this action no new actions are allowed this game 2. No facility on planet
round. Secondaries from strategy cards are allowed. 3. No enemy ships
4. Not in Home systems
Movement(transfer): Place it under the planet card and exhaust it if
Unit may move between system, capacity still counts, just as possible.
fleet supply. Movement at the same time.
All units in the activated system and all other unactived units Status Phase:
may move. Ships may not pass through systems containing 1. claim one pub. Obj. and/or secret if control all home
enemy capitol ships. Ships may pick up GF and PDS units on planets
route in systems without a CC, but may only unload in the 2. repair all damaged ships
activated system after finishing movement. All units moving 3. remove command counters
must end their movement in the activated system. 4. refresh planet cards and *refresh ability
PDS fire: 5. receive 1 action card and 2 command (in order of init)
A) After the active player activates a system all friendly PDS 6. redistribute command counters (check fleet supply).
in range may fire once at ships in the activated system. 7. return strategy cards
B) After another player actives a system other PDS in range
may fire once at ships belonging to the active player
Trade contracts: Control of planet: have a control marker or any unit on the planet
Players may exchange trade contracts with each other during * Twilight Imperium 3rd edition options:
the activation of the trade strategy card, but only one
agreement per couple. Received trade contracts should be The long war:
placed face up, your own should be face down. When you Play for 14 points, 8 stage I and 5 stage II objectives.
receive trade goods you receive the combined value on your Age of empire:
face up trade contracts. Trade agreements may be broken Build objective deck as normal. Reveal objectives till Game
during the status phase and are broken if two players who over card. Place turn order counter on position zero. Move
have a trade agreement with each other engage in space or one to the right when one would normally reveal an
invasion combat objective. Objectives on the right side of the turn order
counter may not be claimed.
Trade goods: Leaders: Manual page 34
May be given to other players. May be used instead or in Distant suns: manual page 33 and back side
addition to spending resources or influence. No limit. Sabotage run:
During pre-combat after anti-fighter barrage announce who
Action cards: is going to use sabotage run and how much fighters. Attacker
You can never have more then 7. If more discard always announces first.
immediately. Cards are played face down, players may then Outer defenses: roll for each fighter, 9+ fighter lives
respond by playing their own. Then resolve in order of play. Inner defenses: roll for each fighter, one at a time, 10 war
**Political cards: sun dies, else fighter dies
If you are playing with the assembly strategy card you are
allowed to discard a political card anytime you would ** Shattered Empire options:
normally spend 1 TG. Max hand size is 5. If you draw a
political card that refers to a strategy card that is not in use Variant strategy cards:
discard it immediately and draw a new one. The numbered strategy cards can be use with either set of
strategy cards, except for the imperial II. One has to play all
Command counters: the 4 set specific strategy cards or none. There are 2 sets the
A player can never have more then 16 command counters. imperial set and the bureaucracy set.
Command counters are used to represents the races’ Variant objective deck:
governmental ability to issue orders. New stage I and II objectives. Only use these if you are using
Strategy allocation: artifacts and voice of the council options aswell.
These command counters are used to activate Race specific tech:
strategy secondaries, use racial abilities and other Maybe be bought during tech I or tech II costs on card are in
special abilities addition to any other costs for tech I or tech II. Cost cannot
Fleet supply: be reduced.
You can never have more capitol ships in one Artifacts:
system then your fleet supply, remove ships at After galaxy creation every player places one artifact on a
arrival (even before landings and battles). planet without looking at them. They may not be placed
Command pool: adjacent to MR, adjacent to HS or in a system already
Is mainly used to activate tactical and transfer containing an artifact. Who ever controls the planet with a
actions. colored artifact gains one point. If planet is lost lose one
Game end: The game ends when the imperium rex is revealed, a Shock troops:
player scores enough points to win and when a player claims an “I win When ever a GF rolls a 10 in battle replace it at end of the
the game” objective. If the game ends with multiple players having the combat round for a ST. After invasion, if there is still a ST,
most points the game is won by the player with the lowest initiative, if you may replace PDS’s SD’s and facilities if able. Take
that is a tie the game ends in a tie. When the game ends through the casualties on ST first. If ever without a normal GF replace
imperium rex card the player with the highest points wins. If there is a with GF.
tie use the following tie breakers(listed in order of importance): Most Space Mines:
claimed objectives, most planets, most unused cc’s, most cc’s on racial Homing explosives that lock on capitol ships
sheet. If there is still a tie the game ends in a tie. Wormhole Nexus:
Not needed for keeper of the gates SO. Placed outside of
Units: All listed on table except for facilities and space mines galaxy.
Ships: All units except for PDS, GF, space dock and Shock troops Facilities:
Capitol ships: All ships except for fighters. Raise the production or influence on a planet with one. There
Enemy/opposing units: other units controlled by another player are only 8 of each facility.
Scuttling: Units may be scuttled during the status phase after step a Tactical retreats:
When announcing a retreat you my place a CC from your SA
Supernova: Units may never stop in or move through a nova. on an unactivated adjacent system containing no enemy
Asteroids: Units may never stop in. May move through with Anti- units.
Mass Deflectors (blue tech) New distant sun counters:
Nebula: Not move through, moving out speed = 1, defender +1 to dice See back of manual
Wormholes: Adjacent for purposes of movement only. Territorial distant sun counters:
**Ion storm: Fighters may not fire during combat, ships may not move More balanced distant sun distribution, see page 11
through without stopping unless maneuvering jets, ships inside are Custodians of MR:
immune to PDS fire. Place a 2 GF and 3 fighter counter on MR. Do not place DS
**Trade station: place a control marker on a trade station. No counters on MR. Treat as DS counters.
GF’s/ST’s may land on a trade station. Who ever has ship in the same Voice of the council:
square controls a trade station till another player has ships there. Before resolving the primary of political or assembly the
**Refresh ability: Exhaust the planet to gain its refresh ability active player may call for a vote. Elected player gains a point
and the former voice of the council loses one.
Empty systems: systems without any units Simulated early turns:
Control of system: control all planets and have at least 1 capitol ship Shattered empires rules, page 13.