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21 GUNS Do you know whats worth fighting for, When its not worth dying for?

Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside? Youre in ruins. Reff; One, 21 guns Lay down your arms Give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, You and I When youre at the end of the road And you lost all sense of control And your thoughts have taken their toll When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul Your faith walks on broken glass And the hangover doesnt pass Nothings ever built to last Youre in ruins. One, 21 guns Lay down your arms Give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, You and I Did you try to live on your own When you burned down the house and home? Did you stand too close to the fire? Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone When its time to live and let die And you cant get another try Something inside this heart has died Youre in ruins. Back to reff You and I.

TERJEMAH Apakah Anda tahu apa yang layak diperjuangkan, Ketika itu tidak layak mati? Apakah itu mengambil napas Anda pergi Dan Anda merasa diri Anda mencekik? Apakah rasa sakit menimbang kebanggaan? Dan Anda mencari tempat untuk bersembunyi? Apakah seseorang istirahat di dalam hati Anda? Anda berada di reruntuhan. Satu, 21 senjata Meletakkan senjata Anda Menyerah melawan Satu, 21 senjata Lemparkan lengan Anda ke langit, Kau dan aku Ketika Anda berada di ujung jalan Dan Anda kehilangan semua rasa kontrol Dan pikiran Anda telah mengambil korban mereka Ketika pikiran Anda melanggar semangat jiwa Anda Iman Anda berjalan di atas pecahan kaca Dan mabuk yang tidak lulus Tak ada yang pernah dibangun untuk terakhir Anda berada di reruntuhan. Satu, 21 senjata Meletakkan senjata Anda Menyerah melawan Satu, 21 senjata Lemparkan lengan Anda ke langit, Kau dan aku Apakah Anda mencoba untuk hidup sendiri Ketika Anda membakar rumah dan rumah? Apakah Anda berdiri terlalu dekat dengan api? Seperti seorang pembohong mencari pengampunan dari batu Ketika saatnya untuk hidup dan biarkan mati Dan Anda tidak bisa mencoba lagi Sesuatu dalam hati ini telah mati Anda berada di reruntuhan. back to reff(2x) Kau dan aku

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Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiem, Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh, Your Excellencies the committee, The honorable of jury, Dear my friends who participates in this speech contest, And my loving brothers and sisters In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful.
All praises be to Allah SWT, the lord of the world, the master of the day after, the creator of everything in this Universe, where he has no partner. He has also given us such deeply enjoyable, particularly faith and healthy comfort, hence, we could attend here in a good situation. Peace and Salutation be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has taught us the cardinal principles of the unity of God, obliged us to confess it with the tongue and believe it in the heart. He also has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, from stupidity to cleverness, in the other word Minazzhulumaati Ilannuur

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Indeed, it is very great pleasure for me in this precious chance to deliver my speech to the most honorable audiences entitled: THE IMPORTANCE OF MASTERING ENGLISH Before I am going to deliver the main point of my speech, I thank to the Education and Culture department of Sukabumi regency, particularly to the committee of this- program who has invited our school to participate in this contest.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Language plays an important role in human life. One tries to acquire, learn and use language as a means of communication, and simultaneously as social symbol of humanity. By using language someone could make statements, convey facts and knowledge, explain or report something, and keep social relations among the language users. These indicate that by means of language, people can express their ideas, feeling, information etc through communication.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As one of language in the world, English is considered and applied as international language. Since then, it is very popular and have been spoken and learnt by almost people in the world. There are some reasons why English is important and many people attempt to learn it. Some of them are: for finding job, traveling, interacting one each other, doing business, taking examination, doing research, writing in the foreign language, etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In such developing country like Indonesia, English has a vital role in all aspects of life, particularly in science and technology. Furthermore, it can be used for developing relationships in the international forum, for reading English book (especially for students from primary school up to colleges/university), to tighten the relationship among nations in the world, etc. As students, we learn English are intended to obtain various knowledge, to comprehend and understand the textbooks learned in English, to gain knowledge and skills, and to be ready enter to the university, as one of the test requirements for students of senior High School (SMA), etc. Looking at the above important roles of English, that is why English is very important to understand and to master by every people throughout the world since before.

My brothers and sisters!

At the end of my speech, I will quote a wise expression: ENGLISH WILL MAKE EVERYBODY SURVIVE AND GO ANYWHERE. This expression reminds us how importance of English for human life is. As global or universal language, English is not only enables us to communicate and interact with every people throughout the world, but also it could alter our life to be better. Furthermore, we also must be aware that the western countries play extra ordinary role in developing and keeping science and technology. Thus, if we want to be a skilful scientists, linguists, and be able to compete with the other countries in the world, we must understand, master and learn the language they use, namely English.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before ending this speech, let me conclude the essential points of my speech: 1. English is highly necessary to be learned and mastered by everyone, in order to be able to compete in the globalization era; 2. English is a key to open and master science and technology, because most of scientists write their experts and inventions in English. 3. As students of high school (SMA), we have to prepare ourselves by learning hard, particularly English as well as the other subjects at school; 4. By mastering English enables us to become survive and go anywhere throughout the world; Goethe (a Greek philosopher) have ever said:

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do and remember:
Remember: Language indicates Nation. And Dont Forget English is a bridge for the future

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I think its completely enough for me to this point. The wrong utterances are caused by limitation of my ability and the right one is merely from Allah SWT. So, I beg your pardon, finally I say.

Wassalamualaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh


Greetings = Salam. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Hello. Good morning. Im John Smith. Are you Bill Jones? Yes I am. How are you? Fine, thanks. How is Helen? Halo. Selamat pagi. Saya bernama John Smith. Apakah kamu bernama Bill Jones? Ya, saya bernama Bill Jones. Bagaimana kabar anda? Baik-baik saja. Bagaimana kabar Helen?

9 Shes very well, thank you. Dia sehat-sehat walafiat, terima kasih. 10 Good afternoon Mr. Green. Selamat sore, Tuan Green. 11 Good evening Mrs. Brown. Selamat malam, Nyonya Brown. 12 How are you this evening? Apa kabar kamu malam ini? Selamat tidur, John. 13 Good night, John. Selamat jalan, Bill. 14 Good-bye, Bill. Sampai ketemu besok. 15 See you tomorrow. Classroom expressions = Pembicaraan dalam kelas. Silahkan masuk. 16 Come in, please. Duduklah. 17 Sit down. Silahkan berdiri. 18 Stand up, please. 19 Open your book, please. Silahkan, buka buku kalian. 20 Close your book, please. Silahkan, tutup buku kalian. 21 Dont open your book. Jangan buka buku kalian. Apakah kamu mengerti? 22 Do you understand? Ya, saya mengerti. 23 Yes, I understand. 24 No, I dont understand. Tidak, saya tidak mengerti. Dengarkan dan tirukan. 25 Listen and repeat. Sekarang bacalah. 26 Now read, please. Baiklah. 27 Thats fine. Sudah waktunya untuk mulai. 28 Its time to begin. Marilah kita mulai sekarang. 29 Lets begin now. Ini pelajaran pertama. 30 This is lesson one. Identifying objects = Mengenal barang-barang. Apa ini? 31 Whats this? Itu sebuah buku. 32 Thats a book. Apakah ini bukumu? 33 Is this your book? 34 No, thats not my book. Bukan, itu bukan buku saya. Milik siapa buku ini? 35 Whose book is this? Itu bukumu. 36 Thats your book. Dan apa itu? 37 And whats that? Apakah itu sebuah buku? 38 Is that a book? Bukan, itu bukan sebuah buku. 39 No, it isnt. Itu adalah sebuah pensil. 40 Its a pencil. Apakah itu milikmu? 41 Is it yours? Ya, itu milik saya. 42 Yes, its mine. Dimana pintunya? 43 Wheres the door. Itu disana. 44 There it is.

45 Is this book his?

Apakah buku ini miliknya?

Identifying objects = Mengenal barang-barang. Apa ini? 46 What are these? Itu adalah buku-buku. 47 Those are books. Dimana buku-buku itu? 48 Where are the books? Disana buku-buku itu. 49 There they are. Ini adalah pensil-pensil saya. 50 These are my pencils. Dimana pena-penamu? 51 Where are your pens? Pena-pena itu ada disebelah sana. 52 Theyre over there. Apakah ini pena-penamu? 53 Are these your pens? Ya, pena-pena itu milikku. 54 Yes, there are. Itu milik saya. 55 Those are mine. 56 These are your books, arent they? Ini buku-bukumu, kan? Bukan, buku-buku itu bukan milik saya. 57 No, they arent. Itu bukan milik saya. 58 Theyre not mine. 59 These are mine and those are yours. Ini milikku dan itu milikmu. 60 Those arent your pens, are they? Itu bukan pena-penamu, kan? Identifying people by accupation = Mengenal orang berdasarkan pekerjaannya. Siapa kamu? 61 Who are you? Saya seorang mahasiswa. 62 Im a student. Siapa disebelah sana itu? 63 Who is that over there? Dia adalah seorang mahasiswa juga. 64 Hes a student too. Apakah wanita itu seorang mahasiswa? 65 Is that lady a student? Bukan, dia bukan seorang mahasiswa. 66 No, she isnt. 67 Those men arent students, either. Orang-orang lelaki itu bukan mahasiswa juga. Apakah saya guru anda? 68 Am I your teacher? Ya, anda guru saya. 69 Yes, you are. 70 That man is a teacher, isnt he? Orang laki-laki itu seorang guru, bukan? Ya, dia seorang guru. 71 Yes, he is. Siapa orang-orang itu? 72 Who are those people? Mungkin mereka para petani. 73 Maybe theyre farmers. Bukankah mereka mahasiswa? 74 Arent they students? Saya sungguh tidak tahu. 75 I really dont know. Introductions and courtesies = Perkenalan dan keramahan. 76 Whats your name? 77 My name is Jones. Siapa nama kamu? Nama saya adalah Jones.

Siapa nama pertama kamu? 78 Whats your first name? Nama pertama saya adalah Bill. 79 My first nama is Bill. 80 How do you spell your last name? Bagaimana kamu mengeja nama terakhir kamu? Jones. Jei-ow-en-i-es 81 Jones. J. O. N. E. S. Siapa nama teman kamu? 82 Whats your friends name? Namanya adalah John Smith. 83 His name is John Smith. John dan saya teman lama. 84 John and I are old Friends. Apakah anda saudara laki-laki John? 85 Are you Johns brother? Bukan, saya bukan kakak John. 86 No, Im not. Ini adalah Tuan Jones. 87 This is Mr. Jones. Apa kabar? 88 How do you do? 89 Mrs. Jones, this is Mr. John Smith. Nyonya Jones, ini Tuan John Smith. Senang sekali saya berkenalan dengan anda. 90 Very pleased to meet you. Day and month of the calender = Hari dan bulan kalender. Hari ini hari apa? Hari ini hari Senin. Kemarin hari apa? Kemarin hari Minggu. Besok hari apa? Ini bulan apa? Ini bulan Januari. Bulan lalu Desember, kan? Ya, betul. Bulan depan bulan apa? Saya masuk rumah sakit selama beberapa minggu. Pada hari Selasa yang lalu kamu ada dimana? 102 Where were you on Tuesday? 103 You were here in February, werent you? Bulan Pebruari yang lalu kamu ada disini, kan? Tidak, saya tidak berada disini. 104 No, I wasnt. 105 Your friend was here a week ago, wasnt Seminggu yang lalu teman kamu ada disini, kan? he? 91 What day is today? 92 Today is Monday. 93 What day was yesterday? 94 Yesterday was Sunday. 95 What day is tomorrow? 96 What month is this? 97 This is January. 98 Last month was December, wasnt it? 99 Yes, it was. 100 What month is next month? 101 I was in the hospital for several weeks. Talking about objects = Bicara tentang benda-benda. 106 Do you have a book? 107 Yes, I do. 108 You have a radio, dont you? 109 No, I dont. 110 I dont have a phonograph, either. 111 Does this radio belong to you? Apakah kamu punya buku? Ya, saya punya. Kamu punya radio, kan? Tidak, saya tidak punya. Saya juga tidak punya gramofon. Apakah radio ini milikmu?

Ya, saya kira begitulah. 112 Yes, I think it does. 113 How many sisters and brothers do you have? Berapa orang saudara laki-laki dan perempuan kamu? Tidakkah kamu membawa topi saya? 114 Dont you have my hat? Ya, saya bawa topi dan jas kamu dua115 Yes, I have both your hat and your coat. duanya. Apakah John punya pensil kuning? 116 Does John have a yellow pensil? Ya, punya. 117 Yes, he does. Dia punya radio, kan? 118 He has a radio, doesnt he? Tidak, dia tidak punya radio. 119 No, he doesnt have one. 120 He already has a phonograph, but he doesnt Dia sudah punya gramofon, tapi dia belum punya radio. have a radio yet. Selengkapnya here