Dylan: right, is everyone here? Good, I think we can start. Well, good morning everyone.

Do you all have a copy of the background? All: Yes. Dylan: That’s good! I would like to thank you all for being here at such a short notice. It’s being a little rush is because I just heard this problem from my friend yesterday and I thought is very important for our company’s development. Anyway, first of all, I’d like to introduce Tony who is going to be our human resource manager. Tony, this is our CFO Nicole and our legal adviser Marina. Well, would you like to say a few words about yourself? Tony: Good morning everyone, first of all, I’d like to say I’m glad to join this company and really looking forward to work with you, make some valuable contribution. Well, firstly, I’ve master degree in management which I get this degree from UQ; then, I’ve 8 years working experience as a senior human resource manager in Thiess’s Sydney office. Right, that’s the basic information about me and I’d happy to introduce more in the later morning tea. Dylan: that would be great. Now shall we turn to today’s main point – Whether we should use illegal immigrants as cheap labour? Nicole: Sorry for interrupting, but I’d just like to mention that, the accounting software designed by X company is crushed again, should we consider about accept the proposal from Y company to redesign it? Marina: Again? Well, it’s definitely not the outcome they guaranteed with, no matter whether we should accept Y company’s proposal, we should write a letter to ask for the compensation. Dylan: Right. It’s a very serious problem; I’ll set a date of the next meeting to discuss this problem by inviting the manager of IT department. Now, can we move on to discuss whether we should use illegal immigrants? Nicole, would you like to kick off? Nicole: Well, in my opinion we should definitely use illegal immigrants… Marina: No, no, no, it’s not very appropriate to use illegal immigrants! It has many drawbacks! Dylan: One at a time, please. First Nicole and then Marina. Nicole: It’s no doubt that illegal immigrants are generally good, hardworking people who will quietly accept minimum wage or even below it, and they don’t need health or other fringe benefits, most important, they can’t even complain about it and we can just fire them anytime. Dylan: So, let me see if I understand. Are you saying if we use illegal immigrants we can save a lots of costs and been more productive? Nicole: Exactly! Dylan: Well, I did hear about it from my friend but could you give me some figures so we can have a further understanding. Nicole: Sure, here is the data. By using illegal immigrants we can improve the speed of finish a project by approximately 15%, and each illegal immigrant can help us save at least $3000 dollars monthly in salary cost and $2000 dollars annually in health and other fringe benefits.

They tell those sub-contractors they should observe the law. formwork. from our point of view. after we’ve heard from Nicole can we have your views? I know you have some experience of this problem. Though this is a very lame excuse. can we just go over your objections again? Currently. But. brickwork. thank you Nicole. In this situation. typical government style. how do you feel about this? Marina: Well. right? Marina: Exactly. it has been the subject of massive media coverage. Dylan: I’m sorry. Tony. this situation won’t last long. The normal excuse for them is: under current laws it's impossible for them to determine whether the thousands of workers on their sites are legal. anyway. but there is going to have one very soon. their price will be very very low compared to a legitimate contractor that pays proper wages. . In the present age. Dylan: Ok. and that is regarded as a satisfactory defence. a spokesman for Philip Ruddock says the Government is introducing new laws in November which will impose penalties on companies which consistently employ illegal workers. 'well. Nicole: So are you sure the new law is going to publish in November? Since it’s less than a month and I don’t heard any news yet. in fact. right? Marina: Yes. I do know there are many employers are using illegal immigrants as cheap labour on building site. Builders let out contracts for tiling. Marina. Tony. beside the legal problem. Tony: The reason is because there are no relative laws and sanctions go against those employers. once there are someone find out we are using illegal immigrants. I think it may have a little delay but the new law will be publish that’s for sure. I didn't know the person was illegal'. it must cause huge damage of our reputation. 99 per cent of building work is done by sub-contract building companies. is there anything else we should consider? Nicole: Well. Tony: Well. Dylan: Thank you for your valuable opinion. I also don’t get any information about it. since it’s a very serious problem which have to be solved. Well. However. based on my experience. Dylan: Ok. steel. one would think that that company would be subject to prosecution. But. Marina: Well. people can do nothing about it. under current laws in this country there's never been any penalty or any prosecution of an employer caught with illegal immigrants. if you've got a company with 30 illegal immigrants being paid sub-standard wages.Dylan: That’s a very attractive data. but the reality is if a sub-contractor has got illegal immigrants being paid sub-standard wages. since the increasing interest comes to be attracted on this issue. Now I’d like to ask Marina. if you get caught with illegal immigrants you simply say. there is no legal obligation and penalty for hire illegal immigrants. what do you mean by “won’t last long”? Marina: well. concreting and so on.

is there any other business? All: No.Tony: I totally agree with you. right? All: Yes. Dylan: Ok. Dylan: Well. since we are all law-abiding citizen and this is also a very good and lawful company with good reputation. can I just summarize what we’ve discussed so far? Basically. But there is going to have new laws go against this problem very soon. improve work efficiency and won’t have legal obligation and penalty. Now let’s go for the morning tea! The end… . using illegal immigrants as cheap labour is not good for our long term development. Dylan: Ok. mix the illegal immigrants with local workers is very easy to course serious conflict. hire illegal immigrants can save cost. Well. thank you for join this meeting and your valuable opinions. Dylan: That’s great. so. So I’ll set another meeting about to discuss the accounting software problem. in my opinion. as my experience. their share value decreased almost 5%! Also. I suggest we reject this proposal. can we go round the table to see if everyone agrees? All: Yes. and even now. since ABC said Thiess has been use illegal immigrants as cheap labour. hire illegal immigrants may cause huge damage of our reputation. So.

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