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1)Title: A Study on Patient Satisfaction of Indoor and Outdoor Patients in Shree

Krishna Hospital and Suggestions for a Brand Repositioning Strategy
2) Organization: H.M. Patel Centre for Medical Care and Education, Charutar Arogya
3) Reporting Officer: Shri Pragnesh Gor
4) Faculty Guide: Prof. G Krishnamurthi
5) Students’ Name: Alok Dubey (24043) and Berenice da Gama Rose (24045)
Summary: Shree Krishna hospital, Karamsad is a 500-bed hospital managed by the Charutar
Arogya Mandal. It is well equipped with modern operation theatres, ICUs, a blood bank,
pathology and radio diagnostic testing facilities and above all, competent doctors available
round the clock. It has been providing excellent medical services at affordable rates. The
hospital out- patient department services an average of 1.75 lakh patients annually and
inpatient admissions are over 15000. Recently, although it has upgraded its facilities, reduced
its rates, and is ready to open a new cancer therapy facility, the patient load especially in the
inpatient category has fallen sharply. Patients seem to be going elsewhere for treatment. In
order to find out the reason for the sudden drop in patient strength, a study on patient
satisfaction of both indoor and outdoor patients was undertaken.
♦ To assess the level of satisfaction among the patients and their relatives with regard to
quality of services provided by the hospital in both In-patient and Out-patient
♦ To find the key areas of appreciation and complaints (in any) of the present services
provided by these departments.
♦ To suggest measures to overcome complaints, if any
Methodology: The study was conducted using a patient survey of 240 patients, 120 indoor
and 120 outdoor, spread across departments. Also, in order to gain an insight into why non
users of the hospital’s services are not coming here for treatment, an image perception survey
of 120 residents, (60 from Anand, and 60 from Vallabh Vidyanagar) was conducted. Both
qualitative and quantitative information was gathered.
Data Sources: Secondary data was gathered from books, journals and the internet during the
initial phase of the study. Primary data was gathered from the patient survey and household
Findings: Certain differences were found in satisfaction levels, between Krupa vs. non-
Krupa, rural vs. urban, and outpatient vs. inpatient categories. However, the patients seemed
to be satisfied with the performance on the whole. The image perception study gave a clear
indication why non-users of the hospital prefer to go elsewhere and why the patient load has
been decreasing. The choices open to patients are several, with the increase in private
practitioners who offer the best facilities, and are also easily accessible. The bad reputation of
Shree Krishna Hospital, from the past, will have to be undone by goodwill and image
building strategies to win back patients.
Recommendations: A brand repositioning strategy was recommended to the hospital, as well
as techniques for solving internal coordination problems that deter patients. Suggestions from
the patients, based on the aspects that they were dissatisfied with, were also incorporated.
Gaps in service provided were identified and methods for dealing with these were suggested.

Dubey, Rose
Conclusion: The hospital should look outward at its competitors and outdo them rather than
upgrading itself, technologically, without catering to the patients’ real wants and needs.

Dubey, Rose