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| Contract Management Suite

ProCon Platform
The core infrastructure on which h your required solution is built.
ProCon Platform

Best Practice Template Libraries


ProCon External Portals

The secure, audited, web-based gateways through which you send and receive communications outside your organization on contractual matters.

A series of best practice process and document templates that are maintained centrally and automatically deployed/published to ensure system users consistently adhere to your organizations best practices.

Supplier Portal External

Supplie Supplier Registration Supplier Qualification

An end-to-end Supplier Qualification solution that also integrates with the existing supplier database in your ERP r or sourcing platform. A secure, online tool for suppliers to register and supplie ers update their company details and su supply capabilities. upply


Supplie Supplier Qualification er

Publish your standa questionnaires standard ard that all prospective suppliers must prospective complete before th can partake in they hey any bid process.

Contract Planning g
Excellent contract planning ensures your organization ensur ures can allocate the resources required to prepare for required u contract awards and renewals. .


Online Bid Management Contractor Selection

Team collaboration, automated alerts, best practice libraries and configurable workflows ensure t e that your sourcing plan is executed flawlessly. Milestones and stage gate approvals are sta fully logged in the automated audit trail. The secure mechanism for prequalified suppliers to view supply opportunities and be guided through your interactive bidding, clarification, negotiation and award processes.


Contract Authoring
Centralized contract document templates ensure that your contracts are well formulated and comply with your organizations best practice guidelines and standard contracting language.

Contract Register and Calendar

A central location for a Contractor to access all their contracts and be reminded of upcoming contractual obligations.


Contract Repository
The secure, searchable central location where all your organizations contract details are recorded and contract documents stored.
Business Intelligence g

ProCon 360
8over8s Business Intelligence product analyzes the data and trends across all the layers you use on the ProCon platform.

Contract Communications
A secure, web-based conduit through which all inter-party contract communications are transmitted, logged and audited.

Supplier Portal Storage

Contract Communications and Communications Register

Communications Supplier Portal

Integration Adapter
A suite of automated services that pass data between your ProCon solution and other applications in your existing systems landscape.
Integration Adapter

External Partner Approvals

A central location for external partners to review and update the status of approvals requested by your organization.
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C Create, track and link all contract communications in the k d li k ll i i i h secure, searchable, auditable Communications Register. Contract risks are flagged to those that need to know, as are any associated financial and schedule impacts.



| Contract Management Suite

The ProCon Contract Management Suite aggregates the layers across the entire ProCon offering. This extremely powerful solution meets the needs of teams managing complex capital contracts before, during and after the award of the contract.
ProCon is a comprehensive solution for businesses that are tasked with developing and awarding contracts within complex projects that work to strict project timelines. ProCon can be used to develop contracting strategies and deliver best practice contracting plans to guide the contracting team to award of contract. This Pre Award phase of contracting is often very demanding, but with ProCon all internal stakeholders involved in the bid process can work together in a single, cohesive master system. Used with the external ProCon Portal, bid management teams and their supplier counterparts can access common data points and communicate electronically via secure channels. Following award of contract, users can store standard contract templates in the ProCon Library for reuse as best practice models. New contracts can be authored from these best practice models, and final contract documents built up from the best practice clause and exhibit templates. Awarded contracts are stored in the ProCon Contract Register which also stores and allows reporting on other contract metadata, including: Contract Number, Name, Description, Contractor, Budget, Contract Commitment, Contract Expenditure to Date, Owner of the Contract, Category of the Contract, Key Dates, and much more. Business processes can be mapped into ProCon, where standard contract communication types and standard terminology is also defined. Using the Contract Communications Register and the ProCon Portal, both the business and the contractor can now communicate formally using a single, cohesive contracting platform. All decisions, changes and communications that have impacts on

the contract are categorized and stored in the fully auditable timeline. ProCon tracks and highlights outstanding decisions, and flags contractual risks to allow authorized users to assess the potential impact of changes to the contract. Both parties contractual obligations are registered and continually monitored; alerts are automatically raised when new risk conditions are identified, and those that need to know are automatically notified. The ProCon Contract Management Suite is the only complete solution for oil and gas capital projects. ProCon is delivering significant value to some of the worlds largest capital development programs and provides a single, referential point of truth of where responsibility lies. Significantly, it is used for both cost avoidance and cost recovery exercises. ProCon provides key information, including the rationale behind contract change, and is a powerful tool to support operator calls for further investment from partners or to defend claims from contractors. ProCon excels at claims defence. The management of the thousands of communications that push contracts to change and overrun is normally a mammoth task. ProCon introduces a common contract communications platform that electronically connects the parties to a contract. This connection allows the parties to work collaboratively in a predetermined and secure contracting space. Use ProCon to define the contracting plan, shortlist suppliers, build invitation to bid documents from templates, despatch documents electronically to supplier shortlists, receive bid clarifications, send bulletins, receive final electronic bid packages securely, evaluate and award contracts. After contract award the entire execution phase can be managed and tracked effectively. Use ProCon to track and proactively alert the contracting team to any contract obligations and milestones, overruns and risks, and help with the forecasting of claims. ProCon is used across the international oil and gas industry from early Pre-FEED right through to global operations. ProCon is highly configurable and will meet the needs of the most complex capital contracting program.

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