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Due to a satellite error, a couple of pictures we printed on page
of our last issue were jumbled. In order to keep the record
straight, we wish to make it absolutely clear that this was the
person who was spying on us on behalf of God knows who.
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By now a yOOO many of you have
probably heard t he news abut the hrdck
case we talked alxt in the last issue. In
case you haven't, the charges were offi
cially dtOcO when it became clear that
Bell oO0!h had provided false information
to the prosecution. The document they
claimed to be worth nealy $80,00 tue
out to b obtainable from them for a mere
$13. In an unprecedented move, the supe
riors Of Uc prosecutor involved demanded
that he drop the case immediately. Good
news, right?
Well, sort OI. It's great that one of the
publishers of Phrack won't be going to jail
for putting out a newsletter. But we won't
soon be seeing another issue Of hrdck. As
Craig N eidorf tells us in this issue, the
risks of running Phrack at this stage are
fa too great. Plus he's got a lot of recover
ing to do. Legal fees of over S100,OO plus
the emotional stress of facing may years
in prison for being a 0Dl1shct...1!`s a bit
much for anyone. So the goverment man
aged to shut down hrdck and give the
publisher a hefty pnalty. Not bad, consid
ering they lost the case.
Add to this the fact that there are many
oter cases pending, cases which are dis
turbing even to those who know nothing
abut hacking. Raids are commonplace, a
is the misguided zeal of federal prosecu
tors, who seek to imprison teenagers, hold
them at gunpoint, confiscate all kinds of
equipment, ad put their families through
a living hell.
We have a lot of education aead of us.
Much of it will involve getting trough to
non-hackers to point out the serious dan
gers of a legal system gone mad. A god
part of this issue is devoted to tese mat
ters and, a a result, many articles we were
plannig on running were bumped to the
autumn edition. It would be nice if there
was substantially less of this to report for
our nex t issue.
?000Magazine Summer !0 Page J
the neidorf/phrack trial:
"'Ihe (Jovemmenl screwed up'` "Hill Cok
polhi his head ii!`I1onpirudergrd wil
live f,""ver!"
lc(xnrnenls, and ...lx.ooucsso
tt have |cn echoing thr{ughout the computer
trkqnmd ,CI.)ever .omsurrs m
mnl July .1 Jiu| te Ctcnunc| was witrw
ing frm Ihe proseculion of Craig Ncidon and
I|I/(/Maga.u Sring issue). Wat fo
lows is a full accating o!Jcvctotis fve dy
`!1v+:Lt' l}.Y fly Day
/)ayOf(uJ 23): 'Ille jur scinca #7
|,loiLxI Suitsv. Cmig NcJoHwas cple r
J Hr .ly. AlJigh oing statments wer s
schedule It1 'egin J:at day, the selcctr of jur,
while rk overly anit""",,, did prap te loger ta
V.|antcipaled. C`imhoberer wer overe
rmaring J:m Judge Bua seed |x b a bt mo
c"uti, xrd|n-l ahis quetioning tan u.
1Tc government was rprsente b a I0 of
thll., a|imcy:, hc:lc oy li| l C Also in alten
d;mce Vd Agenr Foley of J U.S. Secr Seric.
|it:Icit :eid, if,,1 aa hlue hlver d khaki
jxu| V3S ~`IcJoct!Chis allomey, Sheldon Zner.
Al in au.:.L, |l:xh scin 1galler, wer
Craig's :n, his grandparnls, expr witnesses
|"lIthy Dl1lning dJohn \agl cucIOttfy
""er io ilic |:iu|), ad vcr oxier lawyer ad stff
|an l:ic, \luchin, and Z.:vs Jchmi w1m whU
Hua's .{ng rears !! te prptve jur
IIlduded d brief summar of te charges and an
aLni-hut:t indiclent d n ~ssn|
|m|uc inlo guilL l!uu que:ti ons IO each of the
|un, a|crIhey WCD clIc k! sl a ujur bfo
.:sickruxi, included the | "where dyo
live" anJV'a. nu

azncd,) you uolto`que

linns, bUI also included specfi c nqurcs nto
gnevances or affilialion wr l h Bell
S,.,tJ/AT&T/lllinois Bell, association wilh Crig's
wlll'ge |+tcm|ty ,/l!l, .c tiwlcge of OX-
:|n. 1|: \LR` +~ querie d b "helhcr tX DX
!cyhaJan,idc wha.a u:pllr bulletn buJWd
.c:J .Jcyhad evcr udme.
l!cju|jU' l.xover f(JT hour
.aJ J::n, n:nu! (cxch'ing recsses). During tis
umc vrtl j|. VP .<c lcxn Jic slecon
pool for various rsons. m federal CD te judge
quer te j, wit te ofor each ppo
municaling their "vote" vi a wri tten messages.
Terfor, it is J cut to say for sr wheter mc
dfcsop|o\vmK cxclud whic ind
viduals. (t n spsible ta a ptil jur wa
cxUuJofo oer rs, such kowing a ws,
c)Neverels, it se ed quit os why S
pJe wer n ce. A few, for epl, te
out !O b Bell Soulh and/or AT&T stokolders.
Anoter had a husband who woked for Motorla
CtJ (whic has tes K B S Moie
H had srcO tejmOgrd ju p
voly. And fl Ier wa Colic pt who
had stdied amstttoal law, binvolved i n M
ACLU sponsored lawsuit agai nst the state of
Ctao, be involve in varous oter litga
|Ier n a tuoail sket oec jur mebr
tat was selectd. (1he frt six wer selectd and
swor in b luc, 0next n m te kmw
mmtx:.)1infor hnhb gee
!m teir selecon inrcriews is pted so a
bge a bner Howho te "pcr" wer ta wod
have juJge Crg.
!. Male, white, m to late 20a. Wors in an
oi c surco 's offc. Has coprr expre
in usi ng SPSSx-PC, l-2-J,m varos oer numbr
mmcing apiictrs. D'tsbrb to ay mag
2. rrl white femle. Ru,bt use to wo
ata Hallma stor. Noamptexprec.
5. Fem, whie, mto /40'a Tec OD
rprig at a udscol, has never wore a a O
rr. Has S omputer exprec wit word
psing ad spdshe.
1. Fem, whie, mid e age. FonGty Oer
(elete) o|a Cicgo mibtm. No CO puter cxpr
CIO Subbs toFcrs`Dige.
5. Male, While, late 50a. Passenger pilot for
American Ai rlines. Subscribes IO Compute!
Magazie. lias a P a hoe. 1 ojalO have
ever us a BB (m se b Amerc Icus b
the pilo),
c.Fem, Ao-Amrin. Wors as a so vo
uler ad a bhysilr. Has use hisor lecng pr
gmms OAple P's a Malolm AOUege.
/. Female, Afo-American. Works in claims
uderting al CNA. Eprec in wor prsig
luP .00 uu,tDt Summer 1990
day by day
m usig L b P's. |orer Lm Bl m
.Fene, Ao-Arian. Wors lt Oco
Bo Euco. Scur exrec in m
csr (as a Ugtol). Holds an Mdgrei
Spa E
9. Femle, whie, eldrly. Schol teacher (1st
grd Osr U o cptr. MA degm m
eucto. Subs bNcw~cck
10. Mal, Ao-Arin, 5cyers mLJveswm
pt w d n pt worers. Employe o
1rs-Un crit rg cpy. lgm g
11. Fene, whi, el 20's. l:ve wNpt.
Hold a BAmeuco, stdyg la mnf r
NO Wesr University. Teces nio high, h
W ad see L1'us o opiun bt limit i
or kwlrge.
!2.Male, whie, 3-ish. Cief eginer a a O
py that makes otsss for costrcon sit.
Has a BS marilceginerng. |ladme a lm
prgrammg. Uses CAD packages, spradshCl.
Had a class in FOR lRA m college. !as used a
mom K dwhfles fr |twmanuar-
1. Fem, whie. Wors as a systs alys ad
| adiniso. lm vil I" t o manfre
cotos. Holds a BA i Sp Euctim ad has
abut 20 hor of coputer classes. Familiar wil
asbler, CBOL and I'LIamg oer laguges.
2.Feme, whie. Ons ad omles a sall hol
w her husbnd Uses a Macitosh for wor ps
ing but husband dos most of Ie computer stuff.
Holds a BA frm Nonwestem. Subscrbs to Ie
New York w.
J.Fem, Ao-Arin. Wors m Ie Crstia
Lgue of Cicgo. Formery a word pnssor at
Mmtgoery Wartis.
1. Male, while, early 50's. Elementar scho
prncipal. Forer pys- tacher. Accssed sch<ll
distct rcords using moem connecion to district
cputer, has used e-mal m Ie distrct's bufletn
board. Holds an MA in Educatior fr om Loyola
Universit of Chicgo.
Km Nm:Allough Judge BoWd c
to pronounce each of Ie prospctive jur or s last
names corr ect ly he seemed to mis pr onounce
Neidorf's name differently ever tmche said it .
"Nc', "Ner', ad ^xmW dt
ly bm Bill C ad Aget Foey cotnully
mq0nae, ad it was misle m at
le Opucod
FmDy, a rp fr CJmCicgo wa
m and out of the counrom throughout te day.
Rely a bf pe D m t eveing nws m
ay1wo aIy z1). Ie secod day of Crg
Ncons m m Chicgo, b sd pste mu
oig aruts. lh pcutr vel m to
sqng C oLing dmu, ply K
b use as cd BmCmpto, d
playr te 0hc aspt o m ce ad mc u
fe it a a sie O om m rcvings
prng stoen prny. Sheldr Znner's qng
stmet wer abslutly blant, chm mged
mdfrs mintrco mpmao
yhea(25):1prctr co tue p
stg it wtss. JHdaaig K mpe
cutio (from a spctat or s prspective) was the
umy o Billi Willias fr Bcl Sm we
pmat Rumy was Iat te E911 douets m
quuo wer a) prc and b) nO pbli info
matio. Following a lunch br, dfense anomey
ShedoZn r mcoiclly, bt plitely mgc
anckcb clams. I1 "prprie" stp was
pla o mdnets a msor wot ay sp
cal drinatm of cotnt ad ter wa ng
ncsrily spial abut ay doet wil such a
s|aument a|Ldc. It was established tat it was a
bUc mns of facag prssing o d
met. 1pret claims wer furer dago
when it was dosmLdta nO oy wa mco
tt of E911 fIes availble in oer pbbc dm,
bIa mpblic C cl a nubr mo
the samc mIomauo m a vanety of documents,
including n|onod|cIy mor dr m
ay fond m PllRCK. A|ur osd|k wag
b Ie ws, Zner fmally rve her akwl
egeent mm iforatm |od m 0 fle pr
suas evdce Cld b cined fo a HR $13,
m pcoa single dolnnet, b simply cling a
pblic numbr b Bho, which prd t
sands of documcnts, incl udng may frm Bel
St." IO arlmcc is om tis is a lin ls
tan Jorgaassessd value of $79,49 m0og
nal dimc(ad abt $2,987lcss Ia te rvis
value asi t sed dommmL
2600 Magazille Summer 1990 Page
the neidor/phrack trial:
Ms. Willias often see heitt ad uc in aswerng fmer's queons, eve siple
O ta ruir o|,a "ye" or a "no". Fo exampl,
par o| Ms. Willias' s:oywas te claim tat
PI/RACK's l911 douet was nealy idetic h
Uorginal Bll St doet ad she nomly
for chage r te pblishe xt Zner idetfied
oter differces bwen te two verions. lie 0cn
sugested ta it wa odtat sdid't nomatm
ori ginal document was about 24 pages and the
PI/CK doent half ota He wodn why
m didn't nota d a major change. S tied K
avoid Jqustion, ad in cartio,Zcr gety
aske iIshe didn't tink tat lO ruce 24 pges h
a1x,ut 13 indict a mar eitng jo: "Dn't m
indicte ta scxIy cida good jo of editig?" "I
do t know whit. you men." Aftr a b obtr m
which Zenner tried |o pin down the witness to
acknowlege tat a majo eitng had oc ur such
ta te PI !ACK doet was harly alacimco
te orginal, and severd "I don't know's" fr 0
witness, Zenner tured to her and said gently:
"Eiting. Yo know, that's whe s.xeb takes a
luqc doet and rduc it" ! d.n't know," m
r again. 'Ihis seed ?_pc iaJly daaging b
the prosecution, bcause they had claimed tat te
dollmcn', was nearly identical. m chalenging a
mxoh dismiss, mputon had wru.:
^cidor|nivc ad edited m fle ad sube
quently, .Jitmj21989,uplode a "prof o
of the edited text fle onto Rigs' fe are O te
Lp:dblletin b for Rigs h rview. (Ots 8
and 9). Riggs was u1 proofread Neidors verio!l
bfor Neidor included it in an upoing issue o
PI/RAC. '!he mly diI':n+o bwc te orginal
verion p by Riggs, and the cu verio m
Neidor p for rllm u!Riggs, wer tat Ncidors
version wa nyad emittd abt me o0e Bell
Sxu proprietar notic contine inthe text me.
Ncidor moified te one raining Ben St war
ing nolic isetting the exprsion "wh" at m
Also in tlte aftemoon session, Secret 5crcc
Spu| Agi|Timothy Foley, in charge of te se
of Cmig ^eidor dother, nlaaa deled a=t
omc s ad wat he l A nubr of fes
fr PIJRCK ad sver e-mail messages b
Cri g and others were introuced as goverent
exhibit. m addition K 0c E911 fles, m following
wer itrucd:
lllRACA Issue 21, File 3; PIIRCKIssue 22,
Fie I;PlIRCKIssue Z, Fle I;PIiRCKIsse Z,
Fie 3; PIlRCKIse 24, Fle I;PIJRCKIssue 24,
File 11; PIiRACKIssue 2, Fle 2
Fr a stt's prpve, t mo cos
eleet oAget Foley's tto y wa mccp
sL of Cr as inialy indctng a wlgess
b coprate and to talk wtouta lawyer present
Given m nalr o 0 C9 me wonder why 0
goeret oOO't have delt les agrssvely w0
m C sinote toy was explict tat had a
ben handled differently, justc coud have ben
ow.x.suc a waste otxpyer dUn.Wm
Agent Foley read the Il!RACA file describi ng
Sumro, O was also md b w se K
b litte more than an annoucement of a pq i
whic t was eplict epa O informig rd
ers tat notg ilegal would ocur, and that Iaw
ef orcet agets wer ainv
It was als o curious that, in introducing the
lIhCKCIlackig Dcr, a lit of oer 1,0
nsad hadle, 0e pretm fod aip
tnt that I>L prcipts wer o it, and made D
mtio of acc, sut m lw eoret
agets, and oer. m se ways, it so tat Bil
Co 's m._was K pt bkg(or his own mc
hudefiio oit) oL,ad te Kh
Crig lO hacker ad etablish guh by assoto. R
was slrnge tat after sver momosup
lamiIianztio wit te case, neiter Bill Co no
'Igent Foley wold proouce his name cr tly.
Neidor rymes vmeye-dor. Foley pocd it
JNodad Co isis O ^LL. Furer,
his name was splled incorrectly on at least thre
cars intrducd as eidc, btas Sbcldm Znc
indicted, "We amae mistakes." Ye, eve Bil
Co k. Oe can't bt tnk that such an oversight u
inuoa buse a ptor as awar odeil as
Bill Cok surely by now C b expcted b know
who he is prting, eve whe om lerq
u njust p ola cde, arat style deigned to
itd. Peraps a is igorce, or prap it n a
simple mistake. But, we judge aas a offese b K
Crg a his faily K sit in the CDPD ad li
Page .00Magazine Summer 1990
day by day
DayowQ Z):5p Am| Hq oou
mmy,c anm b dmb mmm
pdm vm ovcnaamwi0 Cmi,
wha| h lo, m m valdm E911 hlcs. O
cmsxuo, Acn| ocy was ko hwhc
O m oi vakc d0chlc. 1c valu
mbdmcbm|ha|0yM wD
m $,J . Am| ocy 0uh o
mhummB5 mmm'|brmvcq
u 1m h was kcdhow h oo m m
m'|vmmw Udmd
mvdm cbh qid1dc18,0
Nm|C mksdmmy oKonKi@s (
P),u g ply mdm migm
gKapmCu, umpd0
ol ahihcr scn|cncc i hc did n m|c. 1c
dwKi@smdnm hK
Cmg,mZ's dHo nlo0m
m oscncr, ac|ually sccmcd qui|cbnclcaL o
cxmpc,Kismk mh hadD kwloc
mCmhadc,hD kwkc mCmgC
mm oupsswo loaconn o,
mmCm mvcr ko mb w myg lo
mKgsam0a|bhb ocb
mp m.Jomncvcnnduhavna
mmbrol |hcprosccuuo kamplay |hc rolc ol
Zrmph loms<mm. R W
dso no mmpmom ko Kgs mgo
ocudmmissdPHRCK Kigmy
amclcs mt may havc bcn bclpm| m m hackn
cmcr. Almh u mydmac mccosol sc
PHRCK wnkn, Kis idcnmcd oly mc amdc
lmPHRCK 1m|mgh psiy hzwbm
Dayve Qmy ZZ): Ahcrscussio b|wccnmc
9, lmmnsul|was0csmA
pcp iblmmss0dm
m nm woco Bu[ nc<n, Cmi w
nmKplg|ymmydmOU mi
h s|aysodo-mmbkloayr,0
cam w0 wbohcpcs,plamvHn
loay(0Cbdkq ),h D
waywmuK gwmoabo.Hc
wRU m0lmlhmowm
Wcsmscommd m
"|humb-nosin' ol |hc lcds s cxpcc|cd (and
1omcnx:DOgmJd Na
wcnms|mmcnul mdcn|ing mc mws m |hc
om'sC Jmmqumdw
psmng (mo0y mgn O b sis)md
lo m m kmoogcd pcd sidcol mc
cmgcs was sqm. Bm i| wNcidos a0ocy,
SHdm Z r, wh was abc H qmcUy mkgmk
mm0mwp lioDgm
rmcc asa lomcr Assis|zn| U. 5. A||omcy was
mbm m skls m g kdi
mlm aammqyi|mways0a|n-0J
o |dum w mk. A m,lm m
mh, almohhc sccms H havc lcamcd much
Acknowlcdmcn| should also om Ncidon's
lmly, H Cg lo suckn 0gm o
mnaam ngH p-mams or m
mymvcbo c
5pa| ngiuo shold ommc chom o
E wGJmZMagai lomm-
|ora| n|hc sprin ssuc, and |o |hc prodding
EwdmTeleco Dige, Th We/, m
o.P1osmol Teleco Diges, qe m
pnma| vicws, pblicu |hc isss md owm
Cm'ssqnK manubrdopu.
H y, Comuer Unrgrou Diget ok 8
nmbdma|s md mpcdmcJoH
okUs 0u Cm's mm wascxag-
ammcvsbli|ymu cvmmly ombk m m
lm ol m Lmc mrl (
Bu| lc us n lpc|mcpmccuuo. J U.5.
AO'sommdb wloo,Zr
Z0Muguznc 5ummcr10 ugc /
an interview with
DUymewrbmve0ymgmmygo kI
pwnfpbl,higll 911ma
Ycs,Jwa 0J'sihiliry 0|oldgokpsx
hutx1|Sin guidlis 0ap lio
kJchgFurelwa t|dm
mty wouldb aJng |oa!moy.
Wer ),p
d kgo k
Ycs,esially wh t ple bgain wa o|Ilwa
kgok|i |coumg U(1m my a
O |momp|ck ldid'to.lkw
0J"sihilit wa 0c utlgsldd'trlly
blcve to ldh; lknew lwasright A|as,
esiallv light o|th M<is mldd't3hw thy
cldcoputSlike Haway.
M os peo wo hve gon f a pla ba of
so sa k avo I mme_nof a mBm
E=ally, o m2.1July th ple hgw
oH|LithoHk m|+O M
ylwoldhvcg|obak 4utd
mt] ti Cwa falling qAwe ma
11ykit lJ0kWkwit utlwas
g.AnuwasO mmg mgmhd|o
D0wa b0usUeslis |ovc.
1hgvoHcibiliry. 'Ilr owwmsh
LnhcKm|wJlh nobcmIoay qs
dhbfully ci ve wmuus
o this, l|cItmif I tot nllobbly wa
gogk 0wold bliee wlh ksy.
Wer laAmmmisues ewtrd mm
11yWmom0e ogagmutm
mnogtompsodHthe lu
AAfew O we m
Wh i ymoin ofl cm m"wihhun
aai hkr?
Wmlwasmlwa ntpysl'vc
bdakoopp|ewe 1sh wart my
hol yall wc0mKOIOmc
hmqhI1|~,aslo a lwam'|n0
m!a04ple wmw.utamm
kple'shmcohaof 0sex pup
HSKbHo|aputon mmap u-
uoAitlos like it'll cnue |awhile um
gom|O0XUtofa a s ddlOo
v mg abtit
Wha kof a bhmtken on ympronal le?
Well, twam'tt.It'scusoHklo a|oto|ot
hxrb,whih ult is gmg K|~ HK
poHlaw s||oaa|u||y.l|s !m-
mH hakop9mwdim'|W&
hhvng koom|wmH lt!xHK
mon|wmmybm[a HkC
Jbl] atgh we'r k mCnw0m
tal is OC. Buu0m|j h agC
bo|IoH lcm'|o om nmymg
glwasucIlmKeit St IsOco
meve wee ldid'the am0sy
Hadgon bl?
Ira m|m1wa!o 1psm
p1e ding zwswmH. YogKbma
o high bsoalmJblicir dmccxcmo
mu|ugol'mb !d
l4hvcKgbak mhtshwmcvl`vc
udMy kkH mmlmyo!aw
s!.N |ogld '|hvcaw|ckoug
at ts.
Sevcmmmrp ild 0your cawo
reive fungfm I newly fonLhmm
lmmtlmmnHa0hpened mRwh
dgre? Wh kof exnss 0rmaing?
cialy al Khg0sbltvmmwoc
Otgh mw|daJ l y mmsObc
mIrAndt Algess t gH5
How mh0 mtg mmmhof wh y
owe fo lga exenses?
Wehvo'tnvcmlnbill. l'mKld00
bl |amaIIynOW$J,Obu|mm!awm
m!onwas Kn$IO,O mbG.Myya-
mlhe pd$J5,OKmmdM
to $,OWKmcm|awlmWmm
Sl Lwhich bliee H,wixtwcqmy. l
mmwe hve mug1yV5,O|chKpay
Wh 0te pk fo Phrk?
Page ?000Magazine Summer 10
craig neidor
I d't he mmHpbof
mm,mmbI c't afod'O mwg
bhqdbg pdt
mpqmmmd.I ooid't
fnwo eI y.
Wmysy kte pp who mW
ma te gOlmn mhmmmk
rmdow ywm?
I'd sy t's pN&HM
Wo yaprl o anor pbln kg ov
t of FmL
I'm tla it I've qm0mwU
mmmOa mmHt
CO0s. He's qDK
K0I d't b.My o is 0HW
sg si mzmb Imm
m8Sels cote it md a sdj.
How has thi whole chain of events chllged
your outlook on te hacking worl? Is capable
of bandig tgether under adverse cicum
I found a exteme aount of suppor fo m from
te moem comunity ad a lot of te Prack
subscribers. When I needed elp tying to loate
people or copies of douments, ty were tere for
me. Tey were also able V stir up enoug exp
sure abut tis so tht the taditional media
sources got involved. I'd say it could have b a
very differen ending withot teir help.
Wha about the medi? Is there a way to make
sure the facts are presented corectly?
This is not t first tim I've seen stoies that
repoters have gottn completely screwed up. I
tink it's a fact of life. As pople who aen't
directly involve in a situation tey're not going U
b able V relat to it or even understan it in te
first place. Ten their editor may no b able to
understd it. It's really unfotunate. I don't think
ay stor you see printd in th paper really pe
sents te fact accurately. It's like a house of mi
rors in a caival. Te images have got all th
sam pat colors as t shirt you're weaing.
But thy're out of proporion.
You've presentd yoursel 0 te pubUsher of a
hacker mgazine, not a hacker. How importnt
was this ditnction?
To mo0m0Mwmwa t a
moWMa milaly owy,
mI Dft wt m5zWa ve

Dyu fel mm0acu tf?
Ci t I biee ma ma p
wma mmmqUk
wys KUwww0mmI'd t
I'mja Jahket lewa wI d't
aytg illa.
Is ma mse yu'd Ukgil kof mmb
Dn't let tis scae you to much. It wasn't ples
at by ay mans. It's nt someting yo wat W
have hpn to you. Natural curiosity existed lon
bfore th computer was invented. It's someting
tat you just can't eradicate. Oe ting I've
leed from tis is that bing corative help
me temendously at te tial. Tey asked me gen
eral questions ad I did't try to hid aything.
But it's also pssible tat if they hd't taken
everting'I said maiplated it, paps tee
wouldn't have b enugh V get m indictd in
te frst place. So I wouldn't say tat it's necessa
ily all rght V talk V these pople if you have
noting V hide. I was torented by tings I had
told tem bcause of t way tey interreted it.
It's not what you say, it's what tey make out of .
it. wayone else who gets a visit, don't lie W
tese pple. But do't tlk to tem eiter, n
maner how innoent you are. Get a attorey. I
don't kw if it would have saved me ay touble
but at lest they can't really make aything out of
tat baus tat's just a reasonable ting 0 do.
To te hckers out tere, I say figt for wht you
blieve in. Obviously you don't wa to jump i 8
situation ad dfend someting you do't kow
enoug abouL You might be made to lok folish
ad you may find tat you're wrog. I was defend
ing te right Vinformation. And I nealy went to
jail for it. I hop that more peole ae pepared to
fight as I was. When you accep a ple bargain O
someting this new, you're settng a preedent
tat's going to affect peole down te road.
Espcially here, where they're going afer kids
who don't have t finaial resources to defend
temselves. Technically,l don't eitr. Had I plea
bagained somting out or plead guilty to some
thing bcause it was te only thing to do fnacial
ly, it would have set a precedent tat could have
don a lot of daage to other people in te futre.
Z00Muuzlnc 5ummcr10 uc
One of the results of our public outcry
over the hacker raids this spring has ben
the formation of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF). Founded by computer
industry giants Mitch Kapor and Steve
Wozniak along with writer John Barlow, the
EFF sought to put an end to raids on pub
lishers, bulletin bard operators, and all of
the others that have been caught up in
reent events. The EFF founders, prior to
te organization's actual birh this summer,
had said they would provide financial sup
port to those aff ected by unjust Secret
Serice raids. This l e to te characteriza
tion of the group as a "hacker def ense
fund" by the mainstream media and their
condemnation in much of the computer
As a result, when the EFF was formally
announced, te organizers took great pains
to di stance themselves from computer
hackers. They denied being any kind of a
defense fund and made a nearly $300,000
donation to Com' puter Professionals for
Scial Responsibilit (CPSR).
"We are heJping educate policy makers
and the general p'ublic," a recent EFF state
ment said. "To this end we have funded a
significant to-year project on computing
and civil librties to be managed by CPSR.
With it, we aim to acquaint policy makers
and law enforcment officials of the civil lib
erties issues which may lie hidden in the
brambles of teleommunications policy.
"Mmbs O W EFF N spg N c
WNgvrt Omedngs
tht 0y Mas N
0imp cll li S.
"We in W pss of frming alliacs
w8Opins ozs O0
w8Wdvtof a diil DOk
EFF is in 0 stes of 8W
dsgn adlo Oprs kp
al computers which provide simplified and
eha ass M nto ND su as
"Because our resources are already
fully committed to these projects, we are
not at this time considering additional grant
The merits of the EFF are indisputable
and we're certai nly gl ad t hat they're
around. But we find it sad that they've redi
rected their energies away from the hack
ers bcuse that is one area that is in sore
need of outside intervention. There have
been an unprecednted number of Secret
Serice raids this summer with many peo
ple coming under investigation simply for
having called a bulletin board. And in at
least one instanc, guns were again pulled
on a 14-year-old. This time coming out of
the shower. Our point is that someone has
to speak'out against these actions, and
spak lOud'y.
Irs a8ipt tt wat 0 EFF is a
Iy cin b m O. w ppunr
te mistaken assumption tat Crig Neidor's
OwkoqWEFF a M8gwr
wgyrsbl kgen M drp.
The EFF itelf has not made te facts clear.
M8WN mhas gin !e imprsio M
M ha bin hlp by tis oraiztn.
T f W. EFF N ON in
sup of Nd, mof wi was sucss
f. Ty medon his quie a bi r 0t
prs rles wi hlp Kget te wot.
Ty we qwha infor
abt 0911 sSlm wo was ten rfr
K Neids lawer. (Tis is wg difrent fm
8ds of havng ka expr witss.)
Not O g D O givn k Nei by te
EFF. At prss tme, his Ok fnd std N
$2. A, tugh helpf, ter le rtdon
ay0w Neis paM Whihe 0
So while the EFF's presence is a good
thing, we cannot think of them as the solu
tion to te problem. They are but one step.
Let's hop for many more.
If you want to get involved with the EFF,
we do encourage it. Your paricipation and
input can help to move them in the right
direction. Their address is The Electronic
Fronti er Foundation, I nc. , 155 Second
Stret, Cambridge, MA 02142, phone num
ber (617) 57i-1385.
Fuc10 Z00Muuzlnc 5ummcrI0
BTinging the PhTack stoTY to the
attention of the public wa n easy tak.
But it wld have been a lot haTdr weTe
it not fOT the ver thing tht the whole
case Tevolved aTound: the electToni c
transfer of text. By utiliting this technol
og, we weTe able U Teach mny tho
sand of people thToghut the wTld. In
so doi ng, we weTe able to help the
PhTack case becom widely know and
one o the mTe talked abut subjects in
confeences, electTonic nesletteTs, and_
BB's. P wi th anything contToveTsial,
not eveTyone agTeed. We thought it
wld be inteTesting to print so of the
pi eces of mail (electToni c and paper)
fom people who lik what we
weTe doing. Keep in mnd that (a faT as
we know) these people aTe not Z
subscTibeTs and, in all likelihood, have
neveT even seen a cop.
1 suppose you' ve had this discussion
an i nfi ni t e number of t i mes .
Nevertheless . . . .
That ol d na l ogy of breaking i nt o
somebody's house and rummaging around
is quite apt. Nowadays, there are virtual ly
no computers on line that are not protect
ed by password access. Doesn't that put
you in t he posit ion of a pe rs on wi t h
knowledge of picking locks? Such knowl
edge is virtually useless to anybody but a
thief; it rarely is of use even to the small
community of locksmiths. While I agree
that 30 years in the federal sl ams isn' t a
j ust punishment for picking a lock, I sus
pect tha t mos t peopl e found guilty of
breaking and entering get lighte r sen
tences , which are probably equally justifi
able for computer burgl ary or whatever
criminal label you'd wish to assign to pass
word hacking.
Do hackers do a service ? I don't see
why. Any mechanical lok can b picked.
Probably any electronic scheme can b
defeated as well. Yet nobody argues that
teenager should st themselves up as free
lance scurity analyst picking everyby's
lock to see if it can b done. If hackers
didn't already know they could probably
get in, what would b the point ?
I see password hacking as a moestly
criminal activit somewhere btween van
dalism, window-peeping, and breaking
and- entering in serious ne s s , with
delibera te destruction or screwing with
i nformation as a pot ent i a l l y s e ri ous
ofense depending on the type of informa
tion or system screwed with.
Is it necess ary to' hack passwords in
order to learn about computers? Hardly.
The country is fl l of personal computer
on which many val uable things may be
learned. The cities are ful l of community
col leges , night schol, and vo-tech insti
tutes al l cl amoring to offer comput er
courses at reasonable rates. There ar e even
federal assis t ance programs so the very
por have access to thi knowledge. This
means that it is unnecess ary to commit
socially irres ponsible acts to obtain an
education i n computer. The subj ects you
learn when password hacking are not of
use to professional computer people. None
of the people I work with have to hack a
password , and we ar e otherwise quite
Privacy is a right hel d dear in the
United States; it' s wired into the bil l of
rights ( search and seizure, due process,
etc. ) and into the common l aw . You will
find that you can never convince people
that hacking is harmless simply bcause it
violates people's perceived privacy rights.
It is one of the few computer crimes for
?o00 Magazine Summer 10 Page 11
which a clear real-world analogy can b
made, and which juries understand in a
personal way. That's why the balance has
begun ro tilt roward heavier and heavier
sentences for hackers. They haven't heard
soiety telling them to stop yet, so soiety
is raising its voice. When the average
hacker gets the same jail term as, say, the
average second degree burglary or break
ing and entering, and every hacker loks
forward to that prospect, suspect the
incidence will taper off and hackers will
find different windows to peep into."
There is a common misconception here
tht nkare loging int indivil's co
pters, hence the walking through the jont
door analogy. You'U see it in the ltters tha
follow as weU. In actuality, hakers are not
interested in violating privacy or stealing
thi ngs of value, as someone who walks
through your front door wold be. Hackers
are generaUy explorers who wander into hue
organizations wondering jut what is going
on. They wander using the computers of
these huge organizations, computers that
often store large amounts of persol dm on
peo/le without thir knowledge. Th daa can
be legally lookd at by any of th hndred O
thans of /)eople with access to ths CD
puter. If there' S a violation of privay here.
we don't think it's the hackers who are Ct
ing it.
This letter raised an interesting point
about the "right" way to learn, something
many hackers have a real problem with.
Learning by the book is oky for peopl with
no imaination.. But most intelligent people
wiU want to explore a some point, figring
things out as they go. lnmicaUy, clssrooms
and textboob often discorage people from
learning because of their strict limitations.
And it' S common knowledge that the best
programms an designers are those who are
/ to the poo hving easy acess to high
technology, this is simply not true. In this
country, education is a comodity. /n if
yo do't hve the moey, yo're realy ot
of lk. Ths is becoming inceasingly tru ]
th "mide clss" a well.
"Using the term 'hacker' to refer to
people who break into systems owned by
others, steal documents, computer time
and network bandwidth, and are 'very
careful not to publish anything illegal
(cred it card numbers, passwords, Sprint
coes)' is derogatory and insulting to the
broad hacker community, which is work
ing ro make the world a better place for
Thee h oc an ongoing move qoiby
olr hackers to distance thmselves from
wht thy perceive to be th "evil hckrs".
Their way of doing this n been to refer H
aU of th "evil hckrs" a cakrs. Whil it's
a fine tration | ceat new oL ] peo
ple, we think it's a big waste of time here.
Thre is a weU-defined line between hking
an criminal activity. Hackrs exlre with
out being malicious or seeking a profit.
Criminals steal, vandalize, and do nasty
things to innocent people. We do not defen
peo/lle who ue other people's credit cards
nuor: to order huge amont of mrchn
dise. Why shoul we? What n tha got to do
with hkng? \mu we may find interest in
their met/ds, we woul o most ture of
by their motivation. There seems to be a gen
eral set of values hel by hkrs of all ages.
1 recently read a post ro the Usenet
(comp.risks) describing recent events
related to the crackdown on hackers.
While l feel strongly that fderal agencies
should be scrutini:cd and held account-
Page . .0Magazine Summer YY
able for their activities , the above men
tioned post gave me reason for concern
that I thought you should b made aware
It seemed to me a great irony that the
poster was concerned abut the invasion
of the privacy of BBS operators and users ,
and yet s eemed wi l ling to defend the
( al beit non-destructive) invasion of priva
cy committed by hackers.
I am a graduate student who recognizes
the immene importance of inter-network
telecommunications. Institutions such as
Usenet are bcoming vital for the expan
sion, dissemination, and utilization of cre
a ti ve t hought . Any ac tivity which
breaches security in such networks, 'unless
by organized design, is destabilizing and
disruptive to the productive growth of
these networks.
My point is this : I am joe grad st u
dent/scientist, one of the , ( as yet) few that
is ' net aware' , do not want Federal agen
cies reading my mai l , but neither do I
want curious hackers reading my mail .
( Nor do I want anyone reading company
XYZ's private text files. Privacy is priva
cy. ) I agree that
he time for lengthy dis
cussion of such mat ters is past due, but
please understand that I have little sympa
thy for anyone who commits or supports
invasion of privacy. "
' j us t finished re ading your cal l to
arms, or iginally published in the Spring
1 990 edition. I was toya l ly disgus ted by
the tone: you defend the actions of com
puter criminals , for which you misuse and
s u l l y the honor abl e term ' ha cker' by
applying it to them, and wrap it all in the
First Amendment in much the same way
as Geor ge Bus h wra ps himse l f in the
American fag.
What ever t he mot i va tions of t he
cyberpunk ( I like Clifford Stoll's term for
them) , their actions are unacceptable:
they are breaking into computers where
they're not wanted or normally allowed,
and spreading the information around to
their buddies. Their actions cause great
damage t o the trust that networks such as
Usenet are buil t upon. They have caused
innocent systems to b shut down because
of their actions. In rare cases, they may do
actual , physical damage without kowing
it. Their excuse that ' the only crime is
curios ity' j ust doesn't cut it.
It is unacceptable for a burglar to break
into a house by opening an unlocked dor.
It shou ld be j us t as unacceptable for a
cyberpunk to break i nt o a s ys t em by
exploiting a security hol e. Do you give
burglars the same support you give cyber
The effort to st amp out cyberpunks
and their break-ins is j ustified, and will
have my unqualified support.
I call upon your journal to 1 ) disavow
any effort to enter a computer sys tem
without authorization, whatever the rea
son, and 2) stop misusing the term ' hack
er' to describ thoe who perpetrate such
electronic burglar. "
We respectuly dcline t o d eithr.
" I just received the Zarticle on the
raid of Steve Jackson Games, which was
posted to the GMAST mailing lis t. It's
worrying that the authorities in the US
can do this sort of thing - I don' t know
what the l aws on evidence are, but surely
there's a case for theft? Taking someone's
property without their permission, when
they haven't committed a crime?
My only quibble is that the 9 1 1 hack-
?000Magazine Summer 10 Page 1J
by V| D| 6DC6
Wel co me to t h e f i n al part of my
ser i es on t he PRI MOS operat i ng sys
t em. I n t hi s i nstal l ment I pl an on cover
i ng Pr i me' s network commu n i cat i ons
capabi l i ty and t he associ at ed ut i l i t i es
t h at you wi l l f i nd u s ef u l . I wi l l al so
touch upon those aspect s of PRI MOS
t hat I may have over l ooked in the pre
vi ous part s.
Ex ampl es appear i n i t al i cs. Bol d
i tal i cs i ndi cate user i nput, regul ar i t al
i cs i ndi cat e comput er output .
|| G6D6
Just l i ke ot her popu l ar mai nframes,
Pri mes too have networki ng capabi l i"
t i es and s u pport many commu n i ca
t i o n s appl i cat i o n s . P r i me' s ma i n
co mmu n i cat i o n s p r od u ct s a r e
PRI MENET, RJ E, an d OPTX. I wi l l
onl y be goi ng over PRI MENET i n t hi s
s e r i e s , as d i scu r ses o n RJ E an d
OPTX ar e beyond t h e scope of t h i s
ser i es. For a good di scussi on on RJE
an d O PTX, I r ef e r yo u t o Mag i c
Hassan' s excel l ent art i cl e on t he sub
j ect ( appear i ng i n Ph rack, I nc. , I ssue
1 8) .
Avai l abl e f or al l mod el s of Pr i me
computers, PRI MENET i s Pr i me' s net
wo r k i n g sof t wa r e . I n a n u t s h e l l ,
PRI MENET i s l i ke a Token Ri ng LAN
n et wor k. PRI ME NET i s s u per i or to
most Token Ri ng LAN appl i cat i ons,
however. To real l y be abl e t o vi sual i ze
how a PRI MENET r i ng network oper
at es, you need to be fami l i ar wi th t he
Token Ri ng t ype of LAN ( Local Ar ea
Networ k) . Token Ri ngs ar e bas i cal l y
" ci rcl es" of comput ers ( r ef erred to as
" nodes") t hat are el ect ron i cal l y con
n ect ed t o each ot her . Th e i ndi vi d ual
Pr i me comput ers on t he PRI MENET
r i n g ar e r es po n s i b l e f or a l l owi n g
r e mot e u s ers t o b e abl e t o access
t hem, however. PRI MENET al lows for
si mpl i f i ed communi cat i ons between al l
t he n et t ed syst ems . _ I n t he f ol l owi ng
d i ag r am y ou wi l l s e e a s a mpl e
PRI MENET r i ng wi t h s i x Pr i me com
puters l ocated on i t . Each of t he i ndi
vi d u a l n od e s m ay o r m ay not be
connected to t he t el ephone network,
another PRI MENET r i ng, or one of the
many publ i c dat a n etworks ( PON' s)
l i ke TELENET. Here i s an exampl e of
the manner in whi ch a PRI MENET ri ng
i s set up:
\ l
l \
Each node r ecei ves i nfor mat i on
from i ts nei ghbor i ng syst em and trans
mi ts it to t he node i mmedi at el y down
stream on the ri ng. I n t hi s f ashi on any
node can s en d i n f or mat i on t o any
other node by sendi ng i t t hrough some
or al l of t he others.
As I stated previ ousl y, PRI MENET
r i ng n et wor ks are s u per i or to most
Token Ri ng LAN appl i cat i ons. But i n
what ways? Some of t he f eat ures of a
PRI MENET syst em are l i st ed bel ow:
Any t ermi nal on the PRI MENET
r i ng can l og i n to any syst em on t he
PRI ME NET r i ng.
Processes r unni ng at t he same
t i me on di ffer ent systems can commu
ni cate i nt eracti vel y.
Transparent access t o any sys
t em i n the PRI MENET network wit hout
use of any addi t i on al commands or
protocol s.
Compl et e access and protocol
Page 14 2600 Magazine Summer 10
supprt for packet-switched communi
cat i ons between PRI MENET systems
and mai nf rames l ocated on al most al l
Publ i c Data Networks ( PDN' s) .
Al l t hese f eat ur es al l ow you to do
t h i ngs l i ke access d i sk part i t i ons on
system A f r om syst em B, rl ogi n f r om
system A t o syst em B ( requi ri ng only
an acount on system B) , and so forh.
I n t hi s i nst al l ment I wi l l expl ai n t h e
many t hi ngs t hat you can ( and shoul d)
do wi t h a PRI MENET-eq ui pped sys- -
Cheing L PRIMEET Sysm
Shou l d you get i nt o a PRI MENET
equippe system, there are a few thi ngs
tha you shul d t learn more abut the
intra-system links and suc. I n this sin I
will desrb all the prures tha yu wi l l
nee to i nttiate i n order for you to determi ne
sai informain.
The fi rst thi ng you should do is to use
t hree of t he
SM ( Di st ri buted Syst em
Management ) ut i l i t i es ( remember , I
descri bed t he 8SM i n f ul l in Part Two,
Wnter 1 989-90 issue). The three DSM ui l i
ti es (exema cmmans, real) you shul
invoke are:
PRI MENET status
figure PRI MENET noes
Te informain reurne t you b thee
exema cmmands will desib the crren
PRI MENET stup i n detail. You will obain
remote noenames, PRI MENET address
es, l i nk devi, gateay noes, cnfure
acss, and whether or not the i ndiiual
noe reuire remote passrds for li n.
Fi gure A gi ves a good exampl e of t he
r esu l t s obt ai ned f rom a
Thi s ass u mes t hat you i ssued t he
LlST_PRI MENET_NODES cmmand from
the system VOI D. It staes tha T i s on a
PRI MENET ri ng wtth f ive other systems
(their names cn b fond i n the "Remote
node" col u mn ) . Not e t he " Pri men et
addres" cl umn. R lits eah system's NUA
(Networ User Addres
). Notie that three
of the liste NUA's are on TELENET and
two are on some bizarre network wi th a
DNIC (Data Netr Identiin Ce) D
9999. Wel l , t he host syst em (VOI D) i s
loted on t he TELENET PDN ( DN I C
Ll ST_PRI MENET_Ll NKS - Li sts 31 1 0) and t hus, the DSM knows t hat
OK, lis/_rimene_nodes
Link Gateway Configured
device node access

/ 2600HZ / 99994738593624 / LHCOO /

/ THRASH / 31 10XXX00254 / PNCOO /
/ VIOL EN / 31 1 0XXX00245 / SYNCOO /
/ PSYCHO / 99994734748381 jSYNCOO j
jSCYTH j 31 1 0XXX00324 j SYNCOO j
jremote login, RFA / no /
jremote login, RFA jyes /
jremote login, RFA jyes j
jremote login, RFA jno j
jremote login, RFA jno j

?o00Magazine Summer 10 Page 15

al l 3 1 1 0 syst ems are TELENET and
d i spl ays t hei r TELENET addr esses.
The ot h e r syst e ms ( t hose wi t h t he
DNI C of 9999) are l ocated on f orei gn
PDN' s and t he DSM does not under
s t an d t h e ad d r e s s i n g s ch e me ( by
def ault i t onl y understands t hat of t he
host syst em) and thusl y, di spl ays t hei r
PRI MENET addresses.
Th e " L i n k d evi ce" c ol u mn t e l l s
about t h e hardware at t he i ndi vi dual
sites. The host syst em' s devi ce i s not
di spl ayed, only those ot her nodes on
the ri ng network. LHCOO i s a LAN300
n o d e co n t r o l l e r . P N COO i s a
PRI MENET node cont rol i e
r ( PNC) .
SYNCOO denotes a synchronous cm
muni cat i ons l i ne. I t' s not . al l t hat i mpor
t an t ( u n l es s y ou ar e a h a r dwar e
fanati c, t hat i s) .
Th e " Con f i g u r ed acc e s s " an d
"Val i dati on requi red?" col umns di spl ay
i mportant i nformati on about t he l i nked
systems. I f you don't see a " remote
l og i n " somewh ere t h en you can n ot
l ogi n to t he system remotel y (you can
access i t i f one of t he PRI MENET sys
t ems i s l i nked wi th i ts di sk part i t i ons,
however ) . I f you see a "yes" i n t he
" Val i dat i on r eq u i r ed?" col u mn t hen
some sort of remote password system
has been i nstal l ed and you are goi ng
to have a hard t i me gett i ng i n.
As you can see, t hese DSM com
mands can be usef ul when att empti ng
to gai n access to ot her systems on a
PRI MENET or LAN300 r i ng. The rest
of t hi s i nstal l ment wi l l be devot ed to
uti l i zi ng the i nformati on gai ned here to
do such.
The PRI MENET RLOGI N Faci l ity
PRI MENET supports remote l ogi ns
i n t h e s a me ma n n e r t h at U N I X
mac h i n e s d o . I f , f or e x a mp l e , a
PRI MENET r i ng had si x systems on i t,
four on TELENET and two i n the U. K. ,
t hen you coul d con nect t o those sys
tems i n the U. K. for free by conneci ng
to one of t he U. S. syst ems and rl og
g i n g i nt o o n e of t h e U . K. Pr i me s .
Usi ng o u r al ready def i ned PRI MENET
r i ng, we' l l connect to system PSYCHO
from system THRASH.
l%LNL!ZZ. . !O
login sysIemsysIem -on

Th i s wi l l l og you i n as
n od e ( a P r i me s e p a r at e f r om t h e
THRASH node). Thi s can be ver use
f u l wh e n y ou h ave l ost a l l of y ou r
acco u nt s f r om on e n od e o n t h e
PRI MENET r i ng and do not know t he
NUA for one of t he ot her ri ng syst ems
t hat you sti l l have- accunts on.
"NETLINK is a pow
erful utilit
abuse wil lead to
our account's
removal, so be
careful in how
. use it. "
NETLI NK is Pr i me' s network uti l ity.
Al l users on a PRI MENET system wi l l
have access to t hi s commun i cat i ons
uti l ity. NETLI NK al l ows you t o connect
Page 1o ?o00Magazine Summer 10
Ot h e r P r i me ' s o n t h e s a me
PRI MENET ri ng a s t he syst em you are
Any syst em ( UNI X, VAXen, etc. )
l ocat ed on any of t h e wor l d ' s n et
NETLI NK i s a powerf ul ut i l i ty and
abu s e wi l l l ead t o y o u r acco u nt ' s
removal , s o be caref ul i n how you use
i t. The best t hi ng you can possi bJy do
i s use i t t o con n ect t o and hack o n
other systems i n t h e PRI MENET r i ng.
I f you must use t he NETLI NK ut i l ity t o
c a l l ot h e r syst e ms on t h e wor l d' s
PDN' s, t ry t o cal l only t h e systems t hat
accept col l ect cal l s.
Now, l et me t el l you how to get i nto
NETLI NK and st ar doi ng stuff. At t he
"OK, " prompt (or whatever i t has been
set to by t he LOGI N. CPL f i l e) , type:
Lh, nef/ink
I f NETLI NK is avai l abl e, t hen you
wi l l see somet hl ng l i ke t hi s:
[NETLINK Rev. ZZ. . Copyrght (c)
dd, Prime- Computer, Inc.]
[Serial #seriaLnumber
After t hat f l oats across your screen
you wi l l be deposi ted at t he N!TLl NK
pr o mpt , wh i ch h appe n s t o be @"
( gee, how or i g i nal ) . Now, you are al l
ready t o begi n NETLI NKi ng.
Ti me to l ear n how to connect to a
syst em. Now, t her e are t hr ee types of
commands t h at al l do basi cal l y t h e
same t hi ng, an d t hat i s connect you to
a remote system. I ' l l go over the f i rst
two types ri ght now and save the t hi rd
type for a bit l at er .
Dependi ng on t he status of t he sys
t em you are tri ng to cal l , you wi l l use
eit her C ( connect) or NC (connect , no
reverse chargi ng) . C and NC bot h do
t he same t hi ng, but C wi l l make t he
connect i on f or f r ee ( i . e. , t he peopl e
who own t hi s Pr i me won' t get a b| | | )
and NC wi l l make t he connecti on and
your net use wi l l be charged. A good
co mpar i s on i s cal l i n g N UA' s on 8
PDN. If t h e NUA i s "col l ect abl e" [ a
t er m I use to descri be a system t hat
accepts col l ect cal l s meani ng no I D
requi red t o make t he connect ion) , then
y D wi l l u s e t h e C co m m an d.
Ot h e r
i s e u s e t h e N C co m man d .
Al most a l l i n t e r n at i o n a l cal l s wi l l
requi re a n NC to connect .
I f you si mpl y want t o cal l syst em
t h at was l i st e d i n t h e L l ST
PRI MENET_NODES l i st, t hen do t hi s :
An exampl e woul d be:
If you wanted to cal l up a system
l ocat ed o n t h e s ame P DN as t h e
PRI MENET you ar e o
n and t h e sys
t em accepts col l ect call s, t hen do t hi s:
An exampl e woul d be:
cZ JJd
If you want to cal l up a system t hat
i s i ocat ed on a PDN ot h er t han t he
PDN your PRI MENET i s on, t hen do
t hi s:
< <dn/c>.<ne/workaddress>
An exampl e woul d be:
Readles of what you ouall end up
tping, you will get one D two thi ngs: a O0
ne message or an error message. J6
cnnec message for the abve exampl e
wul lok l i ke this:
589000 Cnnee
The connect message for when yDJ
cnne t o a Pri me on t he PRI MENET rng
woul lok l ike thi s:
?o00Magazine Summer 10 Page /
Now you simply lin (or ha) as you
nrall WO. Wen yo ae done, lof
th syse B usua. Wen yo loof, yo'll
get a mesae lie ti:
Oc asi onal l y you wi l l ei ther type the
NUA inrrel or the sysem you are cll
in i dwn. Wen tha hapns yu will ge
an er messe ta loks lie thi:
bM4 Rejin Clearg ce

Diagnostic code ^ (Packet type

The error messae staes the netwr
addres yu trie Kcll (less the DNI) , the
Clearing ce, the Diagnostic cde, and
wha th Diani ce means in Enlish.
Laer in thi arile i a cmplete lis of all
Clearn ces an all Dinsti ces (for
Now, you want K M0a sessin pe
mat urel y ( not recommended unl ess
NETINK srew up, and t does on oc
sion), then there are thre thi ngs you cn
Isue a BREA seuen
Return K TELENET and do a forc
Disne [vthe D cmman)
Tos a lite in the orde you shul
tr them in. CNTRO-P wrs mos of the
ti me. Ding a BREAK will usuall (bt not
alays) cbse your cnneion and return
you to PRI MOS level . When you do a
BREAK, yu'll prbbl see:
Now press RETRN s you cn dear
out the unwanted CONTROL characters
tha are in the Prime's cmmand line input
bf er. Now, resart NETINK Busual.
yu are frc K drp to TELENET,
ten disne yourelf ad re-Iin. your
proess is sti l l onl i ne (abut b% of the
time), dn' W. wi l l D lge of due K
inait in or ! bmi nues. your p
go slin ten you're in go shap. Now,
retur KNETINK B usual.
O you knw how K cne an
dinne fr sysems. Now i's time fo
t he f un st uff , multi paddi ng and ot her
vcmmans. J echara
ter fo NETINK i the "@" carer (same
BwTLENE'. Baiall, yu tp:
to return to NETI NK whil e onl ine. Ding
thi will tae you bak to NETI NK cm
man me. will leave the circt opn. To
renne to the sytem, tp:
You will thn D rennee Kthe sys
tem you were on. Now for a slight draw
back. you are using TELENET or any
other PDN tha uses TLENETs sfware,
then usin the NETINK es seuen
of <cr>@<cr> wi l l t ake you back to
TELENET netw cmmad leel insed
of K NETINK cmmand level. Tere
are N was K cre this problem. Te
f i rst i s to type t he fol l owi ng whi l e i n

Ti ce the NETINK '@' po

K '$prmp. Now just tp <$K
return K NETINK Te other way is K uti
lize TLENETs ITI parameters to turn of
the e seuen. When you cnne
Kthe PRIMENET ad li n, then retum K
TELENET cmmand level and ty these
two seuences of prameters exacly as
they are shon:
%I4Q:0, f:9:QI0:0,I20,I50
Wen you return to the "@" prmpt, t
CONT to return to the Pri me. Then just
Fugc1 Z00Mauztnc 5ummcr10
enter NETI NK as usual . Now when you
type <cr >@<cr > you won' t r et u r n t o
TELENET you us to.
Now let's get i nto mui paddi ng. What
exal y is "multipaddi n" yg'Wel l , you
probabl y al ready know t hi s, but T never
hurs to repat 1. Mui padi ng is wha you
are ding when you are onnee to wor
"Be forewarned that
it can be
confusing being
connected to more
than four systems at
once. "
more syst ems si mul taneousl y. Basi cal l y,
NETLI NK wi l l al l ow you t hi s capabi l it y.
Al t hough t he NETLI NK documentat i on
states that you cn only onne to four sys
tems a one ti me, you can acual ' onne
to more. At any rate, thi s i s hw you do i.
When you first enter NETI NK ( Note: you
must set your prompt or the | parameters
1 you plan to do any NETLI NKi ng from a
PRI ME NET loate on TELENET or any
other PON that use TELENETs software) ,
onne to t he firs system by typn thi s:
LLL <1odent (i i is lte on the
same PRI MENET ri ng)
LLL <ntwr adres> (i the system is
lated on the sae PON)
LLL <dniC:<et address> Tthe sys
tem i le on a di ferent PDN)
Te CALL ommand wi l l onne you to
the sstem and you wi l l remai n in NETI NK
omman mode. Now, kee CALLi ng sys
tems until you are done. Be forewame that
i t can be conf usi ng bei ng cnnect ed to
more than four systems a once. Keep i n
mi nd t hat t he abve CALL exampl es al l
assumed t hat t he syst em t hat you are
CALUn wi l l acpt cl l e cl s. t hi s is not
the cas, then CALL it l ike thi s:
Ch<hatever -t
The FCJ rmmand stans for facili
q When you use the "-FCT" argument
you are basially doi n the same thi ng as
you were when you were usi ng the NC cn
ne cmmand. Eah CALL that you make
opns a ci rcui. The firs circui you cnne
to is known as ci rcuit T , and so forh. So
when you are reay to cnne to the firt
system, typ:
To cnne to the send opn circui,
cntinue Z
and so forth. Shoul you tr to cnne
to a clse circuit you wi l l get the follwing
error messge:
L/lO1dos not exist
To swi tch between systems return to
NETI NK cmman moe vi a <c<~
and then CONTI NUE to the aprpriate cir
cuit. To cse a paricl ar crui, typ:
where P i s the acual circui numbr. An
exampl e woul d b L T or L 3. Tere mus
b a space btween the L and the crcit
numbr. To di sconnec from all opn cir
cuits you cn typ:
Tat's prety much al l there i s to mui
padi ng. It's nothi ng sa, and nt really
that useful , but it cn b intereti n to cn
nect to two or t hree chat systems and
switch btween them, or hang on a chat
and leave to hac a sysem while remai ning
on the cha, etc. T3re are lts of interesting
t hi ngs you can do. When you are done
?000Magazine Summer I0 Page 1
by Te Pague
1 CCT, H pres, te Custe
CO Ci n Or;t Tek)[one go or evl ?
To te COOT owne i r s a gosnd a virua
leal sl o maC| k leing te pJbl ic_ feng
the owner from the monopl i es of the phone
company. To the publ i c i t' s H ni ghtmare, a
money- steal i ng maci n prvding por snc
and i nsanel y hi gh rates, a vi rtual hotel - styl e
phone i n te gUi s of a I nnont loking pay
To te tel epl lc;8 entusi ast, a COGOT i s
someting el se etrly. tesur tv of tst
p<rts praps, i ndudi ng mi coprossors, ci n
i dmtfctn mcani sms, ton dil es, toe a
O prLs dteors, a mom lOrmote cn.
necti ons, speech synthesi s and recogni ti on
equi pment , magneti c stri p readers for credi t
cds, and oter parts to O expl ore and tn
kere wi For otr [reak, te COT rpr
snts an unrestcted phone l i ne whi ch cn b
us for explraton of te [one syste. StM, fr
oters, CTs C rpeent a strage house
of lng di stan acss cs and prore.
C mOy S te nighbo COT as H
bunch of i mpr i soned coi ns and a future wal l
phoe fr ti r | Mny more tasure t
b fund In a si ngl COT, as you sal| S
To tose of you unfmi l i wit te COT,
l et me qui ckly fll you i n on te basi cs. Fi rsy,
mos i f not al , COTs opate on reulr busi
ness or rei dnta (dni n o te greof te
owne) pon l i ns. O ar exctins t ti s
rl e i n a hmajo ctes whr privatayphon
l i nes ae available direty from te |OI phone
cmpny; tee al low te use of regula opra
tors who are aware of te status of te line as
bei ng COCOT based. However, few, i f any,
COOTs use ti s gpof l i ne, even when i t i s
avalabl .
Al most al l COCTs are mi croprocessor
based devces, thereby makng tem smarer
0 your aveae phoe ompny paphoe. A
majr kO0n of 0 COCOT is to i ndnn
ol l e oi ns I n HU for tme during a call. Wi l
J a pyphne uses te ACTS system on a
r emote phone company computer for coi n
rost ad clleto fnctos, 0COT p
frms tese fucos llly in i t sna| cmpu
er . Nat ural l y, red boxes do not work wi th
COGOTs. However, si nce tei r ci n cteton
meani sms are not as advand as tose in
real pyphones, i t i s muc easier to td tem
wit sl us.
daltoe you hawe yo pi up te
handst to a COCOT is usual l y not te acta
ditn, bt a syntsize on (more on 1di
tne lalr). Ayou prss te numbr on te key
pad, t he COCOT st or es each n u mber i n
memo. Te kepa may o may not b DTMF,
dni n on te Pon tst COTs O no
all O k inoming cls, si nc teir pma pur
p i s to gnate rvno, ad incming cls
si mpl y waste tme whi c culd b use by pying
COCOT astomers (from te owners pint of
vj I f you obtain a numb to a COT, i t wl
usully pd up asevral rings i n rote 0O
(more on tt \lr) .
Af te COOT has enough di gi t to dia
your cl l , 1 w|| ak fo te amolnt of mony to
cpsi t on an LCD scren L in H syntesi ze
voi, unl ess you hal pao 0 O.| O\
use a cll i ng O, or 1 te O i s tlfie. It w| |
ten obtai n an actua dialtone from 0 phone
l i ne, and di a your cl trough vnicve meto
i t i s csi gned to us. Durng ti s tme i t may or
may not mute out te handset earpie ael or
te motpi. For lol cll s, i t w|| usually dia
te O||direy, but fr lng distanc, cling cr,
a clt cls, i t will usually use an indnont
hotestye [on cmpny or |UX. Ti s i s de
_ so tt yo (or te cld party in a cl e cll sit
ato) wll b carge up te wazo for your cl l . I f
i t ctt a busy, , or oter proress ton
oter tan H rng, 1 will refnd your moey and
not carg you kte O||, in ter | actalit a
lot of COOTs wi l l rp you off and carge you
anyay, henc teir reputation. Unl ess te O||
was piao cllt or wit a cl l i ng cr or tll
lO, te phne will pilly as you to opsit
mony. Sinc te smal ad sla lon dist
cmpanis use by most COOTS ar cosn
on te basis of rls, rate tan qulity, you C
b sure tat most cl s pla o COOTs have
an extme large amont of sttc and bizar
I'ae ZJ .0JJlaazine Summer 1990
ein ef.
Itifn COTs
A ht of ppe (no-phraks) s to hv
tuble tl l i n CT s apart fm pon Op
ny paypons- I cn spt H CCT H hunce
yars away, bt to te avrg prn, is prtt
togh buse tey ae ma to lok 5 much
like t rel ting. Actally, i rs quit simpe. Just
l ook for your RBOC' s ( New York Telephone,
Sutwestem Bl l , et. ) name and l oo on te
phone t b sure i t' s te real ti ng. Ninety-ni ne
tmes Ollt of a hundre, irs a ra py pone. The
p excptons OCr whn its a CT mad
ancor owne by your bI phoe cmpny (i n
"To the public
it's a nightmare, a
machine providing
poor service and
insanely high rates. "
whic cs, not to worr, tese won't rp yo of
as badl y as the sl eazy smal l -ompany made
phoes) , o wen 1 i s i n tca sleaz smal km
pany made phone, di sgui sed by i t s owner,
trogh te tef and reapl ctO of actal py
phone si gns and marngs, t be i ndi stngui sh
abl fm te rel ti ng. The lattr Co i s i ll eal i n
most pars of te cunt, but i t Os hapen.
Nonetel ess, a phrak wi l l kow a COOT as
son as he di al s a numbr, regardl ess of te
out er appearance. The absence of t he true
ACTS alas means yo' re usng a 1
CT Vait
Let us di scuss the var i ous var i et i es of
COCOTs. To be fank, there are actual l y too
many di frent COOT c:s t di sss tm
i ncviual l y, and ter si mi l arty i n apparanc to
on anotr makes f difclt idtfctin evn
to te advanc CCT (ab)user. They rnge
lO si mpe Westm Ele lo--ikes, to mor
advanc varetes whic may i ncl ue LCD o
CRT di spl ays, creit crd readrs, O voi
rnitn dial i ng. The rang is vQ we wm
ps ! 0difrnt pons i n ON.
In real i t, you should approach each ne
COT wit pespsins, a exp
ltns. Expment wi pay arun w11,s
what knd of COT seri measures (more
on tat later) it i mpl ement, atempt to gai n an
unrstt dial tne, s how well te bast is
fastene to its plac of i nhabitance, atempt to
dper it log dstnc acss metos, and
b on. In gnerl , just ply w1it
Gtin th Dilon
I slrd rsac fo ti s aOwt te inlnt
of expai ni ng wi tniues fo oli ni ng act
al unrette daloes wor w1 wt phoes.
I n my exporto, I hav lea many 0 fo
achi eving ti s, wt hav asfond tat ter a
k may dferng COTs ot tre, ad evt
in a ade to dfatng H dzen or s brs
tt cn b found i n te NYC ara woul d O H
waste of my tme and yours. I nstead, I have
fs o geeral tenqus ad mets ta
O b aplie t any ne, unkown, or futre
varty of COOT
I hav dede to break ti s dwn i nto te
vaous COCOT securi t measures u sed by
COT s ad how to efet ea one. I n actaf
t, ec COOT seldm uses moe tn oe of
. tese COT sert measure. Wen a si ngl
COCOT secut (antphreaki ng) measure i s
used, i t i s qui te easy for te phone phreak to
oblin a diltn. In more sere COTs, yo
shoul d expmet w1 varous cmbnatons of
ts teni qes, ad atempt to oe up wt
> tniues of your own.
To begi n wi t h, the most baSI C att empt to
get a real di al tone requi r es you to di al H
tol l free or 1 800 number, wai t for t hem to
hang up, and wai t for the real di al t one to
come back. At whi ch ti me, you woul d di al
your f ree cl l on an unrestri cted l i ne, or bet
t er yet , di al 0 f or an act ual operat or and
have her pl ace t he cal l f or you. The f ol l ow
i ng are met hods used by COCOTs i n order
2600 Magazine Summer 1990 Page 21
O st op you from doi n t hi s . li ke I sai d, it i s
a' e ac, speci f i c COCOT t o i mpl ement
mor e t han one Ol t hese.
CC1Secur i t y Measures
and How t o Defeat Them
1 ) Lockl ng Out The Keypad - I f the key
pad l 5 cTM| , the ..1 wi l l l ock i t out
n| | . : yOu| || nal cal l i s pl aced. Thi s can
ot dci cit ud wi t h t he use o f a po r t ab l e
c1M|di al er provi dOd t hat ot her measures
H| |` not I n pl acu t o pr even t t h i s ( mut i ng,
.1MOcuc o amdaut omati c reset) .
2 ) T h e Us e o f B No n - DTMF Keypad
J u JgJ m t he pu r pose i s t he same , to
L' | : `. || || . C g after t he cal i is com
: : d A.+ th i s can be def eat ed wi th a
. . ' : C J| , provi ded ot her measures

LC| ! O| - | | L | 0
|` 3 d - ' J 0! 0
| ! WO| K
| l . y |.ul 3 c,| u0
|0Ol O 0| v3! | OH
r 'C, '
C5| Q|
` ' . O ' 3 ' _ ! ! u O
Y| | l 0| 3. ' Cor l ey, J oh n Drdk0
. .. v, ' ' |' ` ' , Th e Gl i t ch ,
1' O ' ` ' O ' , Log Lady, Th e Pl agu e,
1 3', .3 v O 'd O ' 3 , :0 0c.
. Cu :.3 ` L t `w | 3 d , Mr .
', ' ' V - ' \1 3 , 3O
. ' ' . d` J y J. bu n c h .
HUO!0LC5|dl . O|5. '. '. T y..
are not i n pl ace. Most COeOTs di al - out
u s i n g DTMF anyway , and hence DTMF
di al i ng shoul d be enabl ed for that l i ne.
3) DTMF Detect i on & Aut omat i c Reset
Here, a di Herent approach is taken to pre
vent unaut hori zed di al i ng . The phone wi l l
reset ( hang u p and gi ve you back t he fake
di al tone) when it det ect s DTMF t ones on
t he l i ne af t er the eOeOT di al s your cal l .
Most eOeOTs do not i mpl ement thi s mea
s ure because i t i nterf eres wi th l egi ti mate
appl i cat i ons (beeper cal i s, VMS cal l s, etc. ) .
To d ef eat t h i s me a s u r e , mo d i f y y o u r
portabl e di al er t o u s e short er t ones ( l ess
t han 50ms ) . Si nce t he cent ral offi ce ( eO)
can u sual l y detect ver y shor tones, where
as the eOeOT may be sens i t i ve onl y to
l onger tones, you shoul d be abl e to di al out .
Anot her way to def eat t hi s i s to mask your
tones i n s,ntheti c st at i c generated by bl ow
i ng a " s h h h h h h h " sound i nt o the mout h
pi ece as you di al t he f i r s t d i g i t on t he
unrest ri ct ed di al tone. Thi s shoul d throw off
mo s t 1 M det ec t i o n ci r cu i t s u s ed i n
COeOTs, a n d t ones shoul d b e recei ved
qui te f i ne at tme CC bCCDu se t hei r ci rcui ts
a re mor e advanced an d pr ovi de g reate r
sen 5i t i vi ty and/or noi se su ppressi on .
4) Di al l one Detect i on & Aut omat i c Reset
Thi s measure i s S i mi l ar to the above mea
s u re , excLpl r eset t i ng wi l l t ake pl ace i f a
d i a l t o n e ( t h e u n r e s t r i c t E d d i a l t o n e ) i s
det ect ed b y t h e LOCT dur i ng t he cal l .
Si nce most LCLOTs d o not use t he "hang
up pul se" from ! 'u CO to detect t he ot her
par t y h a n g i n g u p , t h ey r el y heavi l y o n
det ect i ng t h e di al t o n e t h a t comes af ter
ward s , i n or der t o det ect when t he ot her
a| , . . Th i s i s D C| over measure
t hat is easi l y defeat ed by bl owi ng a " shhhh
h h h " s o u n d ( sy n t h e t i c s t a t i c ) i n t o t h e
mout hp i ece du r i n g t h e t i me at whi ch you
expect t he real di al t one t o come back. As
you keep shhhh i ng, you wi l l hear t he di al
| omco bick, t hen di al the 1 st di gi t ( usu
al l y a i , t hu di al t one w l l be gone, and you
di al t he res t of t hu mJor I f t he keypad i s
l ocked oul use your portabl e d a c
, Nu mber Rest r i ct i on Most s
. |/ |I \u tt ,/ lC
.`|I mmtr VV0
wi l l rest r i ct t he u ser f r om di al i ng certai n
n u mber s , ar ea code s , an d exchan g es .
Usual l y t hese i ncl ude 0 f or obvi ous rea
sons , 9b and J 900 t ype number s, ANAC
( number i denti f i cati on) , and others. On rare
occasi on s , COCOTs wi l l rest ri ct you from
di al i ng J 00 numbers. Al t hough t hi s is i l l e
gal i n most part s, i t i s done nonet hel ess,
becau se mos t COCOT owner s don' t l i ke
peopl e us i ng t hei r phone wi t hout payi n g
t hem. I n practi ce t h i s bri ngs i n more rev
enue, because t he phone i s avai l abl e to
more payi ng users. Your best bet here i s to
cal l any t ol l - free number that the phone wi l l
accept i nstead of the 00 number. These
may i n c l u de 4 J J , 9 J J , b J J , Z J J or t h e
repai r or cust omer servi ce number for t he
company t hat handl es t hat COCOT ( t hi s i s
usual l y t ol l -free and i s pri nted somewhere
on the phone) .
j Mut i ng The Mout hpi ece Thi s i s not
real l y a measure i n i t sel f , but i s somet i mes
used i n combi nat i on wi th other measures t o
prevent di al i ng out . Mut i ng i s usual l y done
when the COCOT i tsel f . i s di al i ng out , whi ch
prevent s you f r om g rabbi ng t he di al tone
before i t does . Thi s i s a rat her l ame and
f ut i l e techn i que si nce we typi cal l y obtai n
t he unrest ri ct ed di al t one af t er t he cal l i s
compl eted. Thus , there i s no need t o defeat
t h i s . I s u p p os e t h e des i g n er s o f t h e
COCOT were real l y paranoi d about securi
ty duri ng the start of the cal l , but compl etel y
i gnored di al t one penetrati on att empts after
t he cal l was di al ed and connect ed. J u s t
goes t o show y ou what happens wi th t hose
guys who wear pocket protectors and g rad
uat e wi t h a 4 0 average. I n t heory t hei r
desi g ns are perf ect ; i n real i ty t hey never
match u p to t he abuse whi ch we subj ect
t hem t o.
7) Other Measures Al t hough I have di s
cus sed al l meas u res cur rent l y known t o
me, i n defeat i ng new measures or mea
sures not di scussed here my best advi ce
woul d be t o u s e H combi nat i on of tech
n i ques ment i oned above t o obtai n an unre
stri cted di al tone or a "real operator" ( l ocal ,
AT &T, or any operator t hat can compl ete a
cal l for you and thi nks you are cal l i ng from
a regul ar l i ne, not a COCOT) .
Secret Numbers
Actual l y, there' s not much to say about
s e cr et n u mber s . Mos t COCOTs h av e
secret numbers t hat t he owner can punch
i nt o t he COCOT keypad, i n or der t o act i
vat e admi n i st r at i ve f unct i on s or me n u s ,
l ocal l y. These f unct i ons provi de i nformati on
regardi ng t he status of the uni t , the money
i n t he coi n box , t he owner ' s approx i mate
phone bi l l , and vari ous di agnosti c and test
f uncti ons. They al so al l ow a cert ai n amount
of reprogrammi ng, usual l y l i mi ted t o chang
i ng rates and restri cted numbers. For more
i nfor mat i on about t hese, I woul d suggest
o b t ai n i n g t he e n g i n eer i n g , d e s i g n , o r
owner' s manual s f or t he uni t . Si nce engi
neer i ng and desi gn manual s are cl osel y
company secret s, most l y t o pre
vent t he competi ti on from cl oni ng , i t woul d
be very di f fi cul t t o obtai n t hem. Owner ' s
manual s can be obtai ned rather easi l y wi th
a mi ni mal amount of soci al engi neeri ng, but
t hey ar e sadl y l acki ng i n i nfor mati on, and
pr i mar i l y wr i t t en f or t he aver age COCOT
Remote Connecti ons
Remot e connecti ons provi de t he same
functi ons as descri bed i n t he previ ous sec
t i o n , except t hey can be acce ss ed f r om
remot e, by cal l i ng t he COCOT. Remote
connecti ons are u sual l y reserved for aut ho
r i zed u ser s ( t he co mpany i n char ge of
mai nt ai n i n g t he pr oper oper at i on of t h e
COCOT) . Thus, the COCOT can be di ag
nosed from remot e, even before a person
i s sent down to repai r i t .
A typi cal COCOT wi l l pi ck up i n remote
mode after someone cal l s i t and l ets i t ri ng
for a whi l e ( between 4 and 1 0 ri ngs u sual
l y) . At t hat t i me i t wi l l communi cate wi t h t he
remote si te usi ng whatever met hod i t was
desi gned to u se. Thi s i s usual l y a 300 baud
modem, or a DTMF/synt hesi zed voi ce con
n ec t i o n . An acce s s code i s u s u a l l y
requi red, whi ch may b e a 3 o r 4 di gi t n um
ber i n t he DTMF connecti on , or anyt hi ng for
a pas swor d i n the modem c on n ect i o n .
,.on//nacdo n agc4J)
?000Magazine Summer I0 Page ?J
Hunting Jar Wiretaps
Dear 26DD:
Thi s i s i n response to WITs l etter
lnm upstate New York. I want to clue
you i n on the sho r t comi ngs of t he
phone company i n looking for wiretaps.
V you ft tl te phne cmp,
t wll I1 a cmputer chek to lok for
sming m sc clit wt.h ter phn
line. T will only lok for sre ciruit
bus tt is u only vay t wiret.
Wen the don" m it t prb.'bly v
cyou L sq Ug didn1 fnd it and
yu'r pid,
I f you inist tt te chek the phone
mc _ 0wprbbl snd smn
out Uyour ncrho b eek te ends
of U cle. 11 wil put a multmekr up
to U c of te cle b lok for either a
vol tage drop, current change, or an
mp.wcracs te line. I Ier agn t
U lokng for a set deie.
The problem Is that the phone com
pany doesn' t believ i n paral l el circuits
or any other types of ci rcui ts. The par
al l el ci rcui t must have i nfi ni te i nput
Impedance, possibly O op- amp.
Wen Uc don't fin dCwetap te s
ond time, the wll prb.bly gve you te
nubc, "W wuld ayone singe you out
u wtp you phne'?" Jc vns b the
efc1 ut you'r poid. 'e bttom line
L U te telephone cmpny L tehni,ll
If you rl want to chek your phone
line, do it youl( Jicm U onl I2 vlts
on the line, ver litte eurrnL Pt you h
on the cable and follow it out. When you
CM L smethin on the cble, opn te
L and S wt's mther. You mh
ucv up te 0or [lu tlcphone ple
C Uklephone tt Lbin bu!.
The best s ol ut i on i s to have t he
phone di sconnected and not use i t at
al l . Usc pay phones, di ffrent ones at
di ferent locations.
Question: How docs someone 're
tap i nto US Spri nt ' s fi ber opti c net -
letters from
work? It' s ben done to me.
San Francisco
Don' t cl i mb any t el ephone pol es
unless you know what you' re lookin
Jor o can teU th dUerene btwen
phn wires ad electric' wires. Sprint
readers: ay dues?
Dear 26DD:
As a 5-year-old hacker I fnd more
solid i nfo in 2600 than Byte, Comute,
and Comuter Shper combined.
At present it' s legal for Ig Brother"
to listen i n on wireless phones wthout
a j udge' s permission yet I can' t use a
radar detector in some s tates. What
happened to the Constitution and the
Bil l of Hights?
Wlmington. Delaware
Thmyellow paer }os with ae . . . .
! nn m frt ue of 2.
I U ver pleased with the content of te
m, but not the cnditon. J copy I
mcxIvt vas in cxtrmcl por condition.
J middle four pgvm mising and a
U p fm thc cnter tu U Lk
cvr D ripp.
I fle a cmpkint form with te U.S.P.s.
but they H not rplie. Is ucm a
tht you C do?
Sondly, C you snd the magazine
ft ekS ? IOras tat I ri by
ft c se m u sur te pst ofce m
mueh btte cndition uw thO St ot
We s 0 m o s cass
which is eactly |/u sae as .fist dass
et it's a wile k ch (t' s a n}o
Tn s.j 1 /st t qca d s]
O c u J|ofI. We'U s
qa rrcy.
O Gom R
Regardi ng your reeent attempts to
publ icize the government rai ds of com-
Page ?1 ?000Magazine Summer 10
our readers
puter bulletin boards: This i s O partic
ularly silly-looking si tuation from my
perspective. I work in the telecommuni
cations industry, for a voice response
serice bureau parially owned 'by MCI .
We deal wth tari ffs and communica
tion law all the time. Would the estab
l i shed tel ecommuni cati ons i ndustry
ever s tand for being held i csponsibl e
for illegal activities conducted in phone
calls being carred over their networks?
Never. I t' s st upid. The I nternet and
UUCP are as much coruon carriers as
AJJ and Spri nt - why should they
be treated diffcrently?
But you know all thi s. I need not
pontifcate now; I ' ll save it for my legi s
lators. Anyway, if you know of any leg
i sl ati on in progress that pertai ns to
t hi s freedom of i nfor mat i on to pi c ,
please let me know.
Just snt you a ppcgof a ft
m bok fm thc LS N/Cl/|c!cm
ofce calle Emrency Medica Srvies
Cm ai SstlTeha Hn
Sligt date, but IIXst of te Inlo Is suh
m us H de mdiicro L tt
sme mencics hve on chmi, ad
ter's now sm te digt cnununica
tons) .
P, tc rn for sending you the
Lk aide mmgncr u, Is tt um Is
H eensi c'sion of how 9 ! ! systems
oprte. Sem tt if you c gt a bok
le tis for S! (out of pot nw, but l H
numrus cpies) , it S a bit ludicrus to
c te I ! domnt L vr Lcr of
I| u bcaue oj J eforts ojpople
such O youelvs J the case againt
Ned ol l eldrp
Yet aother examle oj hu knowledge
she s O g 0. T}o 0 su
For t Rr
I t' s ANAC (Automatic Number
AnnounCement) . not ANI (Automatic
Numr Idetton!
Te AgB
Sur it's u U n bxL sfe, but
surely somone has been caught. If you
hvany I on ha n bxL md-
gate, I'm su it wuld D v tntert
.Y, rm m a sitaton tt I bt a lt oI
o:her sub H m h. I hva p
year of 2U and would like to purchas
back issues. However, I just can't bring
mshto py S2 for wht wuld onl b a
hyof mOnuonAny I c
I you hv a paria yea oj 2UJor
1 98 1 Jprs g ca by mu
is:ues Jor $6. 2 each ($ 7. U overseas).
At b}o0uosg.
S9ojnbs, a r ojn
pr U umOojOrs 1 lt
m 0lt s:u.1hC g u k
ch a PS tch 0dva
n b We Osa ul issi IL
sily uwhy o u o
kd J. We h kshuO n h
owh m0u
Pray tcll M, you pl, which of your
bak issues wul hv U rk num
ber for my telephone numbr m the 4O
We loked. o either we missed i t
or I nvr gave u out. Rinback coes
are general l y too area speciic to be
given out here. Ever exchane can b
diferen. Hut the bst way to }c such
coes, O wU O AI (ANAe to perec
t ionists), hidden exhanges, o other
Jun things u to exlore every poss ible
exchange u your area coe. Our August
?000Magazine Summer 10 Page Z
we welcome letters
I 9B4 i ssue has a worksheet you can
use to accompl i sh t his.
At press tim, a brand lI 800 ANI
dtb O stU! w. By cali
B6662, yo can atu(ly h gu
mn b 0 q ||y .i g h
a th 0 wh Jpik u. Yes, & l
b C u whs cl J Il b
a g tJo S 0a N C
S iJo y. But t O o uuys 0
d 0syst O|-
oO0ogo 0 J H n
Agm JO oqh bqos0
pfl nmuall S's. S,h
qg0 o O'sJmn Lb.
We wa 0 /uo u/v other erints
yi We h 0 s stas arJo
awhile, as u' s inval uabl inJining out
CC n, eodr1
b, |od, et
Lyu kow uads of of U
following mcs? I've ben lookng for
them (alon wm 26s which I found by
ndent m H isue of the Vl Voi for
some dn no. T O. ! l,
New Ueal i t ies, W. O. RM. , Cyberpunk
Inrb Moo 2, Sn Man
(publishe in fston).
wO ts O |J1:<. l Iotr, 1
edlor u ukon O OpJacoan u/m
sh o o m 0 oojc wc` k qo
Ll Ionc|hoO}Mn
2t . To s u| U I 0 I / I, Bd.
CA94/0. SMguo|U4I 0I 9,
Smn,M02I 4.As}o0o, u"h
Dear 26DD:
I H vel intertd in telephone sUlil
lanc and cunter-suleill,mce O well as
cllula phones. Lyou h ay bk isue
on te topie I 'uld lik to buy ucm
P, I rnt dialc a eN/ A opmtor
ad she ak I for m L numbr, v
I oboul didn't v.Wht do I do?
We' re lokig Jor a Jew go aticles
on topping in t he nineties. We havn' t
reol / y covered sUrveil l oe u itself As
far as "loging u to t he CN/A operator,
I suggest you
lnd out one bU ofinfor
mation at a time: JOr7ot, what kind q
componies have coes, et c. It' s called
"peopl e hacking" and you don' t even
need a comuter.
Ocar 26DD:
I j us t p i cked up a copy o f t he
Aut umn I 989 i s s ue o f 2600 i n a
secl uded books t ore i n The Russi an
River aea of Cal i forni a. I t contai ns a
l i st of carrier aeeess codes but when I
dial the coe fol l owed by 7OO 666-4 I 4 I
l get the message " I t is not necessar to
di al ' I ` wi th thi s number" and then a
busy signal. What am I doi ng wronl, ?
Al so, how can I get more i nforma
t i o n abo ut us i ng my c o mp ut e r to
access UUS systems wi t hout payi ng
exorbi t,t l ong di stance charges ( I cur
rently use AT&T and pay them S2OO-
S3OO per mon th t o cal l a board i n
Youngstown, Ohio. )
Do you sti l l have a HHS serce and
e o ul d you e x pl ai n t he d i ffe r ence
between blue boxi ng and red boxi ng?
Guerneville. CA
It sounds like you might o u O nn
Dell area. Independent lool comanies
(such as GTE/ConteV somet ims don' t
hov equa acess mv prvide horrble
service. You' re probobl y confus ing th
hl our oj your switch by d| o a sonu
t hing i t' s nver heard oj before. lIenee
th wir recording.
IH s: \ i mhu 0ch
O ||u Jx snx O by Sprit 0
al s g 30 h of o 0x |
ayu;hcr u J oufor $30 a mnh
Yo sh m SU 0v g ca cct
0Ttfo Jpr oja k oca t
th bas you cal! are reahabe on |
Pui Call B TJLo ak o J
qust gu
We d't ho BI3's n ca L D
o o O cv S | b m O
s tate ojparanoia. We can' t emphasie
Page ?0 ?000Magazine Summer I0
of all sorts
enuh the iortwe of ui bulletin
o t arl.ale frely, oy, o
wnnly (wl nswy. i g h
0 a a b l hhy
Fly, t 0 h tooou
d U.S. It ives seiig long dislwe
0 ua 260h o Jxn
i calfofre usi M ts A o b
btQo g |JO O.
W a nb dos L[f bps whih
tlhistiat ddJslOI-q'
epypf 0 q'odma q
Protection Fom
Ocar 26DD:
The artiele i n the Spri ng I 99O i ssue
on mari ne t el ephone eavesdr oppi ng
brought back memories of some I O 2O
years ago whcn I worked as a part ti me
mari ne el ec t roni cs tech. At that ti me
most pl easure boat radi os operated i n
' the 2 3 ml !z PM band. VI! F and SSI
were just begi nni ng duri ng t hi s t i me.
The coast radio telephone stations at
that time (and most l i kely sti l l ) consi st
ed of three parts, al l connected by wr
l i ne or microwave l i nks.
Fi rst , there were several rece i ver
sites scat tered around the serice area.
Next. there was one powerful trans
mi tter l ocalcd at a central si te.
Las t , t he r e was a c o n t r o l p o i n t
where the operator(s) sat.
Whi chever receiver was get t i ng t he
strongest si gnal for t he moment l ocked
out the ot hers and was heard by the
operator. The operator coul d read out
t he si gnal s t rengt hs o f t he vari ou s
receivers, and they usual ly di dn' t mi nd
goi ng down the whole l i st i f you cal l ed
them as " radi o repai r" duri ng a sl ow
period. Thi s al so t ol d you the l ocati ons
o f t he recc i ve rs , bec ause she ( mal e
operators were l'ery rare l lcn woul d
gi ve t l c l o c a t i o n a n d t h c S i g n a l
st rength lOr each one. Ano | lcr cont rol
she had was a " cove r t one" swi t ch.
Whe n o n , t he s hor e t r ans mi t t er ,
i nstead of rebroadcasti ng the shi p sta
ti on, woul d j ust go beeeeeeep pause
beeeeeeep pause . . . whenever you ( on
t he boat ) had yo ur mi ke bu t t on
pressed. (Shi p t o shore tel ephone ser
vi c e is hal f d u pl e x I ns t ead o f ful l
duplex as is landline and cel l ul ar ser
vice. I!al f dupl ex me,lS that only one
side L tal k at once. The boat station
controls the di rection that is active by
pressi ng and rel eaSi ng the mi ke but
ton. The person on the boat can Inter
rupt the person on l and, but not vice
versa. ) I made i t a poi nt for mysel f ad
to my cus t omers to al ways as k the
operator to " s top repeat i ng me" ( i . e. ,
turn on the cover tone) when I gave a
credi t card number or any such i nfor
mation I di dn' t want broadcast over the
e nt i re NYC- NNJ - LJ ar ea. Wi t h rare
excepti ons, they di d so wi thout com
pl ai nt. I woul d suggest t hat thi s i s sti l l
a good i dea.
Cauton: J1wn't myou mmplctel
inmlUne to eavsrpping but i t wJ gt
reduce the l i kel i hood. An eavesdroppr
wuld hv b Icthe rlat vsil
fm te bat instmd of te much s mxn
shor sttion si
We' re t ol d t hat as a res ul t oj our
article i the l ast issue, the enU pol iy
of gi ving c al l i ng cards ou t over t he
marin band has been s topped. Some
people are o wi th us bcause this
auenue ofJree cal ing has ben t urnd
oJ to t hm. But counter t hat wi t h t he
fact t hat cert ain companies h to Jal
over t hemsel ues chaning a non- exi s
t ent securi t y pol i cy before t he whol e
wrl d Joun out abut i t. Pl us t he Jact
t hat yet again we' ve provn how cus
tomer security real l y isn' t al l t hat hih
on | /ir prtority l i s t. It would hav had
to ha ve been chanfed at SaTe point.
o(, uo) . Hc| | cr ( |o| | | qo ou t wi t h O
banq | |t t: af"l e.
Z0JJu_u,tnt ^ummtl 77J u_c2 7
2600 Compromising
Ocar 26DD:
Thr ough t he year s , 2600 has
received from i ts readers much prai se
for its efforts to make avai lable a cer
tai n amount of i nformati on to the com
puter/ tel ecommuni cati ons hobbyi st
that can found nowhere clse. But I
t hi nk that 2600' s ac ti ons of l ate are
not hi ng l ess t han reprehensi bl e and
are detri mental t o the ver same com
muni ty i t tri es so hard to defend. I t i s
my hop that you wil l pri nt thi s l ettcr
i n ful l , as lengthy as i t may be, to al low
the membrs of the hacker communi ty
outsi de of the New York Ci ty area to
understand the recent turn of events
you have al l uded to on pages 38 39 of
the Sprng I 00O i ssue.
"We do not bclieve i n cover-ups. By
not pri nti ng that bi t of ugl i ness, we
woul d have been doi ng j us t t hat . " -
2600 Moqozuc, Aut umn I 088, page
Thi s bri ngs me to t he main thrust of
my l et ter: Ltely, i n the New York Ci ty
area, hackers have been receiving qui t e
O bi t of medi a att ent i on, probabl y more
than cvcr Iclorc. Thi s has ranged from
n cvs jnpcr and magazi ne art i cl es t o
l ocal NBC news covcrnge o f the UAPC
hacki ng ordeal . In each I nstoncc, 26C0
Moqu.|tu has been promi nently men
t i oned, and your edi tor has appeareQ
i n bot h t cl cvi scd and pr i nted i nter
vi cv,s. lLc to these appearnces, i t i s
leconi ng rcadi ly apparent to the soci
e t y ou t si de of our " subcul t ure" that
2600 Moqo:|ru i s D " spokesperson" for
the hacker communi ty.
I have nothi ng agai nst that. l n fact,
the hackcr communi t y needs a uni fy
ng lorcc or cvc n a tan
i bl e home base
where hockcrs of di ffrent backgrounds
and computers can i nterface. The pres
ence of 2600 i t sel f, as a publ i c voi ce for
hackers , ma
al so jrovc to be a medi -
why not send
ur through which we can hel p expose
inequities in the system itself, i n this
world of Secret Serice confscations
and arrests, biased trial s, and unjust
What I am protesting, however, is
the image 2600 Magazi is projecting
of the 'Amercan Hacker" to the outside
worl d. Since its begi nni ng, 2600 has
coveted its beloved di sclai mer of how
the hacker is bor out of the desire for
intel l ectual sti mulation, which can be
satiated va the use of a computer and
the exploration of it and others wth it.
2600 feels this is how the world should
vi ew us . I quote from Spri ng I UH8,
page 8. . . e hacki ng i nvolves so much
more than el ectroni c bandi t s. I t' s a
symbol of our ti mes and one of the
hopes of the future. " Thi s may be a
rosy-eyed, naive vew, but it i s, howev
CI, accurate.
But lately, 2600 Magazi has drft
c from this idelog, and the hacker is
gai ni ng a reputation as a criminal with
destruct ive i ntcnt, as the edi tors and
wri ters o f thi s magazi ne are gett i ng
caught up in t he sensational i sm of i t
al l . The pi ctures of scveral members of
t he cl osc- kni t group of fri ends ( I wi l l
cal l the ' 2600 Gang") appeared on the
front cover of the Village Voie the week
of Uuly 24, I 99O, and Eric Corley him
sel f has appeared on bot h an NBC
prime- time te\cvi si on newscast and i n
the cover stor of Newsday Magai,
Jly 8, I 99O, page ! 2 . Thi s s i mpl y
r up po r t s my argu me nt t hat 2600
Magai i s compromi Si ng the securty
of it subscrbers, as wel 1 as that of fel
l ow mcmbers of t he hacking communi
ty, to gai n a spot i n the l i mel ight.
Perhaps i t i s 2600" s belief that soci
e ty s ho ul d be made aware o f o ur
" habi ts " , t o " s how how t he machi ne
real ly works" . Does t hi s i ncl ude the
publ i c annou nceme nt of the " Fl are
Gun Assaul t s" that 2600 Magai has
conducted agai nst several teleo i nstal -
lagc. .000.Uaga;ti c `ummtrYY0
that letter today?
l ati ons? Or docs t i rcI udc t el evi sed
ad mi ssi ons t hat the 2600 s t aff has
penetrated the New York Ci ty Board of
Education' s computer system? Docs i t
al so i ncl ude concessi ons that cl ose
affl iates of 2600 Magazine are repro
gramming ESS swi tches?
Lyou n U russion of your
brg a arg 260 Maa L
u oly pla'e wher such mtr C or
should L di scussed, where it wi l l gain
wrdwide ac pt. JJout'ide wrd v
cnder 260Maa lr it atons ad
hk Ot viu it H u "spkepr
sn" of the hK!cmut itslf L Ud u
such aubc, uc lcwULdepict
to the world U pertrtor of crimes l
I U U menton m v
b cnsiderd detmentl and a thrat u
set O a whole.
Your magazine speaks of ignorance
of "the system" and the resul tant fear
of it. I n fact, 2600 Magain was creat
ed i n an effort to enlighten people and
di spel t hi s fear. But of l at e, 2600' s
activities and thci r gl Ori fcati on by the
media, are generating a fear of hackers
themselves, which is already devel op
i ng i nto a hatred. I n the publ i c' s eye,
the hacker has degenerated from the
forgot ten War Games charact er, an
i nqui si tive and smarter- t han- avcrage
teenager wi th a gift for computers, to a
malicious cyberpunk that is U. threat to
soci ety and cannot be t rus tcd in i t .
This computer whiz kid that was once
greatly desircd in the work force for his
k nowl edge and i nge nui ty is now
banned from employment i n t he com
puter science feld as a security thrcat,
and is being vicwcd as a criminal and
the keyhoard his wcapon.
I am not cl ai mi ng i nnocence. Far
from i t. No " truc" hackcr LH. But ccr
tainly your recent activities and efforts
to gain somc fame are sacrifci ng ever
thing for us, sincc you are bei ng viewed
as the represent ati ve of our enti re com
muni ty . When 2600 Magazine was
founded i n I 98, I don' t t hi nk t hi s was
what you set out to achieve.
The reecnt t rend of evcnts at your
monthly meetings is further evidence of
thi s. The meeti ngs have deteriorated
from an i nformat ive assembl age of
hac ke r s t o a chao t i c t hrong o f
teenagers who ae being viewed by the
medi a and authori ti es as a menace.
Wi thi n t hi s mob i s hiddcn t he " 2600
Gang" , a vcr el itist group of close-knit
frends who associate wth Eri c Corley
and refuse to s hare i nformati on o r
communicate wth ayone outside o f it.
Thi s is j ust another exampl e of the
hypoc ri sy of t hi s magazi ne and i t s
staff, whi ch has t hus far cl ai med t o
encourage t he free exchange of i nfor
l aation to promote awarcness.
I n l i ght of thi s, I urge the staff of
2600 Magai t o re-evaluate i ts ideals
and actions and to come to gri ps wth
the responsi bil ity it has to take on if it
wshes to deal with the media in any
way. At this time, i t might be best to
discontinue all media contact and relo
cate the 2600 meeti ng place to a more
di scrcct location. If anyone wishes to
t ake o n t he medi a i nd i vi dual l y, he
shoul d not i mplicate 2600 Maazin,
as i t wll si mply associate the magazine
wi th i l l i ci t activi ties, which wil l resul t
i n iurther arrests, confiscati ons, and
eventual l y, the cl osi ng down of 2600
Magaine as wcll as te compromise of
i t s s ubs c ri ber s ' l i s t i n a bi g FBI
coverup a la 1A Maazin. I know that
the maj ority of the " 2600 Gang" who
are l ess mature than the editors will
dismiss this lettcr as a sign of paranoia
and fool i shncss, but i t is not. Thi s is
ver serious.
Disgusted Hacker
It' s ineresting that you accuse us oj
"reJus{ing} to share iJormation or com
muniate wi t h anyon out side oj {our
grup}. ' Yet your solution is to "discon
tinue aU mdia contact o reloate th
2600 meet ing place to a more discreet
?000Magazine Summer 10 Page ?
2600 letters , po box 99,
l ()co t ion", thirh nO doubt woul d |w' e
| cs s c|oo| ic t cennqcrs " . Sounrs l i ke
(jou j ust wont nwre Of a gri on t h si | u
a| icn
Our mcc| irqs ore chaot i. no ques
t ion there. We see t hcm as a parol lcl t o
what hacking is al l about . We t rade
infrmat ion, t al k wi t h l ot s of eo| e,
nwke a bit (f noise, o nwve forward
wit hout any Jormal agena. We're care
ful not to cousc dam age, but samet imes
peole get ofnded. I t ' s nt for every
In sucn a community, there can be
no one unifying voice t hat speaks for
C(Xr}on. And 2600 dos not speakJor
at! hackers. Nplrthcss t he media has
cal led uon us to o|c|oe u o hclp
i nves t igat e part icul ar hacker st ories.
Th i s has res u l t ed i n, despi t e your
cl aims, some of t he bst hacker press i
years. We fai l IO see how t hi s coul d
compromie t he security (f our readers
or of any body el se Jor t hat mat t er,
Uecent art is in T New York Ts,
The Vil l age VoIce, and I Iarpers have
shcun hokcrs |n a mre realist ic | ight
(t he VoIce piece in particulo bing one
of t he bes t ar t i cl es ever to have
appeared on hacking). A Natior Publi
Uaio proram uAugust pitd hackers
agai ns t Ar i zona pr osecu t or Gai l
Thokeray |n a l i vl y debate. En tel e
vision is st aing to show potent iaL but
t hat ' s going to t ake some doing. Sure,
t here' s st il l a l ot of mudsl inging goin
on. But mos t of t his is t he resul t of
event s, s uch as the massive raLds by
t he au t hor i t i es over t he pas t fe w
nunh. \cre iI nt for th btter stores
t ha t could not hav been writ ten wit h
out our part iciatin the Amerian pub
| w ould hav gotten onl y on s0. Is
| h| uhO| you want?
You refer t o anot her art i cl e t ha t
accuses hackers of reprogrammi ng
S IIClCS and shoot ing Jare guns. But
you' re the onl y one who says 2600 i in
CUl} way connected wit h these al |eged
i nident s. Whlj ? You' re Ol so t he onl y
one who s a y s 2600 broke i nt o t he
UAl'C s y s t em ( Grade "A " lacki ng,
Aullm | 9B9 |ss uc} . It was vry clear
|nevery account we saw tha th UAPC
infrmat ion was gi ven to us ad that
we t urned i t over to t he media. Since
you're obViously capabl of get t in our
quotes frm past issues of 2600 riht,
why ca' t you get the basic facts riht
on such imortan s tories? It reminds us
of a recent case whre a hacker from
New York was reported to have had
access 0 tlehon swi tches. Th New
York Pos t took t hat to mean t hat he
opened manhole covrs u the stet to
access t he phone l ines - and t hat ' s
what they pred. Needless to say, we
had nthin to do wit h 1Tstor.
We're nt sayin that your coner
O nt valLd. Th ime of th haker L
const ant l y being t arnished by peopl e
who ei t her don' t unders tan or who
u t S hk cat ua b m Bu
your Jacts just don' t hold g. Our publ i
sta h h O efet uobm m|
prv Jv ir bfoe L q |h a
go ston/. An whn a go stor coms
o Umh 0ch 0S
hOkerS O we see ourselves. With that
An Unusual Request
Ocar 2DD:
I woul d l i ke to ask your readers to
he l p me make a p l ane cr as h.
Speci f i cal l y, I need t o know how a
mul ti - mi l l ionare media magnate could
wi l l ful ly cause a j etl i ner to crash on
apprach to a maor New York airport
oucomgu|er dial- Up.
My namc is Rick Saifcr, and that' s
part of the stor for a screenpl ay I ' m
wri ti ng. I entreat 2600 readers to help
make i t real i sti c, creative, and especial
ly devious. (In case you' re wondering,
the hcro of thi s movi e i s a hacker who
wil l eventual ly discover that the mi l
l i onai re caused the crash, vi a sl oppy
Page 30 2600 Magazine Summer 1990
middle island, ny 1 1 953
hackng mistakes m made while cq|-
mcn this crash!) I want the crash to
be big: w 747's colliding in mid-fight
over the Grand Central Parkway at
rsh hour would b delightf
I imagine that this hacking would
take place pre-fight, but I' m open to
sugestions. Remember, our vilain has
unl imited money and power, so have
fun: mone Is no object!
Pl sn rpn k. Pl Crh,
c/o Z, P.O. Ux U, Middl Isld, N
U. Inlud UM Kof nba D
yu wh I wu m k cntt U bt
rpnet di.
Fee Phone Calls
Ocaz 26DDt
In the past you have printed letters
telling tales of wo about fawed college
telephone systems. I recently discov
ered an interesting faw in the tele
phone system at my university. All
students living in the dorms must dial
"B" frst to dial out on local and long
distance calls. However, if one merely
dials "7" instead of " B" bfore any long
distate call. the call doesn't show up
on your bill. Now tose are the kind of
faws that I like.
M. Ugcttcz
Tq' rc o|so 0 k0 thot doo' t|ost
wQ |oq.
Ocaz 26DD:
I learned of a trck that might be of
interest to you. To get someone else to
pay for your long distance calls when
you're in a payphone, grab the phone
book. Dial U and the number you want
to reach. Then tell the operator, when
she comes on, that you want to bill this
call to anoter phone. When they ask if
someone is home to verify it, say, "J
think so. " For selection of the number,
there are several methods to use.
( a) The n'umber of someone you
know (and presumably hate) , using the
name of one of their loved ones who
might ask tem to tke the charge.
(b) A number at random from the
phone bok, using the nae of the per
sn who is listed for the number.
(c) A number at random from the
phone book, using a blad name like
Joe, John, Frak, Bill, Sam, et cetera.
(his works more efectively on phones
designated " Chi l dren' s Phone" and
phones In rich neighborhoods. )
(d) A person' s ofce. After hours,
many people have answering serices
coverng their calls, ad eer once in a.
while they might accept charges If you
use the name of the person who
employs the serice.
Waring: ' Be prepared to hang up,
especially on (b) and (c) . The odds of
actually succeeding are low, but not a
low as you might think. (The person
who told me this trck pulled it of the
frst time he tried It, and has done it
tce since. Most of the time, noboy's
home.) Aso, if you'r doing this frm a
payphone, it's practically Impssible to
get yourself caught unless you're tr
There is the difculty of running
Into the same operator tce or thrce,
but this can b avoided by having two
or three people running shifs calling
four or fve times In a row and then
passing it along to the next person. It's
easier for the caller to recognize the
operator's voice tha vice versa, esp
Cially since they speak frst, but be pr
pared to pass the phone to another
person qUickly.
( I n case you' re wonderi ng, my
friend Is a bored dorm student who
gets desperate to talk to his girl
fri end who l ives several hund red
miles away. )
We`0 bhs Yom0O O O
O J h . ,]m0 s|q b
c kojdso'th
Jm h kd uh h. mog
k]gO us o 0 sqsds.
We gkJd] .
Z00Magaztnc 5ammcr10 IagcJ!
(continued from page 13)
ers are not innocent. Yes , they may wel l
be i nnocent of comput er va nda l i s m,
forgery, etc. ( the only cons i stent truth
about newspapers is that they couldn't get
facts straight to save their l ives) but they
have still entered a system and looked at a
private doument ( assuming I understoo
your arti cle correctly - apologies if I ' m
wrong) . People should have a right to pri
vacy, whether those people are ordi nary
tsers, hackers, or large companies, and it
should not b abused by either hackers or
the authori ti es. Cons ider the non- com
puter analogy: if someone broke into my
house and s t ar t ed goi ng t hr ough my
things , I would b severely unhappy wi th
them - and I would not appreciate a sug
gesti on that they had a ri ght to do so
because they happened to have a key that
fit my door ! "
" Wha t does the ent i re 9 1 1 jSteve
J ackson Games escapade tell us ? Well, i t's
not al l tha t new that the government
( l i ke most such things ) requires careful
watching, and I ' m not too happy about
how the last I 'd heard, an agent had told
SJ Games they wouldn' t get al l of their
hardware back, even though no charges
had been fi led. ( Can you say legal ized
thievery boys and girls ? I knew you could. )
But the mai n thing that moves me to
wri te this missive is the indication from
the published article that the authors , and
thus quite l ikely also the parry respons ible
for copying that document and circulating
i t still do not qui te understand what the
indi vi dual respons ible di d. Accordingly,
and i n the hopes that i f this ci rcul ates
widely enough he or she will see i t, the
following message:
\ - a l l you di d was get i nto Bel l
South's computer system ( mostly proving
that their securi ty sucks rocks ) to prove
what a hotshot hacker you wer e, then
made a copy of somethi ng harml ess to
prove it. Sheer innocence; nothing to get
upset about, right?
Bul lshi t , my fr i end. Want to know
what you did wrong? Wel l , for starters ,
you scar ed the U. S. gover nment and
poi nted i t i n the di rection of computer
hobbyists. There are enough control freak
in the government casting wary eyes on
free enterprises like BBS systems without
you having to give them ammunition like
that . Bad move, friend, bad move. You
see, the fact that you didn't damage any
thing, and only took a file that would do
no harm to Bel l South U the 9 1 1 system if
it wer e s pr ead a l l over the count r y is
beside the poi nt. What rea l ly counts is
what you Ohave done. You know that
you only took one fi l e; Bel l South only
knows tha t one fi l e from the i r system
turned up al l over the pl ace. What else
might have been taken fom the same sys
tem, wi thout thei r happening to see i t ?
You know that you di dn' t damage the ir
system ( you thnk that you didn't damage
their system) ; all Bel l South knows is that
somebody got i nto the system to swi pe
that file, and could have done any number
:|much nastier things. Resul t - the entire
computer you took that file from and its
contents are compromi sed, and posibly
anything els that was connected wi th tat
computer (we knw it C b diale m hO
anoter computer - tat's ho you got on, aer
all ! ) b acmproi. / all of it h now
got 'L bchecke. Even 0it's jut a btc of text
hOnever uon te 91 1 system itl, tey al
have to b investigated for moification or
deletions. Heck - j ust bringing it down and
reloading fom backup hObfore you got in 1
they k1 when you got in) even u no new
Iagc J? ?o00Magaztnc 5ummcr10
thing were added since would take a lot of
time. If ti is th srt Othing tat $79,49
refre to I thi ty were unertimtig.
Yo C seby 3 lo Otim/mcy; yo
almot cot Steve Jackn Games thei exis
ten; yo go sverl folk a0fo reivi
stlen go ( in esn); yo enangere a lo
Ohilti bd mayt even BB n in
genral. Plea fnd sme otr way to prove
hgeat you are, \
In o uod, gm m! D't s
r I h fa Juaqmo-
m msoh enu u om
r e We n Q ko lo w t o.
InnJdgae t t sf
soh m,po
"I've jut rad t rtr lng articl deib
te invetigatio OBB sytems in t US.
While th actio taen by the ivetigator
setim semed exteme, I wold ak you to
cnider te following simple ao
'hyou 5 te fot dor of smn's hu
stdin opn, do you el it's apprpriat to go
>, its still a crime to t sehere you'r
nt suppd U t, whetr damge bdon C
not. Wouldn't you be upset if you found a
stger lurking abut your hus? It's vila
tin Oprivc, pur simple.
/ to the argument tat pl are doing
cration a 'srice' by fin ulop
hle, rbbish. Again, would you appreiate a
prn who attempt to Ieak into your hous,
checking to S uyou've loked your window,
etc ? I thik not.
The whole isue is ver easily summa:
it's not yor proprty, s don't gnear it."
" I have not snt along my phon numtr
since there are a few people out there who
would q to rtaliate against my compute for
wht I am goin to say.
I have n red su unmitigte B si
t lat pri oDniel .
Yo oje t t 'ci dmy ft
drmmagin t my dawer' anl
Qmetirig leavi t fot OQ
In th ft pl, bwhat rit dyou ente my
houe univite for ay rean? Tat C b
blary, even dall yo te i a u sanitar
napkin. ( By th way, in Texas, burglar oa
habitatio (hu) ba ft degefk 3 t 7
or life) . Burglary i defne as te ent of a
buildig wit th intent t cit a feloy o
. Doo remini r pro o m
building Oanote witt t efetive c^
snt Ot Or; i ciminl U m C
get you up to a yea in m cq jail Wn
yo go into see's prprty, even eletoi
clly, you are aking fc Jopuni
ment dyou gt caugt
Is the nosy 1 4-year-old going to b any
less dead if the householder sees hi m in
the house at 3: 0 am and puts both barrels
of a 1 2 gauge shotgun through hi m? ( Not
knowi ng that the l ate 1 4- year- ol d was
only there ' to learn' . ) As to storming into
a suspect's house with guns etc. , what the
hel l are they supposed to do? Take the
chance that the individual is armed wi th
an assaul t rife?
As to the Phrak case, I have read the
indictments, and if the DJ can prove i ts
case, these individuals ( one cal led by his
own cou nse l ' a 20- year - ol d nebbi sh' )
deserve what they get. Nei dorf had to
know the material he publ ished was pri
vate property, and the co-defendant who
cracked the Bell South fi les, had to know
he had no right to do so. The fact that
much of the i nfor mat ion was publ i cl y
avai l able from other sources i s bth imma
teri al and irrelevant. Is i t any less theft i f
you steal my encyclopedi a rather than my
silverare ?
(continued on page `>)
?00Magazine Summer 10 Page JJ
(continued/rom page 19)
usi ng NElI NK, tp Q o QUI to retum t
PRI MOS. you wuk l i ke to se the other
cmmans (yeah, there are more) tha I am
not cvering i n this artile, then typ HELP.
You've got the DCdown rw, s go fi
dl e around with NETLI NK and see what
other srane thi ns you cn do.
10XlSKIClarin US L%
00I%I%by NENK
U0 DTE OrYi nae
1 0 Buy
3 0 Invalid Foi l iy Reuest
5 0 Ner Cnestin
9 0 LLOrer
1 1 0 P Bare
13 0 Not Otai nabe
"On these archaic
revisions of PRI
MOS you can enter
CTRL- C as the
password of a valid
account and auto
maticaly bypass the
front door password
securty_ "
1 7 0 Remote Proure Error
1 9 0 L Prure Errr
2T 0 Ou LOrder
25 0 Refusi ng Clle Call
o 0 I ncmpatible Destinatin
4T 0 Fast Sele A tacNot
b/ 0 Ship Asent
T ZO 0 DTE Orii nate (Non-standard
1 29 0 Bus (Priate)
1 31 0 Invali Faclity Reuet
1 3 0 Netwr Cngetion
1 37 0 LLOrd
1 39 0 A:ss Bare (Priae)
1 41 0 Not Olainable (Prvate)
1 45 0 Remote Prure Err
1 47 0 Lol Prure Error
1 49 0 RPOA Out LOrer (Prvate)
1 5 0 Refusing Clle Call
1 61 0 Incmpible Desi nain
1 69 0 Fas Sele A:panc Not
Subsrib (Priae)
1 8 0 Ship Absent (Prvate)
1 93 0 Gateway-eee Proure
1 95 0 Gateway Cnesin
0XISODianosi L0S
00I0CI00 by NENK
0 No adiional information
1 0 Invalid P(S)
2 U Inval i d P(R)
T O U Pacet typ invalid
1 7 0 Pacet typ invalid - for state r1
20 0 Pacet typ invalid for state p 1
21 0 Pacet typ invalid - for stae p2
Z0 Pacet typ invalid - for stae p
23 0 Pacet typ invalid - for state p4
24 0 Pacet tp invalid - for state p5
26 0 Pacet typ invalid - for state p7
27 0 Pacet tp invalid - for state d 1
29 0 Pacet typ invalid - for state d3
32 0 Pacet no allwe
33 0 Unientiiable pcet
36 0 Pacet on unassine li
Page J4 ?000Magazine Summer 10
38 0 Pacet to shor
39 0 Pacet to lng
40 0 Invali GFI
41 0 Restar wih nnzero in bis 1 -4,
9-1 6
42 0 Pacet typ no cmptibe wih
43 0 Unauthorize interrup
cnfi nain
44 0 Unauthorze interup
48 0 Ti mer expre
49 0 Tmer expre - for i nming cll
O0 0 Ti mer expre - for clear
51 0 Ti mer expre - for rest
52 0 Tmer expre - for resar
O0 Call seup o clearng prblem
O0 Faciliy ce not allowe
66 0 Faciliy parameter not alloe
67 0 I nvali clle address
68 U I nvali cl l i n adress
69 0 I nvali facliy lengh
70 0 I ncming cl l barre
71 0 No licl cannel aailable
72 0 Call cl l i sin
73 0 Dupl ite foil i reuese
74 0 Nonzero adres length
O0 Nonzero faciliy lenh
76 0 Faciliy no prvie
when expe
U Invali CCrT-Speie
DTE facliy
1 1 2 0 I nernainal prbem
1 4 0 Timer expire
1 45 0 Ti mer expire -
For interrpt cnfi nain
1 60 0 DTE-Spi Sinal
1 63 0 DTE Resurc cnsraint
239 U User sement del ee
24 U Time out L dear reuest
241 0 Time out on rest reuest
Z4Z0 Time out on cll reuest
24 0 Routethrugh dwn
244 0 Routethrugh -
Denugh memor
24 0 Routethrugh - circi timeut
24 0 Routethrugh - cll
reuest loping
247 0 Routethrugh pool errr
248 0 Netr serer loge D
249 0 Lol pure ero Primeet.
250 0 Hos down
dOT 0 Il leal adress
2O2 0 No remote user
253 0 Sysem busy
dO0 Sysem no up
2OO0 Por n assine
There are t oher usful PRI MENET
utilities, and thee are MNITOR_NET
CONFI_PRI MENET. in this sein l wil l
brefly detail these t utiliie.
CONFI G_NET i s usef ul for obtai ni ng
suh inormain as inr-sysem links (disk
pariins tha are share b sstems D0
PRI MENET ri ng), remote l oi n passwrs,
and sstem NUA's. Jus t:
DK OB@DmD0fODBg00D&0
The "cnfii l ename" G the name of the
PRI MENET cnfiuratio fil e (le in the
*>PRI MENET direor from MFD O. You
L maj up a PRi MENET ri n wih
this utility, s b creful. You dont want K
evr save a moijie cnfiuratin. Alays
answer suc a questin wih NO. The onl
cmmad you wi l l really ever nee to use G
the LIST cmmand. When yu typ LIST i
will d you what you wat K l is. Just typ
ALL and T wi l l list all available informaion
regardi ng the PRI MENET cnfi gurati on.
availale, s use i.
?o00Magaztnc 5ummcr10 IagcJ
r. lNI TOR _NET i s a usiu ut i l i lor net
wr fredS. 1 a.liw lu OmplLte monIor
ing of the ll PR' MENE rng netr, l|
v| |! J3| ci |Cu i ' s, Sy 'c ronous l i nes ard
LN300 status. You cnnot monIor tp
ahed bffer or anyhi ng, Oyou cn leam
u1e d O" '. the syserS the rn.
wi l l al low you to di sver w'`C' 'oes on
t e PRI MENET r i ;g/LN300 do a h i gh
amoun of da,a transer, uer 10's on ' |CNO
ual sysLms (aben no osswds), CC
Unfort unat el y, MON ITOR_NET i s an
emulatin.epndent uti l i. |v5 ri me u' | |
t i es suppr the PT seri es C C0u ' 3! | 00
( Pri me Termi nal j, UJ most of y0u W' ' ' not
have acs to a teni nal prram tha sup
prts I. Pri me W3S smar in one i mprtat
reard, and that i that not 3|| CI IOC' cus
tomers will b usi ng lhe 1 emulctin, 3
they made MNrOR_NE able to under
stand other ppul ar emul ati ons, s.c as
VT1 00 . Oef au l t 1 y, MON I TOR_N ET
assumes you are usi ng lJT UU or a S' 0' ' 3
moe of PT emul atin. To te! l that you are
using VT1 00, you must use the 1 aru
ment (termi na t) on the PRl r.S Om
mand l i ne. To i roke MONrOR |c1 W10
VT1 0 emul at in, you wuc[o' s.
Upn i nvoki ng MONI TOR_NET, t he
saeen wi l i cl ear and you W' ' | O peset
W1 a menu of optins. r.NI TOR_NET 5
real ly eay to L ust me sure you eier
al l the cmman0 i n UPPE cse), jus
pl ay arun w'' 1.
Te y58l Sysem LHS' 0
Te phsi system cnsol e of a Pri me
cmuer has ade pwer Cer any 00
\' or remote C0' 0' . 5 onl f rm l'' S
one soc cconsol e ' 3! svCral pt ent
operator commands can U0 i ssued and
i nvoked sucessful l y.
A few of these crsol e-specific cm
mands wi l l O bring to ary hacer not into
syster programmi ng on a Pr| mea Some
O00d0U3, nOweve|, wi l l D rather useful.
PUL the most u50u O03'0 cmmand G
the L. LNlLC cmmand. P you
|_O C|' frm '0" W, CL G !09
rLmote yslm USer taa: i. Tat Gto say,
when RESUS i s Cn aDl eC and you are
loge ||!O an admi ni strator acount, you
W| acual ly be a vi rt ual system O03Ol 0.
GW' | | allow ai l cn: e cmmans !0D
d|C to U0 use 10 any lO| or remote
te'mi nai . Te c`LC d|gu090l s| mply
e! :s l " that y0u wat to tum CU
PO'0 u5u' rnsol e cmmand G th0
usr loof CU03|C. Y0 tis you w|l l b
able to lof uses other than youref. J!G
Gnot advise.
Pl so use ul ar0 the log management
OnaC3. These W| ' | al OY you to me
yC'J * preseroe on t he syst em vi rual ly
unknown. i mpl y edi 3' ' logs, bth PRI
MOS and NcLmb rel ate, and ki l l a| l
reerencs to yourse" Tere i s much that
you can do. lO u| | |G' C oprator cm
mands you W' | ' have to i nvoke the onl i ne
|LLl foc ` ; by typi ngg you guessed i t,
rc.. \|O. agume't, 1 shoul list al
the PRI MOS cCmmards. Just pi ck out
those that sy Qrator L00CDO0
| 0 C real l goi ng Oni nue with this
cc as you wi l l have a hard ti m0 getting
cnsol e cbili U y0J 3|C on-SIe or
the lols hae |LUS enable and you are
usi ng a YT pr'v ed acunt. You don't
nee t he l og' ng cmmands to eI the l os
(just the \T prv). Lstl, there are ways
of er gLnsl e 3! | wi l i not disus. I
j ust W5| you o kno '3 ther0 ae addi
! ' 0|3. me hods avai l abl e and t hat you
uyt J0 .0Vd1|agazittc Summcr77V
shoul d work a fi ndi ng them. It's the bst
way to reall learn (bies, i's to sensiive
to release to the general hacer cmmuni-
"One need not be
malicious to learn. "
Hckin Older (Otdated)
Revisions of PRIMS
I hadn't planne on cveri ng any pre-
1 9.x.x revisi ons of PRI MS, b I thought
sme of you avi networ hacer miht b
interested to know the ver basi cs abut
these insure rei sins.
Revisins 1 8. x.x, T . . , and eari er wi l l
acual l tell you whether or not a given user
I D is val i bfore aski n you for a passwrd.
Tis makes i a rather trivial task of deter
mi ni ng whether or not a gi ven account
exiss. In my expriences, ear revisins of
PRI MOS wi l l be f ound onl y on obscure
nets, l i ke thos
in Brazi l and Japan. On
these arhai revi sins of PRI MS you L
enter CTRL as the password of a val i
acunt and automatil l bypss the frnt
dor paswor suri. Ver 0. You cn
barely fin thee ancent revi sins anymore.
Tese oler revi sins are not a all l ike
the crrent revisions O PRI MS. I sugest
readi ng the "Hacki ng PRI MS" aricl e by
Nanuk O the North you plan on pnetra
ing these revisins, as his fi le was wrten in
the days when 1 8. x. x was cmmon.
NOI really much more tha I L sy,
you' l l probabl y never cme across these
revi sins and ev
n you do, the cmman
struct ure t hey use is enough to cause
severe gast|i nteSi |3 disorders.
Simpl ified Mans of Atachi ng to C
Subi reores are grea, D when yu
star goi ng deeper than two l evel s on a
Prme i sas geting to b a pi n. Ful l pn
name get to b depressing when you are
six or seen levels deep. Enter t he UP an
DOWN external cmmands. Recll t hat I
mentione these cmmands earlier in the
series. Thee externals are found on mos
Pri me, Dthere are a few tha d n hae
them available.
Note: I di not write these utilities. Ma
verions exist on di ferent sysems. I have
yet to see copyr i ght not i ces, so I wi l l
assume that they are either examples frm
t he CPL Ref er ence Manual or publ i c
domai n.
WHO_KNOWS, 02489
/* An ext ernal command to si mpl ify
down-A ! ACHi ng.
&ars pah
&do &whi l e [nul l %pah%]
&s path . [respnse 'UFD to Dwn-
ATACH to' 1
a *>%pth%
tp NOwatache to 'th%
& return
WOKNOWS, 02489
r An exernal cmmand to si mpl up
2600 Magazine Summer 1990 Page J/
It appears that the times may indeed be
changing . For years. we ' ve encouraged
our readers to battle the unfair fees on
t ouch tones that the phone companies
chage. Now comes word out of Califoria
that Pacific Bell ' s l atest rate propsa calls
for the elimination of touch tone service
charges. We understand they ' re not the
first and we doubt they' ll be the last. . .. In
New York. pl ans are underway to add
another aea code in the next couple of
years. The interesti ng thing here is that
this code (91 7) would be used for one pat
of the ci ty (The Bronx) pl us cel l ul ar
phones. beepers. and voice mail systems i
Manhattan. How thi s is all goi ng to be
coordi nat ed shoul d be l o ads o f
fu . . . . What s the largest local phone com
pany i n the Uni t ed S t at es ? Nynex?
Ameritech? Bell Sout? No. GTE. That' s
right. a non-Bel l company will be the
l arges t in the country. once i t acquires
Contel. another independent phone com
pany. GTE currenty operates local service
i n 46 di fferent s t at es . Cont el i n
30 . e . eNynex i s planning on buying AXE
di gi tal switches from Ericsson and locat
ing tem m te 914 area code. We' re not
aware of any AXE s wi tches currently
operati ng i n the U. S . I f you happen to
know of one. let us know . . . . AT &T has
been oper at i ng a s erv i ce cal l ed
Vo i cemark. whi ch al l ows you t o send
messages to people by phone at a desi g
nated ti me by cal l ing 800-5 62-6275 and
giving tem your calling card number or
Vi salas tercad. The charge u $ 1 . 75 for a
one minute message to any phone m the
country . . . . Metromedia/T probably has
the best phrasi ng i n their cal l i ng card
i ns truct i ons : "si mpl y Sw|pc your c ard
through the slot" . . . . US Sprint has a new
sol ution for pri son inmates. Instead of
forci ng i nmat es t o make col l ect cal l s.
Spr i nt pr ov i des a s erv i ce c al l ed "S afe
Bl ock". Inmates must establish a long dis
tace fund that tey draw upon whenever
making a cal . Calls can only be made to
predetermied numbrs ad te iate u
identified wi t h a J di gi t authori zation
code . . . . Get ready for some neat acronyms:
British Telecom (BT) has won a major
contract from the goverent for private
br anch exchanges ( PBX' s ) for use in
emergencies. u order U get te contact,
teir PBX had to be able to witstad te
electo magnetic pulse (EMP) tat comes
with a nuclea explosion (SOL) . BT states
tat EMP would have a catastophic effect
on computerized equipment. So far tey
don' t seem to have developed d pla to
prot ect any peopl e . . . . BT al so has
acronyms for new services tey're povid
i ng. Cal l i ng Line Identity ( s i mi lar to
Caller ID here) is known d CLI. Their
version of Call Trace is called Malicious
Call Identification. or MCI ! . . . . Finaly fom
England: BT payphones no longer tae 2p
or 5p coins. Tat was phaed out m June.
But the phones still take lOp, 20p, SOp,
and one pound coins. But it won' t be d
much h. Tat' s because payphones tere
work v ery differently from payphones
here. All cals car d minimum chage of
l Op. But unused coins are retured. So
you ca put two l Op coins in ad if the
display only goes down 3p, one of your
lO coins will be retured. But tis ca get
quite interesting. Let ' s say you' ve put a
20p coin in the phone and te display is
down to 5p. By quickly inserting a l Op
and a 5p coin, you' ve overaid by 2Op, so
the 20p coin comes out. In actuality you
would have saved 5p that oterwie would
have been swallowed. It' s pretty obvious
how BT will benefit from this since te
abve exaple will no longer O pssible.
This shadiess is simila to te way Bell
operated payphones ask for d nickel for
the next several minutes (for local calls,
not long distace) and credit whatever you
put in as a nckel, even if it' s a quater. We
know they have te technology U tell te
di fference. But there' s no incentive for
tem to use it i tis case. So maybe the
times really aren't chagig after all . . . .
Page J ?000Magazine Summer 10
(continued from page 33)
Bu t , br e a ki ng i nt o a c omp u t e r
i s not w a l k i n g t h r o u g h a n
u n l o c k e d d o o r . Ac c e s s b y u n a u
thor i z ed peop l e i s onl y t hr ough an
a c t w h i c h i s i l l e g a l i n i t s e l f .
Whet he r t he mot i ve for t he a c t i s
good, e v i l , or i nd i ffe r e nt i s of no
cons e que nce . Ycu |ave nc t |g|t t c
e n t e t my c c mp ut e t u | t | c u t my
aut |ct | t y t |an ycu dc : c ent et my
|cus e ! You s eem t o ha ve t he i dea
t hat i f t he e nt r y i s for e xpe r i me LC t
or fun a nd not for pr ofi t , t hen i t
i s OK. Bu l l s hi t , a nd you know i t .
You say you' ve been hacked your
sel f - and ycu bl ame the people who
sold you the product or s er vi ce, not
the hacker . You woul d bl ame the Jews
in the 40' s, not the SS ?
Al s o , i f s o me o ne b r e a k s i n t o
my offi ce a nd onl y r eads t he fi l es
of my c l i e nt s - does n' t t a ke a ny
t h i n g - h a s he h a r me d t h e m b y
s ee i ng i nfor ma t i on t ha t i s none of
hi s da mne d bus i nes s ?
Wh a t w e ' v e g o t i s o n e mo r e
e x p r e s s i o n o f t he ' s p o i l e d b r a t
s y ndr ome ' . ' I c a n do i t , s o I may
d o i t and d o n ' t you d a r e p u n i s h
me i f I g e t c a u g ht . ' Chi l d r e n , I
ha ve ne ws for you ! I ca t ch you i n
my hous e a t 3 : 00 a m, I ' l l fi l l your
as s s o fu l l of bucks hot you' l l wal k
l i k e a d u c k fo r t he r e s t o f y o u r
l i fe . I c a t ch you i n my comp u t e r ,
I ' l l h a v e t he S e c r e t S e r v i c e on
you l i ke u g l y on a n a p e .
A c o r p o r a t i o n ha s t he s a me
r i ght t o p r i va cy a s a n i nd i v i du a l .
Du e t o bu s i n e s s ne c e s s i t y , t he y
ma y ha v e t o l e a v e t he i r compu t er s
o n 24 h o u r s a d a y . Wh e r e i s i t
wr i t t e n t ha t a ny as s hol e who ca n
fi gur e hi s wa y i nt o t he company' s
comp u t er ca n do s o wi t h i ipuni
ty ? Mor e fi t t i ng l y , i f he i s ca ught ,
he s houl d be publ i cl y fl ogge d, a s l
do not l i ke t he i de a of s u p p l y i ng
hi m wi t h t hr ee hot s and a cot for
fi ve t o l i fe .
I mi ght a d d t ha t i n Texas , any
u na u thor i z ed ent r y t o comput e r
i s a c r i me a nd ca n b e a ny t hi n g
from a Cl a s s B mi s deme a nor t o a
t hi r d degr ee fe l ony de p e nd i ng on
t he c i r cums t ances - t ha t wor ks out
a t a ny t hi ng fr om one d a y t o t e n
y e a r s i n a | | . S o me f u n a n d
games . "
We ' d s u r e l i k e t o s e e wh a t
k i n d o f r e s p o ns e s t h e s e l e t t e r s
e l i c i t from our readers . I n fac t ,
we ' l l g i v e away a fre e Z l ife
t i me s ub s c r i p t i on to t h e p er s o n
who wr i t e s t he be s t r e pi y t o t he
p o i nt s r ai s e d here . ( If you ' re a
c ur r e nt l i fe r and yo u wi n , yo u
can hav e a l ife t i me s ubs c r i pt i on
s e n t t o a fri e n d . ) Sub mi s s i o ns
s h o u l d b e b e t we e n J b p a g e s
doub l e s pac e d wi t ho ut t o o many
o b s c e ni t i e s . Send t he m t o Z
C o n t e s t , L Bo x V V , Mi d d l e
I s l a nd , NY 1 1 Vb J . Yo u ' v e g o t
un t i l t he e nd o f t h e ye ar .
Too risky to mai l?
Too paranoid to
speak i ts name?
Then FAX it !
Z00Magaztnc 5ammcr10 FagcJ
phrack on tri al
(continued/ram page 7)
pul l i ng out once they reali zed a mi stake had
been made. Of course we would have preferred
it u tey had recognizd their mi stake earlier i
the proess, but at least they ddn' t ignore it and
try for one guilty verdict on any of the other
we were bitter conspiracy teorists, we' d
probbly suggest that the goverment knew this
case was a waste from the ver bginng, but
chose to pursue i t as a mean s of harassi ng
(financi ally and emotionally) Neidorf (and by
assoation the rest of the C. U. ). However tere
is little to indicate that this is tre, and there is
no rason to doubt the sincerity, albeit misin
fored, of Cok et al. (As the old sayng gos,
do no attribute to malice that whch can b ade
quately explained by stupidity. )
Finaly, the long term effects of this case, u
any, rmain to b seen. Te Secret Serice is
stl in pssession of much cmputer equpent
and seizd belongings. While we don' t expect
te decision in Neidorf' s trial to have any rami
fications for the other investigations (Neidor,
after al, wasn' t a hacker himself), we do wo
der i f perhaps the cres of "L.U. conspiracy"
and " communist plot" will subside. Perhaps tis
wil allow everone a moment to reassess teir
assessment of the
danger the C.U. represents.
First Amendment issues connected with tis
case, and their implications for 2JJ, TAP,
PIIUN, and even C-w-D, have not been decided.
Judge Bua strck down a pre-trial moton (fied
by the E. F. F. ) o the 1 st Amendment and unfor
tunately that "rlg" is the oly Constitutoal
debte that ever came to a head. Neidor won' t
be the test case for this issue, but eventually
someone will. Let ' s hop that in the interm
some other electronic publshg case wil set a
precedent on this . . . hopefully one that covers 8
topic that is not the l i ghtning rod the C. U.
seems to b.
Ktten, Nuchn, & Zvs
bZb West Nonroe5t,#T b00
Chcgo, IL b0b0b-Jb3J
Attn 5heI donZenner
= m~J=WW=w#~W4
m @Iy Immw k N W Iw bymq
mc wmm cwJwLo&,Mumm
Ll4oq=.pww,my` mm er
qPkhmN~ ~wNgmqw"PmPm}f
wwq&, UmLm,9waI1
M1Lr WOMmckmW
}wb" MbnJ
Umub M (L),n Am bm dg
bwobw> y,mmfkmm
m m mmw mdy,mImmml
Bq,M smb
A , IW MsHwwmyfm
wd p m msgbw mmm
mwmodwhm l97l, Ww
mofw wmpkyMw
w o mq ImyDW wm q
@ m.. mmmwofwm
w mw 0 DwcofImyZ l98, H'8
meW mW ImyO, lW wgd
mm 'tmmm,mkWww
mwowwwdAdA@ l, lW
dwom mdwM sm M
mmm mwmmmemo,
Amwmbbg W bLlW8.
Hw 5mt m O y mwm owUm ofm
dmmeomy w yof
A5m'Mm(whdwo )5t
(a, m|
kbowmkwmmzbMw -
mmm mmlowmew@m
wpo, wpmwb. 1m w@bm
wmwW ofc"" maw, wyowy
5'M o& ob m& mwbg
W mway mm m
sm N
Wy' wgwmwgwmm
Noobymwmwmw wd
pdp z b mzpofm m(mkw
qow5ml m , mmw't cMw
Wo)mmgtgMmy's me
wf wmdp
m pk5m'MW k wq
m ofw@mW H. mmo
W g mk
7w wmmp)atI)=J
ympyNcUm eao .hemuwm
Fuc10 ?00Muuzlnc 5ammcr10
2600 Marketplace
Z600 MEETINGS. Iirst Friday of the month at the Roge Wallingto, F. O.Box 446, Loia, NJ 0760-04 6.
Citi Cete--fom 5 to 8 pin th loby D8 mpay- WANTED: Re bx plan, kit, etc. Also back isue of
pho, 1 53 E 53rd St., N1, bwm Dx & 3rd. COOe Phrack, Sydicate Repots, and any other hack/ phreak
by, dro of aicles, ask quetion. Call 51 6- 75 1 -260fo publicatios, eletoic o print we. Sed infmatio
more info. Payphone numbers at Citico
p: 21 2-223- and prices to Greg B. , 221 1 OHara . , Charlotte, NC
901 1 ,21 2-223- 8927, 21 2-308-804, 21 2-308-8 1 62, 21 2- 28273.
308- 81 84. Meting also take place in San Francico at TAP MAGAZLE nw ha a BBS qfo public abus
4 [mbarmdcro Pl az (inside) starting at 5 pm Pacific at 502-9-8933. We also hve hoissus. Yo sd U a
Time o te fst Fidy of the moth Payphe numbs: ] cet stp ad we sed yo U cur ent issu. Fay
41 5-398-9803,4,5,6. huh? Mail BTAP, P.O. Box 2026, Liville KY
TAP BACK ISSUE, colete S Iss 1 -91 , high quality, 026.
50. SASE fo index, info o othe holdings. Robe H. , SUBSCRIBE TO CYBERTEK, a magaine cetee
1 20 N70, Wauwatoa, \1 5321 3. upo tlolog with toic o cute set. Sed
NEW FROM CONSlERTRONICS: " Voice Mai l $1 0 fo a o ye subscrptio to bMgaine,
Hacking" ($29), " Credit Box 6, Brewste, NY
Card Scams

o you ha
e so
met hi ng to sel l ? A
1 050.
Creit Cad Numbr Ge-
you l ooki ng for somet hi ng to buy? Or
NEEDED: Info on
eration Software speech encryption
. Moe! May o
t rade? Thi s is the pl ace! The Z00
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our favori tes updated.
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Sed to Hack Tic, P.O.
Ne Tehnoloy Catlog Send your ad to: Z00 Marketpl ace, Box 22953, 1 100 DL,
$2 ( 1 0 proucts). Nee
P. O. B
x M
i ddl e I s
l and,
( | |
Amsterdam, The
inforatio cotibutios
I ncl ude your address l abel .
oal l forms of tehnolog-
Onl y peopl e pl ease, no busi nesses.
C Y B E R P U N K S ,
ical hacking: 201 1 Cres- H A C K E R S ,
cent, Al amogordo, NM P H R E A K S ,
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e. HI have
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Amat Cn, Toroto, ONT M6A 2PI , Canada.
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VAXMS Syste Security, and more. Mail reuests to
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Deadl ine for Fall Marketplace: 00 90.
?o00Magazine Summer 10 Page 41
(continued from page 23)
Some DTMF based COCOTs are si mpl y
activated wi th a si ngl e si lver box tone ( se
Wi nter \ 9990i ssue of 26 I ' ve r un i nto
a coupl e of these.
To pl ay around wi th the remote f unc
tions of a COCOT, i f they exi st i n t he partic
ul ar model , it is necessary to obtai n t he
phone number of the uni t . See the next
secti on on that. Once you have t he num
ber, si mpl y cal l i t, and experi ment from then
on. I f you have troubl e hacki ng the formats
for the remote mode, i t may be necessar
to cl l the makers of the COOT and soci al
engi ner them for the i nformation.
Getti ng t he LOLO18 humb
Thi s i s i ncredi bl y tri vi al , but i s i ncl uded
here beause i t i s such an i mprtant func
t i on i n t he ex pl or at i o n/ ab u s e of any
COCOT, and because advanced COCOT
expl orati on/abuse techni ques wi l l requi re
you to have t h i s i nfor mat i on . I t i s al so
i ncl udd here for the novice readr.
There are several ways to obtai n the
phone number, the si mpl est bei ng di al i ng
your local ANAC number, pl us dummy di g
i ts i f neces s ary . A l ot of COCOTs wi l l
restrict thi s, s o you shoul d get an unrestri ct
ed di al t one and t hen di al ANAC. Some
COCOTs wi l l not restrict you, but wi l l ask
for money i n order t o do thi s. Here i n NYC,
droppi ng $.25 and di al i ng 958-1111 wi l l get
you the ANAC r eadout on t hi s type of
COCOT. A smal l price to pay for such val u
abl e i nformati on. Another way to obtai n the
number i s to get i t from the operator. Any
operator that has i t wi l l have no probl em
rel easi ng i t to you; j ust say you' re cal l i ng
from a payphone, and you need someone
to cal l you back, but t here i s no phone
n u mber wr i t t en on t he pay ph on e. Yet
another choice i s t o cal l one of t he vari ous
ANI Demo 00 numbers , whi ch wi l l read
back your number. Thi s choi c i s paricul ar
ly useful for peopl e who don' t have or don' t
know the ANAC for thei r area. I f i n desper
ati on, socal engi neer the i nformati on out of
t he COCOT owner , cal l h i m up as t he
phone company, and take i t from there.
Hijacking the Bastard
Besi des u si ng t he COCOT to make
cal l s, the typical phone phreak wi l l usual l y
want a COCOT for hi msel f. Granted, thi s i s
steal i ng, but so i s not payi ng for cal l s. And
whi l e we' re at i t, steal i ng for experi menta
ti on and the pursuit of knowl edge i s not the
same as steal i ng for money . Oh wel l , I
"You can be sure
that most cals
placed on COCOTs
have an extremely
large amount of
static and bizarre
echoing efects. "
won' t get i nto morals here, i t' s up to you to
deci de. Personal l y, I ' m devoid of al l ethics
and moral s anyway, so I ' d steal one i f te
opportuni ty was there. What the heck, i t
can' t be any worse then exerci si ng your
freedom of speech and bei ng dragged off
to jail by the fasci st stooges of the i mperi al
i st Ameri can pol i ce state. Ahem, sorry
about that, I got a l i ttle carried away, but I
j ust had to comment on events of the past
several months.
Anyway , the reasons for abducti ng a
COCOT range from si mpl e experi mentati on
. ("I'd l i ke to see what the hel l i s i n there. ") to
purel y material i stic reasons ( "Hmmm. I bet
t hat coi n box hol ds at l eas t $10. " ) .
Whatever the reason, a COCOT i s a goo
thi ng to have. Thei r retai l val ue ranges from
$900 to $2500, but si nce you can' t real l y
re-sell i t, I woul dn' t suggest taki ng one for
purel y materi al i stic reasons.
Iagc1Z Z000Magaztnc 5ummcr10
Abduct i ng a COCOT is us ual l y much
easi er than tryi ng to do t he same t o a real
pay ph on e. Ph y s i cal secu r i t y can ran ge
wi del y an d depends l argel y on the owner.
I ' ve seen securi ty rangi ng f rom a coupl e of
nai l s fas teni ng t he COCOT to a sheet of
pl ywood, to doubl e-cemented bol ted down
steel encas ement s . However, a cr owbar
wi l l do t he t r i c k f or a b o u t b07 o f t h e
COCOTs i n my ar ea . Ex pect t h e s ame
wherever you are.
Oc obtne, yor optns var. Yo cul
te i t apr, you cl d hag i t o your bom
wall, yo cul hol i t fo rnsm, it' s up to you.
Mst pl si mpy cne i up to ter l i ne, or
ha 1 up as a topy abve te manne. A you
can tel l from the i ntroducti on, di ssecti ng the
COCOT wi l l yi el d you a pl etor of i nterestng
OvOt kep you busy fo a lng tme to cme.
I f you Ocnnt a COOT t your l i ne, b s
to up te cin sl ot, as placing mony i n t
COT, witut an abi l i t kreove tOcin bx
wi l l evtully coe te uni t Dn't use i t as a
mar phoe, sinc i t dmands money; irs net t
ha 1as an extesin.
` ImI|O
I f you cnl steal it, and you cn' t (ab)us i
destroy i t. ' " That ' s my motto wi th regard to
COOTs. Thse ov'basts hav ben rppi n
of te publ i fo a lng tme, an ty csr t
pay te prc. Dstcto cn range frm bek
i n of plstc frs in te ci ns sl t rmo\ing
t hadset (fr di spay as a tphy of cur) , t
cmpetly dmol i shi ng te uni t wit explsi s,
to squeezi ng off a few shot gun bl asts at te
COCOT. Si nce repai r andor refnd i s hard to
come by and expensi ve when i t comes to
COCOTs (but i s O for real payphones) , te
COOT owr wl l ti nk hc okpurcasin
anotr COOT.
1Phne Line
As mentne eai e, te phoe l i n us by
te COCOT i s just a regul ar l i ne I t i s usual l y
expse nar COOT i t sf Fo tose of you
wi t a l i nean' s hanset, ne I say mor? For
tose witout, let me J ust qui ckl y sy, get your
has on on.
Advanc Tehniques
The next three secti ons are l or the more
exprec pon phrak, bu most of ti s
b cn b just abt anyne. Te a may
mor advan teni qes, te bnds ae
l i mi nes.
Ce Te
As menti oned eari er, most COCOTs use
varus smaR and sleazy l ong di st cp
ni es and operator assi stance servi ces ( I TI ,
Teesphee, Rene Telm, etc.) klon ds
lnc, clle, ti rpay, and cal i ng O cll s.
Vtmes tse ar ac:ss b te COT
trough a !, 9b, or J 0XXX numbe. 1
COCOT dials te ac:ss numbr, its intfc
ton numbe coe, pl us oter i nformaton in
or t use te sric. Te src tn bills 1
COCOT owner (or te mi cl eman re-sel l er of
CCOT src) for te sercs prvd bt
not yet paid fo I n t cs of cling cd cl l s O
col l et cl l s, te sri c bi l l s te prop pr
through equal access bil l i ng and credi ts the
COT onr's a=unt a rt of t atn.
Needl ess to say, al l t he DTMF tones
requi red t o access t he servi ce cn O taped
and decoded (see the DTMF decoder arti
cl e i n the Spri ng J 990 i ssue of 200,, and
u sed f or ou r own pur poses. Somet i mes ,
you can tape the tones ri ght from the hand
set earpi ece, ot her t i mes, t he handset i s
muted, and i t i s requi red for you to ei t her
access the wi r i ng i t sel f , or tri ck t he phone
i nto t hi nki ng t hat your cal l ed party hung up,
and you' re maki ng anot her cal l , whi l e hav
i ng the party on the ot her end gi ve a bogus
di al tone t o t he COCOT and tape t he fort h
c o mi n g t on e s . Su r p r i s i n g l y t h e c odes
obt ai ned f rom t hi s ty pe of act i vi t y l as t a
very l ong t i me ( u sual l y 34 months) . Thi s i s
because, once t he charge get s al l t he way
down t he chai n, t hrough t he vari ous mi d
d l emen an d re - s e l l e r s , t o t he COCOT
owner, and b y the ti me t he COCOT owner
real i zes that the coi ns col l ected don' t match
the cal l s pl aced, and by the ti me he has to
convi nce al l the mi ddl emen above hi m of
possi bl e fraud . . wel l , you get t he pi ct ur e,
su f f i ce t o say, t hese codes l ast . Used i n
moderat i on, t hey can l ast for a l ong t i me,
because t he COCOT owner i s raki ng i n so
mu ch prof i t , h e' l l eas i l y i gnore t he ext ra
2600 Maga;/nc ^ummtr1990 lagc4J
cal l s.
Cal l i ng Card Veri fi cati on
Wi t h regard t o mes s i n g ar ou nd wi th
Cal l i ng Card ver i f i cat i on , I cou l d wr i te a
whol e separate art i cl e on t hi s , but space
does not al l ow it at t hi s t i me. So, I ' l l j ust
gi ve you the basi cs.
Much of t he Cal l i n g Car d veri f i cat i on
t hat ' s bei ng done by sl eazy l ong di stance
and AOS servi ces i s very shabby. Si nce
acess to AT&T' s cl l i ng card database for
veri fi cat i on is expensi ve for t hese compa
ni es , t hey try to do wi t hout . Much of the
t i me, they don' t veri fy the card at al l , they
make sure i t l ooks val i d ( a val i d area cod
and exchange) , and si mpl y throw out the
P I N , t h u s as s umi ng t he card i s val i d. A
val i d as s u mpt i on , gi ven t hat mor e t han
9b%of the cal l i ng cards bei ng punched i nto
COCOTs are val i d, i t ' s a worthwhi l e ri sk to
take. However , the shi t hi t s the fan when
someone recei ves hi s bi l l , and sees that he
has a bunch of cal l i ng card cl l s on hi s bi l l ,
and he doesn' t even have a cal l i ng card!
Fraud is reported, the bureaucracy churns,
unt i l f i nal l y, t he sl eazy l ong di stance com
pany ends up payi ng f or t he cal l . Gi ven
enough of t hese cal l s, t hese compani es get
hel l from AT&T and the RBOCs f or not
pr oper l y ver i fyi ng cal l i n g card n u mber s.
The FCC gets i nto t he act, and t he compa
ny pays fi nes up the wazoo. A prett good
thi ng, i f you ask me, and you get a free cal l
out of i t as wel l . Not a bad tran sact i on, not
bad at ai L..
Ot her l on g di s t ance compani es and
AOS ser vi ces st eal ver i f i cat i on ser vi ces
f r om AT&T by di al i ng a 0+ cal l on another
l i ne to a busy number , u s i n g t he cal l i ng
card number you punched i n. I f it recei ves
a busy si gnal , the card i s good, otheri se i t
i s not . I n ei t her case, the l ong di s tance
company el udes t he charge for accessi ng
t he database. When i t comes t o sl i ngi ng
s l e az e , t h es e compan i e s de s er ve an
award. And that' s why I urge al l out there to
abu se the crap out of them.
Cal l Forwardi ng
Thi s i s another of the many i nteresti ng
thi ngs that can be done wi th your nei ghbor
hood COCOT. Si mp l y pu t , you get t he
phone number t o t he COCOT, cl l up your
l ocal phone company, order cal l forardi ng
for tat l i ne, then go to the COCOT and for
ward i t to your number. A l i neman' s hand
set may be requi red here, i f you can' t get
your hands on an u n rest ri ct ed di al t one.
Pu l l i ng a CNIA or doi ng some research
may D requi red i f your l ocl phone compa
ny asks a l ot of i nformati on before process
i ng such request s as cal l forardi n g . I n
most cases they don' t , an d i n some areas
there are automated faci l i ti es for process
i ng such requests.
P res to ! You now have an a l t er n ate
numbr you can use f or whatever purpose
you have i n mi nd. I t coul d be used from
anyt hi ng to getti ng verf i ed on a BBS to
sel l i ng drugs. Agai n , your et hi cs are your
own ; t hi s i s si mpl y a t ool f or t hose who
need i t. Anyway, i t' s practi cl l y untracabl e
to you as far as convent i onal means are
concer ned ( CN/A, cr i s s- cros s di rectory ,
etc. ) , and you shoul d use it to your advan
tage. Thi s i s especi al l y a good tool for peo
ple afrai d t o gi ve out t hei r home numbers.
At any ti me, you can go to the COGOT
and de-acti vate the cal l forardi ng to your
n u mb er . Si n ce no o n e ev er c al l s t he
COCOT, except for usi ng the remote mode,
and thi s i s rare and most l y used when the
phone is broken, you shoul d have few i f
any cal l s i ntended for t he COCOr. I f you
do g e t a c al l f r om a COCOT ser vi ce
bureau , si mpl e say "wrong number", go to
the CO COT, and de-act i vate cal l forward
ing for a few days, j ust to be safe. In any
case, your real number cannot OO obtai ned
through any conventi onal means by those
cal l i n g t he COCOT, or even by t hose
standi ng at t he COCOT i t sel f . However, i f
they real l y wanted t o nai l you, they coul d
exami n e the memor y at t he COCOT' s
swi tch and pul l your number out of i t s cl l
forardi ng memory . However, I have never
hear d of t h i s bei ng don e , and i t ' s very
u n l i kel y t h at t hey wou l d do t h i s . Bu t I
woul dn' t recommend u s i n g t he al ternate
Page 44 ?000Magazine Summer 10
number for anythi ng more than an al ternate
number for you rsel f . I f you sel l dr ugs or
card stuff or somet hi ng l i ke that, don' t use
such an al ternate number f or more t han a
few days.
The Fut ure of t he COCOT
We' re defi ni tel y goi ng to see many more
COCOTs in the f ut ure. They wi l l begi n to
saturate suburban and rural areas, where
they can rarel y be found at thi s ti me. More
COCOTs mean more headaches f or t he
publ i c, but i t al so mean s more of us wi l l get
a chance t o experi ment wi t h them.
"Much of the
Calling Card
verfication thaf's
being done by
sleazy long
distance and
ADS services is
very shabby_ "
Srity, bt physi cl , and ant-phreak wi l l
get bl, espal y afer COOT manufar
ers read thi s arcl e. But it will be a long tme
Dk W wl l s cmpltly s COTs.
W|O i s not o bd relly, bus ten tey will
actally Owor stel ing.
In the meant i me, we L decrease thei r
prol i ferat i on by dest royi ng any COCOTs
that ri p peopl e off. Havi ng COCOTs around
i s a bi tter-sweet proposi ti on . I n a way, they
are an i nt erest i ng use of technol ogy and
another front i er of expl orati on for t he phone
phreak. On the ot her hand, t hey are cyber
neti c money- l eechi ng abuses of technol o
gy, whi ch st eal f - om and abuse the publ i c
they are meant to serve. Li ke ' em or not,
they' re here to stay.
Gtn Mor Inf
Fo tos of you wo wsh K O moe
abut COOTs, I would rmmed h8<
expl orati on. I woul d al so recommend getti ng
some of te COCOT i ndust pblicts, a
vari ous tel ephone i ndustr publ i cti ons. You
coul d al so request more i nformat i on from
COCOT manufacturers temsel ves, I ntel l i cl l
bng one of 0lest Also, OOQv0
ment and FCC rulatons wi rad k e
acss and COTs.
Fi ghti ng t he Bastards
Much of the st uff bei ng perpetrated by
COOTs 1y i s aginst te law, a 1slea
cmpanis tat hanle cll s fr COOTs H vI
l ati ng many laws. Unfornatel y, few of these
l as a bng enfoc. Wen you b s a
vilatn of cnsumer rht, plas qKM
rlevant ages. You'D kO yo'r bng WO
advantge of whn somene cl s yo cl let
from a COCOT and you get charged up the
wazc k te J0 mi nut k cll. A te O
us cminals. Gi a bak . . . .
The onl y way t o contol these cyberneti c
les i s k O someting abut tm. Al s, 1
you hav a grd against a COOT a sle
cmpany, by all means tke te law i nto your
own hands. But al so, write to yor legi slators,
cmplaining O te abuss bng prptt by
COOTs and te seazy telphne cpnies.
Also, i t i s impt to euct te public abt
COOTs and hO to rnize and avid tem,
wnv pssi bl g to rkm yor nn-phre
frends abt te dgers of usi ng COCOTs. I
H als in Mvof stct reulton w i t ces
to 1 subjt of COTs. If tey must care
i ns rate, Ies rates should b stte cary,
an Ie must prvi qual ser, car L
nens, and fe opato assslc. Ayti n
l es 0ti s i s uncptble.
I n csing, I wold just lik k s tt tis a
c i s as cmplt my kowee enable i t 1
b. It by no means explins 0 i s k K
abut COOTs, |OI cim k8al 0is
to know. If yoU hav any oter i nformaton on
COOTs any paciy tasty COOT stl
res, plase wrt to Z,atel us moe.
?000Magazine Summer 10 Page 45
/.n| /nuc1,tmac5/)
&args num:de1
&s path . [di r [phname *]
&do I . 1 &to c/onum%
&s pth . [di r [pathname %h%]
a %pth%
qNow att<he to %th%
Cncl usin
Al l i n al l I f i nd t h e PRI MOS operat
i n g syst em ex cel l en t , bot h i n powe r
and i n user f r i en dl i n es s . One can do
al most anyt hi ng f r om PRI MOS and i ts
associ at ed ut i l i t i es and l anguage sys
t e ms . I t ' s eve r y bi t as capab l e as
Prmes have, on the down sie, bme
a |Omore difcuh to hac. Pri me Cmper,
I nc. has beme aware of the i ncreasi ng
ppl arity of PRIMS with hacers and has
taken the apropri ate st eps in al eri ng its
customer s. Thi s pr obabl y h as al r eady
affected you. Defaul ts ar e gone. System
psswrds are i n efe. I ncrease system
security. Ti s makes haci ng Pri me cm
puter these days a damn si ght more difi
cu tha it onc was. To thi s you may thank
al l thos pl e that abuse NETLI NK on
PFl MENET sstems an forh.
Enjoy a Pr i me when you get in one.
Expri ment wrh t he orat i r sysem. Mst
of al l , however, /u3n' One n eed not be
mal ici ous to l earn . When experi ment i ng,
experi ment on your own f i l esyst ems, not
those of the owners. As I have sai d, 1 i s
mor e d i ff i cu l t t o obt ai n PRI MOS and
PRI ME NET acnts these days. Cherish
and bnefr frm them, bu do no d l i ke an
iit and end up mai ng r harder for every
one else.
FDR1 08- 1 90L ( PRI MS Cmmans
Referenc Gui de)
FDR1 0- 1 01B(New Users Guie to EDI
FDR20 ( PRI MS Cmmands
Prorammers Cmpnin)
FDR31 ( BASI CNM Proramer's
Hacing PRIMOS Volumes I and

Hading PRIMOS I,

, dM(b Evi l Jay)

PRIMS: Netring Cmmuniins (by
Magi Hasan)
PRIMS /3 /,qCaier Cul pi, LODI
Te Jouma #)
PRIMS (by Nanuk of the Norh)
Dur te crs of Bqof ti s sris
man pp hav lent me teir hel p d sp
prt. | |wSto acg tos tat 3
me in tiS LN
Trashi ng Rage - Thanks for te i deas,
proeadi q, and hel p i n revering te Ogi
nal duments when the wrk di sk got 1 64
di sk er ors. Yo sve me frm N weks of
ret| nQ! 1aks!
Te Bekepr - Th3s fr goqte d
ument lte riht pp at Z.
Ma Hace - Wiout al of our hours ad
hours of di sssi on ti s seres wul d not be
wdi t i s nw. Thaks!
And to al l the hers t hat have wrtten
abut the PRIMS oprai ng system i n the
past goes a hearty thanks. Culdn't have
done 1 wi thout you guys. Thanks go t o:
Prme Susp, Magi Hassn, Te Ces
Master, Nervore, Nanuk of the Norh, and
Te Forc. Thanks guys!
May the forces of darkness becme
cfuse on te way to yor house.
Page 40 .0 Magazine Summer YY
I n fact , it ' s never been s impl er to renew
your subs cript i on t o Z o J J . Just l ook at your
mai l ing l abe l t o find out when your l ast
i s sue wi l l be . I f you have two or fewer
i s sues remalnlng , i t ' s probabl y a good i dea
to renew now and avoi d a l l the heartache
that usua l l y goe s al ong with wait ing unt i l
your subs cript i on has l apsed . ( We don ' t
pe s ter you with a l ot o f reminders l i ke
other ma gaz ine s . ) And by renewing for mult i -
p l e years , you can cheerful l y i gnore a l l o f
the warnings ( and occa s i onal pri ce increas -
e s ) that appear o n P8g0 4 .
1 year/$1 8 Z years/$33 . 3 years/$48
. 1 year/$45 . Z years/$85 . 3 years/$1 25
. 1 year, i ndi vi dual/$30 . 1 year, corporate/$65
. $260 (you' l l never have to deal wi th thi s agai n)
BACK I SSUES ( never out of date)
. 1 984/$25 . 1 985/$25 . 1 986/$25 . 1 987/$25
. 1 988/$25 . 1 989/$25
(i ndi vi dual back | 88uO8IO| \ 9bb, \ 9b9, \ 990a|O$6. 25 Oach)
p q
a bittersweet \ctor
te neidorf/phrack tia
d OlCICVwt craig neidor
VDdI S ef
fn V1l! COCOIS
news update
260 DdKC\QdCC

1 \
4 1
g g
Z b > 0 g 0 2 | 0 0
I b 0 N 1 b Z
M| d d | 0 | 8 | 0 h d , N 9 b . 5 . h .
I 0 | u 0 | 0 | 0 g 0 0 0 h 0 0 | 0 S 8 L 0 !| u 0 l | 0 0 h 0 q 0 0 8 l 0 0