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1455 Rue Towers, Apt. 108 Montreal, QC, H3H 2E2 Phone: (514) 814 3464

Date of Birth: November 29, 1980 Gender: Female Citizenship: Iranian/Canadian Permanent Resident

Concordia University John Molson School of Business Montreal, Quebec PhD in Marketing, 2008-Present (expected 2013) Sharif University of Technology Graduate School of Management and Economics Tehran, Iran MBA, 2003-2005 University of Tehran Faculty of Management Tehran, Iran B.S., Industrial Management, 1999-2003


Consumer Research Methodology Dr. M. Laroche PhD in Administration, Concordia University, Canada Multivariate Data Analysis Dr. T. Mak PhD in Administration, Concordia University, Canada Applied Linear Statistics Dr. T. Mak PhD in Administration, Concordia University, Canada



Advanced Topics in Marketing Dr. H. O. Bodur PhD in Administration, Concordia University, Canada Theory of Measurement Dr. M. A. Tomiuk PhD in Administration, HEC Montreal, Canada Computational Modeling of Cognition and Perception Dr. T. Shultz PhD in Psychology, McGill University, Canada Topics in Neuroscience and Decision Making Dr. L. Dube and Dr. Antoine Bechara PhD in Administration, McGill University, Canada Experimental Design Dr. F. Bellavance PhD in Administration, HEC Montreal, Canada Measurement, Factor Analysis, and Structural Equation Modeling Dr. J. Etezadi PhD in Administration, Concordia University, Canada Research Methodology Dr. A. Sharbatoghlie Master of Business Administration (MBA), Sharif University of Technology, Iran


Ekonomakis, Nectarios, Michel Laroche, and Isar Kiani, Effect of Multichannel Marketing on Consumers Subsequent Search Behaviour, revise and resubmit (second round) to Journal of Advertising Research.

An analysis of the pattern of product recommendation in social networks through spread of information among network members, in collaboration with Thomas Shultz (Department of Psychology, McGill University) (working paper) Do My Eyes Lie to Me? Perceiving Image Quality as Product Quality on the Internet (working paper)



Kiani, Isar (2011) A Neural Perspective on the Role of Affective States on Individuals Selection of Healthy or Unhealthy Foods, Proceedings of the 54th Annual Administrative Science Association of Canada (ASAC) Conference, 2011, Montreal, Canada Latifi, Fariba, Isar Kiani and Fatemeh Aliakbari (2011) The Impact of E-Service Quality on E-Commerce: Evidence From Iranian Electronic Businesses, Proceedings of the 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2011, Detroit, USA


Kiani, Isar (2010) The impact of dimensions of color usability on trust in web retailers, presented at the 8th International Marketing Conference, Athens, Greece, July 2010 Kiani, Isar (2010) Neural perspective on preference for healthy foods, Honourable Mention Award , 2nd JMSB Doctoral Research Exposition, Montreal, Quebec

Kiani, Isar (2005) Evaluating Iranian Managers Educational Needs. Dissertation for completion of MBA (optional), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Consumer cognition and decision making Social influence and consumer choice Consumer perception in the online environment Patterns of information diffusion through social network relationships Neurological perspectives on consumer decision making



Assocition for Consumer Research American Marketing Association

Al-Zahra University, Faculty of Management Tehran, Iran Course Instructor, 2006-2007 Course Title: e-Marketing A graduate course for Masters level students in the Information Systems Department focusing on strategies of advertising and promotion in online environments, included a project that mandates students to design informative or commercial websites and to attract visitors. Students were required to collect data from visitors of their websites and to analyze their behavior in response to dynamic or static attributes of their web sites. Course Title: Human Resource Management A graduate course for Masters level students in the Information Systems Department that focused on theories in the area of organization behavior and exploring different areas of research, included a term project that required students to collect information on HR practices in several Iranian organizations and to develop their data into a brief research paper.

Sharif University of Technology, Graduate School of Management and Economics Tehran, Iran Teaching Assistant, 2005 Course Title: Marketing Providing services to the course instructor, Dr. Najmi, for grading of exams and evaluation of class projects and assisting in developing course outline on an ongoing basis Course Title: Managing People Providing services for grading mid-term exams, thought papers and project evaluation to Dr. Latifi, the course instructor as well as managing dynamic activities during class sessions Course Title: Marketing Strategy Providing services for grading final projects, preparing class slides and recording class contributions during each session for the course instructor, Dr. Kiani.



Consumer Contact, Toronto, ON Computer programmer from 2008 to 2009, did computer coding to create interfaces for collection of data from customers of major Canadian financial services corporations such as TD Canada Trust. Resolved issues arising in multiple international geographical locations that related to the use of data collection software.

Fara Management Organization/, Tehran, Iran Marketing Manager from 2004 to 2007, oversaw all marketing operations and designed and managed strategies for marketing and advertising for Fara (a management consulting firm) and (Irans first online bookstore), Managed all the day to day operations and finances of the marketing department with 5 personnel, served as a lecturer for Marketing seminars held by Fara Management Organization, served as graphical designer in the design department from 2003 to 2004 Investment Banking Group (IBG), Tehran, Iran Market financial analyst in 2005, served as a consultant for market financial analysis, conducted assessments of financial markets and collected information on Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Iranian companies and forecasting the trend of their market value Negaraneh Design Group, Tehran, Iran Managing Director from 2000 to 2003; established, managed and work as one of the designers of one of Irans first website design companies, designing websites of some of Irans most notable organizations such as IRISL and NAJA.


TD Financial Group Fellowship, 2010-11 JMSB PhD Scholarship, 2008