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Answer the following questions while reading the notes for SOL US. 4b World War I.
1. One reason for U.S. Involvement in World War I was our inability to remain
2. A second reason was German S_______________ W________________. In particular
the sinking of the L_________________.
3. A third reason was that the United States had $E_________________$ and
P________________ ties to G_______________ B__________________(England!).
4. BACKGROUND Disagreements in E_________________(the continent and its key
nations of Great Britain, France, Belgium, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Germany,
Serbia, and the Ottoman Empires) over territory and boundaries) with the
A_____________________ by a SERBIAN (terrorists member of the Black Hand) of
Archduke F__________________ of AUSTRIA. (Archduke Francis Ferdinand was
the Crown Prince of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire!!! When the small nation of
Serbia couldnt respond to the demands made by Austria, in response to the murder,
war broke out! MILITARISM Every country had built up HUGE armies.
ALLIANCES All of the nations had treaties with their friends to come to their aid if
they were attacked. When Austria declared war on Serbia, ALL of the Countries allied
with Serbia declared war on Austria, AND all of Austrias allies declared war on ALL
of Serbias allies. BINGO!! Youve got a ALL of the EUROPEAN nations at WAR!!
This ALLIANCE system was like a powder keg; all it needed was a spark such as this
assassination to set it off! IMPERIALISM too played a part. Most of the more
powerful nations had an empire of colonies and was willing to fight to keep them!)
5. BACKGROUND Continued WAR BROKE OUT O___________ M____________
6. Soon A____________-H____________, B______________, G______________, and the
O_________________ Empire (The Central Powers) were BATTLING the ALLIED
Powers of B______________, F_______________, R______________, I____________,
B________________, S________________, M___________________, and
7. A GERMAN U-BOAT TORPEDOES A STEAMER! - The major incident involving a
ship carrying A__________________ citizens occurred on May 18, ____________ with
the sinking of the British Ocean Liner _______________________.
8. It was the terrifying, unbridled attacks of the G_____________ U-boats or
S_________________ that finally brought A___________________ into World War I.
9. IN REPONSE to the governments calls for enlistments, T________ M______________
Americans went to F_______________ in 1917 and 1918.
10. Their efforts, combined with those of the F_______________ and the B_____________,
broke the G____________ forces and led to V_______________ for the A_________ :-)
(and defeat for the Central Powers.)
11. The United States involvement in World War I ended a long tradition of _____________
Involvement in ___________________ Conflicts, AND set the stage for the United
States to emerge as a Global _____________________ later in the 20th Century.


12. The FIVE key nations of the Allies were: 1. _________ __________ 2. ______________
3. _______________ 4. _______________, and 5. ________________
13. The FOUR key members of the Central Powers were: 1. ____________________
2._______________ _____________ 3. __________________, and
4._________________ ________________(Modern Day TURKEY).
14. In the photograph, American Gun Crew in Action against G________________ -- This
photograph from ____________, is of _________________ soldiers making an
__________________ against Germans in their T_________________.
(The United States forces introduced new tactics in the war. The Marines had a motto that
they would dig no trenches as they would be advancing. A new attack procedure was for the
infantry to advance behind heavily armored, flame-throwing, tracked vehicles. The vehicles
would spray flaming gasoline into the trenches while the soldiers advanced laying down
suppressing fire.)
15. In the photograph and headline of The New York Times reported the sinking of which
ocean liner? L___________________. What sunk the ocean liner? _________________
___________________________________________ (it wasnt an iceberg like the old
Titanic) How many were killed? __________________. On what date did it sink?
16. (Photograph) The endless miles of T______________ employed during World War I
were d_________, and often fortified with mounded e____________ and b___________
w____________ fencing.
17. World War I ended J__________ _____, __________ with The Treaty of
18. The Treaty of ____________________ imposed VERY HARSH RESTRICTIONS on
G__________________, including limiting its army to _____________________ men.
19. WHO opposed the treaty? _____________________________
20. He prepared a peace plan called the _________________ ________________, which
included a provisions of a l_______________ of N_____________ to prevent future
21. Many historians believe these terms eventually led to ____________ _________ _____.
(OF COURSE IT DID!!! The Treaty RUINED Germanys Economy, took away large
portions of Germanys land, made them one of the weakest nations on earth, levied
BILLIONS of dollars in fines, and made them sign a humiliating treaty accepting
blame for the entire war!! All a young German politician named Adolf Hitler had to
do was get on a soap box and rant and rave about this hated treaty and hed have a
mob of Germans cheering!)
22. At the end of World War I, President _______________ ______________ prepared a
peace plan that called for the formation of the L_______________ of N______________,
a p____________-k______________ Organization.

23. The United States decided NOT TO JOIN THE ________________________________.

(Because it would have dragged the U.S. into another European War!)
24. A reason for U.S. involvement in World War I was our inability to remain
25. Another reason was German S_________________ warfare Sinking of the
26. Another reason was U.S. E__________________ and P_________________ ties to Great
27. WHO was assassinated in Austria on June 28, 1914 by a Serbian Terrorist?
____________________________. What happened one month later? _______________
28. Lusitania Sunk by A S__________________, Probably _________________ Dead
29. It was the terrifying, unbridled attacks of the German __________________ or
S____________________ that finally brought A____________________ into World
War I. (Other new weapons, besides submarines, were Airplanes, Zeppelins, Tanks,
Poison Gas, Barbed Wire, and Tanks.)
30. How many Americans went to France in 1917 and 1918? _________
31. The United States involvement in World War I ended a long tradition of
A__________________ INVOLVEMENT in E__________________ Conflicts.
Write ALLIES or CENTRAL POWERS next to each of the next nations
32. Germany ________________________
33. Russia _______________________
34. Ottoman Empire _____________________
35. France ____________________
36. Belgium ___________________
37. Great Britain ______________________
38. Austria-Hungary ______________________
39. Serbia _____________________
40. Bulgaria _____________________
41. Which side did the United States join in World War I? A_____________________.
42. A Peace-Keeping Organization = __________________________________________.
43. Did the United States join this organization? __________
44. WHO was the President of the United States? _______________________________
45. How many points were in the U.S. Presidents Peace Plan? ______________
46. The endless miles of T_________________ employed during World War I were
d_____________ often fortified with m________________ earth and B______________
Wire fencing.
47. There is a photo of a new weapon of war, the airplane. This photograph provides a view
of A________________ flying in F_________________ during World War I.
48. WWI = W_________________ W___________ __________
49. U.S. President during WWI was W_________________ W________________.
50. The Presidents Peace Plan had __________ Points.
51. WWI = The ________________ Powers VERSUS the ____________________ Powers.

52. The assassination of Archduke _____________________ set off World War I.

53. The Nations of the CONTINENT of E________________ all had A______________
which said that if one nation was attacked, those allied with it would help out.
54. MILITARISM is the build-up of huge Armies.
55. IF the Allied Powers won WWI, name the losing side. ______________________
56. Which country was forced to accept the blame for WWI? ____________________
57. Name the Treaty which ended World War I. ________________________________
58. T_______________ Warfare characterized a lot of the fighting in Europe.
59. Germanys use of the U-boat or S_____________________ and the sinking of the British
passenger liner L______________________ helped to bring the United States into the
war on the side of the A_______________.
60. The United States never joined the peace-keeping organization called the L___________
of N________________ because it would have dragged us into another European
Continental War.