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Salaam Bangalore!

lite-based position informa-

tion. When used
conjunction with a GPS-en-
abled mobile phone, Xora’s
Time Track helps companies
son-to-person video server.
The customer-end of these
six technologies is a handy
‘remote’ called ChoisPad
(short for Converged Home
products while Ittiam has
emerged as one of the world’s
preferred sources for the dig-
ital signal processing technol-
The steady flow of intellectual property has seen track and locate employees and Office Integrated Servic- NXP used to be a Philips
and field staff. Linked to wire- es), which connects to TV,
over 5,000 patents filed from India less Blue Tooth scanning de- tape recorder, cable channels,
company. Today it brings its
pedigree to bear on a host of
vices, it allows users to view phone and Internet all with- media technologies for home,
ANAND PARTHASARATHY nies had already applied for It uses the Universal Serial and download detailed re- out wires.
over 5000 patents, Bangalore Bus (USB) to connect with car and mobile device. Rela-
ports on the Web. The latest version of Chois- tive newcomer SirF, has can-
was still the jewel in the the portable PC and records The company has tied up Pad on display was a multi-

N AN annual event that crown, the fourth-largest nily latched the GPS to a
programmes on a Multi with over 70 clients (and lingual device, which (when
is showing increasing technology cluster in the variety of platforms from
Media Card — similar to what 6,000 users) in the U.S. and working with the appropriate
signs of ‘middle age world. cameras to wristwatches to
digital cameras use. The com- once GPS phones are avail- software) allows the user to
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IP is not weighed the same pany is also ready with the able in India sometime next follow the words of a song on
the Bangalore IT. in event sensitive applications.
way as Godzilla: which reference design for a Set Top year, Xora may accelerate its the TV screen through text in
which ended last week, had Just reminding visitors
Box tailored for the emerging
one saving grace: A small cor- means, Size does NOT mat- position-sensitive offerings multiple Indian languages —
that Hyderabad too was a
boom in Internet Protocol-
ner of the pavilion hosted by ter. Some respected and es- INDIGENOUS INNOVATION: Tata Elxsis portable here as well. karaoke-style.
hotbed of IT innovation,
based TV.
the Software Technology tablished names in IT were broadcast media player and Handy DVR.
If you thought triple play —
Innovation, the key SemIndia, soon slated to be
Parks of India, brought to- next to rank start-ups and it The Indian engineers of industry jargon for the simul-
the nation’s first state of the
gether a dozen information was difficult to say who had Rambus, a world leader in Rambus product, showcased Internet telephony box and taneous access to voice, data Other exhibitors in the IP
art Silicon foundry, was clear-
technology players. created the most compelling high speed chip interface last week, the XDR 2 memory an Internet Protocol-based and video — was state-of-the- Zone usually figured in a
product. technology, are responsible interface, fuels a host of new Virtual Private Network — all art in multimedia technology, round-up of the usual sus- ly not going to sit around do-
Mostly based in the city, Tata Elxsi, which has set up for the parent company being consumer electronics prod- squeezed into a single 19-inch think again. pects whenever innovation is ing nothing while the
the technologists had made a special lab for innovation the first in the world with an ucts like digital TVs — and the rack mountable chassis. The The Bangalore-based In- the key in Bangalore: Encore, government got its adminis-
India proud with the release and design engineering at integrated communication new Sony PlayStation3 games services gateway comes in nomedia Technologies begs one of the two companies that trative act together.
of innovative and globally rel- Whitefield, Bangalore, un- solution for the new 5 GHz console. two versions, SG-4 (4 slots) to differ — and at the turned the concept of the It has started manufactur-
evant products or technolo- veiled the Handy DVR. PCI Express (an Intel-origin They like to call it ‘your and SG-8 (8 slots). Another expo it showcased what it Simputer into a finished ing a range of broadband mo-
gies in the year gone by. This is a hand-held device standard). Called the Rambus branch office in a box’ — Bangalore-based software calls a hexa-play device. This product, has wisely diversi- dems and routers using
which connects to a laptop Gen 2, it enables system in- NetD, the Sunnyvale, Califor- player is Xora (pronounced was a video server-cum-play- fied into products like the indigenous know how. And
Bore testimony computer or other portable tegrators a quick and easy nia’s Bangalore-based devel- Zora!), a specialist in wireless er, which handles digital tele- ‘Saathi,’ a hand-held tactical how!
It was called the IP or In- screen-backed device to re- path from concept to device opment team has put technology solutions. vision channels, a personal military computer and the The dozen players show-
tellectual Property Zone — ceive, relay and record terres- production. together just that: a unified Their most recent innova- video recorder, video-on-de- CSIR-sponsored hybrid com- casing Indian innovation at
and it bore testimony to the trial television to the services gateway which is tion builds an interesting ap- mand services, Internet ac- puting platform, Mobilis. its best proved that the more
fact that while India-based emerging Digital Video Fuelling many products router, Ethernet switch, fire- plication on top of the Global cess, telephony based on Tejas, is now a respected things changed the more they
product development compa- Broadcast (DVB-H) standard. Another ‘Made in India’ wall, intrusion detector, an Positioning System of satel- Internet protocol, and a per- name in optical networking remained the same.