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Timur Abimanyu,SH.


Efforts to propose cancellation of wedlock Mayangsari with Bambang, must be made by the heirs (children of the marriage between Halima and Bambang)

Mayangsari artist singer seems not really able to breathe with relief. Because, surprise attack would be waged by a faction Halimah Agustina Kamil. Halimah will make an application to cancel the wedding diva from Navan with Bambang Trihatmodjo. Previously Mayang and Bambang Tri was already inaugurating his second marriage in the Office of Religious Affairs Kebayoran Lama.Namun it would be done if the application for judicial review of the Marriage Law that has been registered by Halimah to the Constitutional Court accepted. Previously, through its legal counsel, Halimah has filed a judicial review of marriage law of 1974 section F. "There's the motivation behind all this. Deepest heart of our struggle is to do something in his case. I agree with the mother Halimah wanted something positive from what we proposed. Positive it is if we win the appeal then the wedding pack Bambang and who was "Mayangsari" will be canceled, "said attorney Halimah, Chairunnisa Jafizham, SH encountered during a press conference at the Business Centre, Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/10). Currently the Halimah is already undergoing trials in the Constitutional Court. However, the development itself is still carried out the examination of expert witnesses. In recent times the trial, Judge of the Constitutional Court will issue a decision. Do Halimah optimistic will win ? "Calculations of the petition, the petitioner certainly I can not say pessimists would be optimists what we stand for will be successful. If the pessimists why should I fight from the beginning," said Chairunnisa. Earlier in the trial several times, several expert witnesses who co-presented, among others, Prof.. Bismar Siregar, Marzuki Darusman, DR.Makariwibisono (director of the UN Human Rights), Shinta Nuryah Mrs. Abdurrahman Wahid, and Prof.. DR. Musdah Mulya. "Thank God of all the witnesses that we asked, I think and think they all support our request," he concluded.

========================== Illustration by Timur Abimanyu .

Regarding marriage and Bambang Tri Mayang who already inaugurated, but the Halimah has filed a judicial review of the Marriage Act that have been registered to the Constitutional Court. The trial in the Constitutional Court is still carried out the examination of expert witnesses. If the parties want to cancel the marriage halimah Mayangsari with Bambang, then who did the lawsuit should be heirs of the marriage Halimah with Bambang (ie the children of the marriage between Halima and Bambang), in which content is to be petitumnya estate (inheritance) side or Gono gini of marital property antaa Halimah and Bambang did not fall to the other party (in this case to Mayangsari and the child of a marriage between Mayangsari with Bambang). If legal action taken by Halimah it can be possible annulment of marriage Mayangsari and Bambang ...? Hopefully this illustration may be useful to find the back of another law like Mahkmah Supreme Decree, Circular of the Supreme Court, or other regulations as a supporter of the lawsuit pematalan wedlock. Halimah Why can not file a lawsuit with Bambang Mayangsari wedlock? In this issue, because Halimah was not a party anymore, considering the marriage between Halima and Bambang broke by divorce.

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