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Nuffers Victory gets Warren Jeffs a Child Bride Rebecca Kimbel DTM Brenda Lei Fischer was given

to Warren Jeffs, as a 12 year old bride. She was raped in the FLDS temple as assistances and onlookers participated in the child molesting ritual. She and several other girls were impregnated by Jeffs. How did Brenda Lei get into the hands of notorious Warren Jeffs? Brenda Lei had one chance for a normal life, but it slipped away when Attorney David Ogden Nuffer shattered the hopes of her blood relatives who fought to keep their nieces and nephews from being adopted into a polygamist family after their mother died of cancer. Attorney David Nuffer was paid by the FLDS, (representing them) and Vaughn Fischer, a polygamist who had recently claimed Brendas mother as his third wife, (given to him by Rulon Jeffs). Attorney David Nuffer painted a squeaky clean fairy tale image of Christian qualities of polygamy. Following the Utah Supreme Court decision to allow the Fishers to adopt all six of the children, David Nuffer spoke of his success in helping polygamists adopt. He is quoted as saying, Its a decision that speaks of freedom. Polygamists with Nuffers help, took a giant step in being free to do as they wished without public interference, but freedom as Americans know it, was lost forever from the lives of the six adopted children. They were not allowed contact with their blood family. None of them finished high school, one was traumatically abused and became a lost boy, two were given as under aged brides to other polygamists, all were given away in assigned marriages and the oldest nephew received several wives as rewards for his cooperation in the court proceedings. All of these children were sentenced to a life of blind obedience and fear, serving and believing in a blood thirsty God who would destroy them for turning away from polygamy or its leaders. One of these children was Wayne Alan Thornton Fischer, who became Brenda Leis father. It was her father who gave Brenda Lei to Warren Jeffs, to strengthen his own position with Gods prophet. Who is responsible for perpetuating this enslaving ignorance? Attorney David Nuffer is an educated man, He has had many dealings and business deals with the FLDS. He has been paid well accordingly. Janet Johanson said the sum of money paid to Nuffer exceeds $600,000.00. Janet is Brenda Leis aunt, one who couldnt save her. David Ogden Nuffer has now been nominated for US Federal 5th District Court. He vowed to uphold the laws of the United States. He knew polygamy is against the law, but chose to ignore that fact. If Nuffer wont protect our laws, how can we believe hell protect our rights? Is he failing at both? When people accept the idea that is right to deprive part of the population of their rights, because of gender, race or creed, freedom itself becomes fragile. It is only a matter of time until some narcissist decides other men arent worthy of freedom. Freedom of religion is never justification to take freedom from others. Was David Nuffer actually snowed by these polygamists? Was it for the money, or did he just get himself into a position where his karma ran over his dogma?