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Nokia NetAct Planner

For effective Network Planning

NOKIA NetAct Planner For higher productivity, savings in CAPEX and reduced OPEX
Nokia NetAct Planner is an integrated set of tools for planning voice and data networks with the mobile Internet in mind. Nokia NetAct Planner for both radio and transmission networks comprises software with advanced network design and optimisation capabilities, all of which are designed to help you meet your business, deployment and operational objectives. With Nokia NetAct Planner you can plan your network for real time and non-real time services shorten the time taken to implement plans tune and optimise your network. Nokia NetAct Planner effectively supports all phases of the network planning process, from a single-user environment to a corporate-wide solution for the ofce environment. PC laptop compatibility for eld use provides planning engineers with real mobility. Nokia NetAct Planner is an essential part of your Nokia system solution because it also supports selected Nokia system level features like Nokia Smart Radio Concept. The Nokia NetAct Planner solution includes software and services tailored to your needs Software Package Training and Consultation Services Care Services The Nokia NetAct Planner modules utilise a common relational database. This enables operators to use a single master database for integral storage of all network data. In addition, the same user-friendly Geographical Information System (GIS) is used across the modules, providing a common look and feel to all component tools. The advantages of the fully integrated Nokia NetAct Planner tool-set are numerous, especially as Nokia NetAct Planner completely avoids the severe limitations caused when an operator selects incompatible software tools, often on different platforms, which do not share the same database and are not linked. Furthermore, Nokia NetAct Planner interacts with the Nokia NetAct Framework through open interfaces that enable the sharing of network conguration data in planning, implementation, and provisioning, measured data in optimisation and tuning of networks and their upgrades.
Quality Field Measurement Analysis

Radio 2G Radio Network Planning

WCDMA 3G Radio Network Planning

As an operator you benet from streamlined planning with an integrated solution securing existing investments optimising future investments in 3G lower OPEX through Nokia NetAct interworking
Link Microwave Link Planning

Integrated Data & Environment

Your subscribers benet from wider availability and higher quality of service.

Rollout Site Acquisition & Project Tracking

Transmission Transmission Network Planning

The planner package comprises the following modules: Nokia NetAct WCDMA Planner is designed for 3G radio network planning. Being part of the Nokia WCDMA system solution, the WCDMA planner works seamlessly with other Nokia system solutions. It also supports combined 2G and 3G network planning and optimisation with Nokia NetAct Radio Planner. Nokia NetAct Radio Planner provides planning for all types of GSM and TETRA radio networks. It includes planning of both real time and non-real time services that support the network evolution path from GSM to GPRS and ultimately next generation EDGE technologies. Nokia NetAct Link Planner provides efcient and exible microwave link planning. It gives an advanced solution for line-of-sight checking, link frequency allocation, interference analysis, logical routing, link performance and quality calculation.

Nokia NetAct Transmission Planner enables planning of the transmission and datacom network, including dimensioning and network architecture comparisons. It covers 2G and 3G Cellular, ATM/IP and PSTN networks. Nokia NetAct Quality Planner for eld measurement analysis is intelligent software which provides automated detail and trend analysis of test mobile measurement les. It also produces diagnostic reports to resolve radio network problems.

Nokia NetAct Rollout Planner is a site acquisition and project process tracking tool for network roll-out and expansion projects, providing full visibility of project milestones, progress and productivity. Nokia NetAct Planner runs on the PC/Windows platform using Oracle 8 database. The actual conguration varies depending on the scope of planning, from a single laptop PC to a server-client environment.

Workflow Manager Planner Reporter

Configurator & Provisioning

Common ork topology netw Common WEB G U I



3rd party tools

Service Quality Manager Unified Mediation and Adaptation

Rating & Charging

The Nokia NetAct Framework is a process based solution for managing next generation networks and services. Based on open architecture and industry standards it can handle more elements, larger networks, greater complexity and the explosive growth in trafc and data expected in 3G networks.