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FBI P.O. Box 3819 Ventura, CA 93006-6061

January 21, 2011 To whom this may concern: I just heard that some video specialists are under contract with the federal government. Is this to 1. Authenticate videos to make sure they have not been altered, 2. Alter videos so they show what the government wants and nobody in forensic video analysis can tell because the technology is superior to that currently being used in the commercial industry, 3. Or both of the above. I actually had heard this from a duty officer FBI agent and thought I should have verification. Do you think our federal government would alter a video to improve their position in a criminal case where their agents were wrong and if found guilty it would create severe liability for the U.S. government? I have enclosed a DVD with my documentation for what I am about to discuss. Here are my facts: 1. On April 16, 2009 I was arrested at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank for allegedly hitting a TSA agent (Exhibit A - Police Report) 2. The video that was used to prosecute me in a criminal and civil case was altered, and so professionally done that nobody can tell, not even forensic video analysts. It was a Citizens Arrest for battery; basically TSA vs. me. The video is Exhibit B. The part that has been altered is a small section when I was going to drink the soda (time: 4:10) and from time: 5:01-6:01. How do I know it has been altered? I was there. 3. When I returned home after the trip (I did make it to the wedding, despite the arrest), I wrote a detailed report on exactly what happened. See Exhibit C - Summary of Events. I gave a copy of this to Mr. Medina (Exhibit D), my first attorney, before the video was available. Everything in it matches with the video except where the video alterations occur.

4. I received a document from Homeland Security asking for my side of the story. See Exhibit E which also includes my response to their allegations. 5. I was prosecuted. I felt the courts were very pro TSA. TSA cooperated with the prosecution, but provided nothing that we needed for my defense. I have attached as Exhibit F a copy of the court transcript that shows this unethical practice. I have written to the District Attorneys Justice System Integrity Division (Exhibit G) and they refuse to do anything (Exhibit H). 6. My criminal case was finally dismissed on October 18, 2010. 7. TSA continued to come after me civilly. Originally the fine was proposed at $7500 by a very hostile investigator, Emily Daum (Exhibit I) When it reached the hands of the TSA attorney, Derrick Ford, it was reduced to $2500 (Exhibit J ). When the criminal case was dismissed, the penalty was lowered to $125 for drinking a soda in sterile area (Exhibit K) 8. When I still said I wanted the hearing, the TSA attorney decided to withdraw from the case (Exhibit L). So the civil case against me is also dismissed (Exhibit M). 9. I have tried to get the Los Angeles District Attorneys office to open an investigation. I have a letter written by John Moulin that states This division is responsible for the prosecution of criminal misconduct by peace officers, attorneys and judges. I do not see how he can state that there is insufficient evidence of criminal misconduct when there is proof that Officer Green made multiple false statements in the Police Report. What are we supposed to do as loyal citizens of the United States of America when the judicial system, the legal system, the law enforcement system, and the federal government all go against us and do so illegally. This is my last attempt to get the truth. My heart is broken. The country I always used to be so proud of has indeed failed me. Do I expect the FBI to help me? No, you are part of the federal government which has prosecuted me so unethically. But I will try anyway. It does not take a Harvard graduate to look at the facts. FACT: The individual I had the tug-of-war over the ice chest was Tetteh; this is substantiated in the video. The individual that states she was doing the tug-of-war with me and I struck her was Aikens (Exhibit N) This is FALSE and is so substantiated in the video. And yet our courts decided to prosecute with substantiated false statements on the Police Report! FACT: I was arrested and put in a police car without being told why they were doing this. This is UNETHICALperhaps ILLEGAL. FACT: I told my side of the story to the officer and yet nothing I said was reported. This is UNETHICAL. FACT: When I found out that the agent had placed a Citizens Arrest on me, I said I wanted to place a Citizens Arrest on them. My request was not acknowledged or carried out. This is UNETHICALperhaps ILLEGAL.

FACT: The original DVD from the airport security was placed in the Burbank Police Department evidence locker. Please be mindful of the fact that this is when the unethical Chief of Police Tim Stehr was still on board. The FBI did get involved with investigations. Here is one quote from a local paper The subpoena specifies information related to "use of force, defensive tactics, Tasers, pepper spray, or the rules and ramifications pertaining to the use of excessive force or a violation of civil/constitutional rights." This does not sound like a too ethical department. I asked Detective Ross this question: When someone needs to get a copy of the video do you make a copy or let them check out the original in the evidence locker? Do you know what his answer was. It was: Sometimes we make a copy, and sometimes we give them the original. I cant remember what we did in your case. This blew me away. How can the purity of evidence be maintained if it is allowed to be checked out? This practice is UNETHICALperhaps ILLEGAL. This is the way I think things happened, but I cannot prove anything. Emily Daum, the TSA investigator, got the video directly from the airport. She sends it to some expert video analyst that actually has access to video technology over and beyond what we have in Hollywood today. This individual (perhaps someone like Hany Farid at Dartmouth College, and who has received grants from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense) then doctors the video to make an innocent person look really guilty. He then returns the video to Emily Daum. Emily then borrows the original video from the evidence locker, buys a DVD of the same brand and places the altered video on it. She destroys the original and returns altered video to the evidence locker. Thats why Judge McKenna with the Homeland Security Justice System had no problem putting a subpeona on the DVD in the evidence locker (Exhibit O). I think he knew that it was the altered one and that no alteration was detectible. So what can the FBI do for me? 1. Find the man in the green Hawaiian shirt (Exhibit P). He got a business card from TSA. I know he knows what really happened. I know he wrote TSA about the incident. TSA denies receiving anything from anybody. In fact, asked Emily Daum if she had received anything from anyone outside TSA about the incident. She told me no. And yet just before we are supposed to go to trial in April, 2010, a cell phone video from a pilot shows up. The prosecution was going to use it against me. I actually think it shows well in my favor. It shows my frustration. It shows my cooperation. It shows how concerned I was for my mother. When I got the Discovery package I discover this video was submitted to them on April 30, 2009, shortly after the incident! I have never seen so many people lie and deceive as I have in the last 1 years. I do not associate with these type of people. It just makes me sick to think that they are our civil servants. I dont know how they can sleep at night. If I were to highlight all of the lies in the documents I have received there would be more highlighted sections than not highlighted sections. 2. Check the phone records for Hany Farrid. His office line is (603) 646-2761. Although he may be on contract with the U.S. government to authenticate photos and video, I would not be surprised if he also can modify videos in a way that the modification cannot be noticed. I called him on January 19th at 8:51 a.m. Pacific time. During our conversation we were having an interference issue with the line;

when I said I would call him back on my cell phone, he said he had a really important call he needed to make (could that have possibly been to someone in Homeland Security?). So why am I contacting the FBI? It concerns me greatly that some people in our federal government can alter digital video and make an innocent person look guilty. If this is indeed true and the corruption is so deep that you realize all of this is going on, I know you will not do anything. If this is new news to you and you want to pursue this any further, please give me a call. I hope and pray my country will not let me down any more than it already has. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Nadine Hays