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OBJECTIVE A co-op position in urban planning allowing me to contribute to a progressive and creative environment. Attentive to detail, hard working, and a good team player. EDUCATION 2008-2014 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Bachelor of Urban Planning, 3.9/4.0 GPA, Deans List 10/10 quarters Link to portfolio:
25 West Hollister Street Cincinnati, OH 45219 Cell: (513) 328-4119 Email:

Relevant Coursework: Principals of Planning Design and Graphic Communication, Site Planning and Analysis, Neighborhood/District Planning, Comprehensive/ Regional Planning Design Studio, GIS, Landscape Design, Digital Design, Probability and Statistics, Organizational Theory, Micro and Macro Economics, Urban Planning Law, Urban Geography, Historic Preservation, Methods of Research 2003-2006 Turpin High School High School Cincinnati, OH, 3.7/4.0 GPA WORK EXPERIENCE The Corporation for Findlay Market March 28, 2011-June 17, 2011 Internship: Assistant to the Urban Farm Manager Marketing and selling planning assistance for farmers market Research assistance in developing a sustainable business model for a long term Findlay Market Farms! Furthered a Volunteer Management Plan for FMFarms, and participated in on-site work Urban Farm Managers internship review from the University of Cincinnatis Co-op Evaluation:
Alison is a mature, responsible, sensitive, smart, aware, and talented person. Her sensitivity and awareness are the key characteristics here. Alison observes, listens, thinks, and acts. Her interactions with all parties, from staff, to merchants, to apprentice farmers were professional, on par with any of our staff. Again, Alisons performance was impressive. Her efforts made a large difference allowing the project to move faster and farther than it would have without her

Clifton Natural Foods, Cincinnati, OH July 2007 - Present Sales Associate Manage inventory and ordering of store product and stock Provide strong customer service Training in Vitamin, Supplement, Herb, and Natural/Organic product knowledge Register Management: drawer count, daily deposit and paper work Servatii Pastry and Deli, Cincinnati, OH Sales Associate, Shift Leader January 2007, Assistant Manager, March 2007- June 2007 Responsible for overall store operation in the absence of the manager Regular inventory and ordering of store product and stock Provide strong customer service and register management: drawer count August 2006 - June 2007

SKILLS AND ACHIEVMENTS Computer Skills: ArcGIS, Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD Student Member: Planning Student Organization, American Planning Association Strong Written Communication Skills Highly Enthusiastic attitude Effective problem solver and able to multitask Adept at thoroughly learning new procedures and programs

Urban Planning Studio: Principals of Planning Design and Graphic Communication

Ground Plane Hardscape & Softscape Graphic Techniques
The objective of the fist part of this assignment was aimed at developing graphic techniques to represent ground surfaces, both natural and man-made. Both of these pieces are done on 11by 17 inch vellum paper with a mechanical pencil, various lead weights, a t-square, and other straight edges. In the second part we were given a plain site plan to apply these graphic techniques.

Drawing From Photographs

In this assignment we were required to select an urban street scene and take a series of photographs to create a panoramic. We then had to prepare representational renderings from the composite photo series.In this part of the assignment we assumed the role of the urban designer. Through alterations of the original photograph, we proposed recommendations to improve the buildings and street scape.

Urban Planning Studio: Principals of Planning Design and Graphic Communication

Plan Elevation Elements & Site-Section Elevation

The first part of this assignment introduced us to drawing man-made and natural site elements to scale in elevation format. The second part taught us how to construct a site-section elevation from the plan on the left. It was prepared with pencil and marker on 24 by 36 inch tracing paper.

For our final poster project we were required to take some of the drawings originally rendered in black and white and add color. The media used included markers, colored pencils, pens, and pastels.

Two-Point Perspective Drawing

The objectives of this assignment are to become familiar with basic principles involved in the construction of one and two-point perspectives. We were required to select an urban environment down town and render it with pencil and pens. We then added color for our final poster assignment.

Urban Planning Studio: Principals of Planning Design and Graphic Communication

Cincinnati Neighborhood Analysis

In this studio we worked in two person teams on one neighborhood of the city. My partner and I analyzed and developed posters on the Historical, Physical, and Social conditions of the Neighborhood of Norhside. We then picked a section of the business district to develop a Problem/Solution Analysis poster. Our proposal (made prior to finding out about the actual project that is currently underway) was to renovate and adaptively reuse the Historic American Can Factory building and develop the surrounding area.

Planning Design Studio: Neighborhood/District

The theme of this studio was the Claiming and Reuse of Residual Spaces in the Contemporary City. My team and I chose an area surrounding the intersection of Vine St. and WClifton Ave in Cincinnati (pictured to the left). We did an analysis of the districts current building conditions, land use, zoning, occupancy, natural systems, population characteristics, infrastructure, and circulation. With this information at hand, we did a SWOT analysis for the district, and reviewed relevant case studies. Following the analysis and research stage, we deveolped a program for the district to form a strategy and site specific designs for intervention areas within the district. The intervention area I fosused on for our final proposal was the site plan for reclaiming a previous residential area for a neighborhood park (pictured below). The few homes left on the site were quite neglected (map pictured to the right). The park was designed to incorporate the extreme topography of the area. Also included in the plan is an area for apartment/condo (or public) amenities such as tennis courts and a pool. This connects the park area with a proposed mixed-use development on our other main intervention area within the district.

Building Conditions

Niehoff Urban Studio: Comprehensive/Regional

I am currently in an interdisciplinary studio including Planners and Engineers entitled Place Matters: Covington Center City Action Plan. Our focus is a region within the City of Covington, Kentucky. In this research phase, some teams are documenting and analyzing aspects of the natural and man-made environment, while some are assigned neighborhoods of Covington. I made these graphics with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for a poster presentation on an initial Community Framework Analysis and Synthesis. A partner and I were assigned to document and analyze Covingtons Historic Licking Riverside neighborhood to uncover the community framework that supports its livability.

Road Circulation Map

HLR Neighborhood Over Time

Niehoff Urban Studio: Comprehensive/Regional

Amenity Location Map
The method and analytical framework required to approach this assignment borrowed the approach of William Morrish and Catherine Brown as described in Planning To Stay. This framework consists of five types of physical features found in neighborhoods (Homes

Amenity Hours of Activity

& Gardens, Community Streets, Neighborhood Niches, Anchoring Institutions, and Public Gardens) and five organizing themes (Location, Scale, Mix, Time, & Movement). The Physical

features are documented and discussed on the original posters

Scale of the Built Environment

Concluding Thoughts

Landscape Design I
Residential Site: Master Plan, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Landscape Design II
Residential Site: Inventory & Analysis, hand drafted

Landscape Design II
Residential Site: Functional Digram, Illustrator & Photoshop Residential Site: Preliminary Design, hand draft and Adobe

Findlay Market Farms Internship

One of my focus projects throughout this internship was to support research for a sustainable business model for the post grant future of Findlay Market Farms, an extension of the non-profit farmers market. At the end of my internship my boss, the Urban Farm Manager, utilized this and his own research to make his final recommendations for a business model proposal. I began the project by independently researching Urban Farm programs, compiling a list of non and for profits with helpful information. The Farm manager and I then created a project to manage a group of UC student volunteers for further research. After our introductory meeting with the students, I acted as project manager, taking complete responsibility for supporting the students work to completion. I created a case study form for capturing and analyzing the information they gathered, and provided them with an extensive example with Somerton Tanks Farms (the top section in the spread to the left). Once they provided me with their results, I compiled and organized the research data into both a master document and spread sheet. I presented the information for analysis by ordering the existing urban farm business models from most useful to least.

Apprentice Farmer Marketing and Selling Support

Another project I worked on was developing a framework for farmer market selling for the apprentice farmers. I made these logo options for a grower in the Findlay Market Farms program in Adobe Illustrator. Along with designing and making a variety of laminated display signs for multiple farm teams to use in selling their produce, I helped create a system for the apprentices to track their produce, pricing, and market sales.

Findlay Market Farms Internship

Findlay Market Farms Volunteer Management
Building off the work of a previous UC intern, I helped create a Volunteer Management System to support the Urban Farm Project and apprentice farmers in the growing and selling of their produce. I created a volunteer managment e-mail account for FMFarms, ammended and made new volunteer application forms, and worked with other volunteers to think through a centralized database system for future volunteer workday events.

Gamble Montessori High School Volunteer Workday

tA group of Gamble Highschool students volunteered their time for a workday with the apprentice farmers at the Elm and Liberty garden site. I made these project fliers to communicate the work day goals and organize the efforts of the team leaders and their students. Other projects included hoop house construction and fence maintenance. I served as the team leader for the weeding group.


Sketch Up Graphics
Site Section and Perspective Views
Amberley Green Road Hierarchy. Prepared for Site Analysis, Planning, and Design Studio

Example of Typical Italianette Acrchitecture

Prepared for Northside Business District Focus


Sketch Up Graphics

Northside American Can Site Proposal

Prepared for the Northside Business District Focus: Problem Solution Analysis Proposal


AutoCAD Graphics

Project Source for Graphics: Price Avenue Corridor Streetscape

East Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio

IV: Proposed Street Section and Plan View

2 2 4


Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Graphics

Digital Design Fundamentals

Hand tool recreation assignment only permited the use of shapes, no pen tool allowed

Design by an Etsy artist, poster recreated for own use in Illustrator

Planning Student Organization Logo Submission

Leaf shapes found and altered in photoshop, poster done in Illustrator

Flier for Work


Thrown on the wheel for a scultpture and ceramics class or at home


Various Sketches from notebooks kept over the years. Special thanks to the instructors and peers involved in the work presented in this portfolio.