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Characteristics quotes:

She is educated my daughter Daba, who was preparing for her baccalaureate p. 35 She is smart and shrewd. there are Daba and her husband, who have demonstrated their

financial acumen(smartness) by buying up all your brothers property Daba and her husband are able to take over the SCCAP Villa after the payment of the debt owed and with Mirasse, (inheritance in Islam)

She has the same idealist beliefs as her mother and tries to stay true to them. She is strong willed and independent, denies any traditions that she feels devalues her Daba also belongs to an association of women who help each other and play an active

own worth. role in the betterment of the condition of women in Senegal: I prefer my own association, where there is neither rivalry nor schism, neither malice nor jostling for position; there are no posts to be shared, nor positions to be secured. The headship changes every year. Each of us has equal opportunity to advance her ideas. We are given tasks according to our abilities in our activities and organizations that work towards the progress of women. Our funds go towards humanitarian work: we are mobilized by a militancy as useful as any other, but it is a healthy militancy, whose only reward is inner satisfaction. She is strong and determined Daba is like all young without pitty (p.71). she feels no mercy towards her friends mom. Your interpretation

She is educated and has a baccalaureate. She has liberal thoughts. "Marriage is no chain. It is a mutual agreement over a lifes program" (p. 74) She tells her mom to divorce her dad who has betrayed her. She is independent: she has chosen a man for herself and she is engaged to him She is daring: she challenges her father by deliberately appearing in the nightclubs where

he and his new wife or Dabas friend and classmate, spend their evenings. she would arrive late on purpose so to sit in full view of her father" (B, p. 50). Positive relations

With her mom. She wants her mom to divorce her father rather than stay in a

polygamous marriage. She fully supports her mother over this issue. With her husband who treats her like counter partner. Daba is neither my slave, nor is my servant (p.73) They identify with each other, discuss everything so as to find a compromise. (62) With Bintou who was her friend and even after she marries Dabas dad, daba understands her situation that Bintou was a victim in this whole mess. Negative relations

Negative relation with Binetous mother Remember, I was your daughters best friend.

You made her my mothers rival. Remember. For five years you deprived my mother and her twelve children of their breadwinner. Remember. My mother has suffered a great deal. How can a woman sap the happiness of another? You deserve no pity. Pack up (So Long 71).

Negative relations with her own father break with him mother, send this man away. He

has respected neither you nor me. (p39)