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here are some ideas for next year that came from the
national website:

-> naacp goal: eliminate disparities in hiv/aids.

• hiv/aids: there are now an estimated 1.3 million americans living with hiv; nearly half of them are
black. african americans represent over 51% of the new hiv infections in the united states.
if we had some kind of campaign to inform people of what’s
happening in the black community as far as hiv/aids. there is
also a pledge/petition that people can sign and we send it in
to the national people.
the “it stops with me” pledge is “for 26 years, hiv has devastated black
america. each day 72 african americans are newly infected with hiv/aids. i acknowledge that
each person has a part to play in the eradication of hiv/aids in the african american community,
and i have the power to effect that change. therefore, as a part of the naacp "72" initiative, i
pledge to:

- abstain from any and all practices in which i make myself or others vulnerable to contracting
the hiv/aids virus.

- get tested for the hiv/aids virus.

- support the initiative to eradicate the hiv/aids virus in my community.

live it, our future depends on you!”

->naacp goal: reduce obesity disparities and related diseases?diabetes, hypertension,

heart disease
• obesity:according to the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc), 77 percent of black
women and 62 percent of black men are overweight ? which helps explain why we lead in many
statistics for obesity-related conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
perhaps if we had a “naacp fitness challenge”, which is a semester (or however long we want it to
last) program where its kind of like celebrity fit club. we would meet briefly after each meeting and
discuss weight loss and each week we go to the rac to workout. increases support for people who want
to lose weight. (i’ll explain it better…)

-> naacp goal: reduce disparities in respiratory diseases.

• respiratory diseases:african americans have similar rates of cigarette smoking as whites (22% vs.
24% respectively in 2002) and lower overall exposure to tobacco smoke, but are more likely to
develop and die from lung cancer. black men are at least 50 percent more likely to develop lung
cancer and 36 percent more likely to die from the disease than white men.

we could also do a “kick the habit” program. collect cigarettes and encourage non-smoking.
 on off-weeks, naacp needs to have some kind of program.
2 programs a month sponsored by 2 different committees.
 when can we have exec board meetings and all
committee heads are included.
 make plans to conjunct with bsa and other organizations
 want to work with and plan for students of all races
 goal: maintain membership!
 goal: meetings last no longer than an hour unless
something special is happening
 goal: for everyone to have an open mind for ideas and
 goal: for pr (especially) and every other committee head
and exec board member to be on their job
 goal: to never have a program that goes unknown to gsu
 goal: to have a community program