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Sixty Years of the Northeast

Countering crisis
As the world enters into a brain storming session at the Round
Table Conference on Sixty Years of
state of constant rapid change the Northeast in Shillong this month.
The event organised by Divya Jeevan
that touches every conceivable Foundation Society and Aurbindo
Institute of Indian Culture brought
sphere of life, the land-locked many academicians under one roof
for a comprehensive discussion on the
region expresses willingness to Northeast’s progress report during the
past 60 years.
undo the mistakes of the past Mr. Jamir took this opportunity to float
his idea of unifying the region both po-
and accept these changes. TNT litically and culturally so that it would
make the region stronger against the
attempts an insight into this backdrop of the current political situ-
ation that “is one of disarray, discord,
changing trend. disunity and without direction.”
“Without undermining the autonomy
of the seven sisters, a system, whereby
the states act as a unified body for the
Development is a comprehen- Northeast has been suffering the most good of all the people of the northeast, would benefit most if it was allowed to Mr. Sanjay Hazarika, a renowned He advocates introduction of work
sive economic, social, political, from not only under-development, but should be formed. Without such unity, be used as the bridge between the rest journalist from the Northeast, drew permits and citizen cards to tackle this
and cultural process that aims also social unrest spanning out over six our individual voices will be like dust of India and the South Asian countries. the attention of the audience to the fact menace and wants the respective gov-
decades. in the wind. Furthermore, all develop- For him, the viability of road, rail and that when the region was bleeding pro- ernments to take steps to build up a
at the improvement of the qual-
The Governor of Goa, Mr S.C. Jamir, ment work undertaken in the region air connectivity with the neighboring fusely for various reasons, it would be data bank covering the illegal migrants
ity of life of all people and the pointed out that the region, once a ha- countries are of utmost importance. wrong to blame it for under-develop- in this country.
should cut across state boundaries de-
full enjoyment of all fundamen- ven of beauty and charming people pending solely on the economic and The session entered into a heated ment and illegal migration. The striking feature of this event was
tal freedoms and human rights with rich social and cultural heritage, geo-physical viability,” he proposed. discussion when one of the speakers In his paper, Mr. Hazarika blames the involvement of some Bangladeshi
without distinction as to race, has, over the years, degenerated into But this proposal for political unity pointed out that the time has arrived various factors in connection with mi- academicians and journalists who pre-
one of disorder, economic stagnancy spread an air of confusion among the for the Northesat to go into serious gration problems and castigates politi- sented a fair picture of the state of af-
gender, religion, status, or politi-
and social disarray. “Caught up in an speakers and someone intervened introspection and find out what actu- cians for encouraging illegal migration. fairs in that country. They said that it
cal belief. It is though a genuine insular world, our leaders resist con- ally went wrong during these many For him, migration takes place because was not India alone, Bangladesh too
questioning the validity of such politi-
development that the full poten- structive change, which would lead to cal unity within the framework of the years for which the region has not pro- of push and pull factors and largely it was suffering from Islamic terrorism.
tials of the human person and the overall development for the benefit of Indian constitution. However, it is re- gressed. is because of economic reasons that “HUJI has been a cause of concern
whole human race can be fully the beleaguered people, irrespective motely possible for a person like Mr. The speaker sounded a little brash as people from neighbouring countries for us. They have close links with the
of tribe, clan or region, so as to save Jamir, who himself is a constitutional he questioned – “What has the North- migrate in large numbers to India’s ULFA, which had actually orchestrated
realized. This is how the United
them from floundering in the depths of head, to propose something outside the east done for itself?” He said the main Northeast. “The demographic structure an attack on Sheikh Hasina sometime
Nations goes about its Declara- despair, distress and degradation,” he problem with the Northeast has been in of the region is fast changing because back,” they said.
Indian constitution.
tion of the Decade of Develop- said, railing that geographical isolation The discussion further went into eco- its approach towards the Centre, which of such migration,” he said, sending They said Bangladesh wanted a bet-
ment. and economic backwardness and lack nomic issues, the Look East Policy and it believed has a step-motherly attitude a message to politicians who harbour ter understanding with India and that
This has remained mostly ineffective of infrastructure were hampering the the issues relating to transition includ- towards it. But this did not go down such migrants. it should take a pro-active role in sta-
for India, which has been struggling for desired growth of the region. ing security and immigration, social well with many and they got embroiled Nevertheless, Mr. Hazarika believes bilizing the South East Asia – a wake
six decades to bring the country onto The comment of this former Chief tensions and federalism. Maj. Gen. in a hot debate till the chairperson in- in good relations with neighbours that up call for the policy makers and dip-
the right track of development. The Minister of Nagaland came during a Vinod Saighal believed that the region tervened. could put an end to illegal migration. lomats in actual terms.

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