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Shipboard Operation Manual

Section 3: Handing/Taking Over Duty Master / Chief Engineer Procedure Owner : OPD/1

Page No. : 1/1 C/L No: E.004 Issue 1 / Rev. 1 Date : 04/08/2008


Vessel:Ajang Hormat Location: BTM PB Date:15-062009 Item 2. Status of Ships Gensets, Machineries & Deck Equipment (Major defects / Problems) 4. Record of Drills conducted: Fire / Abandon ship/ Man Overboard / Rescue boat / Others 6. Report on Audits / Non-conformance / Recommendations and Close-out 8. Status of Outstanding Items (if any)

Item 1. Status of Ships Propulsion and Steering Systems (Major defects / Problems) 3. Ships Life-saving, Fire Fighting & Other Emergency Equipment 5. Records of Ship Inspections / Meetings conducted 7. Report on Current Work / Maintenance Activities 9. Monthly Inventory List Item #

Notes / Remarks (use back of form or additional pages if required) Welcome onboard Chief Since you have been here before, I think you should be familiar with this ship. I have done very short period on Hormat but Ill handover to you all I know during my time. You also can refer to last Chief Engineer handover notes for further information. Main Engine ; Both Main Engine are in good condition. Stbd main Engine inlet air restriction alarm will activate occasionally. The shaft bearings had been changed but when ME running please check shaft bearing temperature every 30 minute. Ive been told not to exceed 1000 rpm . HRP Azimut Thrusters ; Both HRP Azimuth Thrusters are in good condition. Gear system using Omala -150. Hydraulic system using T-46 Azimut sw cooling started before Main Engine running. Bow Thrusters ; Required 4nos of Genset in parallel when anchor handling.

2.1 Auxiliary Engines Generators ; All A/E are in good condition. However A/E no 2 alternator had been removed due to pulley problem. I requested new spare but still waiting from shore. Please remind engine crews to charge up using portable charger sometime. 2.2. Air Condition Plant ; Air Condition Plant No 1 is in operation and it seems to be alright. This unit had a problem before. New Magnetic contactor was installed and motor sent for rewinding. Air Condition Plant No 2 is on standby and can be used anytime. 2 .3 RO Water Maker ; No 1 and no 3 are in good condition. No 2 was put out of service due to faulty wiring system. Still waiting for ASSB electrician. Since No 1 and no 3 okay, we dont have any problem with fresh water supply. 2.4 Lighting ; We are in the process of changing 50 Hz ballast. I requested engine crews to change ballast when they change fluorescent lamp. Also we changed/repaired all Floodlight on deck. Now, all working alright except one unit , still waiting for bulb holder. 2.5.Gallay Equipments ; Cooking range with oven (GL 23) was put out of service. I suspected the transformer is faulty. I requested new transformer and ASSB electrician to come and rectify all electrical problem. 2.6.Sewage system ; The compressor running all the time change over every week Grey water pump operate in manual, auto mode faulty. Cleaned grey Strainer every night.

3.1Emergency Generator
Emergency Generator is in good condition. Run up on weekly basis.. Every three day charge batteries.

3.2 Fire Fighting Monitor Engine

Weekly Inspection and Greasing Handle nozzle. Fifi Monitor Engine cooling engine with G/S pump.

AJANG SHIPPING SDN. BHD. Shipboard Operation Manual

Section 3: Handing/Taking Over Duty Master / Chief Engineer Procedure Owner : OPD/1

Page No. : 2/1 C/L No: E.004 Issue 1 / Rev. 1 Date : 04/08/2008

Note; Daily fuel report to Shell in C/E Computer : Desktop - Fuel Log Fuel log of June 2009 Copy and give to RO @ 1900 hrs every day. These are outstanding electrical jobs : 1. Fresh Water Maker no 2 to check wiring 2. OWS to check wiring and install PCB card 3. Emergency lighting in TV room, Laundry room, Fwd store and winch compartment-to check wiring 4. Cooking range (GL 23)

* For Chief Engineer only Status of Bunkers (Fuel / Water / Lubes) ROB (MT or Litres) per Logbook Date [ ] Time [ Fuel ROB: Pot Water ROB: Lube Oil ROB: 15W -40 Other ROB: 187893 918 MT 692 LTRS Tank Sounding Record Tank # Sounding Qty. Tank # Sounding Qty. PORT DAY TANK 18000 18000 STBD DAY TANK 19600 19600 1P 238 98136 1S 97 59884 Total: 195620 Total: Incoming Engineer Pepen Suryana

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Outgoing Engineer Nawawi Md Yusoff