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acquaint sb with sth phrasal verb FORMAL

to make someone or yourself aware of get bogged down to become so involved

something: in something difficult or complicated that
Take time to acquaint yourself with the rules. you cannot do anything else:
Let's not get bogged down with
The Broadcasting Museum also offers individual complaints.
Saturday workshops to acquaint children with UK Try not to get too bogged down in the
the world of radio. details.
Synonyms: make aware, inform, let know, let in on,
make familiar with, familiarize, apprise (formal), explain,
notify, tell, run by
Antonyms: keep from

to draw pictures or patterns while thinking

an idea which is based on feeling and for which
about something else or when you are
there is no proof:
[+ that] I had a hunch that you'd be here.
She'd doodled all over her textbooks.
Sometimes you have to be prepared to act
doodle 
   noun [C] on/follow a hunch.

a sudden desire or idea, especially one that

cannot be reasonably explained: closely connected or involved:
We booked the holiday on a whim. The survival of whales is intimately bound up
You can add what you like to this mixture - with the health of the ocean.
brandy, whisky or nothing at all - as the
whim takes you.
Oh for a husband who would indulge my
every whim!

inability to make a choice:

large in amount, size, force, etc: A moment's indecision when you've got the
a hefty bill/fine ball and you could lose the game.
Her salary will go up by a hefty 10%. There is a great deal of indecision
a hefty woman with dyed blond hair about/over how to tackle the problem.
indecisive       adjective
1 not good at making decisions:
He is widely thought to be an indecisive
2 not having a clear meaning or producing
a decision

to make a word or phrase shorter by using only 1 to continue as planned: His lawyers
have decided not to proceed with the case.
the first letters of each word:
Preparations for the festival are now proceeding
'Daniel' is often abbreviated to 'Dan'. smoothly.
'Chief Executive Officer' is abbreviated as 'CEO'. 2 proceed to do sth to do something after you have
abbreviated 
     US  done something else: She sat down and proceeded
to tell me about her skiing holiday.
 adj HUMOROUS He told me he was on a diet and then
'Di' is the abbreviated form of 'Diane'. proceeded to eat a plateful of chips!
abbreviation      noun [C]  3 FORMAL to move forward or travel in a particular
direction: Passengers for Madrid should proceed to
'ITV' is the abbreviation for 'Independent gate 26 for boarding.
Bogged down    acquaint   verb
US    adjective

hunch (IDEA)   noun [C] Doodle    verb [I]

bound 'up adjective [after verb] Whim   noun [C]

Indecision      Hefty    adjective

noun [U] (ALSO indecisiveness)

Abbreviate    
Proceed      US  verb [T usually passive]
  verb [I]