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offensive 1 /fensv/ adjective

1 UPSETTING likely to make people angry or upset an offensive remark The opposite is inoffensive 2 ATTACKING used for attacking an offensive weapon 2.

daft /dft/ adjective UK INFORMAL /dft/ adjective UK informal

2. daft silly

That's a daft idea . /lft/ noun [ C ]

1 HOUSE the space under the roof of a house or other building 2 FACTORY US space where someone lives or works in a building that used to be a factory

4, summit /smt/ noun [ C ]

1 MEETING [ POLITICS ] an important meeting between the leaders of two or more governments a two-day summit a summit meeting 2 MOUNTAIN [ GEOGRAPHY ] the top of a mountain The climbers hope to reach the summit before nightfall.


5. prosper /prsp r / verb [ I ]

to be successful, usually by earning a lot of money

6. patent 1 /pet nt, pt nt/ noun [ C ]

[ LAW ] a legal right that a person or company receives to make or sell a particular product so that others cannot copy it patent verb [ T ] to get a patent for something

7. hypercube noun a geometrical figure in four or more dimensions which is analogous to a cube in three dimensions.

9. mustache /mst/ /mst/ noun [ C ]


US SPELLING OF moustache (= a line of hair above the mouth)

8. beefy adjective (beefier, beefiest) 1 informal muscular or robust. large and impressively powerful. 2 tasting like beef. DERIVATIVES beefily adverb beefiness noun
10. blonde 1 ( ALSO blond ) /blnd/ adjective
1 HAIR Blonde hair is pale yellow. 2 PERSON Someone who is blonde has pale yellow hair.

11. spy 1 /spa/ noun [ C ]

etc someone who secretly tries to discover information about a person, country,

12. bear 1 /be r / verb [ T ] past tense bore , past participle borne
1 ACCEPT to accept someone or something unpleasant She couldn't bear the thought of him suffering. I like her, but I can't bear her friends. [ + to do sth ] How can you bear to watch? The pain was too much to bear. 2 bear a resemblance/relation, etc to sb/sth to be similar to someone or something He bears a striking resemblance to his father. 3 CARRY FORMAL to carry something He came in, bearing a tray of drinks. 4 WEIGHT to support the weight of something I don't think that chair will bear his weight. 5 bear the responsibility/cost, etc to accept that you are responsible for something, you should pay for something, etc He must bear some responsibility for the appalling conditions in the prison. 6 FEELING to continue to have a bad feeling towards someone They were rude to her in the past, but she's not the kind of woman who bears grudges (= continues to be angry) . 7 HAVE CHILD FORMAL to give birth to a child

She has been told that she will never bear children. 8 NAME to have or show a particular name, picture, or symbol The shop bore his family name. 9 bear left/right to turn left or right Bear right at the next set of traffic lights. See also: bear fruit , grin and bear it bear sb/sth out phrasal verb to prove that someone is right or that something is true The facts do not bear out his claims. bear with sb phrasal verb to be patient and wait while someone does something If you'll bear with me a moment, I'll just find your details.

13. pretend /prtend/ verb [ I , T ]

to behave as if something is true when it is not [ + (that) ] I can't pretend that I like him. [ + to do sth ] Were you just pretending to be interested? She's not really hurt - she's only pretending.

14. shudder /d r / verb [ I ]

to shake, usually because you are thinking of something unpleasant I still shudder at the thought of the risks we took. She shuddered with horror. shudder noun [ C ]

15. feverish /fiv r/ adjective

1 ILL [ HEALTH ] having a fever I feel a bit feverish. 2 ACTIVITY Feverish activity is done quickly, often because of excitement or fear. The rescuers worked at a feverish pace . feverishly adverb They worked feverishly to put out the fire.

16. nightmare /natme r / noun [ C ]

Word partners for nightmare an absolute / complete / living / total nightmare be sb's worst nightmare the nightmare of (doing) sth a nightmare for sb 1 EXPERIENCE a very unpleasant experience The traffic can be a real nightmare after 4.30. 2 DREAM a frightening dream

17. spine-chilling /spantl/ adjective

very frightening

18. overwhelming /vwelm/ adjective

very strong in effect or large in amount an overwhelming feeling of sadness They won by an overwhelming majority . overwhelmingly adverb

19. intriguing /ntrig/ adjective 20. cemetery /semtri/ noun [ C ]

a place where dead people are buried very interesting an intriguing story

21. admire /dma r / verb [ T ]

1 RESPECT to respect or approve of someone or something You have to admire him for being so determined. I really admire people who can go out and work in such difficult conditions. 2 LOOK AT to look at something or someone, thinking how attractive they are We stood for a few minutes, admiring the view. I was just admiring your shirt. admirer noun [ C ]

22. vase /vz/ /ves/ noun [ C ]


a container that you put flowers in See also picture living room

23. bury /beri/ verb [ T ]

1 BODY to put a dead body into the ground [ often passive ] He was buried next to his wife. 2 HIDE to hide something in the ground or under something buried treasure [ often passive ] Two climbers were buried in the snow. 3 bury your face/head in sth to move your face/head somewhere where it is hidden She buried her face in her hands. 4 bury yourself in sth to give all your attention to something He buried himself in his work.

See also: bury the hatchet

24. figure 2 /fg r / verb

1 BE PART [ I ] to be a part of something, or to appear in something Love figures in most pop songs. 2 THINK [ T ] to decide something after thinking about it [ + (that) ] I figured that it was time to tell her the truth. 3 that/it figures INFORMAL something you say when you expected something to happen "I've run out of money, Mum." "That figures." 24. figure sth/sb out phrasal verb to finally understand something or someone after a lot of thought [ + question word ] I never could figure out what she saw in him.

25. grave 1 /grev/ noun [ C ] 26. epilogue /eplg/ noun [ C ]

a place in the ground where a dead body is buried She visits his grave every day.

[ LITERATURE ] a speech or piece of writing that is added to the end of a play or book

27. petrified /petrfad/ adjective 28. creep 1 /krip/ verb past crept
1 creep along/in/out, etc to move very quietly and carefully I crept out of the room. 2 creep across/in/into, etc to gradually start to exist or appear Problems were beginning to creep into their relationship. 3 creep along/down/through, etc to move somewhere very slowly The convoy crept along in the darkness. creep up on sb phrasal verb 1 SURPRISE to surprise someone by moving closer to them from behind Don't creep up on me like that! 2 FEELING/STATE If a feeling or state creeps up on you, it happens gradually so that you do not notice it. Old age just creeps up on you. extremely frightened I'm petrified of spiders

29. resurrection /rez rek n/ noun [ U ]

1 EXISTING AGAIN when something starts to exist again which has not existed for a long period the resurrection of a fashion 2 CHRISTIAN RELIGION [ RELIGION ] in the Christian religion, Jesus Christ's return to life after he was killed .