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ASSIGNMENT 5 COMMENTS; REFERENCES ARE NOW ADDED TO THE ASSIGNMENT Introductionn Robert Kozma focused his research on developing

countries (Uganda ) and well developed. He consulted different people like educators , students , village , leaders and policy makers. He focused on developing website ,that share their information with and the culture with other countries .Educators and students can collect and analyse data and solve problems in the mathematics and sciences Gauteng on line had the same focus with Kozma and Khanya projects by ensuring that solution allows communication with peers and educators within and beyond the boarders of South African system .They also ensured that the methods and tools system that facilitate learning are designed and developed. Compared to Khanya projects and Kozma who focused in their countries not only on a Province. Gauteng on line focused on Gauteng province as part of South Africa Many stakeholder in education were not consulted e.g ELSEN schools. The equipment used were supposed to be adjustable to meet the needs of disabled learner.(mouse control) .The community does not take ownership of the school computers as the principal fear that when exposing the computers to the community can lead to thief and vandalism of the school property in need of computers (school safety) Gauteng online projects Gauteng on line provide all learners access to quality education, Through E-learning make notable advantage s in supplying skilled learner for the further study and employment which improve South African culture citezenship. Learners with barriers are supported with tools method and tools but not on practical sense as they cannot handle the mouse or keyboards. Educators development was not effective as educators were trained for a week on E-learning for a week period fewer busaries were awarded to educators The projects also involve the provision of an intergrated big screen T V set a D V D ,video recorder and a satellite dish in each and will benefit more than500000 learners in Gauteng More than R18million has been lost in the Gauteng on line school project .(GOSP the project has lost about R3 billion since its inception in 2002 and computers equipment worth over R18,5 million has been lost to theft since 2000 The laboratory is essential failing always offline. Poor planning and governance is causing its failure. There is a lack of understanding of exactly what need to be done to ensure learners benefit .The project is being run by two departments at the same time so there are misunderstandings

Khanya Projects Khanya college has both the political and the organizational capabilities need to set and sustain an I C T and the community empowerment centre . Khanya college is capable of having an extensive link with , and respect among the various social movement and civil society organization . Khanya has built up link with various civil society organization in Southern African region and is currently involved in a number of initiatives that include contact and collaboration with civil society organization in the South African region. Khanya

has the management experience and institutional stability that will ensure that only are the outcome of the programme are realized but that the programmed will be sustained overtime The ICT issues like providing access to the internet for progressive non-governmental orgnisations. The college brings to this are of activity its extensive links with social movements and the large layers of activities that currently participate in its various training programmes
The primary aims of the centre for ICT and community empowerment centre are :

To facilitate access to the internet and information technology in general activities and social movement from poor and marginalized communities in SA To train activist in the use of internet and ICT in general as organizing and mobilizing tools To facilitate the use of ICT for mobilizing including campaigns .organisation building networking and solidarity among the various social movement in the Southern Africa To build the ICT infrastructure of Khanya College ,Social movements and other non-profit organization in Southern Africa To develop ICT change applications that will be of use to the social movement in their struggle for social change To promote the use of open source software among non-profit organisation in Southern Africa To participate in advocacy initiatives concerning broader access to ICTS by poor and marginalized sector of in Southern Africa Has engage a number of social movement and not for profit organizations in building a resource centre and library. Conclussion The GSSC has failed to fix over the years the problems of teacher training ,computer theft ,broken computers and failed internet connection. Major of theft have not been effective .The project is not well planned .There is a lack of community involvement. Khanya has engage a number of social movement and not fo r profit organization.The Gauteng on line is still a mess compared to Khanya. References; 1. 2. 3. www.