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Materi: Reading


STANDAR KOMPETENSI Siswa mampu memahami makna teks tulis interpersonal maupun transaksional dalam bentuk Teks Recount/Narrative, Report/Descriptive dan Procedure. 1. Recount / Narrative: Teks yang isinya menceritakan kembali (retell) kejadian di masa lampau. Teks ini biasanya menggunakan tenses past. Report / Descriptive: Teks yang menjelaskan atau mendiskripsikan tentang sesuatu, biasanya menggunakan tenses present. Procedure: Teks yang isinya berupa prosedur atau proses dan urutan terjadinya sesuatu. Biasanya menggunakan tenses present.

2. 3.

RUANG LINGKUP MATERI Siswa mampu memahami teks fungsional pendek yang berbentuk Recount/Narrative, Report/Descriptive dan Procedure, meliputi: 1. Menemukan gambaran umum (general idea) 2. Menemukan pikiran utama (main idea) 3. Menemukan informasi rinci tertentu (specific information) 4. Menemukan informasi tersurat (reference) dan tersirat (inference) 5. Menfsirkan kata, frase atau kalimat dalam teks. Catatan: Teks Fungsional adalah teks bentuk khusus dengan fungsi tertentu. Misalnya: pengumuman, iklan, label, surat dan grafik/tabel.

CONTOH PERTANYAAN BERDASARKAN RUANG LINGKUP MATERI 1. Menemukan gambaran umum. Pertanyaan biasanya berupa judul dan topic bacaan. Contoh: 1. What does paragraph 2 talk about? 2. The text tells us about ______. Menemukan Pikiran utama. Pertanyaan berkaitan dengan penjelasan atau pendapat penulis tentang topic bacaan. Pikiran utama bisa didapat dari kalimat utama. Kalimat utama ada di awal, ditengah atau di akhir paragraph / teks. Pikiran utama juga bisa berupa kesimpulan dari kalimat-kalimat dalam paragraf / teks. Contoh: 1. What is the main idea of the text? 2. Based on the text, we may conclude that ______. Menemukan informasi rinci. Informasi yang tidak tertera secara jelas pada teks bacaan. Untuk menemukan informasi ini, harus membaca teks secara rinci atau intensif (intensive reading). Contoh: 1. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text? 2. How many children does she have? Menemukan informasi tersurat dan tersirat. Informasi tersurat: Informasi yang tertera jelas atau langsung dalam teks bacaan Informasi tersirat: Informasi yang tidak tertera jelas, tetapi bisa didapat dari menyimpulkan bagian-bagian tertentu dalam teks bacaan (reading between the lines). Contoh: 1. The graphic shows that ______. 2. Where does the conversation take place? Menafsirkan kata, frase atau kalimat dalam teks. Pertanyaan biasanya berupa: Persamaan arti ( synonym)




5. education for all; education for a better life

UJIAN NASIONAL SMP _BHS.INGGRIS Lawan kata ( antonym/opposite) Definisi / pengertian (definition) Rujukan / Acuan (reference) Contoh: 1. What is the synonym of the underlined word? 2. What does it (in paragraph 1) refer to?

Materi: Reading

LATIHAN DAN PEMBAHASAN TEXT 1. Bicycles are very popular today. Many people use bicycles for exercise. But exercise is only one of the reasons why bicycles are popular. Another reason is money. Bicycles are not expensive to buy. They do not need gas to make them go. They are also easy and cheap to fix. In cities, many people like bicycles better than cars. By bicycles, they never have to wait in traffic. They also do not have to find a place to park. Finally, bicycles do not cause any pollution.


What is the main idea of the paragraph? A. Bicycles are very popular today B. Bicycles are not expensive C. Many people like bicycles D. Bicycles do not cause any pollution PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menemukan Pikiran Utama (main Idea). Yang menjadi pikiran utama adalah pilihan A (bicycles are very popular today). Pikiran Utama tersebut terdapat di kalimat utama yang berada di awal paragraph. Pilihan yang lain, merupakan kalimat-kalimat penjelas atau pendukung kalimat utama.

JAWAB: A 2. Bicycles are very popular today (line 1). The closest meaning of the underlined word is ______. A. interesting B. comfortable C. famous D. wonderful PEMBAHASAN: JAWAB: C TEXT 2. My father died of cancer five years ago when I was three years old. He left my mother and me, their only boy. Last year my mother married Mr. Daud. He was a widower and he had got two children, Andi and Siska. Mr. Daud now becomes my step father. Andi and Siska become my step brother and step sister. Both of them are older than me. We live happily in my step fathers house. Now, we are waiting for the birth of my mothers baby. 3. What is the relationship between the writer, Andi and Siska? A. The writer is Andi and Siskas children B. The writer is Andi and Siskas step brother C. Andi and Siska are the writers brother and sister D. Andi and Siska are the writers cousins PEMBAHASAN: JAWAB: B 4. He was a widower (line 3) What does he in the sentence refer to? A. The writer Pertanyaan Informasi Rinci. Informasi tersebut tidak tertera jelas dalam teks. Untuk menemukannya, baca secara rinci (baris 4 & 5). Pertanyaan menafsirkan makna kata. Arti yang paling dekat (synonym) dengan popular adalah famous (terkenal). education for all; education for a better life

UJIAN NASIONAL SMP _BHS.INGGRIS B. The only boy C. The writers father D. Mr. Daud PEMBAHASAN: JAWAB: D TEXT 3. 17 Derriford Road Beverly Hills

Materi: Reading

Pertanyaan menentukan Rujukan Kata. Kata he merujuk atau menggantikan Mr. Daud.

May 21, 2004 Dear Dony, I was pleased to get your latest letter. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks a lot. Hope to get another one soon. My parents and I are planning to spend this summer holiday in Malaysia and Indonesia. We have heard a lot about Malaysia, but not much about Indonesia. So could you tell us more about Indonesia? We particularly want information about the main tourist destinations with their places of interest. Thats all for now. Im looking forward to hearing from you soon. My best regards to your parents. Bye. Best wishes, Bruce 5. What does the letter mostly talk about? A. A planning to spend the summer holiday in Malaysia B. Dony wanted some information about Malaysia and Indonesia C. A request for some information about tourist destinations in Indonesia D. Bruce informed some places of interest for tourist destinations in Indonesia PEMBAHASAN: JAWAB: C 6. I was pleased to get your latest letter (paragraph 1). What is the synonym of the underlined word? A. Glad B. Sad C. Disappointed D. Unhappy PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menafsirkan makna kata, berupa synonym (persamaan arti). Synonym dari pleased adalah glad (gembira). JAWAB: A Pertanyaan menemukan Topik (intisari) bacaan. Berdasarkan pada paragraf 2, maka bisa diambil kesimpulan bahwa surat tersebut topiknya adalah Bruce meminta informasi tentang tempat-tempat wisata atau persinggahan turis (tourist destinations) di Indonesia. education for all; education for a better life

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