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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NodEnabler has been created for the forums by Damian666, Nodster, a nd Matt1553. NodEnabler is a program that connects to websites (such as and ww that host usernames and passwords in plain-text that grant acces s to ESET updates and software. NodEnabler checks the username and password your ESET software is currently using to see if it is still valid. If it isn't, NodE nabler then downloads licenses from these websites and checks them in a random o rder with the ESET update servers to determine if they are valid. The first vali d license found is automatically inserted into the ESET software on your compute r. This typically takes less than 30 seconds and requires no input on your part. While we've taken every effort to ensure NodEnabler won't harm your computer in any way, it comes completely without warranty, so you install it at your own ris k. The authors of this software are in no way liable for anything it may do to y our computer, any other computer, or any infringement of local laws its use may entail. It's your head that's on the chopping block. Undoubtedly, many antivirus products will falsely detect NodEnabler as malware, so you may therefore need to add NodEnabler to your antivirus exclusions list. If you like the software ESET makes and you can afford it, please purchase it an d stop using NodEnabler. The best way to support a good product is to support th e people who make it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Change Log ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.2.4 +If you are running ESET Smart Security, NodEnabler now checks that the license being used and any that it is considering inserting are able to be used with Sma rt Security (No more "This license is for NOD32 Antivirus only, not Smart Secuti ry" errors). +Updated the list of license sites included with the installer. Version 3.2.3 +Fixed a bug that affected some users when NodEnabler was reading in the list of

ESET update servers from the registry, causing it to fail the connection check. Version 3.2.2 +Now using a much more reliable fix for the existing license check problem than what was used in V3.2.1 +All issues on 64-bit versions with "-1" errors should now be fixed. Version 3.2.1 +Fixed the problem experienced by gws with V3.2 when the existing license is che cked. +Modified the Vista (and later) task to run on user logon instead of on a networ k event (more reliable, less failed starts). Version 3.2: +Numerous tweaks under-the-hood to make the program more robust, reusable, and f aster. +Some minor bug fixes. +Did lots of small things to improve usability and configurability. +Numerous new options added to the settings manager. +Removed everything from the installer that could better be placed in the settin gs manager. +Removed some installer options that weren't really needed. +New output options for automatic execution - Hidden/Silent, Standard (New: Tray icon only shows messages when the license changes or something goes wrong), and Verbose. +The Vista scheduled task can now have its repetition interval modified by the s ettings manager. +NodEnabler now finally works properly with proxy servers (thanks to a new AutoI t release). +The licenses used by NodEnabler are now much more random and diverse, hopefully meaning they will get black-listed less often. +You can now completely change where and how NodEnabler searches for a license ( more info at ). +NodEnabler now checks when the current license is due to expire (ESET v3 and up only) and updates it before your ESET software starts complaining (Still doesn' t anticipate black-listing by ESET though - not possible). +Lots of small things that have already been forgotten about :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Install the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 or later if you don't alread y have it. 2. Skip straight to step 4 if you already have the ESET software you wish to use installed on your computer. 3. Download the version of the ESET software you wish to use from the ESET websi te ( and install it. We've tested NodEnabler with x86 and x64 versi ons of 2.7, 3, and 4. All worked perfectly, so pick any version you like. Trial versions are fine; just run NodEnabler then open your trial ESET software and cl ick update. The trial version will automatically be updated to a full version. I f you want to download a full version straight away, go to one of the sites ment ioned above and copy a username and password, then go to the ESET web site and s elect the "pre-purchased" software you want to download. When prompted, enter th e username and password you copied. The download should start immediately. If it doesn't work, try another username and password. 4. Remove any cracks/hacks etc you already have installed for the ESET software on your computer. This includes previous versions of NodEnabler. "2.81 Improved"

and later have included uninstallers that can be accessed through "Add/remove p rograms", but anything older (including standard 2.81) and you'll need the "old version" uninstaller we've posted on the forums in the NodEnabler thread. 5. Run the correct version of NodEnabler for your OS build. 6. Click the install button. If the installer detects an older version of NodEna bler still installed it will prompt you to remove it. When asked for a directory to install to, just hit ok to use the default (which is based off of where your ESET software is located), or change it to your liking. All of the old installe r options have now been moved to the settings manager (which will be started as soon as the installation is complete). 7. If you get an error from NodEnabler the very first time you try to run it aft er it has been installed, open your ESET software and insert anything you like i nto the update username and password fields and try to update it (it will fail), then re-run NodEnabler. If this doesn't work, try restarting your computer and then run NodEnabler again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Advanced Settings Manager Options ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verbose output to text file - This option outputs a complete log of all actions undertaken by NodEnabler to "LastRunResult.txt" (located in the NodEnabler progr am install directory). Maximum number of connection attempts - The maximum number of attempts to make a t connecting to the internet before giving up and exiting. Each attempt takes ju st over half a second. Force license update every x runs - Effectively makes NodEnabler periodically "h op" from key to key (hopefully before they are blacklisted by ESET). Check the first x licenses in random order - This serves the same overall purpos e as the last function, helping to ensure that the license your ESET software is using is relatively unique, and thus less likely to be blocked by ESET. This is done by checking the first x number of licenses gathered from any given license site in random order. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Running ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If your current license has expired and you receive an error from your ESET soft ware, just run NodEnabler manually. It won't need any input, so just make sure y ou have an internet connection available and let it finish before trying to upda te your ESET software again. If you want to force an update to a license NodEnabler thinks is valid, just rig ht-click the NodEnabler system tray icon and select the appropriate option. NodE nabler verifies the insertion of licenses: if it says it's succeeded, it has, ir respective of what you did or didn't see it do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trouble Shooting ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Most of the errors that NodEnabler gives will be temporary (no internet connecti on, no valid licenses available, etc). Try running NodEnabler again later if you can't solve the problem immediately. If you're using version 4 ESET software and having problems with NodEnabler inse rting licenses, try disabling the self-defence option in the ESET advanced setup window under the antivirus and antispyware category.

If you have other issues or you still can't solve the problem you're facing, com e and talk to the developers in the NodEnabler Cracks and Serials forum thread a t Please ensure that debug mode is enabled in the settings manager and post the contents of "LastRunResult.txt" (found in the NodEnabler program d irectory). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Uninstalling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can remove NodEnabler from your computer by selecting it from "Add/remove pr ograms" or "Programs and features" or running the Uninstaller from the start men u. Newer versions of NodEnabler will automatically detect if an older version of NodEnabler is installed and run the uninstaller (if present) before continuing with their own installation.

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