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AIKYA Centre to Integrate the Different Newsletter Nov, 2011 Events for November

11th Nov Annual Day of AIKYA Kick of event to begin celebration of 20 years of AIKYAs service. 19th Nov Online discussion with Ms. Parvathy Viswanth. 5th November - Meeting parents of Pallavaram. for

From the Director Ms. Parvathy Viswanath

Dear friends, It has been a great month full of activities. It is gratifying to note that AIKYA has completed 20 years of service in the field of Special Education. Looking back we cannot believe that we have extended 3 special schools, catered to several thousands of parents and children with developmental and Intellectual disabilities, and groomed many achievers. Our books on AUTISM and ADHD are quite popular among teachers of mainstream schools, special schools and parents. Our parents movement is gaining strength and our self advocates are getting more confident and are empowered. We are connected with International organizations and won recognition for our work. We are starting the celebrations with series of events from November 11, 2011. Do join us and be a partner in our journey.

4-5th Exhibition of AIKYA products at Social Media Summit at MOP Vaishnav College 7th, 14th Exhibition of AIKYA products at Kamarajar Hall during Muralis Mouna Raagam music show.

Quiz about Special Needs

Down syndrome is a 1. Mental Disease 2. Chromosomal Disorder 3. Contagious Choose the correct answer and send your entry to

Nov 2011

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AIKYA Centre to Integrate the Different Newsletter Nov, 2011 Early correct entries will win a prize. display products made by young adults at the music show venues. On Oct 9th AIKYA showcased their products at Kamarajar Hall and met few prospective buyers. To see more pictures click here.

AIKYA conducts Art Tools Workshop

Special children, Special educators, medical students, and parents learnt to draw Mandala, Magazine Photo Collage, Masks, and more tools that improve emotional health. The 16 learners played with crayons, stickers, sketch pens, and magazine photos to create art. To read more about the Art Therapy program, click here.

Deepavali Article about AIKYA in Hindu dated 17th October To read the article, click here.

AIKYA Partners with Muralis Mouna Raagam Music Troupe AIKYA will partner with Mouna
Raagam Music Troupe and will
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AIKYA Centre to Integrate the Different Newsletter Nov, 2011 Deepavali Celebrations at AIKYA Deepavali celebrations went on
well at AIKYA on 24th Oct evening. For more photos, click here.

Online Deepavali Slogan Contest in AIKYA Facebook Group

For Deepavali, AIKYA announced a slogan writing contest that connects Deepavali and Special Kids. Enthusiastic participants wrote 19 slogans. The winners are Anitha Jebaraj, Deepak Viswanthan, and Jambu Nathan.

Raghavan and AIKYA Exhibition of Children Picture Books and AIKYA Products About 20 low cost PRATHAM
Books were displayed on 22nd October for exhibition and sale. AIKYA products were also exhibited. Raghavan attended the Self Advocacy workshop that AIKYA conducted in September. Raghavan came along with his wife and son. He cheerfully told hello to everyone in the meeting. Raghavan was very eager to get a new job and earn money. He wanted to earn more than his son. And he kept asking Ms. Parvathy Viswanath for a job. Now Raghavan works at the product development centre of

Nov 2011

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AIKYA Centre to Integrate the Different Newsletter Nov, 2011

AIKYA. He makes areca plates, garlands, and any other product he is told to. He is punctual, organized, and good at his work. He asks for tea. And asks for salary in the first week of a month! Raghavans functioning level is moderate. Do we need any other proof that people with Intellectual challenges can work and be included?! in the process make a name for yourself as a caring company. All contributions are tax-deductable under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Volunteer at AIKYA
AIKYA is a non-profit making organization. So AIKYA runs on philanthropic contributions by individuals and organizations. All assistance is welcome financial and material. You can also spare a few hours a week for the children, tell them stories, teach them simple songs or play games like carom. Any support is accepted with gratitude and is duly acknowledged. By assisting us, you will help a humane cause and
Nov 2011

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Contact AIKYA at Tel: (O) 91-44-24612668 Mobile: 9444960643 E-mail: Website:

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