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My anthology is about water, and its different forms and things it does.

My message that I was trying to send across was that water can be in different forms, known in different ways and perspectives and it affects lives. I tried to communicate that water can be many things, and can be described as many things. Water is always included in our lives no matter what situation. I communicated my message through limericks and rhyming poems. I tried to use words that have a big meaning which covers an understanding for something well. Water is a very important element that can be well expressed through poetry. I chose to do this anthology because it would fantasize and personify water more creatively than a story. I feel that I had to choose a limited amount of forms of poems, so that I can work more focused, and I can develop and structure better ideas and keep working on similar poetic forms. I enjoyed this task because I could really improve and use my skills in poetry, and I learnt new thinking skills about why and how I can communicate a message. Water has more than a few forms, and more than a few ways to describe.

Poem #1Wet slimy water can be big or small Though the big blue sea can help float a beach ball The sea smells salty, drinking water smells bland Water crawls away from me it wont sit on my hand! Its sad how it doesnt make sounds; it never calls!

Poem #2Puddles, lakes and rivers are pretty small forms Though one massive shape can be a huge terrifying storm! Surroundings of lakes can be rocks, trees and fresh apple green Peaceful small huddles of water shall never be mean Waters amazing itll always reform and deform

Poem #3The fluid liquid has fame all over the world It will never hide and never stay hurled Theres the Nile, the Bermuda, the dark Dead Sea It never has costs, it popularity is always free Though its shape will never be curled

Poem #5Not only does water stay there It has its own cycle, that all water shares The sun heats up aqua which then floats up to the sky Where it all hugs each other tight, cold weather comes by Too heavy to stand, they come down to earth Rain, hail, snow or sleet For us to bare, with our poor 2 feet

Poem #4An elder, wider form of water is known as an ocean The Atlantic runs by America in a swift, zipping motion Indian waves howl up upon Asia, Europe and Africa The Arctic rubs with cold flaky ice, top and below of Antarctica Pacific splatters at 3 continents and smooth as lotion!

Poem #6When the wet steam comes down, better known as rain We all sigh when our hearts throb with pain Our ears deafen up to all the honks we hear We rush to our safe places as a storm comes near Trailing off with prints from our pair of wet shoes

Droplets of water come for an attack as we lose Soaking drippy hair whips across our dead wet face We all give up; time to find a crispy dry space

Leaking through walls of sandbags, It comes closer to us the longer we nag The water level rising closer to Bangkok One day, it will come near, and on the door there will be a deadly knock

Poem #7The fierce element of water has chosen to attack It has created a crisis, we cannot even pay back Letting itself collect and flow down Gushing from the northern towns Breaking dams, sinking cities People on boats trying to breathe, what a pity Animals escape, and come join a new stream of life Crocodiles, snakes, piranhas find a new place to survive

Poem #8Water covers almost the whole globe It has more than a few forms; all the things it can do will drop our earlobes Small or big, it is ever-lasting We all know that it is definitely fantastic Sometimes its just mean than nice, we dont know!