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Discription maretial data 1 Tube material modullous of elasticity 2 geometric data outside diameter inside diameter wall thickness total no. of u-tubes number of tubes in baffel cut tube bundle latout tube pitch transverse pitch longitudnial pitch baffel spacing inlet end zone max. unsupported length in U bend outlet end zone height from baffle cut to shell inside diameter shell inside diameter area blocked by anti vibration flates at centre pressure (design condition) primary (tube side) secondary (shell side) temperature design temp tube side design tempshell side tube side fluid inlet temp tube side fluid outlet temp tube side average temp shell side inlet temp shell side outlet temp shell side outlet temp flow rate tube side full fluid flow rate shell side full fluid flow rate shell side full fluid flow rate at each rate tube side fluid flow rate shell side full fluid flow rate at each rate (at 100% flow rate condition)



shell side full fluid flow rate at each rate (at 110% flow rate condition) flow fraction coefficient (for calculation) density tube fluid at inlet tube fluid at outlet tube fluid at avg. temp shell fluid at inlet shell fluid at outlet shell fluid at avg. temp dynamic Viscosity Shell fluid at inlet temp Shell fluid at outlet temp Shell fluid at average temp



Sr No. A i)

region of heat exchanger Discription calculations for fundamental natural freqency (tema v-5) Axial tubes multiplier (TEMA v-6.1) span geometry(TEMA V-5.3) Edge geometry constant Tube Unsupported span length Material for Tube sheet Material for Tube Design temp. at Tube side Modulus of Elasticity of Tube Tube outside Dia. Of plain section Tube tube Min. thickness tube inside diameter tube pitch tube metal cross section area tube longitudianl srtess (tema A.23) Number of tubes in region shell inside diameter tube side design pressure Moment of inertai of tube ((TT/64)X(do^4-di^4)) Geometry end condition factor(TEMA V-6.1) F=St*At FCR=(K^2)XEXI)/L^2 Axial tubes multiplier (Calculated) A=(1+F/FCR)^(1/2)

inlet region Subscript A C L 1 1

T E do t di P At St D1 PT I K F FCR A A Wt pi W fi po W fo P/do Cm Hm wo fn

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1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 37.5439



Axial tubes multiplier (as per NPCIL Recommendation) Effective tube weight (TEMA V-7.1) Total metal weight per unit length of tube density of fluid inside tube total weight of fluid inside tube per unit length of tube density of fluid outside tube or shell side total weight of fluid displaced by tube /unit length of tube Ratio, tube Pitch/Tube OD ADDED Mass Coefficient From figure .V 7.11 hydrodynamic mass, Hm=CmXW fo effective tube weight , wo=w t+wn+Hm Fundamental natural freqency of tube unsupported span fn=10.838X(AC/L2)((EXI)/Wo)*1/2 reference crossflow velocity calculatios(TEMA V-9.21) INPUT shell inside diameter Baffle diameter Outer tube limit(OTL)

D1 D2 D3

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Tube hole dia in baffle Tube outside Dia. Of plain section Tube tube pitch spacing between tubesheel and/or baffle density of shell side fluid shell side mass floe rate on each side ht from baffle cut to shell inside diameter calculations for constants (TEMA V-9.21) C1=D1/D3 For Reference crossflow Velocity with Seal Strip Modified, C1=1+[ (d1/d3) - 1 ] / 4 + 1.5 * C3 C2 = (d1-d0) / D1 C3= (D1-D2) /D1 f1 = (C1-1)3/2/ (C1)1/2 f2 = C2/ (C1)3/2 f3 = C3* (C1)1/2 Ca = 0.00674 * ((P-d0)/P) Critical Flow Velocity Calculation ( TEMA V-10) Calculation for Damping (TEMA V-8) shell side fluid viscosity Baffle or Support Plate Thickness Logarithmic Decrement , dl1 = 3.14*do/wo*fn) Logarithmic Decrement , dl2 =(0.012*do/wo)* [(P0*u)/fn]1/2 For Shell side liquids, dlT is equal to the greater of dl1 or dl2 For shell side Liquid , dlT Fluid Elastic Parameter (TEMA V-4.2) (X =144* wo *dlT/( Po*do2 )) As per HTRI Design Manual , for beta = 7.095 Factor D = 7.095X0.5 As per TEMA Table V-10.1 Factor D = 8.86 ((P/d0)-0.9)X0.34 Selected Value of D (Smaller of DHTRI & DTEMA) Critical Flow Velocity , Vc= D*fn*do/12 reference crossflow velocity (From B above ) As per TEMA , para V-10, Conditon for Adequate Design

do P l3 po

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C1 C1 C2 C3 f1 f2 f3 Ca

1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0


tb dl1 dl2

0.6484 0.4724 0.0266 0.078


0.0266 0.1 2.1521 2.3933 2.1521 15.4563 1.9



Calculation for Vortex Shedding Amplitude ( TEMA V-11.2) Ratio , tube Pitch / tube OD P/ do Lift conefficient for Vortex Shedding ( Table V-11.2) CL Peak amplitude of Vibration at midspan for the first mode for single phase fluid Y vs =CL * po * do* Vbtip 2 /(2*n2*dlT*fn2*wo) y vs maximum Allowed Amplitude (condition :- 0.02do) condition As perTEMA - V-11.21, Condition for adequate design

1.51 0.025

0.00355 0.00992 y vs < 0.02do


Calcution for Vortex Sheding Frequency (TEMA V-11.1) Longitudinal Tube pitch Transverse tube pitch Longitudinal Tube pitch ratio Pl/do Transverse tube pitch ratio Pl/do

PI Pt Pl/do Pt/do

inlet region Unit(SI)

Cp inch

ft/sec ft/sec

inch inch y vs < 0.02do