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Idioms & phrases . Giving feedback nicely (in a polite way) A positive feedback is formative rather than evaluative.

Tell it like it is = Tell someone how the reality is. Your shirt is ugly. I thing the next time you have a presentation you can use a less shining shirt. What if you next time use a less shining shirt. . Giving advice This has yet to be = Esto todava tiene que ser. The way to go = el camino a seguir Sometimes committing to a service contract is the way to go. Be found = to exist or be present somewhere Many plant and animal species are found only in rainforests. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit. Find your way = to get somewhere you are trying to reach I had a map but I still couldn't find my way back to the hotel. Find yourself = to realize that you are in a particular situation or place, or doing a particular thing, when you did not intend to He'll find himself with no friends at all if he carries on behaving this way. We fell asleep on the train and woke up to find ourselves in Calais. Ill leave the future to its own devices = dejar el futuro a sus propios recursos You have to keep him in a hint Size is not as important as color and clarity Let her know = let it go from you She has done it for her own benefit than theirs.
Usage: self and own are to be used when making reference back to the subject (noun or pronoun). Notice that when they are used to make comparisons just than + the other subject or pronoun is added, not than + for +

Addressing nicely Can I get back to you on that? For (all) I know = according to the information I have = I think = probably (usually implies uncertainty.) For all I know, the mayor has resigned already. She may have gone to town for all I know. Beast me = I don't know = I've got no idea Do you know how to get Jacksonville, Fl.? Beast me! Its good of them es bueno de su parte Its good of hers Its good of his . Giving compliments Sent from above = sent by God, an angel . Asking for others actions / influencing people Cast an eye over sth = to look quickly at something = take a look = take a glance Could you cast an eye over this report for me? Cast your mind back = to try to remember I'd like to draw your attention to... Take part in Take part in an event. To take a stand against = to make a stand against Tomar una postura firme = adoptar una postura firme When the profession once more brought censorship under the spotlight in the 70s, it was less critical and more loath to take a stand. Hold that on The robot hand stuck on your what? Hold on that thought! He said that you are paining for a young lady. I am not paining over anyone! Hold someone or something at bay = corner Make someone, a group, or an animal stay at a safe distance. I held the attacker at bay while Mary got away and called the police.

The dogs held the bear at bay while I got my gun loaded. . Talking about periods of time Ranging from to = que van desde hasta The conference was crowded and diverse; there were there people with ages ranging from 18 to over 65. From which = desde el/lo/la cual He struggled to reach the general manager position, from which he made the company took off. As you go = segn como vaya, a medida que vaya My cell phone is pay as you go. Take notes as you go. The dawn of sth (literary) = the start of or the beginning of something new The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the dawn of a new era. From dawn to dusk = from early morning until night We worked from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. In the last few days = in the past few days = in recent days In the early nineties In the late nineties In last months of the year = in recent months In the early months of the year From now on = from now onwards = from now forward = from now ahead How many years have you been in my class now? For how long have you been in my class? Today is Chinese food retrieval robot... Tomorrow? Thats what comes up much in a space station . Obligation She didn't give us what was due to us. Cant help something = to not be able to control or stop something A lot of kids daydream in school. They just can't help it. Usage notes: sometimes used in the form can't help but do something: I couldn't help but notice that the table is a bit wobbly. .

Talking about options Little/not much to choose between = When there is little to choose between two or more things, they are (all) very similar. People could use it either way . Expressing preference Rather not = I prefer not Better not = its a bad idea to do/say/etc. . Expressing will or intention In order to = para, con el fin de In response to = en/como respuesta a . Giving emphasis All over the place = everywhere, in disorder Fair and square = without cheating Hands down = completely The hell out of = is much better than Lo and behold Something that you say, when you tell someone about something surprising that happened. I was in Vienna sitting quietly in a caf when, lo and behold, my cousin walked in. On bended knee Be in a position in which the knee of one leg is touching the floor. He went down on bended knee to ask her to marry him. As a matter of fact (also in fact) = used to add emphasis to what you are saying, or to show that it is the opposite of or different from what went before. No I don't work. In fact, I've never had a job. "Have you always lived here?" "As a matter of fact (= the truth is) I've only lived here for the last three years." This problem is very hard to solve = very demanding = very involved

She pointed out that between the two of us our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in line of intellectual superior . To clarify things Thats a non-issue in this debate = irrelevant (used in politic debates) To whom am I speaking now? = Who am I speaking now to? What food is no longer considered? . Ways to apologize and the usage of sorry Im sorry. Im so sorry! Sorry for your loss (a person or pet died) Sorry to hear that (after someone shares bad news such as a childs illness or a job loss) I apologize (youve made an error) Sorry for keeping you wait. Sorry Im late. Please, forgive me. Sorry, I didnt mean to do that (you did something by accident) Excuse me = Pardon me (you need to get OR need to interrupt) I owe you an apology (your mistake happened a while ago) With "apologize" you can have either: For + ing : He apologized for being rude), or To + person : He apologized to her for being rude) Labor's stewardship of the countryside has been a sorry tale of indifference, neglect and contempt. Despite the late night last night, I actually managed to raise my sorry ass out of bed at a respectable hour. I am awfully sorry you can't come over before the event but you certainly must come after. The Sun quotes Ryan as saying: "I am gutted and very sorry to disappoint our fans. I was sorry to hear he had a poor response. Looking in the mirror I felt very sorry for myself. I can't say sorry ' because I don't feel wrong, do you want me to lie to myself? In the meantime we are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you whilst we carry out these alterations. I am sorry for the delay in responding to you. We are sorry for any confusion and mistrust we may have inadvertently caused.

. Greetings What have you been up to? = Qu has estado haciendo? Hey! Longtime not seeing you Likewise! I dont like that restaurant! Likewise! . Farewells Farewell messages are wishes for happiness for everyone's future after parting. My absolute privilege to have known you, Glad to have met you, I wish you all the best in your future. Feel free to keep in touch with me, Take care & best wishes for the future, Thanks and best of luck in your new career path, Warmest regards, I'll keep in touch, = Keep in touch, All the best, Cheers, Regards, . Sufficiency or insufficiency Plenty = (the state of having) enough or more than enough, or a large amount "Would you like some more wine?" "No thanks, I've had plenty." Don't grab at the balloons, children; there are plenty for everyone. We've got plenty of time before we need to leave for the airport. They've always had plenty of money. There's plenty to do here. This car cost me plenty (= a lot of money US informal). There's plenty more beer in the fridge. There are plenty more fish in the sea = used to say that there are many other people or possibilities, especially when one person or thing has been unsuitable or unsuccessful. There's plenty more where that came from = to be a lot more things or people of the same type available. . Possessives Person 1: My bikes wheel is broken.

Person 2: So is mine. Mine is too. The wheel of mine is too. My bikes is too. I would probably use always too in these examples instead of as well. . Have to do with / referring to You do indeed have a clue when it comes to style. . Along with Along with someone or something = in addition to sbd or smt = together with sbd or smt Jane went to the mall along with David. I ate some chocolates along with some fruit. She keeps her pills in her bag, along with her money and her comb and lipstick. I went to the beach and John came along with me. I went to the beach and John came together with me. I hope you have a beautiful day along with your friends and family. I hope you have a beautiful day together with your friends and family. A mother escaped from the burning building along with her two babies. I would just write: I hope you have a great day with your friends and family. A mother escaped from the burning building with her two babies. Jane went to the mall along with David. I ate some chocolates along with some fruit. Analysis by ThomasVeil Senior member, Word Reference Forum I hope you have a beautiful day along with your friends and family. Although the intended meaning would be understood from context, technically this sentence means "I hope you have: a beautiful day, plus your friends, and your family". What you probably mean to say is: "I hope that you, along with your friends and family, have a beautiful day". "I hope you have a great day with your friends and family." This doesn't have quite the same meaning. "I hope that you, along with your friends and family, have a great day" means "I hope that you have a great day, and I also hope that your family has a great day". But "I hope you have a great day with your friends and family" means "I hope that you have a great day, and I hope that you do so in the presence of your friends and family".

A/the mother escaped from the burning building along with her two babies." A mother escaped from the burning building with her two babies. Again, the two sentences would have different meanings. "The mother escaped with her two babies" means that she had her two babies with her when she escaped. "The mother escaped, along with her two babies" means that they all escaped, although not necessarily together. Though logically "together with" creates a plural subject, grammatically the subject ("coach") remains singular. Expressions such as with, along with, and together with don't change the number of the subject. Along with is quite often encountered in scientific papers and editions usually in a context when we discuss the effectiveness of a method and say that we obtain one result along with the other (I need some time to think of a particular sentence but I remember the construction very well). The meaning is that you obtain both results (immediately or not, it depends) when applying this method. . X causes Y Childhood obesity can cause/lead to long-term health problems. Changes in lifestyle and diet over the last twenty years have caused/led to/resulted in a sharp increase in childhood obesity. Several factors, including changes in diet and lifestyle, have contributed to the increase in childhood obesity. Research suggests that fast food and soft drinks directly contribute to childhood obesity. Genetics, lifestyle and diet are all important factors in cases of childhood obesity. Even small changes in lifestyle and diet can bring about significant weight loss. Because of, consequently, therefore . Human emotions and attitudes Im laughing at myself = me ro de mi mismo Blow sth (on sth) (informal) = to spend or waste a lot of money on sth He inherited over a million dollars and blew it all on drink and gambling. Blow your mind (informal) = to produce a very strong pleasant or shocking feeling Wait till you hear this. Itll blow your mind (a mind-blowing thing) Blow up (at sb) (informal) = to get angry with sb = lose your temper Im sorry I blew up at you.

Catch someone's attention/imagination/interest, etc. = to make you notice something and feel interested. A ship out at sea caught his attention. Get caught up in sth = to become involved in something, often without wanting to. They were having an argument and somehow I got caught up in it. Catch your breath = to stop breathing for a moment, or to begin to breathe correctly again after running or other exercise. I had to sit down and catch my breath. To have a chip on your shoulder = being upset about or for something that happened in the past Go through a bad/difficult/rough/sticky patch (informal) = to experience a lot of problems in a period in your life I dont feel I can bear life without her. The path of grief can be long and difficult. Deal a blow = cause great difficulties = make failure more likely Blow away = really impress, astound = astonish Shes just so loving, caring, and genuine. It just blows me away how amazing she is. Singer Robin Thicke talking about his wife (Us Weekly) The R & B singer Robin Thicke blows his fans away with his music. But his wife blows him away just by being herself. When the wind is very strong, it can carry things off, or blow them away. For example, on a windy day, you might have to worry about your hat blowing away. But the expression blow away also has another meaning. If something blows a person away, it probably doesnt carry him off. It impresses or amazes him. Robins wife amazes him with how amazing she is! There are many other expressions that use the verb blow. When something blows over, it becomes less strong or goes away, as in, Her anger blew over after a couple days. And to blow through means to pass through or complete something very quickly, as in, I blew through the novel I was reading in three days. Robin is blown away by how loving and genuine his wife is. What qualities blow you away in a person? Who in your life blows you away? Sam cant believe hes about to graduate college. It blows him away. I was blown away by how awesome the concert was. I didnt expect to like Avatar, but it actually blew me away. There is nothing you can say that is going to change my mind about it.

Strength of will = fuerza de voluntad. Bite more than one can chew = take on more responsibility than one can handle Leg up on someone = an advantage that someone else does not have He is at his best = he is in his best time = he is having the time of his life. Kept to a minimum = minimized = belittled = mantener / reducir al mnimo My family would have died a thousand deaths. Win a victory over = defeat = overcome Keep somebody from doing something = impedir que alguien haga algo Set somebody free = liberar a alguien Make a vow = jurar, hacer una promesa A helping hand = una mano amiga On the double = a toda prisa I cant barely tolerate being on the same coach with you. You havent changed a bit, have you? Have a crush on someone = have developed a strong desire for another person Im so dig in Have you ever had occurred that I might have other plans? Whats happier than a weeding? Well, my mothers funeral brings to mind I can see the wisdom in that . Body actions/reactions Blow your nose = to force air from your lungs and through your nose to clear it Blow sb a kiss = blow a kiss to/at sb = to kiss your hand and blow on it in the direction of someone Burst into flames = started to burn violently Sore eyes = injured eyes My eyes are sore = my eyes hurt, my eyes pain My back is sore = I have a back ache . Peoples features

A mousy woman is one who is not very beautiful, not very ugly, but not attractive, plain, because she has not made her up. So, that woman is a mouse. A sight for my sore eyes = so handsome or so beautiful that they cure your eye pain Down to earth = realistic, not pretentious, straightforward, simple in style. Find fault with = to criticize someone or something She's always finding fault with the way he works. As innocent as the day is long = as innocent as the day she was born Linda wouldn't steal anything; she's as innocent as the day is long. Get into trouble = meter (se) en problemas The reaches of her mouth = los bordes de su boca . Common activities I shined my shoes = I polished my shoes Stop short of doing smt Decide not to do something I stopped short of telling him what I really felt about him. Almost do something, or partly do something without completing it: The punishments are quite severe but they stop short of losing your job. Sometimes used in the forms stop well short of or stop just short of: The government is stopping just short of threatening to go to war. Memorizing something cold is to have memorized it completely, every word. Have you memorized your speech for tonight? I have it down cold. To have something down cold and to have something down pat are very similar, and possibly even synonymous. Down pat = understood perfectly, mastered To take a swipe = to hit Spin a yarn = tell a long or fanciful story. . Gonna & gotta Gonna (informal, non-standard): going to in informal speech when it refers to the future. Whats she gonna do now? I dont think that is not gonna happen! No one ever does thats why it happens

How long has this been going on? Gotta (informal, non-standard): the written form of have got to or have got a. Hes gotta go. Gotta cigarette? . Such just modifies what comes next. If what comes next takes the article, you leave it there. So you don't need to touch any articles! A house... such a house Water... such water A good boy... such a good boy Taxes... such taxes You might question the value of such (a) detailed explanation, but I have a purpose and that purpose is to... It is becoming more and more the fashion in spoken English to omit the indefinite (a/an) article before a noun that's qualified detailed explanation. People talk about having (a) terrible experience'', ''she was (a) very famous actress''.