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I am very thankful to the teachers from whom I learnt a lot about marketing and its management. Special thank to Radhiak mam who gave me a project on wonderful topic because by doing this project I recapped the entire thing which I studied in the class of marketing management. And I also learnt which I was missed out in the class.

Before talking about marketing mix of any company I would like to discuss about marketing mix what exactl y mean. Marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that the company engages in so as to best meet the need of its targeted customers. Earlier the main marketing mix consisted of onl y 4 Ps for any company or organization. For example motor vehicle manufacturers Maruti Suzuki India ltd. Produce product that are of better qualit y and fit to the needs of different group of consumers. Offer a range of car at value for money. Price depending on the market segment they are targeted at. Sell cars through appropriate outlets such as dealership and showrooms in prime location that is in the right place and support the marketing of the product through promotional and adve rtising activities. So we can say that the marketing mix consist of four main elements. 1. Product 2. Price 3. Place 4. Promotion These are the main elements enables the organization to meet its marketing objectives and to satisfy the consumer needs and r equirements. In addition to the traditional 4 Ps it is now add some more Ps to the marketing mix and give us 7 Ps. The additional Ps have been added because today if we see, marketing is now more about customer oriented than ever before and the main reason is because the service sector of the econom y has come to dominate economic activit y in this country. So these three extra Ps are:5. People 6. Process 7. Physical evidence

The most important thing for any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. Recruiting the right staff and training them appropriatel y in the delivery of their service is essential if the organization wants to obtain a form of competitiv e advantage. Consumers always make perception of the service based on the employee they interact with. Staff should have good

interpersonal skill, attitude and service knowledge to provide the service that consumers are paying for.

We need to consider strategies that will ensure that your team can deliver a consistent level of service to all consumers at all time. In a service industry bus y periods and quite periods are often unavoidable and encouraging staff to follow routines will help to ensure t hat whatever the pressures, the level of service will be maintained. For example banks that sends out credit cards automaticall y when their consumer s old one has expired. Here again require a better process to identify expiry date and renewal.

Physical evidence
Where is the service being delivered? Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organisation. As service as a product is intangible, staff and premises are often those onl y tangible elements that customers can see. Would staff benefit from a uniform? If customer visits premises is there a unique feature about the building or location we can exploit? Alternativel y can we create a brand image using distinctive decor? This corporate iden tification is especiall y important if you have more than one outlet. Now we will relate all 7 Ps with IC ICI bank which is doing very good and is service sector organization.

Company profile
IC IC I bank is Indias second largest bank with total assets of Rs 4,062.34 billion (USD 91 billion) at March 31, 2011 and profit after tax Rs 51.51billion (USD 1155 million ) for the year ended March 31, 2011. The bank has a presence in 19 countries includi ng India. IC ICI bank offers wide range of product and financial services to corporate and retail customer through a variet y of delivery channels and through its specialised subsidiaries in the area of investment banking, life and non life insurance. IC IC I banks equit y shares are listed in India on Bombay stock exchange and the National stock exchange of India limited. The bank has ne twork of 1588 branches and around 4883 ATMs on India onl y. As we know banking sector is a service sector so IC IC I bank follow s 7Ps these are as follows: -

1. Product
Saving Accounts: - ICICI offers a power packed saving accounts. Senior Citizen Service: - The senior citizen services from IC ICI bank has several advantages that are tailored to bring more convenience and enjoyable in your life. Fixed Deposit: - Safet y, flexibilit y, liquidit y and returns a combination of unbeatable features of the fixed deposit form IC ICI bank. IC IC I bank salary accounts: - This is a benefit rich payroll account for employers and employees. As an org anization you can opt for salary account to enable easy disbursement salaries and enjoy numerous other benefit too. Investment: - Along with deposit product and loan offerings, ICICI bank assists you manage your finances by providing various investment option such as -

IC IC I bank tax saving Investment in mutual funds Investment in pure Gold Foreign exchange service Loans: - IC ICI bank offers various t ypes of loan also like, Home loan, Personal loan, Car loans, Commercial vehicle loan, Loans against securities, Construction equipment loan. Cards: - card service is also like product which provide by ICIC I bank

Credit card Debit card Travel card Demat service: - IC ICI demat service boats of an ever growing customer base of over 7 lacks accounts holder. In their concern endeavour to offer best of the class service to their customer by offering following features

Digitall y signed transaction statement by email Corporate benefit tracking Dedicated speciall y trained customer care executive at their call centre to handle queries.

2. Price
The pricing decisions or the decisions related to interest and fee or commission charged by banks are found instrumental in motivating or influencing the target market. The RBI and the IBA are concerned with regulations. The rate of interest is regulated by the RBI and other charges are controlled by IBA. The pricing policy of a bank is considered important for raising the number of customers deposits. Also the quality of service provided has direct relationship with the fees charged. Thus while deciding the price mix customer services rank the top position. The banking organizations are required to frame two- fold strategies. First, the strategy is concerned with interest and fee charged and the second strategy is related to the interest paid. Since both the strategies throw a vice- versa impact, it is important that banks attempt to establish a correlation between two. It is essential that both the buyers as well as the sellers have feeling of winning. Asset and liabilit y mix also impacts pricing results. Generall y speaking, banks operating with higher loan -to-asset ratios are able to afford to pay more for deposits. Likewise, banks can afford to be more competitive on certain deposit products if they have fewer maturities in a particular timeframe or less total outstanding balances in a product line.

3. Place
This component of marketing mix is related to the offering of services. The services are sold through the branches. The 2 important decision making areas are: making available the promised services to the ultimate users and selecting a suitable place for bank branches. There are 42 branches only in delhi NCR where the population is high. So, its very important to decide suitable place for targeted consumers.

4. Promotion
As I earlier said Promotion is also an important part of marketing to make aware of product or services to the customer ICICI also does good promotion activities like: Advertising: Television, radio, movies, theatres Print media: hoardings, newspaper, magazines Sales promotion: gifts, discount and commission, incentives, etc. Personal selling: Cross-sale (selling at competitors place), personalized service. Telemarketing: ICICI one source Call centre (mind space)

5. People
All people directly or indirectly involved in the consumption of banking services are an important part of the extended marketing mix. Knowledge Workers, Employees,

Management and other Consumers often add significant value to the total product or service offering. It is the employees of a bank which represent the organisation to its customers. In a bank organization, employees are essentially the contact personnel with customer. Therefore, an employee plays an important role in the marketing operations of a service organisation. To realize its potential in bank marketing, ICICI become conscious in its potential in internal marketing the attraction, development, motivation and retention of qualified employee-customers through need meeting job-products. Internal marketing paves way for external marketing of services. In internal marketing a variety of activities are used internally in an active, marketing like manner and in a coordinated way. The starting point in internal marketing is that the employees are the first internal market for the organization. The basic objective of internal marketing is to develop motivated and customer conscious employees.

6. Process
All the major activities of ICICI banks follow RBI guidelines. There has to be adherence to certain rules and principles in the banking operations. The activities have been segregated into various departments accordingly. Standardization: - ICICI bank has got standardized procedures got typical transactions. In fact not only all the branches of a single-bank, but all the banks have some standardization in them. This is because of the rules they are subject to. Besides this, each of the banks has its standard forms, documentations etc. Standardization saves a lot of time behind individual transaction. Customization: - There are specialty counters at each branch to deal with customers of a particular scheme. Besides this the customers can select their deposit period among the available alternatives. Number of steps: - Numbers of steps are usually specified and a specific pattern is followed to minimize time taken. Simplicity: - In ICICI banks various functions are segregated. Separate counters exist with clear indication. Thus a customer wanting to deposit money goes to counter and does not mingle elsewhere. This makes procedures not only simple but consume less time. Besides instruction boards in national boards in national and regional language help the customers further. Customer involvement: - ATM does not involve any bank employees. Besides, during usual bank transactions, there is definite customer involvement at some or the other place because of the money matters and signature requires.

7. Physical evidence
Physical evidence is the material part of a service. There are no physical attributes to a service, so a consumer tends to rely on material cues. There are many examples of physical evidence, including some of the following: Internet/web pages Paperwork Brochures Furnishings Business cards The building itself (such as prestigious offices or scenic headquarters) The physical evidences also include signage, reports, punch lines, other tangibles, employees, dress code etc. It is nothing but also like a promotion kind of thing.

SWOT analysis is done for a company, to find out its overall strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. It enables a company to recognize its market standing and adopt strategies accordingly. Here SWOT analysis of ICICI bank is made to understand the positioning of the bank better.

Brand Name: - ICICI bank has earned a reputation in the market for extending quality service to the market. It has earned a strong brand name in banking in a short time. Market share: - ICICI bank has the largest market share. Huge Network: - ICICI bank has the highest number of linked branches in the country with huge number of ATMs. Working hours: - ICICI bank is only the bank which is having its working hours from 8 to 8 which is one of the major strength of ICICI bank with respect to IT industries.

Transaction cost: - ICICI bank charges high cost of its transaction compare to other bank. Focus only on high end customer: - The bank targets mostly the top bracket of clients and does not cater to the need of small customer.

Rural financing and loans to small enterprises could increase the market share and profitability of ICICI bank. Growth in general insurance industry can help increase the market share of ICICI bank.

Global and domestic economic slowdown can affect financial performance of ICICI bank as we know that now the crisis happening in US so it may affect. The increasing levels of competition also a threat of ICICI bank because today we have lots of banking organizations in India. With PSU banks like SBI going all out to compete with the private banks and government giving them a free hand to do so, it can prove to be serious threat for bank like ICICI.

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