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It is has been established from extensive tests, around the world, that when subject to Shri Matajis Vibrations, Water reacts in the following way providing many benefits It is also well known that Mother Earth is covered 70% by WATER and of the 30% of LAND MASS above sea level, only 10% is arable and mankind has been tilling the same soil for 1000s of years and progressively leaching the soil of the Nutrients we urgently need to keep us healthy. Incidentally, our bodies are also 70% water and it may surprise to know where some of it resides! Bones 10%, - Teeth 13%, - Liver 71.5%, - Blood 90.75%, - Brain has 80.5%. As a matter of interest Sea Water contains 84 of the 103 known trace elements and our bodies contain the same elements and importantly in exactly the same proportions. This is why Celtic Salt is so beneficial to the human body. Unfortunately we are increasingly polluting all water both above and below ground. Sea water is also becoming more polluted year by year that is affecting all sea life and including the sea birds. For example, Midway Island is near the centre of the Pacific Ocean, yet 15 years ago an examination of the Albatross nesting there, showed that they are already nearing the stage where the thinning and softening of their egg-shells, due to chemical poisoning from floating debris, is threatening their future existence. SAHAJA YOGA method of Vibrating Water Place a container of water in front of a photo of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for a period, the VIBRATIONS that are emitted from Her Photo will AFFECT and CHANGE the WATER. What actually happens to water when vibrated? VIBRATIONS are a living thing; they think and act, albeit in a different way from human beings. They can be compared to the action of a MAGNETIC FIELD on IRON. Just as IRON atoms react to a MAGNETIC FIELD, in the same way, EARTH, WATER, FLORA & FAUNA (INCLUDING HUMAN BEINGS), react to the vibrations that flow from a photo of SHRI MATAJI. SHRI MATAJI has commented on the Water Molecule H2/O and the origin of these and some other elements. HYDROGEN comes from the MOON OXYGEN comes from the SUN NITROGEN from GREEN PLANTS CARBON from the EARTH (Volcanic Lava)

2 How does VIBRATED WATER work? 1. HYDROGEN and the OXYGEN ATOMS form CERTAIN ANGLES which are CRITICAL to their FUNCTION i.e. 105deg. 28 min. The ability of this particular angle is to dissolve various chemicals in the water. As vibrations are a living thing it seems that through the actions of vibrations, on water molecules, this connecting angle is changed to improve the DISOLVING ABILITY of WATER.

Subjecting the body of Sahaja Yoga Practitioners to the same VIBRATIONS (we are after all 70% Water) will produce a COOLNESS flowing through the body and ACTUALLY LOWER THE BODY TEMPERATURE. As VIBRATIONS have the same effect on all WATER, it will also cool it down. It is well known scientifically that COOL WATER has more capacity to dissolve AIR-OXYGEN than WARM WATER. This EXTRA OXYGEN at the ROOTS of PLANTS enables BETTER CROP GROWTH. It is also known that the effect of EXTRA OXYGEN in the HUMAN BODY is very beneficial. Sports PEOPLE, seeking better performances, may resort to taking ILLEGAL DRUGS to increase their OXYGEN LEVELS. 2. ATOMS SPIN AT A CERTAIN SPEED & SPECIFIC DISTANCE FROM EACH OTHER. This is so with the ATOMS in WATER and the VIBRATIONS produce the effect of:a. CHANGEING the SPEED of SPIN of the ATOMS. b. BRINGING THE ATOMS CLOSER TOGETHER Note This does not affect the CONNECTING ANGLE of the H2/O within the WATER MOLECULE. It remains unchanged, but a STRONG NEGATIVE FIELD is created when the HYDROGEN nears the OXYGEN ATOM. This gives the WATER the capacity to DISSOLVE, what are normally, UNDISSOLVABLE ELEMENTS e.g. NH4 and other NITROGEN containing elements. This is the reason that PLANTS GIVEN VIBRATED WATER have a RICH DARK GREEN COLOUR. DR MYLANY {TEST in VIENNA} In Austria, near Vienna, in 1986 under the supervision of Dr Mylany, a Sahaja Yoga Scientist, tests were conducted on the efficacy of using vibrations to improve crop growth and improved production levels. Several identical plots were prepared and an automated sprinkler system installed to remove any human influence or error and no fertilizers were used. The test crops selected were SUNFLOWER & CORN. Half of the plots were given ORDINARY WATER and the other half given VIBRATED WATER. The results were enlightening. a. The VIBRATED WATER not only ACTIVATES the GROWTH of the PLANTS, it also ENLARGES and IMPROVES the SPROUTING potential of the SEEDS. I.e. The SPROUTING RATIO of SUNFLOWERS normally 75 to 80% was increased by the use of VIBRATED WATER up to 95 & 100%.

3 b. Because of the high GERMINATION RATIO and the STRONG GROWTH of the plants where the VIBRATED WATER was used there was strong competition for space, water and light. This competition normally inhibits the growth of plants, but despite this, HARVEST was 25% better than the control plots. c. Every year the Vienna Farmers have to use tons of expensive FERTILSERS. The tests proved that VIBRATED WATER can do the job BETTER and MUCH CHEAPER. d. VIBRATED WATER has been tested and used on crops in other Countries too, particularly New Zealand.

Water & Human Health Shri Mataji has also mentioned that the liver (71.5% water) is badly affected by any change in the juxtaposition of the angle of the ATOMS of HYDROGEN and OXYGEN (105deg 28 mins). Any change in this angle alters the water molecule, so effecting its normal oscillation and prevents the WATER in the LIVER from performing its proper function which is to ABSORB the HEAT created by the some 10,000 chemical changes per second that the LIVER has to perform to keep us healthy. The presence of Alcohol in the liver changes the structure of the water and it no longer cools the liver. This is the reason most alcoholics suffer from liver problems. Not only ALCOHOL upsets the liver, so do other pollutants present in Metro tap water such as Fluoride which is used to make Rat Poison, causes Brittle Bones and Fluorosis (Black spots or streaks) on the teeth. Fluoride is also used to create Bomb Grade Plutonium and Uranium. Without it there would be no Atomic Bombs. Chlorine gas, that was used as a weapon during WW1 is also added to our drinking water alledgedly to kill the pathogens in the water. It does kill some, but not the most virulent, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Do you want to drink water with these additives, I dont. So, we boil drinking and cooking water for at least 4 minutes, in an open pot or pan to remove most of the living organisms and some of the chemicals present. When cool, remove most of the inorganic minerals present, it is filtered in a charcoal gravity filter available quite cheaply from most hardware stores. NOTE. Stand clear of the boiling pot as the heat releases the Chlorine Gas and you dont want to breath it in. Compiled by Frederick Millar Melbourne Collective P.S. You wont find this knowledge expounded by the Pharmaceutical Coys. or Medical fraternities.