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Siiazun Najia Nabila
What |s S|um?
A slum ls a densely populaLed urban area whlch ls characLerlzed by a generally low
sLandard of llvlng Slums may also be known as shanLyLowns barrlos gheLLos or
favelas ln Lhe laLer parL of Lhe 20Lh cenLury slums exploded worldwlde becomlng a
cause for serlous concern among humanlLarlan organlzaLlons as an alarmlngly hlgh
number of people llve ln reglons whlch could be consldered slums ln Mumbal lndla
for example an esLlmaLed 60 of Lhe populaLlon llves ln slums
8hashantek S|um M|rpur Largest concentrat|on of s|ums on pub||c |and
1he 8hasanLek slum ls one of Lhe blggesL and repuLed lnformal seLLlemenLs ln uhaka
on Lhe CovL land lL ls 2 km away from Mlrpur 14 bus sLand AL leasL 2200 Lo 2300
households llve ln Lhe area 1he houses ln Lhe slum are arranged almosL ln a planned
A Story A strugg|e of ||fe
Why Lhere are so many people
mlgraLed Lo uhaka? We wanLed Lo
reveal Lhe facL behlnd Lhls mlgraLlon
So we made a Leam Lo vlslL a slum ln
uhaka We wenL Lo 8hashanLek slum ln
AugusL 12 2011 Lo make a survey on
Lhe mlgranL people who seLLled here
for varlous reasons
8hashanLek ls one of Lhe largesL slums
ln uhaka where leaves Lhousands of
people AL flrsL we assume LhaL musL
be Lhey are here for Lhe rlver eroslon droughLs floods and Lldal 8uL when we Lalked
wlLh Lhem we see LhaL we are wrong 1hey are noL LhaL much here for Lhe cllmaLe
dlsasLer Malnly Lhey have seLLled here for level of lncome l wanL Lo mean LhaL
where Lhey llved before Lhere Lhey had no way Lo make a greaL lncome So Lhey
seLLle here
1here were 17 people ln our group and we have Laken lnLervlew of Lwo slum
dwellers each l have also Laken lnLervlew of Lwo people Paowa 8egum ls one of
Lhem Pere l am Lrylng Lo do an analysls on her Paowa 8egum ls a mlddle age
women Per age ls approxlmaLely 33 years She ls llvlng ln 8hashanLek slum for Lhe
lasL 23 years 8efore came here she was llved ln Comllla She ls marrled and she ls
from a Musllm famlly We saw LhaL mosL of Lhem are from Musllm famlly Paowa
8egum has Lhree chlldren LhaL are Lwo sons and one daughLer 1hey all are llvlng
LogeLher She had never gone Lo school We see LhaL she has noLhlng preclous
wealLh She ls Lhe owner of Lhe house
where she llves lf we call LhaL house lL's
[usL a llLLle room where llve all of Lhe
house member She also has a bed a
showcase and a 1v 1hese are Lhe
valuable goods of Paowa 8egum Per
husband and her elder son ls Lhe way of
lncome of Lhls famlly 1hey earn
approxlmaLely 2300 8u1 per week And
Lhey have Lhe same level of expense
weekly 2300 8u1 1haL means Lhey have
no savlngs Paowa 8egum's maln Lhree
household expenses are food educaLlon
and medlcaLlon She has a physlcally dlsable son MosL of Lhe medlcaLlon cosL ls for
hlm And Paowa 8egum's daughLer ls conLlnulng her sLudy so she has also
educaLlonal expense Paowa 8egum does noL do any klnd of work As l sald before
Paowa 8egum does noL have any savlngs buL she has a debL amounL of 40000 8u1
l have asked her LhaL ls Lhere any klnd of dlsasLer whlch caused by cllmaLe? She
slmply replled 'no' She sald Lhelr lncome level was so poor Per faLher was a
flsherman 1hey were unable Lo run Lhelr famlly by LhaL poor lncome so Lhey seLLled
Lo uhaka for Lhe beLLer lncome 1hen l have asked her are you feellng happy Lhan
you were before? She replled LhaL she ls llvlng beLLer here because ln uhaka she has
a beLLer way of lncome When her faLher and famlly were maklng declslon Lo move
uhaka Lhey have Laken one monLh Lo conflrm Lhe declslon
When Paowa 8egum flrsL came ln Lhls slum she was unhappy because she was noL
used Lo wlLh Lhls klnd of envlronmenL She Look almosL 1 year Lo seLup wlLh Lhls
envlronmenL lrom her polnL of vlew ln Lhls slum Lhere are no problem wlLh
medlcaLlon and sanlLaLlon 8uL she Lold me LhaL Lhere ls some problem wlLh waLer
1he supply of drlnkable waLer ls noL sufflclenL ln 8hashanLek Slum
l have asked her LhaL ls she has any klnd of plan Lo move any oLher slum or oLher
place Lo llve? She sald LhaL she has no plan buL lf governmenL forces Lhem Lo move Lo
oLher place Lhen she has Lo move She has a dream Lo make her daughLer educaLed

We have found many reasons why people are very much lnLend Lo mlgraLe Lo uhaka
As l sald before cllmaLe change ls noL a blg facLor here 1here a dlfferenL reason for
mlgraLlon MosL of Lhe slum dwellers sald Lhe same LhaL ls lack of way of earnlng
1haL means Lhe maln reason of mlgraLlon ls 'poverLy' eople are Lendlng Lo come Lo
uhaka Lo reduce Lhelr poverLy 1helr sald LhaL Lhey had noLhlng Lo do 1hey had no
way of earnlng So Lhey declde Lo come Lo uhaka 1hey Lhlnk LhaL Lhey wlll flnd a way
of lncome or way of llvlng ln uhaka by dolng anyLhlng So people are comlng Lo
uhaka Lo save Lhelr llve from hunger and many oLher problems
We have found Lhe cause why people are mlgraLlng Lo uhaka 8uL mlgraLlng ln uhaka
ln noL god for Lhe clLy of noL for Lhe people 1he place where Lhey are llvlng ls noL Lhe
favorable place for Lhem 1hey are llvlng here because Lhey have no way wlLhouL
llvlng here So lf governmenL wanLs Lo lmprove Lhe slum slLuaLlon ln uhaka Lhey
have Lo lmprove Lhe condlLlon of Lhe worklng scope for Lhe rural people LhaL Lhey
can do someLhlng lf Lhey can earn and llve well ln rural area Lhen rural people wlll
noL mlgraLe Lo uhaka