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SOC 441-A

Spring 2009

Sociology of Globalization Assignment Schedule

Part I: Understanding a Sociological Approach to Globalization

Mon. Jan. 26 Welcome to Sociology of Globalization Wed. Jan. 28 ANGEL: Sociological Imagination - C. Wright Mills Eitzen: Globalization: An Introduction Assignment Due: The Global Closet Fri. Jan. 30 ANGEL: Communist Manifesto - Marx & Engels Assignment Due to ANGEL drop box: Country description pp. 1-6 pp. 1-9

22 pages

Part II: Debates, Theories and Frameworks of Globalization

Mon. Feb. 2 Catch up day no readings Wed. Feb. 4 Steger: Ch. 1: Globalization: a contested concept pp. 1-16 ANGEL: Competing Conceptions of Globalization -Leslie Sklair pp. 143-162 Fri. Feb. 6 - Quiz #1 Steger: Ch. 2: Is Globalization a new phenomenon? pp. 17-36 Mon. Feb. 9 ANGEL: World Systems Theory synopsis by Frank Lechner pp. 1-5 ANGEL: Postcolonial Studies and Transnational Feminist Practices pp. 1-4 ANGEL: Instituting the Development Project by McMichael pp. 1-30 Video: Global Crisis Fuels Protests - only watch until 3:28 Wed. Feb. 11 Eitzen #2: The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman pp. 18-22 Eitzen #3: Globalization & Its Specter by Brecher et. al. pp. 23-29 Eitzen #6: Why the World Isn't Flat by Pankaj Ghemawat pp. 45-50 Ghemawat video clip

Part III: Economic Globalization

Fri. Feb. 13 Steger Ch. 3: Economic Dimension of Globalization Eitzen # 12: The Sweat Behind the Shirt by Jesse Gordon Video: The Story of Stuff 20:40 mins - Household Income Survey due Mon. Feb. 16 No readings catch up day Wed. Feb. 18 ANGEL: Human Development Report 2005, excerpt Household Income Survey results Fri. Feb. 20 pp. 37-55 pp. 86

35 pages

Eitzen #10: ABCs of the Global Economy by Dollars & Sense Eitzen #15: Making Globalization Work by Joseph Stiglitz Mon. Feb. 23 Quiz #2 Eitzen #16: Globalisms Discontents by Joseph Stiglitz ANGEL: Its Not Going to be Okay Chris Hedges

pp. 70-80 pp. 106-114 pp. 119-129 pp. 1-4

Part IV: Political Globalization

Steger: Ch. 4: Political Dimension of Globalization pp. 56-68 Wed. Feb. 25 Steger: Ch. 6: Ideological Dimension of Globalization pp. 93-112 ANGEL: Neoliberalism In a Conflict State: Viability of Economic Shock Therapy in Iraq-pp. 1-9 Video: Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein and Alfonso Cuaron - v=aSF0e6oO_tw Fri. Feb. 27 Eitzen: Sajid Huq, "The Car-Bomb: Terror's Globalization". pp. 231-233 ANGEL: Phantom Towers: Feminist Reflections on the Battle between Global Capitalism and Fundamentalist Terrorism pp. 1-9 ANGEL: Nobel Laureate Estimates Wars Cost at More Than $3 Trillion pp. 1-2 Video: Commanding Heights Excerpt - Mon. Mar. 2 No readings catch up day Draw a Terrorist Exercise, Video clip from Power of Nightmares, Part I Wed. Mar. 4 Eitzen: Amy Chua, "Globalizing Hate". pp. 226-230 ANGEL: Social Context of Terror Attacks by Argo pp. 1-6 ANGEL: Behind TV Analysts, Pentagons Hidden Hand by Barstow pp. 1-17 Fri. Mar. 6 ANGEL: Neoliberalism by Other Means: The War on Terror at Home and Abroad pp. 1-24 Mon. Mar. 9 Eitzen: Herman & Peterson, "The Threat of Global State Terrorism 234-239 ANGEL: From Water Torture to Waterboarding by McDonald pp. 1-4 Video clip from Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire Wed. Mar. 11 - Project #1 Due ANGEL: The Pentagon's New Map Barnett pp. 1-6 ANGEL: Report of the Eminent Jurists Panel on Terrorism, & Human Rights-pp. 13-32 Fri. Mar. 13 ANGEL: Outrages Against Personal Dignity: Rationalizing Abuse & Torture - pp. 1-15 ANGEL: Unveiling imperialism: media, gender and the war on Afghanistan - pp. 1-15 Video Clip from: Taxi to the Dark Side - Mon. Mar. 16 No Class Spring Break Wed. Mar. 18 No Class Spring Break pp.

Fri. Mar. 20

No Class Spring Break

Part V: Cultural Globalization

Media & Culture Mon. Mar. 23 Steger: Ch. 5: Cultural Dimension of Globalization ANGEL: Propaganda Model Revisited: Edward Herman Culture of Consumption Wed. Mar. 25 Quiz #3 ANGEL: Digital Dump excerpt edited by Jim Puckett ANGEL: Hidden Life of Garbage by Don Hazen Videos: Avon Amazon, Gone Tomorrow pp. 69-92 pp. 1-8

11 pages 8 pages

Immigration & Globalization Fri. Mar. 27 Eitzen: Globalization & Struggle for Immigrant Rights in the US by Robinson pp. 99-105 Eitzen: Binational Citizens: Mexican Migrants Challenging Old Ideas by Fox pp. 139-146 Eitzen: Hunger on the Border: Interview w/Julia Quinones by David Bacon pp. 323- 327 Video: Maquilapolis - Gender & Globalization Mon. Mar. 30 Eitzen: Double Jeopardy by Anibel Ferus-Comelo Eitzen: Masculinities and Globalization Eitzen: Students Against Sweatshops by Muchhala Wed. Apr. 1 Eitzen: Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers - Ehrenreich Eitzen: Andrew Cockburn, "21st Century Slaves".

pp. 87-98 pp. 209-219 pp. 328-333 pp. 165-174 pp. 281-288

Part VI: Global Environmental Issues

Global Warming Fri. Apr. 3 ANGEL: Some Like it Hot by Chris Mooney 10 pages ANGEL: Car Trouble by Alejandro Reuss 4 pages Video: Hot Politics - Mon. Apr. 6 Eitzen: Batten, et. al., Climate Refugees Eitzen: Dick Field, "Global Warming: Population Transfers Ignored" ANGEL: Gender, Militarism and Climate Change Hartman Access to Healthy Water Wed. Apr. 8 ANGEL: Dried Up, Sold Out by Food & Water Watch Fri. Apr. 10 Quiz #4 No readings catch up day Video: For the Love of Water - pp. 289-290 pp. 291-294 4 pages

19 pages

Mon. Apr. 13 ANGEL: Is Water Becoming The New Oil? by Clayton 5 pages ANGEL: Global Water Crisis by Maude Barlow 5 pages ANGEL: Uruguay Rejects Water Privatization by Lisa Gale Garrigues 1 page Food Production Systems Wed. Apr. 15 Eitzen: Brian Halwell, "The Rise of Food Democracy" pp. 334-337 Eitzen: Tina Rosenberg, "Why Mexico's Small Corn Farmers Go Hungry" pp. 137-138 ANGEL: Manufacturing a food Crisis by Walden Bello 7 pages ANGEL: World Food Crisis by Holt-Gimnez 10 pages Video: Store Wars - Fri. Apr. 17 ANGEL: Grain Farmer Claims Moral Victory by Matt Hartley 2 pages ANGEL: Genetic Engineering and the Privatization of Seeds by Mittal 3 pages ANGEL: Environmental Costs of Shipping Groceries by Rosenthal 4 pages ANGEL: Stuffed and Starved excerpt by Raj Patel 4 pages Video: The True Cost of Food -
Future of food:

Mon. Apr. 20 ANGEL: Slow Food : Inching towards Food Sovereignty? By M. Holmes 7 pages ANGEL: It Will Take a Lot More Than Gardening to Fix Our Food System by S. Cox - 5 pages ANGEL: Patterns, Flows, and Interrelationship by M. Y. Brown about 6 pages Video: The Global Brain Peter Russell docid=6983074709191796496&hl=en&fs=true

Part VII: Global Social Movements & Social Change

Wed. Apr. 22 ANGEL: A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All by WCSDG17 pages (excerpt) Video: The Meatrix - Fri. Apr. 24 ANGEL: Battle in Seattle by B. Klocke about 10 pages Mon. Apr. 27 Quiz #5 No readings catch up day Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like - Wed. Apr. 29 ANGEL: What Skeleton Woman Told the WTO in Seattle by P. Hawken pp. 1-14 ANGEL: Pepper Spray Gets in Their Eyes by Neil deMause pp. 1-3 Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like Fri. May. 1 ANGEL: Manifesto on Global Economic Transitions IFG pp. 1-26 Mon. May. 4 - Project # 2 Due ANGEL: Globalization in Retreat by Walden Bello ANGEL: The World Social Forum by Smith 7 pages pp. 413-420

ANGEL: 10 ways to democratize the global economy by Global Exchangepp. 1-2 Video: Baraka? Wed. May. 6 Eitzen: Globalization & Social Movements By Brecher, Costello & Smith pp. 298-312 Video: Fri. May. 8 Steger: Ch. 7: Challenges to Globalism pp. 113-130 Steger: Ch. 8: Assessing the future of globalization pp. 131-136 Course Evals Mon. May 11 Final 10:10 AM (different time!) Hawkin 214 (same room) Quiz #6