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letter to congress regarding the 9/11 commission report, signed by the following 25

military, intelligence, and security veterans:

“[w]e the undersigned wish to bring to the attention of the congress and
the people of the united states what we believe are serious shortcomings in
the [9/11 commission] report and its recommendations. …

omission is one of the major flaws in the commission’s report. we are

aware of significant issues and cases that were duly reported to the
commission by those of us with direct knowledge, but somehow escaped
attention. …

the omission of such serious and applicable issues and information by

itself renders the report flawed, and casts doubt on the validity of many of
its recommendations.”
edward j. costello, jr., former special agent, counterterrorism, fbi
john m. cole, former veteran intelligence operations specialist, fbi
david "mark" conrad, retired agent in charge, internal affairs, u.s. customs
rosemary n. dew, former supervisory special agent, counterterrorism and
counterintelligence, fbi
bogdan dzakovic, former red team leader, faa (see also individual quote above.)
sibel d. edmonds, former language specialist, fbi (see also individual quote above.)
steve elson, retired navy seal and former special agent, faa and us navy
david forbes, aviation, logistics and govt. security analysts, boydforbes, inc.,
melvin a. goodman, retired senior analyst/ division manager and senior fellow at the
center for international policy, cia (see also individual quote above.)
mark graf, former security supervisor, planner, and derivative classifier, department of
gilbert m. graham, retired special agent, counterintelligence, fbi
diane kleiman, former special agent, us customs
lt col karen u. kwiatkowski, veteran policy analyst, u.s. air force-dod (see also
individual quote above.)
lynne a. larkin, former operation officer, cia
david macmichael, former senior estimates officer, cia
raymond l. mcgovern, veteran analyst, cia (see also individual quote above.)
theodore j. pahle, senior intelligence officer (ret), defense intelligence agency, office of
naval intelligence, and u.s. army intelligence
behrooz sarshar, retired language specialist, fbi
brian f. sullivan, retired special agent and risk management specialist, faa
larry j. tortorich, retired us naval officer, us navy and dept. of homeland security/tsa
jane a. turner, retired special agent, fbi
john b. vincent, retired special agent, counterterrorism, fbi
dr. fred whitehurst, retired supervisory special agent/laboratory forensic examiner, fbi
col. ann wright, retired reserve colonel and former us diplomat, us army,
matthew j. zipoli, special response team (srt) officer, doe