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Automatic Control of Aircraft and Missiles ‘Second Edition ‘John H. Blakelock Colonel, USAF te) Formerly Asociate Profesor of Electcal Eagesnog Air Force Institute of Techaclgy ® AWILEY INTERSCIENCE PUBUCATION John Wiley & Sans, In. NEWYORK / CHOMESTER / BRISBANE / TORONTO / SNGAPORE “Te aii of mutable control tems is ore ia ew Chapter Gaptes # and ofthe fst editon become Chapters Il and Ho tis tain mh no changes Ae Chapter 13 cones methods or moe Shuman pt ps the tegration ofthe human pit into an acral fight contol stem. The loti and aera aby derbatnes for an Sirti the FD ate eed Append D sig the USAF Stbity {nd Como! Dat Logi and itera serodynamie data forthe 13 Aircraft have been added to Appendix F. Four new appenies have been fied. Appenda © preiensthe derivation of the wind sxe equttone of ‘motion, wich are more asf than the body aus equttns for al sa Aegeeatteecon simulations. Append ges method forthe igi Simulation fist. and secnd-rder tem tanfer functions. Appendix t fontaine development of the equations fr the oto o ihe aot fre consol pfoiem incldig the calcltion of project tine of fight Fall the A: and Ad guns are dexerbed in Append "The new material Yor he send edion wa ped by te tho 08 St PS/2 Model 80 computer wing a scene word processing tem 1 ‘mahcted by TCL Sete Resear nc, Lat Cres New Ned T wish (0 express my appreciation Lo Prfewors John J D’Azzo and Cosststine H. Houpis ofthe Air Fore Innate of Teshaalog, Wei tern Ai Tore Base, Oho for ter blu vggexios for fhe sind ‘tin, special forthe materiale Chapter 10, Final I wish exes my Seay spin omy wef her ecg, vet, Jon H.Buakexocx Preface to First Edition Thi bok was conceived a eat 8 1958 when I ive grate cure on the automate corel of seal and miles athe At Force Inte of Teshnoagy, Weaht Pattern Ar Force Base. Dayton, Obi, and I tecane svar tat there was abd sil withthe excep of thi bok, no work ‘uot whic eat the whole sade 1 writen for gradeate and pre ‘Sona se bu tthe same tie is costens are presented in sachs unter that tao can be ed in the senior year ofan undergraduate progam “he fst four chapters make ep the bulk ofthe bak and contr nt of the Getaled ani of various atomic tl systema I Chapt {the ‘degree of feedom rigid body equations ae derived in deta flawed by the iearaation and separation othe eguaons of mtion. The tee ‘greet redom longtudialeauatons are then derived aang with the longitudinal sabiiy dernates, lowed bythe determination of he lang ‘udhal anf functions fr jet tranpot for an elevator input. The ‘eanson sponse of the sicraft a well the efecto change ate and ainyeed onthe longuinal response are demonrated trough he we ‘of aalog computer waces Ia Chapter? various contl systems are ansieed ty ese ofthe rot loes techniques along with the complete ana and sig o le lope coupler and svomats fare con, ncadngeut- ‘mae velo con as wl a he rere from the analog snl. The ‘Sine pater olowed in Chapter 3 and wih the tre teal equations “he contd tems analyed it Cater ine the damping othe Datch rol various fectmgue or akong cordnation doting tue (niiaing Sceslip the ata of he complete ater! autopilot andthe desig of locale coupler, wich when ued withthe Bie slope coupler snd ao. matic fare contol would provide an automatic anng tem. Chapter 5