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Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter

Submitted by Akshari Shetty (1025904) Kevin Fernandes(1025926)

Industrial Protection System

Problem Definition
This project aims on providing an easy way of keeping the count of the number of visitors who have entered the destination and also a way of knowing if the room is occupied or is empty. When the room is crowded, the brightness of the light increases, if not the brightness is reduced. When the room is empty the light automatically turns off. The count of the number of people present in the room is shown on the computer. This application can be found mostly in the hospitals, private clinic, and also in some private institutions.

Microcontroller is the central component which controls all the activities like communication with LCD, controlling buzzer reading sensor data, etc. In order to do these activities a program (sequence of instruction) must be written for the microcontroller. This program is called firmware. In order to execute the program, Microcontroller requires basic configuration like 5V regulated power supply, clock, and reset circuit. 16*2 (2 line of 16 character) LCD is used for displaying temperature and relay status. It provides easy user interface. It needs to initialize before displaying data. This initialization is done by Microcontroller. Buzzer is interfaced to microcontroller through transistor driver. Microcontroller and ICs requires 5V regulated power supply, which is obtained from

230V AC by using step down transformer , rectifier, filter and regulators. IR transmitter emits IR radiations of 38KHz which the sensor in the receiver is very sensitive. 555 timer is used in astable multivibrator mode. This unit is powered from 9V battery. Opto triac is connected to isolated 230V A C from 5V DC. Triac control the load .
Christ University, Bangalore

Industrial Protection System

Phases Dates

Synopsis Analysis Report Presentation-1 Design Report Presentation-2 Demo - I Presentation 3 Demo-II Draft Report Final Report

31/10/2011 6/11/2011 10/11/2011 15/11/2011 17/11/2011 30/11/2011 8/12/2011 18/12/2011 20/12/2011 22/12/2011

Work division among the group

Akshari: Kevin: Coding Designing-software Purchasing the components Feasibility study Preparing the synopsis Analysis Interface Design-hardware Documentation

Christ University, Bangalore

Industrial Protection System

Testing Hardware configuration


Tools for schematic design 1. CAPTURE CIS (ORCAD)

Hardware 1. ATMEL AT89S52 controller, 2. USB Serial converter 3. IR Transmitter / Receiver, 4. NE555, 5. BC547, 6. BC557, 7. IR LED, 8. G-PCB for microcontroller unit, Reset switches, resistors etc, 9. Crystal 11.0592MHz Firmware for the project is written is C language.

Working principle IR transmitter unit emits 38KHz IR signal, this unit is oriented toward receiver unit.

Christ University, Bangalore

Industrial Protection System

The receiver unit sends pulses to microcontroller whenever the IR signal is interrupted. The controller increments the count value and displayed on LCD. The no of visitor is displayed on LCD. The Brightness of light is controlled depending upon the Visitors.

Background Information

Christ University, Bangalore