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A little bit about Shawn Kimuli

Shawn Kimuli is a Television Show host of the morning Breeze on NBS television. The
Morning Breeze a daily break-fast show on TV that entails current issues, business tips,
beauty fashion and style, parenting tips, entertainment news etc. The show has given him
an overwhelming exposure the activities in the world and also brought in his life many
people with various profiles. The experience is an advantage to encountering publics
which is in line with Shawn Kimuli’s career.

Shawn Kimuli is radio show host with 104.1 Power FM, He
runs a 4 hour late night show called “DIVINE”, a daily show that handles all different life
challenges, topical issues, requests and dedications etc. The history of radios in his life
ranges from working with Kampala FM, Radio One, Capital Fm and Power

Shawn Kimuli went to elementary schools in Kampala of which now he owns a diploma
in mass communication but pursuing a degree in multi-media apparently. The relevance
of his education achievement and interest falls in line with his career development and
interest that involves various publics.

Shawn Kimuli has proved himself to being a well gifted person who can handle any
public occasion. He has been able to grip ceremonies as the Master Of Ceremony. This
experience ranges from weddings, introductions, symposiums, meetings, concerts,
dinners, pageants, fashion show, art exhibitions etc. This is a versatile character that simly
revises the atmosphere and acts rationally. His performance as a Master Of Ceremony is
unmistakeably delivering. more is coming For more information and contact visit

excerpet by By Moses Serugo, monitor news paper Sunday, January 6, 2008

The word anchor was mostly a maritime term until the broadcast industry adopted it as a
alternative to the term newscaster. Anchor now refers to the small screen personalities
that provide the link between reporters who gather the news and viewers that consume it.
Here are some of the new faces of television news that now comprise the new generation
of Ugandan television personalities. NBS TV Shawn Kimuli brings his expertise as a
radio presenter to television on Uganda’s only variety breakfast TV show- NBS TV’s
Morning Breeze. Armed with a strong masculine presence and a grasp of issues, Kimuli
together with his female co-anchor Joy Biira take viewers through two hours of a radio-
styled show (complete with music interludes) to present a recap of the previous day’s
evening news, a review of the day’s press and viewer call-in interactivity. Kimuli also
works at Power FM where he hosts the stations late night show and is also a gospel
artiste with one album to his name.

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