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Phenolics, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyest

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P-403L, P-403, P-413, L66L High Bake Phenolics P-403L/P-403 Baked Phenolic This series of baked phenolic coatings has been an industry standard for decades. As our most widely requested phenolics they are the choice for immersion service in acids, ammonias, petroleum products, food products and industrial chemicals. They will handle immersion service in higher temperatures than most coatings on the market. The L66L clear phenolic resin is generally used as a top coat for the P- 403 or P403L when a harder high gloss finish with good release properties is needed. The L66L is the clear phenolic resin used in the other Heresite Phenolics without the pigments added. All the Heresite Phenolic coatings feature improved flexibility and adhesion, and become (after baking) non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. The P-403L, P-403, L66L, subsequently meet the requirements of the FDA Regulation, Title 21, CFR175.300 for direct food contact. P-413 Modified Baked Phenolic Plasticizers have been added to this baked phenolic to make it more flexible for use on light gage metal like finned tube coils, fans, duct and other equipment that have flex in the metal. The P-413 baking phenolic will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes and is a good thermal conductor. Coil manufacturers have indicated there is no need to add additional heating or cooling surface due to the presence of the Heresite coating. P-403L P-403 P-413 L-66L EP-6308 Baked Epoxy Phenolic Designed for extreme immersion service with resistance to acids, alkaline, salts and water. They are resistant to a wide range of pH environments, typically in storage tanks and process and transport equipment. The coating meets the requirements of the FDA Regulation, Title 21, CFR175.300 for direct food contact. EP-6308 EB-6817 and EB-6917 Low Bake Epoxies These coatings are formulated for high temperature (275F) caustic immersion service. With resistance to dilute acids, solvents,


1/17/2011 Phenolics, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyest salts and petroleum products, it is an excellent choice for storage tanks, tank cars and tank trailers.
EB-6817 EB-6917 CSE-6000, CSE-6200, Cold Set Epoxies These coatings are used in vessel and tank linings and heavy duty maintenance applications. The CSE-6000 is a standard epoxy with many years of successful applications. The CSE-6200 is a fast cure epoxy that has a micaceous iron oxide filling and offers excellent chemical resistance and a maximum temperature resistance of 250F. Both coatings meet the requirements of the FDA Regulation, Title 21, CFR175.300 for direct food contact. CSE-6200 CSE-6000 CSE-6100 COLD SET EPOXY PHENOLIC CSE-6100 is an epoxy phenolic that is formulated for acids, alkalis, salts, petroleum products and water service. It has better acid resistance than standard epoxies. CSE- 6100 VR-500, VRL-500 Air Dry Phenolics, P-750 Wash Primer These thin film air dry phenolics are excellent for corrosive fume atmospheres; these coatings are particularly good in salt air environments. These thin film coatings exhibit excellent durability, good adhesion and flexibility. Typical applications include Structural Steel, Sewage Plants, Marine finishes and are very popular in protecting Finned Tube Coils and HVAC equipment in salt air and other corrosive atmospheres. P-750 Wash Primer Is used as a shop primer for bare or galvanized steel, and aluminum. When used with VR-500 or VRL 500 it promotes better adhesion on metal surfaces that cannot be grit blasted or roughed up. VR-500 VRL-500 P-750 SPRAY CAN VR-554T Air Dry Phenolic VR-554-T UC-5500 Series Polyurethane This coating is formulated as a high gloss coating and as a top coat for other Heresite Coatings. It exhibits outstanding UV resistance with excellent weathering qualities, along with flexibility and good abrasion resistance. This two component thin film coating is sprayed on exterior surfaces of process equipment, transport vessels, tanks and structural steel in corrosive environments. UC-5500 HCR- 1100 Series Polyesters This two component system was designed for tank, stack and maintenance coatings in severe environments. The hardness and corrosion/abrasion resistance make it an excellent choice for immersion in many acids, salts or oxidizing agents. HCR-1100

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